The Fed's 5G Blockchain Enslavement Plan

by Dean Henderson on Left Hook

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Last September I wrote an article pondering the possibility that cryptocurrencies and blockchain may serve as a red herring gateway to a global 5G-driven electronic implantable currency controlled by the same Rothschild-led central bankers who control all other global monetary assets. (Bitcoin Illuminati 5G Capstone)

A quick look at the website of a company called Digital Currency Group (DCG) may convince you that it's true. It appears they own the entire blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

DCG is, according to its own website, "The epicenter of the bitcoin and blockchain industry". Former Treasury Secretary and New York Fed insider Larry Summers is an advisor to the DCG board, whose members include Lawrence Lenihan, Glenn Hutchins, and Barry Silbert.

Lenihan is a former IBM insider, who co-developed the company's first transactional interactive multimedia software kiosk products. He once served as chairman of the Duke University Pratt School of Engineering Devil Venture Fund. He is also on the boards of Body Labs and TraceLink.

Body Labs is a software provider of human-aware artificial intelligence that understands the 3D body shape and motion of people from RGB photos or videos. Lenihan provided start-up capital for Body Labs from his FirstMark Capital fund, which he started after his stint at IBM. Their focus is Big Data and AI. Body Labs was purchased by Amazon in 2017 and will play a key role in the development of 5G smart surveillance cameras.

TraceLink calls itself a "life sciences cloud" that specializes in, "global track & trace", "global compliance", and "digital supply chain". They work closely with Big Pharma and the hospital chains. TraceLink has the technology which could be used to "track & trace" human microchip recipients.

Glenn Hutchins is a member of the board of directors of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, the most powerful of the Fed branches. Hutchins is also a director at AT&T, which is rolling out its 5G Evolution business. Hutchins co-chairs the Brookings Institute and is vice-chair of the powerful Economic Club of New York.

Hutchins is the co-founder of Silver Lake, a global leader in technology investing with over $43 billion in combined assets. Its leadership consists of former investment bankers with Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley. Its partners include NASDAQ, Motorola Solutions, Skype,, Alibaba, Dell, Intelsat, and Tesla. It has bases in Silicon Valley, New York, London, and Hong Kong.

Hutchins is a part owner of the Boston Celtics, a co-chair of Harvard's capital campaign, a board member at the Center for American Progress and the Obama Foundation, and a former board member at NASDAQ, SunGard Data Systems and Instinet. He is also on the Executive Committee at New York Presbyterian Hospital, which is connected to the City of London-based Anglican Church.

In 2004 Barry Silbert founded SecondMarket Inc., which is now known as the NASDAQ Private Market. In 2015 he launched Digital Currency Group (DCG). By 2016 DCG was partnering with Amazon Web Services to create an environment where companies could use blockchain technologies.

The list of the cryptocurrency and blockchain companies which DCG owns is truly staggering. It appears that the Bitcoin cult has been duped by none other than the Rothschild/Rockefeller-controlled New York Fed, which appears to be driving the blockchain train. That probably explains why nearly all Bitcoin "mining" has moved to China. And why David Rockefeller's social credit-based "China model" is leading to way towards global enslavement one block and chain at a time.

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