Indrajit Samarajiva

Indrajit Samarajiva
18 May 2024 | 10:03 am

1. How The US Army Has Been Defeated

How The US Army Has Been Defeated
Captured imperial military equipment on display in Moscow
How The US Army Has Been Defeated

The US military has three main branches, which have all broken. The US Army snapped in Afghanistan and now—by proxy—in Ukraine. The Navy broke against Yemen, and the Air Force has lost air supremacy in the Middle East. All the baubles on all the branches have been comprehensively stomped by Russia.

I'll cover each branch in turn, starting with the Army.


The US Army was once an 'expeditionary force' but now it's just an expensive farce. Under Bush the Younger, America was able to land troops on any continent, but under Biden the Old, they're monumentally incontinent. Under Bush the Elder, America could put boots on the ground in Iraq, but Biden the Senior can only yell at clouds in Ukraine. How the mighty have fallen.

In another time, the execrable Jonah Goldberg said, "every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business." But those 'crappy little countries' like Vietnam and Afghanistan actually defeated America. What message does he think the world has gotten? America's war machine is going out of business, and Ukraine is its last fire sale.

The World War II Misattribution Error

Before we get to that, let's go back. The deep problem with the American Army goes back to World War II, and the fact that they think they won it. America deployed a huge amount of post-war propaganda against their own population, and their elites have made the mistake of believing it. As Biggie said in his 4th crack commandment, "never get high on your own supply."

The United States did not win World War II, all the movies about saving privates aside. As the WWII Museum states, "For most of the war, 75–80 percent of the Wehrmacht had to be deployed in the East, a preponderance dictated by the sheer size of the front, and 80 percent of German war dead perished there: about four million of the five million German soldiers killed in World War II." Growing up in America, however, you do not learn this at all. I certainly didn't. I thought the war was won by America and because of the Holocaust, none of which is true at all. America did a fraction of the fighting, a fraction of the supplying, and send Holocaust refugees right back to the camps. Through the magic of lights, camera, and action, however, they took all of the limelight.

As an example of how well the propaganda worked, just look at how mindfucked those donkeys in France got.

How The US Army Has Been Defeated

People in France who lived through WWII attributed victory to the USSR while people who watched movies about it attribute it to the USA. It's the same across Europe, and of course the USA. The victory lap after WWII was a stunning propaganda coup but, this ended up decapitating a generation of American brains. They learned nothing from history.

During World War II, the US Army went in very force light. Knowing that they didn't have enough warriors, they relied (over-relied) on aerial bombing and war crimes. As former Secretary of War Bob McNamara said, "If we lost the war, we'd all have been prosecuted as war criminals."

The notoriously under-manned US Army in WWII relied largely on (mostly aerial) war crimes in lieu of war fighting. Because they literally could not get to the battlefield for much of the war, they relied on bombing, which at that time was incredibly inaccurate. They just lit entire cities on fire, most of which had little or no military significance. American today point to these war crimes as an excuse for 'Israel' but it's like, 'no dude, it was bad then also.' As former General Mark Milley recently said at some arms dealer conference,

Before we all get self-righteous about what Israel's doing, and I feel horrible for the innocent people in Gaza that are dying. But we shouldn't forget that we, the United States, killed a lot of innocent people in Mosul, Iraq. That we, the United States, killed 12,000 innocent French civilians—and here we are on the 80th anniversary of Normandy—on the prep fires for Normandy. We destroyed 69 Japanese cities—not including Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We slaughtered people in massive numbers – innocent people who had nothing to do with their government.

What the flaming fuck are 'prep fires'? Lighting civilians on fire does not actually 'prepare' anything in military terms. Ask the Nazis how razing Stalingrad went for them. This is a uniquely American concept, which they foolishly thought worked instead of learning anything from the Soviets. They call this concept 'strategy bombing,' even though it has little or even negative strategic value. America did not and could not learn anything from the USSR, which meant that they do not actually know how WWII was won.

Sun Tzu said that if you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will lose every war, which is precisely what America has been doing for decades now. But nobody told Master Sun how much money there was in losing, especially if the wars were on the other side of the world. That was the real lesson that America learned from World War II. That war was profitable.

Thus America applied the wrong lesson from World War II to Korea and Indochina where, unsurprisingly, it also didn't work. Because it hadn't actually worked in Europe either. Americans propagandized themselves, and millions of Asian had to die for their ignorance (and filthy lucre). America lost or drew those wars. It could have been another way, but westerners (it was all one White Empire after America conquered Europe) still haven't learned. Behold Professor John Mearsheimer's exchange with professional idiot Piers Morgan,

Morgan: How does any country defend itself from an existential threat like the Nazis without, by your categorization, committing war crimes?

Mearsheimer: Well, if you look at how the Soviets fought, who were basically responsible for defeating the Nazis in World War II, they did not commit many war crimes in the process of defeating the Wehrmacht. It was basically a ground war where the Soviets, the Red Army, rolled up the Wehrmacht. There were no bombings of cities, no dropping of nuclear weapons.

Morgan, of course, has never looked at how the Soviets fought. Very few people in the West have. It's nowhere in the education system, nowhere in their films, and nowhere in their media. They live, not in history, but in propaganda. And so they completely miss how WWII was actually won, as opposed to how it was spun. Americans (and even the Europeans and Japanese they conquered) swallowed the yarn about carpet bombing and nuking civilians and this has become a full-blown tapeworm, eating their brains like RFK Jr's.

American military elites thought they were exempt from the eternal law of warfare, which that you have to put soldiers in the field and sacrifice them. They thought they found a 'cheat code' in the form of mass murder of civilians, AKA industrial terrorism. Better killing through technology. The Americans missed the point that—without the Red Army doing the actual fighting for them—this didn't work. They also missed the follow-up points that it didn't work in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, or anywhere at all. Because war never came home, they never had to do their homework, and thus learned nothing and failed history.

The fact is that dropping millions of tonnes of ordnance on ordinary people has no military value and, in fact, only hardens resistance. It, of course, has monetary value, which is why the Americans keep doing it. All of those failed wars were very successful for their military industrial complex, which now specializes in dropping very expensive bombs on very poor people. Believing their own propaganda about World War II has corrupted their capacity to fight actual wars against people can actually fight back. Like the reincarnated Red Army.

The Last Last Empire

World War II didn't actually end in 1945. The Americans conquered Europe and Japan, assimilated Nazis into NATO and NASA, deported the Jews, and continued Hitler's project of fighting Slavs and Commies for another few decades. When World War II actually ended in 1991, Americans took another deep bong hit of its own propaganda, which they're still reeling from. Like Jesse in Breaking Bad when the ATM fell on that guy's head, they took street credit for something that just happened.

Russia fell over largely of its own accord, and to America's surprise and disappointment. That bitch-ass Gorbachev was a good partner to them, and they missed him. As former Ambassador to the USSR Jack Matlock said, "The point is that we did not bring down the Soviet Union," argued Matlock, "though some people would like to take credit for it now, and some of the chauvinists in Russia would like to accuse us of it. It just isn't true."

Indeed, in January of 1991, Bush the Elder wrote to Soviet Premier Gorbachev, (via Serhii Plokhy's book), "No one wishes to see the disintegration of the Soviet Union," wrote George Bush to Gorbachev in the same letter. He was not trying to mislead the Soviet president. Bush and his administration indeed did not intend to kill the Soviet Union by pushing for Baltic independence."

As Anatolii Cherniaev from the Soviet side wrote, "What actually happened in the USSR that year was what happened in 'their day' to other empires when history exhausted their potential," wrote Cherniaev in retrospect, summing up the outcome of 1991. By that reasoning, the Soviet collapse simply concluded a process that had begun in earnest at the dawn of the century and was accelerated by the two world wars: the disintegration of world empires and their disappearance from the political map."

The interesting point here is that this is a process which would (and does) apply to all world empires. What goes up must come down. All of the world empires were collapsing due to larger historical and environmental forces and this just happened to the USSR before the USA. But they were both in the same queue. The collapse of the USSR should have put the fear of mortality in the US but instead they thought they were immortal, like fools. This is why one should never get high on their own supply. It feel great, but what goes up must come down.

The Blue Red Army

Americans really thought Russia was finished after 1991, and that they had finished them off. Sun Tzu said, "Warfare is the art of deception. So when you can, feign incapacity." This is unnecessary with Americans. They deceive themselves with aplomb.

America treated Russia's red lines about NATO as so much cocaine and just snorted at them. Even in 2023, Europe's High Representative Josep Borrell echoed John McCain, saying, "Russia is an economic dwarf, like a gas station, whose owner has an atomic bomb." This is a gross mischaracterization and, either way, it was his gas station. The White Empire has truly got high on their own supply, gassing themselves up while literally cutting off the gas to themselves. It is redundant quoting Sun Tzu about fools, but the Master said:

And so I say, "Know the enemy; know yourself, and you will meet with no danger in a hundred battles. If you do not know the enemy, but you know yourself, then you will win and lose by turns. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will lose every battle, certainly.

The White Empire knows neither the enemy nor themselves, a sure recipe for losing. European vassals don't even know what continent they're in (Asia) and their American masters are actually and metaphorically senile. In 2022, Joe Biden said, "As a result of these unprecedented sanctions, the ruble almost is immediately reduced to rubble. The Russian economy — (applause) — that's true, by the way. It takes about 200 rubles to equal one dollar. The economy is on track to be cut in half in the coming years." This wasn't even true when Biden said it (the ruble around 100 at the time) and the ruble went onto be the best performing currency that year. This year (2024) the Russian economy is growing faster than the US, Germany, and the UK. Maybe being a gas station with nukes isn't such a bad business model and Russia is really much more than that.

As Andrei Martyanov said in said in his book Losing Military Supremacy:

In fact, it seems this economy which was "left in tatters" [Obama] or was the economy of a "gas station masquerading as a country," [McCain] is the only other economy in the world which can and does produce the whole spectrum of weapons ranging from small arms to state-of-the-art complex weapon- and signal- processing systems.

Now note that this was published in 2018, that's how long sanctions have not been working. As Martyanov continued,

It took the complete and embarrassing failure of the West's economic sanctions on Russia for the West to recognize that the actual size of Russia's economy is about that of Germany, if not larger, and that Russia was defining herself in terms of enclosed technological cycles, localization and manufacturing long before she was forced to engage in the war in Georgia in 2008.

Very few people realistically care about Russia's Stock Market; the financial markets of Germany are on an order of magnitude larger. But Germany, not to speak of South Korea, cannot design and build from scratch a state of the art fighter jet, and Russia can. Germany doesn't have a space industry, and Russia does. The same argumentation goes for Russia's microelectronics industry and her military-industrial complex, which dwarfs that of any "economic" competitor to which Western "economists" consistently try to compare Russia, with the exception of US and China, and then on bulk only, not quality.

As was stated earlier, and is worth reiterating, third or second world economies do not produce such weapons as Borey-class strategic missile submarines or SU-35 fighter jets, or stealth SU-57 fighters, for that matter. They also do not build space-stations and operate the only global alternative to US GPS, the GLONASS system.

US sanctions against Russia had already failed multiple times, and yet they kept repeating them. This is one definition of insanity. Another definition is when your mental world becomes completely divorced from physical reality, which is precisely what happened to late-stage White Empire. What they call the 'rules-based order' is just free-basing their own propaganda and calling it a strategy. They didn't understand what the Red Army did and they don't understand what the reincarnated Blue Red Army can do. They know neither the enemy nor themselves, which is why they're losing Ukraine, certainly.

The Russo-Ukrainian War

In Afghanistan, they lost on points and had to retreat. This will probably mark the historical fall of American Empire, but I'll focus on the Russo-Ukrainian War, where they could not even show up. In the Russo-Ukrainian War, the US Army has lost by default. They talked a lot of shit but never showed up. The American military is all sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Somewhere deep in their deep state, America knows that they can't take on Russia. The Russian Army has now been rebuilt to the point that it's stronger than the America's. America's vaunted military budget is just a measure of corruption and it literally cannot manufacture enough artillery anymore. Just like in World War II, the Russian military has better matériel, more experienced men, and more ability to muster both on the battlefield. America has not moved physically closer to Asia, and their military-industrial complex has depreciated into dust. The American military has been bombing weddings for so long that they've missed their own funeral.

America's military thinkers are functionally brain-dead now. They have an entire class of professional idiots across media and think tanks and in the government itself. America has been felled by a fatal case of what Bryan MacDonald calls Russophrenia, "a condition where the sufferer believes Russia is both about to collapse, and take over the world. Since 2013, instances of this ailment have reached epidemic-like proportions in certain parts of Washington, London and Brussels." At some deep level, however, they at least have some self-preservation. As much shit as they talk about Russia, they won't confront them directly. Which is an L.

For all the noise America makes about Russia, they are fundamentally too scared to take the field themselves. Not just because it could go nuclear, but because America would also lose a conventional war and they know this. Many of America's nukes are literally too old to be used reliably, and they don't have any reliable response to drones and hypersonic missiles. They're hiding behind proxies because they're pussies (as in pusillanimous).

You can see the inherited and, I suppose, inherent difference in fighting styles between modern Russia and America. It's the same pattern they followed in World War II. America goes in force-light (or in this case without forces at all), while the USSR/Russia actually put boots on the ground. Russia has pointedly not carpet bombed Ukraine because it has little strategic value. They have certainly bombed, but they bomb targets, unlike the Americans who generally bomb everything and ask questions later. Russia has followed the classic Clausewitzian doctrine of engaging and destroying the enemy troops, even at the cost of many dead Russian soldiers. Where they have bombed 'dual-use' infrastructure—like energy—it has been years into the war, not the first thing they do like the Americans in Iraq. There are massive military casualties in Ukraine, but not massive civilian casualties like in occupied Palestine. Civilian casualties are actually collateral in the Russo-Ukraine War, as opposed to the main course consumed by 'Israel' and America (same thing).

America has tried to equip and train the Ukrainian Army in the American/NATO model, and it doesn't work against someone that can actually fights back. Often on the same battlefields, they are learning how World War II actually played out. WWII was won by men and matériel smashing into other men and matériel, not by firebombing cities and killing civilians. And in the ruins of the historical USSR they are learning why that empire fell. Not because Reagan yelled at a wall, but because complex empires are prone to falling apart, including the White Empire they inherited from the British et al.

Please note that my point here is not that Russia are the 'good guys' here. I think Russia is sane and coherently run, but that's irrelevant in this context. Especially if you consider Russia an enemy, you should try to understand them, and not just imbibe your own propaganda. The enemy is a great teacher, but the greatest guru is facts on the ground, which are as follows. The US Army has been comprehensively defeated (or drawn) everywhere it took the field, and now it can't actually take the field anymore. They are literally a spent force.

The Depreciation Of The US Army

The fighting forces that invaded Iraq and Afghanistan simply do not exist anymore, they have depreciated into dust. America's military infrastructure is old and its young are too unfit and unwilling to serve. People often cite American military spending, but that's just a measure of corruption. They spend $90,000 for a bag of nuts and bolts. Like everything else in America, the military-industrial complex has been financialized—AKA cannibalized—down to the bone. They're as bust-out as Red Lobster. Unlimited shrimp and unlimited war crimes are done. I have gone into some detail about how the US military is physically falling apart and I won't expand on it further here.

My only point, as always, is look around. For all the noise America makes about Hitlers everywhere, where is their army? They're pushing proxies in front of them while their main force is actually retreating. America and their merry men are like the shrinking balls in Snatch. They're getting bombed in Iraq and kicked out of Niger right now. It takes them two months to build a landing pier in Gaza and their pre-positioning ships catch fire on the way over. The main sign of the US Army's failure is its absence. For all the fuss America makes, where the fuck are they?

I am old enough to remember when America was able to invade places just 'cause they felt like it, and we all had to deal with it. They were a truly 'expeditionary force'. Now they're just an [explicative] farce. The matériel has depreciated, the men have molted, and the budget is all corruption and interest payments now. America cannot invade countries, they cannot control sea lanes, and they cannot declare no-fly zones. That's all in the past. All branches of American military power have been broken, and when the bough breaks, the cradle shall fall.

Indrajit Samarajiva
16 May 2024 | 8:03 am

2. Am I Fucked Up Now?

Am I Fucked Up Now?

After scrolling past my thirtieth dead person of the day, I have to ask myself? Am I fucked up now? Is this getting to me? Seven (7) months of nonstop genocide, four (4) years of nonstop plague, plus just being fortysomething (41). At some point it adds up, but where is that point? How would I even know? If the world around you keeps getting worse, what does getting better even mean?

Krishna And The Taoists

We're supposed to feel pain when it hurts. The fear of death is the seed of survival. It has been this way since time immemorial. Ever since the first amoeba started moving away from trouble, and the billionth bacteria started moving towards the sun. Of course it feels fucked up during a mass extinction event, I should really know better. Including rebirths, this is my fifth mass extinction. But it smarts every time.

As Krishna the charioteer told Prince Arjuna, "For, of one that is born, death is certain; and of one that is dead, birth is certain. Therefore it behoveth thee not to mourn in a matter that is unavoidable. All beings (before birth) were unmanifest. Only during an interval (between birth and death), O Bharata, are they manifest; and then again, when death comes, they become (once more) unmanifest. What grief then is there in this?" For Prince Arjuna, however, there was a lot of grief in this, just as there is for me, Prince Consort of Nugegoda. When the planet hurts, the people hurt, and when Palestine burns the fire rises in all our hearts.

I'm not talking about mental health, which is really the commodification of consciousness. I'm talking about multi-dimensional trauma, on different planes of existence, from your gut bacteria to you to your family to your nation to your sports team. Then onwards and outwards to our living relatives, to the animals, the plants, the viruses, to the rocks, to energy, to Allah Themself. There are higher selves than the Cartesian self (I think therefore I am) and higher planes than the Cartesian plane. You are not your government name, as Lloyd Banks said, you are myriad, as the first chapter of the Daodejing says:

A Way that can be followed is not a constant Way.
A name that can be named is not a constant name.
Nameless, it is the beginning of Heaven and Earth;
Named, it is the mother of the myriad creatures.
And so,
Always eliminate desires in order to observe its mysteries;
Always have desires in order to observe its manifestations.
These two come forth in unity but diverge in name.
Their unity is known as an enigma.
Within this enigma is yet a deeper enigma.
The gate of all mysteries!

Note the distrust of names from the Daoists. The act of naming something destroys its other identities, which are myriad. The naming of an individual destroys other levels of consciousness, thus most cultures don't even have 'one' name, this is a modern, bureaucratic contrivance. The apartheid of passports, and the tyranny of forms. As I've written:

This reality is somewhat obvious in Asian cultures, where people have many names, most of them relative. I have five names that I go by on a regular basis—Appa (father), Patiya (child), Jit (nickname), Indi (nickname), or Indrajit. I have a dozen more names I go by infrequently, and these only increase as more children are born. In this context, it is somewhat obvious that there is no fixed self because, I mean, which one?

Through these multi-dimensional serves (if the one self is illusory, every other illusion is equally valid), you can of course feel pain in other bodies. This is obvious when it comes to your nearest and dearest, but it is also possible to feel simpatico pain across a screen. The nature of perception is that we can feel pain in other people's bodies. No man is an island, as John Dunne said.

Aaron Bushnell

So I ask myself, I ask my myriad selves, am I fucked up now? Might as well ask you the same question, since my voice is in your head and we're briefly sharing consciousness. We are all bearing witness to mass murdering events—both COVID and Gaza—and it's unbearable. To add insult to injury, we have to hear every talking head in the western world talk out of their ass for seven months now.

The mainstream media (just privatized propaganda) is inflicting meta-trauma upon trauma. We have to experience not just the traumatic event itself, but then we have to fight to mourn, to avenge, or to even use words correctly. They kill a person and then assault their funeral, quite literally.

Palestinians witnessed this when 'Israel' assassinated Shireen Abu Akleh and then beat up mourners at her funeral. I experienced this personally when a corrupt Minister killed our uncle and then tried to frame him for his own murder. They kill you twice, the powerful. First they attack your body, then they attack the people that remember you, and keep you alive in their hearts. When higher beings attack, they cause multi-dimensional trauma.

Hence I'm not talking about individual pain. I'm not talking about inexplicably feeling bad, I'm talking about accurately feeling what's going on, and feeling appropriately bad about it. As the martyr Aaron Bushnell said, "this is what our ruling class has decided will be normal." And then he lit himself on fire. I don't understand where he went with it, but I get where he's coming from. The world is truly on fire. Aaron just matched his internal state to the external. Rest in power to all the martyrs. I am just a humble messenger.

The Lord Buddha

I, personally process things by trying to understand them. By trying to fit external events into my internal philosophy. I may not be able to change the world, but I can at least say 'I told you so!' This sounds stupid when you say it, but this is the vanity of all philosophers. The vanity that A) you know something and B) that anyone gives a fuck. Bushnell chose the bonfire, and I've chosen the bonfire of the vanities. Philosophy.

I'm like Virgil in Dante's Inferno, a tour guide stuck in hell. Dante describes how I feel upon opening Twitter in this Year of Our Fall, 2024:

Here, as far as I could tell by listening,
was no lamentation other than the sighs
that kept the air forever trembling.

These came from grief without torment
borne by vast crowds
of men, and women, and little children.

My master began: 'You do not ask about
the souls you see? I want you to know,
before you venture farther,

'they did not sin. Though they have merit,
that is not enough, for they were unbaptized,
denied the gateway to the faith that you profess.

'And if they lived before the Christians lived,
they did not worship God aright.
And among these I am one.'

Since I probably won't live to see next prophet (she's due this millennia), I'm probably as fucked as Virgil was. Giving tour guides of this hell to people who will live after me, but never being able to leave it myself. Am I fucked up by what I see? Yes, but, as any Sri Lankan auntie will tell you, what to do? This is the nature of existence, this is the nature of art, this is the nature of nature. As the Buddha said, life is suffering. As Ja Rule said, pain is love.

You can't see thirty dead people a day without dying a little bit inside. Especially because of the children, who our hearts just leap to, instinctive and unbidden. We are all connected in life and when that connection is severed in death it hurts. It hurts all the way across the world. As Allah said, "That is why We ordained for the Children of Israel that whoever takes a life—unless as a punishment for murder or mischief in the land—it will be as if they killed all of humanity; and whoever saves a life, it will be as if they saved all of humanity." Ain't it the truth. The children of 'Israel' taken so many lives, and, God knows, it feels as if they're killing us all.

Indrajit Samarajiva
15 May 2024 | 9:46 am

3. Hamas In Action (Day 221)

0:00 /4:00
Hamas In Action (Day 221)

Just a man with a plan running up on bunch of tanks. Al Qassam Brigades, via RNN

Call me Indiana Jones, cause a lot of Nazis tanks are getting blown up in this episode. This is footage of Bizarro Nazis getting blown up, which I find therapeutic, but I'm a bit traumatized. Aren't you? This is a video of Hamas doing something about the injustice we all see, this is the bloody heart of Resistance.

This is just one day's worth of combat footage, and there's a lot. Hamas will execute 21 operations in a day, targeting hundreds of IOF soldiers and dozens of vehicles. 'Israel' is winning the war against children and hospitals but losing to men that actually fight back. Look for yourself.

A Brief Strategic Introduction

Before getting to brass tactics, we'll do a little Strategy 101. I'm not qualified so I'll let Basil Al-Araj—"The Educated Martyr"—explain it, from the grave, unfortunately. He was martyred in 2017 at age 33, but he saw this coming.

Since there is talk of a ground operation, several points must be considered:

❶ The Palestinian resistance consists of guerrilla formations whose strategies follow the logic of guerrilla warfare or hybrid warfare, which Arabs and Muslims have become masters of through our experiences in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Gaza. War is never based on the logic of conventional wars and the defense of fixed points and borders; on the contrary, you draw the enemy into an ambush. You do not stick to a fixed position to defend it; instead, you perform maneuvers, movement, withdrawal, and attack from the flanks and the rear. So, never measure it against conventional wars.

❷ The enemy will spread photos and videos of their invasion into Gaza, occupation of residential buildings, or presence in public areas and well-known landmarks. This is part of the psychological warfare in guerrilla wars; you allow your enemy to move as they wish so that they fall into your trap and you strike them. You determine the location and timing of the battle. So, you may see photos from Al-Katiba Square, Al-Saraya, Al-Rimal, or Omar Al-Mukhtar Street, but do not let this weaken your resolve. The battle is judged by its overall results, and this is merely a show.

❸ Never spread the occupation's propaganda, and do not contribute to instilling a sense of defeat. This must be focused on, for soon, we will start talking about a massive invasion in Beit Lahia and Al-Nusseirat, for example. Never spread panic; be supportive of the resistance and do not spread any news broadcast by the occupation (forget about the ethics and impartiality of journalism; just as the zionist journalist is a fighter, so are you).

❹ The enemy may broadcast images of prisoners, most likely civilians, but the goal is to suggest the rapid collapse of the resistance. Do not believe them.

❺ The enemy will carry out tactical, qualitative operations to assassinate some symbols [of resistance], and all of this is part of psychological warfare. Those who have died and those who will die will never affect the resistance's system and cohesion because the structure and formations of the resistance are not centralized but horizontal and widespread. Their goal is to influence the resistance's support base and the families of the resistance fighters, as they are the only ones who can affect the men of the resistance.

Our direct human and material losses will be much greater than the enemy's, which is natural in guerrilla wars that rely on willpower, the human element, and the extent of patience and endurance. We are far more capable of bearing the costs, so there is no need to compare or be alarmed by the magnitude of the numbers.

Today's wars are no longer just wars and clashes between armies but rather are struggles between societies. Let us be like a solid structure and play a game of biting fingers with the enemy, our society against their society.

Finally, every Palestinian (in the broad sense, meaning anyone who sees Palestine as a part of their struggle, regardless of their secondary identities), every Palestinian is on the front lines of the battle for Palestine, so be careful not to fail in your duty.

That last point is for anyone reading this. Whether you 'join' the Resistance is up to you, even the Prophet Muhammad just delivered a message, but I think good and evil are quite clear in this battle. It's definitely the guys in tracky bottoms blowing up tanks with their bare hands, to save their children.

The remarkable thing about this current battle is that the Resistance is literally underground. 'Israel' publishes maps of land they've taken, but this is irrelevant. The guerrillas are in the metro underneath. 'Israel' is always encircled. There will be books written about this, this sort of massive tunnel warfare is very significant in military history. Tunnels like this destroy decades of counter-insurgency thinking. 'Israel' literally does not know what to do. They keep trying to walk into tunnels and get blown to bits. The IOF can still massacre civilians, but militarily speaking they're outflanked, all the time. They can raze the earth but they cannot hold it for shit.

Hamas (Al-Qassam)

This is just one video from the Martyr Izz El-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, from I think 24 hours of combat. In it they blow up multiple tanks, detonate a tunnel entrance, and capture a robot dog. And this is just one of dozens of operations that day.

What they're using at the beginning of this video is a Shuath explosive, basically a hand-place, hand-detonated mine. The fighter has to get within kissing distance of the tank, set the mine, and then run. It's insane and you can see it in action. These are massively dangerous weapons, Al-Qassam loses a lot of good men. Two characters I knew and loved (trenchcoat man and singing-in-the-rain man) got killed using Al-Yassin's. These men are literally running up on tanks and dismantling them with their bare hands. It's unbelievably brave.

Hamas In Action (Day 221)
Look how insanely close they get. They've literally got the tank by the balls

As you can see here, our hero's hand is actually on the tank, and there's a soldier right in front of him. He has to place this mine, set the fuse, and avoid being immediately lit up with massively superior firepower. As you can see, this is a game of inches. We're talking balls of steel here, though the IOF is remarkably incompetent. They don't cover their 6 at all. Just look at the back of the tank. Our hero has literally got the tank by the balls.

As these guys are running back to the tunnel—and before the fuse goes—a third mujahideen comes out the tunnel with an Al-Yassin. The mujahideen are not just fighting with bravery, they're fighting with intelligence and well-disciplined coordination. The Al-Yassin is a one-shot guy, but you'll see these guys hit much more difficult shots than this. As our cameraman jumps into the tunnel, you can hear the explosions.

Hamas In Action (Day 221)

The most common weapon use by Al-Qassam is the Al-Yassin 'shell'. It's a shoulder-held RPG of indigenous manufacture. It's like a Nazi-era Panzerfaust and it's still deadly in man-vs-tank battles, though obviously dangerous to the man. Al-Qassam uses this weapon because it peels Merkava tanks like pomegranates.

From Al-Qassam RPGs to Qassam rockets to handmade Ghoul sniper rifles, Hamas has a functional industrial base underground. Which is bonkers. But the greatest technological advance of all is the tunnels. It completely changes the battlefield. Hamas is literally playing 3D chess while the IOF are playing checkers.

As I mentioned, the IOF doesn't know what the fuck to do about these tunnels. They're not like hospitals that they can find on Google Maps and bomb. They're not like aid workers who send the IOF their coordinates only to get blown up. Fighting an underground guerrilla army that is literally underground completely short-circuits decades of counter-insurgency doctrine. Until the Empire adapts and strikes back, they're just sitting ducks, and it's hunting season. As you can see, they've tried sending robots down the tunnels but that doesn't go well. They've got nothing.

Hamas In Action (Day 221)

While 'Israel' can decimate the civilian population, they cannot meaningfully degrade Hamas. Hamas is actually stronger than ever. Their fighters are underground and recruits are everywhere. I'm Hamas, and according to 'Israel', the UN is Hamas, college students are Hamas, Joe Biden is Hamas, you're Hamas, everybody is Hamas. As Hamas's Sami Abu Zuhri said recently, in Tunisia,

This battle succeeded in setting the occupation on the path to its end, and its repercussions have contributed to reshaping global opinion in favor of the Palestinian people, with the intifada in universities worldwide being clear evidence of this.

Hamas and the resistance factions are immune to the pressures and military escalation of the occupation and cannot accept its conditions. Rather, in the end, the occupation will succumb to their conditions.

The resistance is doing well and is continuing the battle until its conditions are met.

As much as this information is buried, it's not that buried. This footage is all over Arabic satellite TV, and Telegram (where I get it) and now it's even seeping through to you. Imperial propaganda is very good at deceiving its own population but this is not militarily useful. Keeping westerners ignorant is good for war profiteers, but bad for winning wars.

This is just one video, from one organization, on one front. If you want I can do another from the same day, Hezbollah taking out a spy balloon by taking out the balloon operators. Hezbollah has underground tunnels but it doesn't have to use them. Hezbollah has significant stand-off weaponry, of remarkable precision. They literally drone strike this guy right in the balls.

This is at least a six-front war across an Axis of Resistance that now stretches across the world and—most pertinently—under 'Israel's' feet in the shifting sands of Gaza. As the Palestinian commies (the PLFP) say, "We will bury you in the sands of Gaza." As the Quran says, "You did not kill them; it was God who killed them; and when you [Prophet] threw [sand] at them it was not you, but God who threw." As the fighters always say, Allahu Akbar.

Indrajit Samarajiva
14 May 2024 | 3:36 pm

4. The 'Unity Of The Fields' And Campus Greens

The 'Unity Of The Fields' And Campus Greens
Image based on a real protest photo, from 'the Chinese Internet', whatever that means
The 'Unity Of The Fields' And Campus Greens

In my earlier analysis, I said that 'Israel' was fighting a six-front war. At that time, the weakest front was the Western, but not anymore. Hundreds of US University campuses have been occupied by students and—having learned nothing from history or even the present—the authorities reacted with violence, guaranteeing more protests. The elites are beating their own children in public and this is not a good look in any direction.

The 'Unity Of The Fields' And Campus Greens
Children in Gaza thanking western students for their support (via)

As the Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran said, "Today, Gaza is the world's dominant issue. The Zionists and their American and European supporters are unable to remove the issue of Gaza from the attention of the world's public opinion. Just look at the universities in the US and in Europe." The Resistance News Network (RNN) says, "Regardless of the distinctions in their stated goals and tactics, all of the movements that have emerged thus far are actively confronting Zionist-backed repression, and by doing so, have ignited new and very real fields in the Palestinian struggle for liberation. Gaza Solidarity Encampments have the opportunity to impede the objectives of the Zionist colonial project by stripping it of its investment capital and ideological backing."

As we discussed earlier, RNN explicitly connects the campus fields of America to the battlefields of Palestine, saying:

In light of the emergence of these new fields, which have been sustained through the principled refusal of some encampments to negotiate for scraps, it is imperative that other encampments hold to this principled stance, and that Gaza Solidarity Encampments adopt and adhere to the Unity of the Fields.

The Unity of the Fields is a concept championed by the Palestinian resistance through its history of waging the struggle against imperialism on multiple fronts. Despite the various ideologies, short-term objectives, and locations of the factions participating in the struggle, the crux of this philosophy is that all can work towards one common goal without being placed under the same structure of governance. Unity of the Fields does not entail establishing a bureaucracy, though groups may remain in contact with one another to coordinate operations. Rather, it leverages the instant exchange of information available to us today to take facts on the ground and purpose them as "signals." For instance, when news is confirmed that negotiations have ended between the Palestinian resistance and mediators, the resistance in Lebanon may intensify its strikes to apply pressure. When Lebanon is bombed heavily, Yemen or Iraq may respond with force.

Whether university protestors learn this lesson is one thing, they are certainly be taught what Palestinians have learned painfully, over decades. Universities have cut off food and water and called the police to beat, tase, and arrest their own students. The NYPD are getting rid of medics and assaulting students. On the West Coast, mobs are beating and attacking the students, like 'settlers' in the West Bank do. It's all straight out of the 'Israeli' playbook, often executed by 'Israeli'-trained cops. It is, to paraphrase Malcolm X said, armored 'chickens coming home to roost.' As the sadly evergreen Aimé Césaire said:

And then one fine day the bourgeoisie is awakened by a terrific boomerang effect the gestapos are busy, the prisons fill up, the torturers standing around the racks invent, refine, discuss. Strange!

People are surprised, they become indignant. They say: "How strange! But never mind--it's Nazism, it will pass!" And they wait, and they hope; and they hide the truth from themselves, that it is barbarism, the supreme barbarism, the crowning barbarism that sums up all the daily barbarisms; that it is Nazism, yes, but that before they were its victims, they were its accomplices; that they tolerated that Nazism before it was inflicted on them, that they absolved it, shut their eyes to it, legitimized it, because, until then, it had been applied only to non-European peoples; that they have cultivated that Nazism, that they are responsible for it, and that before engulfing the whole edifice of Western, Christian civilization in its reddened waters, it oozes, seeps, and trickles from every crack.

Bidenists are running on a 'save democracy' platform but it's more like 'save hypocrisy'. There's no need to wait for Trump to bring in fascism, it's alive and kicking students in the teeth already. In many places (like NY and California), it's happening under a Democrat President, governor, and mayor. America's two parties are just left and right boot, stamping on a human face forever. Once they get the tear gas out of their eyes, people can see this clear enough.

What the American ruling class doesn't get is that—in their over-reaction—they are unifying the fields. They are exposing their own young elites to similar material conditions (albeit much less than) the Palestinians, and for the same reasons. The repression of Empire is no longer something happening over there, it's happening right 'here.' From battlefield to campus green, from militant to matriculant, this is the growing unity of the fields.

Indrajit Samarajiva
13 May 2024 | 1:24 pm

5. Every Condemnation Is A Reading Recommendation

Every Condemnation Is A Reading Recommendation
Virgil Reading the "Aeneid" to Augustus, Octavia, and Livia, who can't fucking take it
Every Condemnation Is A Reading Recommendation

I have learned three things about America since leaving America. The first is that I didn't leave America, it's a big White Empire and I'm still in it! The second is that every accusation is a confession. For every finger pointing out, a billion middle fingers point right back at America. The third is to take every condemnation as a reading recommendation. America's enemies list makes for an excellent reading list. That's what we'll discuss here. The only thing that recommends Empire is its book recommendations.

Listen to this as a podcast below, or here

Every Condemnation Is A Reading Recommendation01 Reading Recommendations0:00/1348.138666Hamas

Take Hamas, for example. Western liberals secularly cross themselves before saying they support Palestine, by disavowing Hamas. These are useless people, who preserve the status quo (which is genocide, but feeling bad about it, later). As Saffouri01 said, "whoever is in solidarity with our corpses but not our rockets, is a hypocrite and not one of us." Hamas is just a moderate political party within Palestine which has assembled a Palestinian military, which they of all people deserve. While 'Israel' has been building facts on the ground re: settlements Hamas has been building facts underground re: resistance. More power to them. I support Hamas and the Al Aqsa Flood was righteous. Allahu Akbar.

I say Hamas is moderate because I've read about them (re: Paolo Caridi) and read their statements on an almost daily basis. This information is widely available, but Empire counts on most people hearing 'Hamas' and immediately salivating for war. Hamas is just another Arabic word that they free-associate with ISIS or Al-Qaeda or all the other Pavlovian bells they have rung in the past, when dinner's on for the military-industrial multiplex. However, if you read a tiny bit, every Arabic word is not evil (algebra?) and Islam is a perfectly valid philosophy of governing, especially for the (checks map) Muslim world. The bigger question is what Empire is doing anywhere at all, and why its village idiots must be unleashed upon the world, confidently condemning things they have no idea about.

For a good secondary source on Hamas, I recommend (as was recommended to me) Paolo Caridi's Hamas: From Resistance to Government. As she wrote in 2009 (with many edits since):

Hamas is part of the Palestinian social fabric, and one that takes a less radically fundamentalist approach to religion and politics, compared to the Taliban. On the contrary, most of the Hamas's leadership and cadres perceive themselves as moderates, centrists, or moderate conservatives. In post–World War II Western European historical and provocative terms, they can be thought of as an Islamic version of the Christian Democrats.

For a good primary source, you can read the Hamas charter for yourself (or my commentary), it says:

16. Hamas affirms that its conflict is with the Zionist project not with the Jews because of their religion. Hamas does not wage a struggle against the Jews because they are Jewish but wages a struggle against the Zionists who occupy Palestine. Yet, it is the Zionists who constantly identify Judaism and the Jews with their own colonial project and illegal entity.

17. Hamas rejects the persecution of any human being or the undermining of his or her rights on nationalist, religious or sectarian grounds. Hamas is of the view that the Jewish problem, anti-Semitism and the persecution of the Jews are phenomena fundamentally linked to European history and not to the history of the Arabs and the Muslims or to their heritage. The Zionist movement, which was able with the help of Western powers to occupy Palestine, is the most dangerous form of settlement occupation which has already disappeared from much of the world and must disappear from Palestine.

Tell me what's radical or wrong here. Imperial talking heads keep talking shit, saying 'read the Hamas charter!', confident that few people will actually do it.

On a daily basis, you can follow trap god Abu Obeida (Al-Qassam military wing spokesman) on Telegram, but he's busy writing history and doesn't update much. You can follow the Hamas political wing via the Resistance News Network which publishes their statements regularly. Here's one statement at random:

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

The announcement today of the martyrdom of two of our people kidnapped from Gaza, in the fascist occupation detention camps under brutal torture, one of whom was Dr. Adnan Al-Barsh, the head of the Orthopedic Department at Al-Shifa Hospital, who was abducted by the "israeli" forces while performing his duty at Al-Awda Hospital in the north of the Strip, is a confirmation of the horrific war crimes that continue against our people, including detained sons whom the criminal occupation forces kidnapped from schools and hospitals to detention centers devoid of the most basic human rights, among them doctors whose only crime was fulfilling their humanitarian duty towards their people's wounded and sick.

These ongoing crimes against the thousands of our kidnapped people demand immediate action from the international community to criminalize this Nazi behavior, condemn it, and force the occupation to reveal their fate, return them to their families, and unleash the hand of international justice to hold accountable the leaders of the terrorist entity, whose crimes have exceeded all limits, with no regard for international laws, treaties, or human norms.

Islamic Resistance Movement - Hamas
Thursday: 23 Shawwal 1445 AH
Corresponding: May 2, 2024

Contrast this sense with the blithering nonsense coming out of White Empire. They're lying and not even trying. After seven months of massacres, the imperial rebuttal is still 'October 7th'. It's seven months and at least 50,000 lost souls short. The western media is even worse than the 'Israeli' media. They broadcast their concentration camps on public TV and openly call for genocide on talk shows, they're not shy about it. The imperial media, however, still pretends like they're the good guys while doing so much obvious evil.

Privatized propaganda outlets like the NYTimes and Fox alike are full of outright lies like beheaded babies and the rape of white women (the traditional dog whistle for a good old-fashioned lynching). Hamas gave a detailed statement after October 7th and the published a document called Our Narrative: Operation Al-Aqsa Flood. You obviously don't have to agree with it but read it before condemning it. Hamas notably calls for an (actually) international investigation, unlike 'Israel' which has killed more UN workers and international aid workers than in anyone else, ever.

If you treat the blanket (and frankly blank) imperial condemnations of Hamas as reading recommendations, you might actually learn something. As Malcolm X said, "If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing." Ain't it the truth.


Hezbollah is less mentioned than Hamas, it's just some inchoate bad that people in the imperial core are supposed to fear because it has the word 'Allah' in it. This of course baffles me because, if you're Christian or even Jewish, it's the same god. The Quran talks more about the prophets Moses and Jesus than the prophet Mohammed. Hezbollah, the party of God, is only mentioned in passing as just generic Muslim baddies, with no rhyme or reason to them. If you listen to Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's contemporaneous speeches, however, he's imminently reasonable.

Nasrallah's speeches are quite an event in the Muslim world. I honestly listened to them because I was honestly hoping for a declaration of war on 'Israel' as it began its genocide, but what I got was actually much more subtle analysis.

Yet on our Lebanese front, some claim that we are about to engage in the war. I am telling you we have been engaged in this battle since October 8th. The Islamic resistance in Lebanon started operations the very next day after Al-Aqsa [Flood]... Those who claim that Hezbollah should engage swiftly in an all-out war with the enemy may see what's taken place on the border as minimal, but if we look at what's taken place on our border objectively, we will find it sizable. Yet, I assure you, this will not be the end. This will not be sufficient.

As the horizon is looming to our fellow Palestinian people and resistance fighters, I say, since the creation of the resistance fighter following the creation of the Israeli Zionist regime, we have been fighting a war of fortitude. We haven't reached a knock-out victory. We still need time to be more realistic. We are winning victory by points, not a knock-out victory. This is what happened in 2002 and 2006 in Lebanon, and this is what happened with the Gazans, and similarly resistance fighters in the West Bank, Iraq and Afghanistan. Fortitude; patience; bravery; this is what we have and this is our strength. This is what the enemy lacks. This is what the enemy wants.

This sort of analysis is actually indigestible by the imperial press because it has so much historical fiber to it. In the news everything must be 'new'. Events must be a series of effects without causes, all to justify more meddling in the Middle East (ie, more causes), which creates more news. It's a vicious news cycle. In contrast, Nasrallah has actually been resisting my entire lifetime (I'm 41), after getting a deep education from the lifetime works of scholars, not to mention the word of Allah, delivered in clear Arabic nearly 1,500 years ago. Nasrallah is, fundamentally, a nerd who has been called to war by circumstance. As Nasrallah has said, "In spite of my involvement in politics, I was very eager to continue my education, and I still feel that way (…). I wish someone else were Secretary-General in my place, so that I could fulfill this personal desire."

He is one of the leading thinkers of the ummah by reputation, but in the White Empire he has just a bad reputation. Following our rule of thumb, however, I took this as a reading recommendation. I dug up a critical edition of his speeches and interviews from 1986-2006, edited and published within the White Empire itself. Like the Hamas Charter, they can reliably count on people on not reading (ignorance is bliss, especially for arms executives). The White Empire practices censorship by desensitization, simply repeating Muslim sounds over and over again until they numb the brain, like chanting a mantra of intellectual mediocrity.

There is some fire-breathing stuff in Nasrallah's speech, I won't lie. But consider the crucible, the decades long occupation of this land which has turned scholars into soldiers. Here's some brimstone, for your reference, from a speech on May 8, 1998:

Despite all these Jewish ambitions, we in this nation say that the dreams of the Israelis have come to an end. The blood that will not be defeated by the sword that has been unleashed in southern Lebanon, western Bekaa and Palestine—today, this blood is boiling in the veins of Arabs and Muslims. The dreams of the Israelis are over. We promise and warn them that their dreams are over, and that the time has come for them to wake from their dreams and face reality, a reality in which people refuse to live in humiliation, and view life with the Zionist Jews as nonsense; a reality in which every man, young and old, loves to blow himself up to tear apart the bodies of the invading, occupying Jews.

Here he's talking about 'Jews' with all the rhetorical connotations that has to a western audience. It's important to remember that antisemitism is a western phenomenon and term. Antisemitism is a unique category of racism which is somehow special because it affects white people. As Hamas said in their charter above: "Hamas rejects the persecution of any human being or the undermining of his or her rights on nationalist, religious or sectarian grounds. Hamas is of the view that the Jewish problem, anti-Semitism and the persecution of the Jews are phenomena fundamentally linked to European history and not to the history of the Arabs and the Muslims or to their heritage."

The Europeans literally used 'Israel' to deport the Jews it did not want, collaborating with Zionists who also collaborated with the Nazis. The whole thing is an elaborate ruse and you can forgive the Arab world for a few decades of confusion. As the recent martyr poet Refaat Al-Areer said, "I never met a Jew who didn't want to harm, shoot at, beat, or prevent me from traveling until I was 36 years of age."

The fear of antisemitism—ginned up by the imperial media—is allayed if you simply read further. Nasrallah is using 'Jews' the same way that I use 'Americans'. This is accurate enough, but immediately triggers western audiences who have been conditioned by years of Holocaust© propaganda. The Holocaust was of course real, but it's really cynical that the White Empire has claimed reproduction rights, licensed to 'Israel'. You can see that Nasrallah's use of 'Jews' is rhetorical and not vituperative because of another interview he gave in March of 1998, ie two months before the fire and brimstone. Therein he said:

HN: Most assuredly our attitude towards Israel is not an attitude towards Jews or Judaism. Since the West doesn't want to understand that Hezbollah is anything other than an exact copy of Iran, let us consider Iran's attitude towards the Jews. They enjoy there all their political, social, and economic rights, for they are citizens, and have representatives in the legislative authority. Thus our war is not against Judaism or Jews but against Zionism, which created its racial state in Israel.

Let us [be clear] that Islamic intellectualism and religion have throughout Islamic history never laid the foundation for a hostile attitude against Judaism and Jews. The war between ourselves and Israel is a war against Zionism and its plans, and not against Judaism as a religion or against those who believe in that religion.

This is clear, isn't it? Indeed, Nasrallah is now less radical than people in the Empire itself, who claim that 'Israel' controls America. An antisemitic (but understandable) misunderstanding of power relations, which enables powerful Europeans to scapegoat Jews as they historically do. As Nasrallah says today (April 2024):

According to some theories, Israel controls America. No sir, it is America that controls Israel. The story about the Jewish and Zionist lobby is - forgive me for saying this - a joke invented by the Arabs so that they do not have to fight Israel. They do this so that they can go to America, deposit their money there, and establish relations with America, under the pretext that they are establishing an Arab lobby in order to compete with the Jewish lobby. After 75 years, we can see what came out of the Arab lobby. The Arab money is piling up in the American coffers, but that's it.

The idea that Jews control America is a conspiracy theory which is quite convenient to America's actual rulers. Property and property holders. The truth that Nasrallah recognizes is that America controls 'Israel'. He that pays the piper calls the tune. White Empire put a Jewish state in the Middle East to divide and conquer it, and cynically used antisemitism to cow criticism. They turned their own sin into somebody else's punishment. Truly diabolical.

The real conspiracy is that White Empire unleashed a beaten and traumatized dog to terrify Muslims, not that the dog bites people. The news reports 'dog bites man' but the real story is 'man bites dog.' Jews are still being used and abused by the White Empire. They've made their children into conscripts in 'Israel', and made all the terrible lies Europeans told about Jews (they kill babies, they destabilize nations) come true. This is why Nasrallah correctly berates Zionists now, because the Jews themselves have been divided and conquered, and made Empire's fall guys in the oil wars (the Carbon Crusades, if you will).

Once you're able to take Nasrallah as a serious and non-sociopathic source, you can learn a lot. He's a very learned man, with a lot of bitter experience. His references go back to when Moshe wore short pants. He's an astute commentator on geopolitics and a skilled commander of troops. Hezbollah has steadily defanged 'Israel's' Iron Dome in the north and largely decolonized the region. And they have a long-term view, his speeches from the 1980s and 1990s still ring true. But you can only really get his story if you step out of the news.


OK, now these guys actually suck. I used to read every issue of Dabiq magazine (ISIS's propaganda magazine) for sheer shock and horror. The philosophy of ISIS is as paper thin as a magazine. They're cardboard jihadis, doing all the depraved shit the Americans say jihadis do. They both attack Empire's enemies and discredit jihad in general. Jihad means struggle against oppression and ISIS just attacks the resistance.

If you read Dabiq, its successor Rumiyah (meaning Rome), or Voice Of Khurusan (don't read them, genuinely horrible) you notice something peculiar. They're always attacking other Muslims (Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan) and promoting violence in random places (the Balkans, France) and never attacking the actual enemy in the US and 'Israel'. And these facts are reflected on the ground. ISIS blew up General Soleimani's procession in Iran, get funded by America to fight Syria, and get airlifted to 'Israeli' hospitals when things go sour.

These caricatures of jihadis may sincerely believe what they believe, but they're, in practice, just the heel on the occupying boot. They always attack Empire's enemies while featuring prominently in imperial propaganda as archetypical brutes. They are what's in wrestling terms called a heel. Just listen to this dumb shit from ISKP (the ISIS Afghanistan spin-off). Discussing the war of liberation in Palestine, they say "it will all be the same whether Gaza and the West Bank are ruled by America's allies or Iran's allies." It really fucking isn't.

ISIS is just like western liberals. They piously condemn everyone and cancel themselves out. Both preserve the status quo above all. Hence America funds ISIS and 'Israel' evacuates them to 'Israeli' hospitals. Meanwhile the actual jihadis in Hamas and Iran fight ISIS. This is why ISIS blew up General Soleimani's remembrance march and attacks Syria, Iran and the actual Axis of Resistance. ISIS doesn't really belong on America's enemy's list (hence our reading list). They're Empire's ally. I read ISIS the same way I read Bin Laden. With interest, but suspiciously. Reading ISIS is like reading a CIA fever dream of what they imagine jihad to be. As the great martyr fighter Admiral Ackbar said, "it's a trap!"

Reading Recommendations

These are just three examples, and I encourage you to read more. If the word 'jihad', for example, gives you the willies, read the Quran to see what it's actually about. Jihad is a noble struggle, primarily against yourself in discipline, and only then against those who spread corruption in the land. And Islamic governance is just one type of self-government that the White Empire tries to discredit. Communism, socialism, and anarchism are also tarred with a thin brush, endlessly repeated as epithets but never seriously discussed in all the hours of coverage. You can find plenty of reading on these subjects from within Empire's ivory castles, however.

The White Empire relies not on censoring or burning documents but burying them in academia, undistributed podcasts and blogs (holla). There's simply too much information to disappear it, but you can simply 'flood the zone with shit,' as Trump adviser Steve Bannon said. It doesn't matter if the Library of Congress contains the Voice Of Hezbollah and Memri.TV archives Hamas speeches. Who the fuck is going to hear it? It's quite brilliant really. Every condemnation is actually a reading recommendation but it works because nobody reads anything.

Now note that I'm not saying 'read a fucking book'. Some of my cousins barely read and they're good kids. I am saying STFU up if you haven't. Didn't your mother tell you, "If you can't say something nice about someone, shut the fuck up"? There's a high bar of evidence for speaking ill of someone, and even higher for genociding entire populations. The imperial media, however, just expects people to hear Arabic and bay for blood. One should not be this sort of tortured, traumatized dog, biting people because that's been beaten into you. As Sinhalese would say, pauw, sin. One should aspire to be a good dog. To be loyal and friendly. And this is possible. Humans can unlearn white supremacy and even human supremacy (just different spots on the same continuum). It just requires empathy.

Also note that I do not mean empathy as in mindless loving-kindness towards everyone. I mean empathy as in understanding someone else's perspective. If you read into it, the Middle East is not naturally violent, it's just been violently colonized. The imperial media discusses the Middle East endlessly, but never questions what they're doing there in the first place. 95% of problems in the region would be solved if other regions fucked off from their meddling (looking at you 'western' world, what I call White Empire collectively).

Empathy (as in putting yourself in someone else's shoes) means understanding the ancient law of 'eye for an eye,' which is why violence begets violence. It also means understanding the rule of 'love your neighbor as yourself,' which is why the genocidal, apartheid state of 'Israel' has to be demolished, for Jews, Christians, Muslims, commies, etc to actually live in peace, and not in a region divided piecemeal by oil thieves.

I'm not saying to need to agree with Empire's enemies, but you need to respect them, especially if you consider them enemies at all. As Mazer Rackham said in Ender's Game, "There is no teacher but the enemy. No one but the enemy will tell you what the enemy is going to do." I would add that often (as in Ender's Game, spoiler alert) the enemy is not your enemy. In reading you can find many 'friends in history', which is a blessing. One redeeming thing about White Empire is that its enemy's list is such a great reading list. Every condemnation is a reading recommendation.

Indrajit Samarajiva
11 May 2024 | 4:16 pm

6. What Is America's Plan?

What Is America's Plan?
"Nav War Map" issued by the U.S. Navy Department near the end of World War II. Military supply routes became 'trade' routes.
What Is America's Plan?

The simplest way to understand America's 'grand strategy' is to be a historical simpleton. If you don't read the news and just look at things from a 10,000-year view, America is just another empire. Empires conquer land and take shit. Been that way since time immemorial. This all becomes complicated to a modern newsreader, but not to a historical simpleton. America is just another Empire in history, conquering land on earth, extracting tribute. As my historical thesis goes, same shit, different day. The only difference (and it's a big difference) is scale.

World War II was a war of world conquest, plain and simple. After World War II 'ended' (for white people) America's supply lines reversed flow and started pulling resources in, from the conquered territory. Naval routes became trade routes, and guns and coups kept the money flowing into the conquering capital. WWII forward bases became permanent garrison states. Europe, Japan, Korea, and over 700 military bases stayed occupied by American soldiers, as guns near the butter. 'Israel' was created (inherited) as a conscript colony near the oil. This was just classical conquest on a modern scale.

If you try to discern America's 'grand strategy' now, they don't even know. Both Biden and Trump actually have the same foreign policy, dump Ukraine on the Europeans, dump 'Israel' on the Saudis and UAE, and 'pivot' to China (which started under Obama). But they couldn't even dump Afghanistan on their own Afghan government. None of this 'plan' has survived first contact with the enemy. America has never had an exit strategy for any war, and they're not starting now, even as they're in worldwide retreat.

There's no strategic thinking going on at all in America, they're just reacting. They like all the benefits of being an Empire, but are too soft and flabby to do the work anymore. America these days is just reactionary. Like a drunk trying to cross a bar to punch his girlfriend, they've been yelling at China, but they can't even get to that side of the bar. They're getting punched by everybody else on the way over. Nobody would plan to fight Russia, 'terrorists', and the commies all at once, but that's what America has done. This is certainly a situation, but it's not a strategy. America is just punch drunk and doesn't realize that it's old, drunk, and washed up.

America never has an exit strategy, but what's even their entry strategy to China? How exactly do you fight someone that's a vital supplier to make your weapons? How do you win a trade war against one of your main trading partners? Why are you even fighting China, who would happily continue trading with you peacefully? None of these questions are asked. American 'thinkers' are all unified about 'China bad' but they never explain why, or what America can do about it. America controlling China via Taiwan is a joke now. They can't even control their own college campuses. America has tripped on its shoelaces in West Asia and their geopolitical pants have fallen down in front of the whole classroom. And they're trying to fight China lol. They can't even get there without getting into 10 other wars on the way, and losing them. America today is what Sri Lankans call a pada show. A fart show. All sound and fury, signifying nothing, and smelling.

A big reason is that America has no strategic thinkers, only failures that have failed upwards. The architects of the failed wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan (among others) are still selling structurally unsound boondoggles. America has no new ideas because it's full of old idiots. At this point, their political system has selected for the dumbest, most corrupt people possible. Realists like John Mearsheimer are doing obscure podcasts while geopolitical goblins like Victoria Nuland have been given the power to wreck nations. Henry Kissinger was an éminence grisly until his death and Biden is older and crustier than 'Israel'. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, which has been American policy for decades now. America has both cloned a Bush and is considering a Trump twice. They're certifiable.

America foreign policy thinkers don't have any original thoughts, they're just repeating the same mistakes out of muscle memory, over and over. Everything is a reboot. War with the Russians, terrorists, and commies? We've seen these ones already. Goldeneye, True Lies, and Rambo, respectively. The military-industrial multiplex only has a few movies and they're all reruns. Meanwhile the rest of the world has satellite TV with 1,000 channels and desperately wants to take the remote away from these blithering idiots. The boorish Americans have been forcing the world to watch dead babies for seven months now. There is no grand strategy anymore, just a grand mal seizure of planetary proportions. No ideas come out of America anymore. It's just a massively hemorrhaging hegemon.

Under the visibly dying Biden, America is having a strategic stroke. They can't even name their wars anymore. Ukraine is just… Ukraine and Palestine is definitely not a genocide, but then what is it? Operation Palestinian Freedom… from their children? What is America even pretending to fight for these days? Democracy and justice? Ukraine has no elections and 'Israel' is committing a holocaust. The lies don't even make sense anymore, and they're not even trying to make them stick. They're just going through the motions and cashing the cheques, and not even trying to cover it up.

If I was going to guess at America's grand strategy, by best guess would be a pivot to Asia. This is the one thing Presidents have agreed upon since Obama, but they just can't seem to get there. In order to get to Asia, America had to get away from everywhere else. The plan on both 'sides' is to dump Ukraine on Europe and 'Israel' on Saudi and UAE, but that's not going well at all. They thought Russia would collapse because of cookies and Iran because of headscarves, but that didn't work either. Whatever strategy they had was stupid in the first place and didn't survive first contact with the enemy. America can't adapt, however, because—as mentioned—the same idiots keep failing upwards. There's no adaptability without accountability. So America just lurches from disaster to disaster, substituting distraction for direction.

If I may return to the cusp of World War II map at the top, you can see how things went wrong. At the center of that map is an America which makes things—guns, boats, bullets, planes. This center is gone and America's power is just held together by bluster and inertia. America has deindustrialized itself so much that it requires Chinese rare earth minerals to build anything. And it can't build anything anyways, America makes maybe 5 big ships a year, compared to 1,700 for China. They have private equitied their war machine so much that it has no public utility at all. Their vaunted military budget is just a measure of fraud.

America might have had a strong military once, but as Outkast said, "Baby boy, you only funky as your last cut, You focus on the past, your ass'll be a has-what." All of the equipment from Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom© depreciated to dust. In accounting terms, it's a liability, and in practical terms it just doesn't work. America's aircraft carriers are being decommissioned, its rapid invasion fleet is being mothballed, its nuclear missiles are unmaintainable, and it can't even produce enough bullets (artillery). The ships America sent to build its dodgy pier in Gaza caught fire on the way. Its Secretary of State's plane won't start, nor will it allies' aircraft carriers. Its planes crash and its Patriot missiles don't work. And it simply cannot raise armies. Most of its men are too fat, on drugs, mentally ill, or simply unwilling. America is, to reverse Teddy Roosevelt, speaking loudly and carrying a limp dick. It doesn't even matter what their plan is. They can't execute it.

While I can understand the motivation of America simply enough—the same as any empire, smash and grab—its strategy is inscrutable. Probably because it doesn't have one. America has made the cardinal mistake of 'getting high on their own supply,' as Biggie warned about before his execution. America actually believes their own propaganda, which is fatal. War is the art of deception, not self-deception. True (falsehood) believers have failed upwards into leadership while rank corruption has cannibalized its military industrial complex down to the $90,000 nuts and bolts. At this point America is just running on autopilot in a shoddy Boeing, which doesn't end well. Nobody knows what the fuck America is doing, least of all America. Failing to plan is planning to fail and America is getting an F this century. They have no plan at all.

Indrajit Samarajiva
10 May 2024 | 11:58 am

7. Killing God And Elevating Greed

Killing God And Elevating Greed
Christ driving the moneylenders from the temple, by Rembrant. They came back
Killing God And Elevating Greed

The separation of church and state is a deep western value. Secularism is the liberal value par excellence, you can have faith, but keep it to yourself, and certainly out of governing. But given that western values also include killing children, we have to question such things.

Long ago—in the 'Enlightenment' they stole from the Lord Buddha—Europeans killed their Lord and called it a brave new day. They've been proselytizing this path ever since, calling it secularism. Instead of an invisible man they now believe in an invisible hand, with economists as its priests and scientists as its miracle workers. And this great golden god called 'the economy' really did work miracles. People got used to growth every year, something which used to be an anomaly. The first shall be first and the last shall be last, but don't worry, it'll trickle down eventually. When things got bad, as they do cyclically, the economists just sacrificed some children and poor people and it all got growing again.

In truth, all they really value is money. Principal is the only principle, profit is the only prophet, usury is the only use. The astonishing belief that there was a man in the sky was replaced with 'the [even more] astonishing belief that the nastiest motives of the nastiest men somehow or other work for the best results in the best of all possible worlds,' as John Maynard Keynes said. A fairly full description of capitalism from one its architects. The 'invisible hand' was a throwaway metaphor from Adam Smith that somehow became a state religion, like basing your civilization on a random joke you heard at a party. This obviously hasn't worked out in the end (awfully hot, isn't it?). Westerners thought they were following science but, more accurately, they were following Satan.

The love of money is the root of all evil, as the full saying goes. What is capitalism but the love of money? When race, religion, and ritual are all considered backwards, what else is there? Which way are we going? If you believe in progress, where does that lead, exactly? When nobody thinks about the end times, you can have good times now. You are what you measure, and if you stop counting sins and start counting wins, you end up with a different world entirely. And what do we measure every quarter, every year, every day? We do not measure, as the original (and not awful) RFK said, "the health of our children, the quality of their education or the joy of their play."

Western society traded the immaterial for the material and—like all deals with the Devil—it was a good deal. It was the second-greatest trick Satan ever pulled. The first was convincing the world he didn't exist. The second was making the world believe in compound interest. So people that built cathedrals built up capital instead. I have physically experienced this shift. In Montreal, I used to enter the underground by taking an escalator under a church, in between skyscrapers of bank buildings, descending into a shopping mall. Can it get more symbolic than this? Satan is real, and he's what westerners really worship. Just watch any ad on TV. They're all about temptation. Adam ate just one apple from the tree of knowledge, but the children of Adam Smith said 'fuck it, eat all of it'.

Am I calling for a caliphate, or the return of God kings? I'm not against it. I am open to different concepts besides the ones conquered into me. As the serial-killer philosopher Anton Chigurh said, "If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?" If the rule of secularism led to us slaughtering babies on satellite TV while extincting 99% of creation, of what use was the rule? You have to question this system at the simplest level, because that's where it's gone wrong. And you have to question the idea that one system must be applied to every place on earth, with ungodly violence.

The European Enlightenment was fake, God is real, and these are certainly the end days for life as we know it. There are other ways to govern ourselves (not all of ourselves, that's itself a colonial idea) but for different communities there are different ways. Precisely what Aristotle said when he said, "some persons think that there is only one species both of democracy and oligarchy; but this is not true… All laws are, and ought to be, framed agreeable to the state that is to be governed by them, and not the state to the laws."

Aristotle, Keynes, the Kennedys, if you read them, all of the philosophical founders of modernity deny the bastard they helped create. The belief in a Holy Father at least centered something holy, whereas today we center ourselves and wonder why everything around us is on fire or going away. Even if you consider the Devil to be just a story, wouldn't believing in that have helped us survive? What is belief anyways, except perception at a higher dimension? Our regular perception (what we call reality) is literally a simulation, we encode a tiny sliver of light in dots on our retina and process it with literally the same hardware that we render dreams. It's all made up. Religion is just a way of perceiving higher things. Why shouldn't it have a place in governing?

Our perception of things in front of us helps us avoid running into them and our perception of something above us keeps us from ruining them. But we lost this fear of what's above in our hubris, and now the sky really is falling. Whether Satan is real or not, what difference does it make? He wins. Look around, it's fucking hot. Asking a human if they believe in God and the Devil is like asking whether the chicken believes in the ax. Who gives a cluck? We're completely plucked.

It all started when western philosophy severed the religious part of their brain (the practicing, not the preaching) and ran headlong across the continents, killing, colonizing, and enslaving and calling it 'enlightenment'. This was supposed to be replaced with a secular, scientific morality, but we the colonized have never seen any evidence of this. It's entirely made up, just another belief system, and capitalism is literally a belief in greed. In evil. They killed their God and elevated the worst of their men and we end up where gods and better men all predicted. With the gates of hell opening upon Gaza, cold cruelty in our rulers' hearts, and all of God's creation going to ruin. We didn't appreciate what we had, we didn't listen when we were told, and and now all our delusions are rapidly depreciating in front of us. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Indrajit Samarajiva
9 May 2024 | 5:45 am

8. In Appreciation Of Depreciation

In Appreciation Of Depreciation
The age of America's 'strategic sea lift' (ie invasion) fleet. (Via Sal Mercogliano)
In Appreciation Of Depreciation

Depreciation is my favorite part of the Renaissance art of accounting (shout-out Luca Pacioli, Da Vinci's homie). Depreciation is the idea that if I buy a machine 'worth' $100 I 'use up' that machine at, say, $10 a year. In 10 years the asset is 'dead'. Depreciation is the closest the machine world comes to understanding death.

I'm (from another life) on the board of a public company and I know that depreciation is just a guess. Nobody really knows if a machine will last 10, 1, or 100 years. Someone (hopefully an expert) takes a best guess. After an asset has depreciated, you have to explain to your auditors why you're still using this thing that is technically used up. You have to fill out forms if you want a little extra life after death.

I also know that, most years, people just ignore depreciation. 'Cashflow, cashflow, cashflow' is the businessman's mantra. I say Fidel Cashflow because it's funnier. The Cash Flow Statement actually removes depreciation to give you the 'bottom line'. Remember that depreciation is just an approximation. If my machine 'uses' $10 of value in a year I don't pay the machine, it's just a made up number. That $10 is actually in my pocket. When you're operating a business—especially during stressful times—you often just ignore depreciation and focus on the Cash Flow Statement. Cash is king, as long as the throne is secure. Any given quarter you can safely disregard deprecation, but it hurts you every year, and kills you eventually.

If you ignore depreciation completely you end up with no business at all. Everything that lives must die, and the machine world is no exception. Your machines (ie capital) will just fall apart and then your corporate body will fall apart and the metabolic juice it spits out (dividends, salaries) will disappear as the host dies. You get kicked out of capitalism without capital, them's the rules, and nobody wants that. Most corporations (that haven't been brainwormed by Private Equity) aren't stupid and don't want to die. Long before a machine depreciates, the management requests a replacement, and the board checks the depreciation value (should it be dying?) and decides. Depreciation is a normal part of corporate planning (unless, as mentioned, the host has been consumed by a PE parasite).

Depreciation Of Matériel

What the military calls matériel is just capital. It also depreciates. The US is 'depreciating' two (of twenty) aircraft carriers right now. The Eisenhower—an aircraft carrier just humiliated in the Red Sea— was commissioned in 1977 and is being decommissioned in 2027. It's a dead man walking, defeated by Yemen. Ukraine's much hyped F-16s are old junk from the 1980s. Europe has already retired (re: depreciated) them. The vaunted arms transfers to Ukraine are just worn out hand-me-downs for Europe's bastard child. The F-16 is already defeated by Russia, it won't even get off the ground.

All of these machines have effectively died. They're getting decommissioned. They've depreciated. They don't work anymore. It's not a coincidence that the US military is losing every war. In accounting terms, their war machine is already dead. As Nas said, '[deprecation]'s a bitch, but God forbid the bitch divorce me.'

Just look at the cannibal corpse. Look at their invasion fleet (Afloat Pre-Positioning Program), their guns (Extended Range Cannon Artillery), their nukes (Minuteman III). That shit is all being decommissioned, was never replaced, or can no longer be maintained (respectively). As the Head of US Strategic Command terrifyingly said about 400 nuclear weapons, "Let me be very clear: You cannot life-extend the Minuteman III [any longer]." In accounting terms, America's military assets have become liabilities. The armies of World War II, of Vietnam, of Iraq, of Afghanistan, they longer exist. They have been depreciated into dust and accounting fraud.

Increase Of Fraud

This all seems insane because America is spending more than ever. Why is a braggadocio trillionaire driving a beat-down Lincoln Continental? But you must understand what I mentioned in passing. The US military has a brainworm. It has been devoured by Private Equity. Columbia University and Cal Poly Humboldt are shareholders in the military industrial complex, that's what the students are protesting. That's how deep the corruption has spread. The entire US economy is a Ponzi, and everybody and everything is in on it. The United States Military is just another asset for investors to strip, not a military asset at all.

I have a friend in commercial shipping and they've been taken over by private equity. Those bean counters don't give a fuck about maintenance. That's just a cost, and they're trying to cut costs and take money out of the company, that's it. They don't care if the ships depreciate 10x faster or actually kill people, they just want to hit their numbers by Christmas. This is the algorithmic nature of Private Equity. They're parasites, literal brainworms that devour productive assets and shit out cash. That is their metabolism. The core PE business model is a mafia bust-out.

The entire US military budget is just a measure of fraud. It's a big corruption scoreboard, that they proudly vote on every year. More corruption! Yeah! Americans didn't notice their military depreciation because they weren't actually fighting everybody. They were throwing Ferraris at school-children and making big explosions, wow. But now that they're fighting men in Russia, Yemen, and Iran, the cracks are becoming visible.

Part of the US fleet just caught fire on the way to Gaza. Patriot missiles failed over 'Israel' and 'Israel' is retiring them. Their ground army lost in Afghanistan and actually can't be deployed again. They're barking at everybody but have no bite left. The US Military is actually in full-ass retreat, throwing proxies and propaganda in front of them as a smokescreen. Their military is very expensive simply because it's very fraudulent. It's like a body-builder bragging about how swole they are when in fact they have cancerous tumors everywhere.

The General End

I believe in natural and artificial life. Death and depreciation are just two sides of the same coin, and the house wins every time. Everything that lives must die. Everything that claims existence must lose it. Only Allah is eternal and They give and taketh away, from human and djinn (re: engineering) alike. Every component of every corporation, every corporation in a stock market, every market within every civilization, each component and each whole lives and dies in its own time. Artificial beings are fundamentally no different from natural beings. Impermanence is a basic principle of the universe. Everything that exists must desist at some point. It is the same for ants as for empires.

The White Empire—under a rotating cast of Portugal, Netherlands, UK, and the USA—had a good run, but now it's simply dying. This is as inevitable as it is incomprehensible. All empires die. As a capitalist empire let me put it in terms the Leviathan would understand, in terms of accounting. The White Empire has depreciated its most important assets—its military—to death. It has also depreciated its roads, its bridges, and its entire infrastructure. That stuff is all falling apart and it would bankrupt the nation to rebuild it.

The America economy is—in all veracity—a giant Ponzi scheme. It's all Ponzi. America has sold a lot of bonds (liabilities to the private sector) that it cannot possibly pay without inflating its currency into oblivion, like a dying star outgassing furiously. All America can do now is pay one investor off with the next investor, ie a classic Ponzi. This worked when they had the guns to back it up, but now the guns themselves are depreciating. This worked while they had planetary runway, but now that's running out. Few people appreciate depreciation, but they should. It's just the accounting expression of the eternal law. Everything that lives must die. Man, machine, military, empire.

Indrajit Samarajiva
8 May 2024 | 7:50 am

9. The Unlearning Of Empathy

The Unlearning Of Empathy
Not my kitten, but apparently my problem
The Unlearning Of Empathy

We have a friend who has 27 cats and a special account at the fish market and the sand market and that's who my daughter wants to be when she grows up. She wants to start something called a 'cat farm' which I've told her is not a thing, and also not desirable. She will adopt any cat she sees and now she's adopted a pregnant cat who has had kittens in our neighborhood. So now I have four (more) cats. At least they stay next door, with the chickens.

Yesterday one of these kittens—little Lyro, AKA Scoundrel—had some sort of eye infection and my daughter started bawling and yelling at the chickens for pecking him (they didn't). To me, this is another annoyance, but for her, it's very emotional. She really feels for the kitten. She has a deep sense of empathy. Children are born this way but, as adults, we're educated out of it.

This morning I chased the little bastard around to apply eye drops and then refreshed the cats' water. Every time I turn a tap I think about Gaza, where the taps have been turned off, on purpose. I think of that sniveling Keir Starmer saying ''Israel' has the right to defend herself' by cutting off food and water to an entire human population. Something we wouldn't even do to street cats. What a world we live in.


The vet comes to give these creatures their first shots and I think about 'Israel' systematically destroying every hospital in Gaza, turning them into mass graves and torture centers. And then I think about all the adults defending this, or saying 'it's complicated'. It's really not. Children understand that you shouldn't kill children. Adults don't want to be killed. The golden rule is not that complicated. And if you are doing evil shit, you can understand getting RPG'd, 'an eye for an eye' is another classic. This is all just basic empathy, available to a child. Something the most 'advanced' people seem to have lost entirely.

The sheer wordcount rationalizing this body count is revolting. People write essays and essays about why they're assholes. Liberals are really trying to attain the Zionist Zen state of being completely useless to everyone but the powerful, who get to carry on in the moral void. They make it out to be so ancient and difficult but it's really not. You can literally open any children's book and get the basic logic which is be nice to people. 'But Hamas!' the fuckwits will say, expecting you to shit your brains out upon hearing Arabic, like a Pavlovian war dog. 'What about them?'

Hamas are just the orphans 'Israel' didn't kill, defending the next generation, with great discipline. Children's stories also have people fighting against great evil. They're called heroes. That's what Hamas are in this situation (shoutout Palestinian Islamic Jihad, PFLP, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, and the whole Axis of Resistance). It's really not complicated. On one side you have the White Empire, which has been on the wrong side of everybody for centuries, now burying families alive in Palestine. On the other side you have guys in tracky bottoms and homemade weapons, trying to bring a better future alive. I'm simplifying because it's simple. Hamas are the good guys.


My kids listen to stories at night and the heroes are always the poor, the down-trodden, who remain kind and try to help their people through it all. The bad guys are the landlords, the rulers, who hoard and steal and hurt despite having more than enough. But then what are my stories, as an adult? Everything in the grown-up press lionizes landlords, rulers, and glorifies hoarding, stealing, and hurting as the basis of our very economy and social system. The poor are failures, the down-trodden deserve it, and kindness is folly. These are very serious opinions from very serious people. We complicate what is simple and call ourselves sophisticated. It's just sophistry. We are the villains in our own children's stories. What have we become?

It saddens me because we are born helpless and the yet very sight of a baby makes us helpful. We have a great core compassion in us. As Mengzi said:

The reason why I say that all humans have hearts that are not unfeeling toward others is this. Suppose someone suddenly saw a child about to fall into a well: anyone in such a situation would have a feeling of alarm and compassion—not because one sought to get in good with the child's parents, not because one wanted fame among one's neighbors and friends, and not because one would dislike the sound of the child's cries...

The feeling of compassion is the sprout of benevolence. The feeling of disdain is the sprout of righteousness. The feeling of deference is the sprout of propriety. The feeling of approval and disapproval is the sprout of wisdom.

People having these four sprouts is like their having four limbs. To have these four sprouts, yet to claim that one is incapable (of virtue), is to steal from oneself. To say that one's ruler is incapable is to steal from one's ruler.

In general, having these four sprouts within oneself, if one knows to fill them all out, it will be like a fire starting up, a spring breaking through! If one can merely fill them out, they will be sufficient to care for all within the Four Seas. If one merely fails to fill them out, they will be insufficient to serve one's parents.

This is what Mengzi called the 'sprouts of goodness,' or what I call the 'weeds of not being a dick.' You can see them everywhere. You can see the sprouts in children's kittens or children's stories, or a father chasing around a kitten he doesn't actually like or a grandfather reading 400 stories before bed and getting a foot in his face for his troubles. It's not that we lose this goodness. It is, like Master Meng said, stolen. The sprouts are cut, the earth is salted, and this is called growing up.

Serious adults tell us it's just not possible to practice basic decency, it's just not practical, and that this horrible thing we're witnessing is somehow fine. They'll say that we must debate this dumbassery endlessly, while everybody dies. And they'll say that you should not fight this monstrous violence with righteous violence, ignoring every hero in every story. What are we even doing here? We have deified the adult, discarded God, and now children are dying in front of us and we're supposed to think it's fine. It's not. If you literally put a child on the throne and left them alone, they couldn't rule this badly. Children are much closer to the golden rule, but the love of gold makes rulers blind.

Back To The Cat

I look at my daughter bawling because a kitten has a red eye and my first instinct is to tell her to grow up, but why? Grow up into what? I'm so practical and serious, but I'm fundamentally just lazy. I know what the right thing is, I just don't want to do it. Thank God there's a little tyrant at home to force me into shape sometimes. Alhamdulillah, we should all grow down.

Indrajit Samarajiva
7 May 2024 | 5:42 am

10. How I Was Demonetized By Medium

How I Was Demonetized By MediumHow I Was Demonetized By Medium

Since October, my Medium earnings have dropped by two-thirds. I haven't changed quantity, quality, or even the general subject of writing, but you know what happened in October. Since then, I've gone from earning about $1,400 a month to $400. I went from adding 2,000 'followers' a month to as low as 6. These days, I'm lucky if 300 people read an article (there, is like 1,000/2,000). As Marshal McLuhan said, the Medium is the message, and I'm getting the message loud and clear. STFU about Palestine.

The Medium

This is censorship by algorithm, by corporation, by White Empire itself. Normally the word 'censorship' is reserved for government actions but, like everything else, the White Empire (re: America) has privatized propaganda. Those outlets have, in turned outsourced the job to algorithms and HR departments. If you're on a platform you won't get distributed and if it's a publication you just won't get hired. That's how modern censorship works. It's been privatized, and the government is owned by 'the private sector' (ie, the rich) anyways. This is the state of modern propaganda.

For examples of egregious censorship and lies, just witness the tortured language in any American newspaper. They use the passive voice to hide their part in an active genocide. Hence you get The Intercept reporting that "The New York Times instructed journalists covering Israel's war on the Gaza Strip to restrict the use of the terms "genocide" and "ethnic cleansing" and to "avoid" using the phrase "occupied territory" when describing Palestinian land, according to a copy of an internal memo obtained by The Intercept." You see Arab journalists suspended from the BBC, or journalists in general suspended from the LA Times for protesting the murder of other journalists. Or you don't see Palestinian content on Facebook platforms because Meta systematically censors it. And then you see the US government trying to just ban TikTok completely. This is what the media would call censorship and propaganda if they were remotely objective. But they're not. They're just objects owned by the rich corporations that also own the government.

'Propaganda' and 'censorship' are terms that Empire uses against its enemies but this is, in fact, propaganda. People within the White Empire and especially America are the most propagandized people on Earth. British tabloids and the NYTimes spread lies about beheaded babies and mass rape and are backed by the US President and given Pulitzer Prizes for their war crimes. It's all one system. What I call the military-industrial multiplex, because media is a vital part of it. Truth is the first casualty of war, and they really focus on killing that fucker. Propaganda has always been a vital part of war, and—like most other functions—the White Empire has privatized propaganda. In typical propagandized terms, this is called the 'free press'. It is, in fact, bought and paid for, and used for specific purposes. Medium is just a subset of this phenomenon, and barely worth commenting on specifically.

Medium is just another part of this system, and a pliant one. Medium is a money losing company, the plaything of oligarchs. The lifeblood of Empire is money, and anytime it's the poor against the rich, powerless against the powerful, toy soldiers like Medium all get in line. It will be recorded ignominiously in history, but this isn't news. Big company craven and corrupt, who knew.

The Message

I had a good run on Medium, but it was honestly getting suspicious. I write about how much America sucks, and then pay 10% withholding tax to America. I've been promoted, 'curated', and have met directly with people at Medium. One month I had the highest traffic article on there. For a while, they somehow wanted me to do this. And I made, for me, a good deal of money. Usually by biting the hand that feeds me. They seem to like that. A lot of my writing was lyrical BDSM for white people.

My previous greatest hits were (the sadly dated) America Passports Are Worthless Now ($7,200), I Lived Through Collapse, America Is Already There ($4,200), and White People, You Need To Wash Your Butts ($3,100). There is a certain genre of criticism that actually supports their propaganda line, which is that they're more free than everybody else (just look at the criticism!). This is contained within a higher line of propaganda, which is that what matters above all is belief. Zizek is a piece of shit and I only quote him via the inestimable Mark Fisher, saying, "Cynical distance is just one way… to blind ourselves to the structural power of ideological fantasy: even if we do not take things seriously, even if we keep an ironical distance, we are still doing them."

Ironic distance is not what I'm selling, but it's what Medium and much of my audience was buying. They could listen to an angry brown man and be absolved of their sins, to disagree with everything going on while still going along with it. It is this cynical distance that was shattered on October 7th. Because Hamas et al didn't just talk about liberation. They did it.

The Al Aqsa Flood

The Al Aqsa Flood of October 7th broke a lot of things. A lot of illusions were broken that day. The illusion of 'Israeli' military power, the illusion of Western democracy, the illusion of liberal values. Western universities were revealed as hedge funds, Western media were revealed as privatized propaganda, and Western online platforms were revealed as content plantations. Warren Buffett said 'when the tide goes out, you see who's swimming naked.' Well, when the flood comes in, you see who fucking sucks. Almost all western media, including Medium.

I totally understand why I'm getting censored for writing stuff like Why I Support Hamas, The Coming Destruction Of 'Israel', How Hamas Is Not A Terrorist Organization, and The Heroes Of Hamas. Hamas is public enemy #1, condemned everywhere from the nightly news to Saturday Night Live. I just think this is stupid. I take every condemnation from Empire as a reading recommendation and I've actually read about Hamas and read the statements from across the Resistance. And they're not bad at all, in fact, they're the good guys. They're the ones fighting against genocide. Isn't it obvious?

I'm referencing books and actual research here, whereas the propagandists just repeat the word 'Hamas' and expect people to be suitably terrified. Mooslem sounding. They don't quote from Hamas, they don't educate their viewers/readers one iota. They just repeat a lie often enough that it becomes the truth, and often enough it works. They literally just repeat the name 'Hamas' over and over and expect people to be scared because it sounds Arabic and Muslim. And in ordinary times, that's enough. But times are not ordinary anymore.

The Difference

The difference between what I do and what organizations like Hamas do is that they actually do something. I am—and I have no illusions about this—just a manic street preacher, holding a sign saying 'THE END IS NIGH' and holding out his hat for coins. This is actually how I explain my job to people, I tell them that I'm a beggar blogger. The Internet is my street and I just wander around there, muttering. Medium threw some coins in my hat for a while and then they kick it away, so be it. That's life on the street. But people like Hamas, Hezbollah, the Yemeni, and the Revolutionary Guards of Iran are street fighters. And they are inestimably more useful than me.

The point is not whether or not these groups are violent. Violence is a tactic, not a strategy. 'Non-violence' is a virtue preached to the powerless, while the powerful beat them. Gandhi's and MLK's idea of non-violent action has devoured by Empire and spit out as a political sedative. As Kwame Ture said, "In order for nonviolence to work, your opponent must have a conscience. The United States has none." As Brother Ture also said, "Peace is the white man's word. Peace. Liberation is our word. But you'll want peace in the end." As Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah says, "I want to fight this enemy any way I can, until I achieve victory." Or as Malcolm X said, "by any means necessary."

The point is that the Axis of Resistance is doing something about the very problem I've been talking about. I talk about White Empire literally killing the entire planet and these people are doing something. More power to them. The people in the military-industrial multiplex watch countless films about Rebel Alliance, then turn on the TV and cheer for the Empire. It's quite a magical trick. The audience gets to rebel vicariously on one screen, while actual rebels are crushed viciously on another. But now they're losing control of the programming. The screen of screens is shattering. What the Axis of Resistance is doing, through action, is disrupting the narrative. They say the victors write the history, but you could equally say that those who write the history are winning. And the Resistance is writing history. In indelible blood rather than delible ink.

The Pathetic

Empire, instead of changing material reality (maybe don't commit genocide, the region will still sell you oil anyways) is trying to change immaterial media. Instead of trying to change the charnel, they're trying to change the channel. Like Elvis, they're just shooting the TV rather than doing something about their increasingly addled decline. Hence you get the massive, lockstep campaign around stupid but often repeated talking points. 'Beheaded Babies' (not true) and now 'Antisemitism on Campuses' (do I need to tell you?). It's all a ruse. A pathetic ruse, while people can see real children being buried alive and people being mass executed in hospitals. The information, an Al Aqsa Flood of information, there's just too much of it because it's actually happening. The truth seeps through.

Media like Medium censoring me by 80% doesn't matter, cause there's 8000% more atrocities out there, and people are talking about it. You can't demonize, demonetize, and disappear everybody, in the process you lose the power that you're using. Like America is sanctioning themselves into an economic core, they're censoring themselves into an ideological corner too. They can't claim Human Rights™ and Free Speech© anymore. All that's left is brute force, which really ruins the look.

Western social media simply cannot hold back society anymore, their mass media cannot hold back the masses, and their institutions cannot institutionalize brains. These people are obviously not arbiters of truth, they're now forever tainted by the Genocide of Gaza. The entire Western media will be remembered like Radio Rwanda during that genocide. As part of it. As the martyr Aaron Bushnell said, when he immolated himself in Washington DC, "This is what our ruling class has decided will be normal." And then he cut through decades of bullshit with a burning conscience. In the light of so much human sacrifice, the flailings of Empire seem ever more absurd, and its failings fatal. They're drowning in the Al Aqsa Flood. As Allah has said (about the much more serious Day of Judgement, which applies to you too):

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Woe to every fault-finding back-biter, who amasses wealth, counting it over, thinking that his wealth will make him live forever. By no means! He shall surely be cast into the crushing torment. Would that you understood what that crushing torment is like. It is a Fire kindled by God. Reaching right into the hearts of men, it closes in on them from every side in towering columns.

This must be what it feels like being an imperial propaganda manager, or its privatized pawns in the 'free' press now. They're pushing all the usual buttons, but just foghorn sounds and farts come out, and they can't go out to dinner without being accosted by angry peasants. They don't look powerful, they look pathetic. And that, in itself, is a loss of power.

The Al Aqsa Flood

The attack on October 7th, what the Resistance calls the Al Aqsa Flood, broke the illusion of 'Israeli' military deterrence, broke the illusion of America's distance, and is breaking the illusions around almost every imperial institution, great, small, and medium.

The Empire has tried to bury this revelation with massive wartime censorship, but they just revealed themselves in what they removed, and ended up flooded anyways. It's simply too much. The Al Aqsa Flood was big and the intifada has only gone global. It's got their kids, on elite university campuses. It's messing up their dinners at home now. It's too much. There is no 'medium' solution to this. This is heavy stuff.

The horror now touches every delusion of western civilization, past, present, and future. As Gandhi said about the concept of western civilization, 'it would have been a good idea.' Instead all we got was superior violence, and now they can't even get the violence right. All they can do is kick the hat away from beggar bloggers, while real street fighters openly defy them. So truly I do not give a fuck and am not important at all. All praise to the Resistance. A drop of their blood is worth an ocean of ink. A moment of them doing something is worth an eternity of thinking about it. We all have to sacrifice to overthrow this Empire, and demonetization is nothing.

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