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The Myth of Extinction
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The Myth of Extinction

Aaron Dykes, Melissa Dykes

USA20191h 42m

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What started out as a typical video spiraled out into a full-blown, (albeit minor) film (runtime 1 hr 42 min) that should inform and shift perspectives about the looming earth emergencies:

One media outlet recently described the highly funded and organized burgeoning International climate protest movement as, "based deeply oncontemporary research and rigorous analysis of what has made social and revolutionary movements successful throughout history and whileorganised on flexible scale-uppable decentralised principles borne out of silicon valley start-ups, the movement also has another aspect deep in its core...

ToastersBeToastin 2023-09-12 05:43:01  0  0
Could've mentioned growing your own (REAL organic) food, if possible, in the, "our food is is shit," rant, but good job. I just found you guys today & I'm in the middle of a marathon of your videos. Lol
jamessanabria 2023-09-05 02:53:09  0  0
Great video
Teresasantos 2023-08-05 09:11:21  0  0
Many of the donors named in history support evil acts against humanity and are Nazis. They clearly aim to legitimize human sacrifice in their claims..
Mainquesed 2023-07-19 03:35:22  0  0
Gretami 2023-06-03 11:03:13  1  0
taylorgodiva28 2023-06-02 03:03:46  0  0
this is so interested
KatherineHolloway 2023-02-10 02:28:22  0  0
Many of the donors named in history support evil acts against humanity and are Nazis. They clearly aim to legitimize human sacrifice in their claims..
clokie 2023-01-30 09:35:01  0  0
topeka 2023-01-15 20:26:23  0  0
What if there was a book written by people who saw all this before that explained it? ... insert eye roll ...
VoiceFactor 2022-12-27 13:19:27  0  0
And The FAST FOOD'S.. s VERY ADDICTIVE list the ingredients, the tons of processed SUGAR.. The Children are ADDICTED, I have close family friends where their Kids will eat candy & not eat anything close to healthy foods, WELL till they are forced! I have a accentuate the is working a aghast foods the company name starts with a W..he gained 100 pounds plus in a few months& looks like a large blowing pin...the can;t help he says....thanks for all you do.......VF or Mr Bill
VoiceFactor 2022-12-27 13:09:19  0  0
YOUR 100% CORRECT, THE QUALITY of FOOD AFFECTS OUR HEALTH FOR A LIFETIME! It is part of their plan. They make (FDA) & beyond requirements that Antibiotics are shot into CATTLE or it CAN'T be sold !!!! This a an FDA REGULATION!!! & not just limited to Cattle & cows!there power its deep in its influence.
JusticeT 2022-12-13 22:46:20  0  0
So they say it only take 3.5% to exact change.. What has been happening is large numbers of people are moving in the direction of National Socialism and Fascism which is probably over 40.0% by now and rising rapidly.
Nelsonbarrantes6 2022-10-15 23:48:34  0  0
Bill Gates, Fauci and Pfizer have done a great job at reducing the population the last years.
User56342 2022-09-19 11:36:32  1  0
Mental illness disguised as activism on display. Thank you for shining a light on this "movement."
penny0042 2022-09-07 02:51:45  1  1
They clearly aim to legitimize human sacrifice in their statements. Many of the sponsors who have been named historically support acts of evil against mankind and are Nazis.
JusticeT 2022-12-13 22:59:36  0  0
You are an idiot!
Lady5g 2022-04-11 17:04:23  2  0
Well, they've found the diversions to sneak all of this in on us over the last couple of yrs. I pray the sheeple awaken SOON.
roodboy 2022-03-22 20:16:29  1  0
alot of effort and time went into this piece. Well done. I prefer these over any new so-called movie in theaters these days.
rthr 2021-12-27 06:41:04  2  0
The best Documentary I have ever seen, really well put together.
Salty3180 2021-09-25 19:30:02  3  0
Brilliant work. I hope many XR members see this.
returnofbeaux 2021-09-18 13:43:13  3  0
They are definitely saying that they want to normalize human sacrifice. Lots of those mentioned sponsors are historically Nazis who promote evil works against humanity.
pollybell 2021-07-03 07:47:37  2  0
I think it really does not serve us as a world to marginalise and pick sides when the people who are the real perpetrators of the darkness in the world are our COMMON PROBLEM....there are good and well meaning sincere people in this movement that care passionately for the health of this world and its creatures,...there may be flaws and weaknesses but there are in all big groups.. I feel what is really dangerous right now is the unknowingness within XR...a sort of sleepiness to the real truth. And this is a real problem for us as a country. I believe they are being USED and do not realise at all.
Kryptiq333 2021-06-02 07:30:51  0  0
These Chemtrails make me cry for the environment
Mini999 2021-05-17 20:38:59  1  0
Zero carbon emission will cause trees to die and who knows... Dog sized spiders and stuff. Nothing good can come from that
Mini999 2021-05-17 20:38:25  0  0
Zero carbon emission will cause trees to die and who knows... Dog sized spiders and stuff. Nothing good can come from that
Mini999 2021-05-17 11:09:49  0  0
They have the flag used in EU by "antifascists"...🙄 Who happen to behave as facistic as they can
jmas 2021-04-16 11:55:37  2  0
We are on the same page!!.. Manufacturer producing white goods that last anything but a long time....washing machines break after 3 mother old twin tub lasted 20 years + ....but as long as they are making tons of money modern manufacturing of cheap short-lived goods will continue....well, unless they are successful in population reduction...hypocrites
TheWeez 2021-04-06 20:16:53  0  0
You don't own rent it all.
InflammationGainz 2021-03-14 18:36:34  1  0
wish this was uploaded to YT so i could rip a higher quality version
MsRhuby 2021-09-23 22:46:19  0  0 2020-12-31 20:35:56  8  0
Extinction Rebellion= Useful Idiots for the NWO Satanic Cabal
3ngin33r 2020-12-23 11:58:25  2  0
woodstock without the music
Shanos 2020-12-13 07:37:05  2  0
Rewatched and so happy i did..this really is a brilliant display of the forces at play and the influence they weild over all aspects of society and there ability to demoralize, psychologically subvert through propaganda and fear and the weaponising of social media, social demographics, and false flag events etc..masterpiece by truthstream..
fuzzycounsellor 2020-12-08 14:56:37  2  0
This is pure Jesuit theater, the externalization of the hierarchy of the Vatican, a return to the dark ages under the anti-Christ of Rome.
returnofbeaux 2021-09-18 15:31:35  0  0
no joke
returnofbeaux 2021-09-18 15:32:57  1  0
Then again, a lot of the surnames of political actors and groups like "Mountain of Pictures" (Bilderberg) are cryptic etymological jokes about mass murder.
A. White 2020-12-05 01:07:29  1  0
I love all your work! I can tell you consider issues deeply and you really care about a better world for the children. Plus, your voice is nice on the ears and you are also super easy on the eyes. Try not to let it get to ya.
Tomi1980 2020-10-29 12:03:07  3  0 from Macedonia!
Leni Riefanstahl 2020-10-28 17:34:02  2  0
Excellently explained.
nobita1990 2020-10-08 08:24:33  1  0
Thank you for sharing this useful article. I am really impressed with the article you provided.
TheCaptain1972 2020-09-08 13:56:38  4  0
Gday Mel and Aaron tis Robbie ere from Oztralia! I finally jumped on ere just for yooz two!! Yayyyy!!! Lol.. i will be prescribing to Patreon tomoz. Love yooz 🙂❤❤❤🎩💪👊💯🎨

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