Making Globalism Great Again

by C.J. Hopkins on Off Guardian

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Maybe Donald Trump isn't as stupid as I thought. I'd hate to have to admit that publicly, but it does kind of seem like he has put one over on the liberal corporate media this time. Scanning the recent Trump-related news, I couldn't help but notice a significant decline in the number of references to Weimar, Germany, Adolf Hitler, and "the brink of fascism" that America has supposedly been teetering on since Hillary Clinton lost the election.

I googled around pretty well, I think, but I couldn't find a single editorial warning that Trump is about to summarily cancel the US Constitution, dissolve Congress, and proclaim himself Führer. Nor did I see any mention of Auschwitz, or any other Nazi stuff … which is weird, considering that the Hitler hysteria has been a standard feature of the official narrative we've been subjected to for the last two years.

So how did Trump finally get the liberal corporate media to stop calling him a fascist? He did that by acting like a fascist (i.e., like a "normal" president). Which is to say he did the bidding of the deep state goons and corporate mandarins that manage the global capitalist empire … the smiley, happy, democracy-spreading, post-fascist version of fascism we live under.

I'm referring, of course, to Venezuela, which is one of a handful of uncooperative countries that are not playing ball with global capitalism and which haven't been "regime changed" yet. Trump green-lit the attempted coup purportedly being staged by the Venezuelan "opposition", but which is obviously a US operation, or, rather, a global capitalist operation. As soon as he did, the corporate media immediately suspended calling him a fascist, and comparing him to Adolf Hitler, and so on, and started spewing out blatant propaganda supporting his effort to overthrow the elected government of a sovereign country.

Overthrowing the governments of sovereign countries, destroying their economies, stealing their gold, and otherwise bringing them into the fold of the global capitalist "international community" is not exactly what most folks thought Trump meant by "Make America Great Again." Many Americans have never been to Venezuela, or Syria, or anywhere else the global capitalist empire has been ruthlessly restructuring since shortly after the end of the Cold War. They have not been lying awake at night worrying about Venezuelan democracy, or Syrian democracy, or Ukrainian democracy.

This is not because Americans are a heartless people, or an ignorant or a selfish people. It is because, well, it is because they are Americans (or, rather, because they believe they are Americans), and thus are more interested in the problems of Americans than in the problems of people in faraway lands that have nothing whatsoever to do with America.

Notwithstanding what the corporate media will tell you, Americans elected Donald Trump, a preposterous, self-aggrandizing ass clown, not because they were latent Nazis, or because they were brainwashed by Russian hackers, but, primarily, because they wanted to believe that he sincerely cared about America, and was going to try to "make it great again" (whatever that was supposed to mean, exactly).

Unfortunately, there is no America. There is nothing to make great again. "America" is a fiction, a fantasy, a nostalgia that hucksters like Donald Trump (and other, marginally less buffoonish hucksters) use to sell whatever they are selling … themselves, wars, cars, whatever. What there is, in reality, instead of America, is a supranational global capitalist empire, a decentralized, interdependent network of global corporations, financial institutions, national governments, intelligence agencies, supranational governmental entities, military forces, media, and so on. If that sounds far-fetched or conspiratorial, look at what is going on in Venezuela.

The entire global capitalist empire is working in concert to force the elected president of the country out of office. The US, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Poland, the Netherlands, Israel, Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Argentina have officially recognized Juan Guaido as the legitimate president of Venezuela, in spite of the fact that no one elected him. Only the empire's official evil enemies (i.e., Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Cuba, and other uncooperative countries) are objecting to this "democratic" coup. The global financial system (i.e., banks) has frozen (i.e., stolen) Venezuela's assets, and is attempting to transfer them to Guaido so he can buy the Venezuelan military. The corporate media are hammering out the official narrative like a Goebbelsian piano in an effort to convince the general public that all this has something to do with democracy. You would have to be a total moron or hopelessly brainwashed not to recognize what is happening.

What is happening has nothing to do with America … the "America" that Americans believe they live in and that many of them want to "make great again." What is happening is exactly what has been happening around the world since the end of the Cold War, albeit most dramatically in the Middle East. The de facto global capitalist empire is restructuring the planet with virtual impunity. It is methodically eliminating any and all impediments to the hegemony of global capitalism, and the privatization and commodification of everything.

Venezuela is one of these impediments. Overthrowing its government has nothing to do with America, or the lives of actual Americans. "America" is not to going conquer Venezuela and plant an American flag on its soil. "America" is not going to steal its oil, ship it "home", and parcel it out to "Americans" in their pickups in the parking lot of Walmart.

What what about those American oil corporations? They want that Venezuelan oil, don't they? Well, sure they do, but here's the thing … there are no "American" oil corporations. Corporations, especially multi-billion dollar transnational corporations (e.g., Chevron, ExxonMobil, et al.) have no nationalities, nor any real allegiances, other than to their major shareholders. Chevron, for example, whose major shareholders are asset management and mutual fund companies like Black Rock, The Vanguard Group, SSgA Funds Management, Geode Capital Management, Wellington Management, and other transnational, multi-trillion dollar outfits. Do you really believe that being nominally headquartered in Boston or New York makes these companies "American", or that Deutsche Bank is a "German" bank, or that BP is a "British" company?

And Venezuela is just the most recent blatant example of the empire in action. Ask yourself, honestly, what have the "American" regime change ops throughout the Greater Middle East done for any actual Americans, other than get a lot of them killed? Oh, and how about those bailouts for all those transnational "American" investment banks? Or the billions "America" provides to Israel? Someone please explain how enriching the shareholders of transnational corporations like Raytheon, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin by selling billions in weapons to Saudi Arabian Islamists is benefiting "the American people." How much of that Saudi money are you seeing? And, wait, I've got another one for you. Call up your friendly 401K manager, ask how your Pfizer shares are doing, then compare that to what you're paying some "American" insurance corporation to not really cover you.

For the last two-hundred years or so, we have been conditioned to think of ourselves as the citizens of a collection of sovereign nation states, as "Americans", "Germans", "Greeks", and so on. There are no more sovereign nation states. Global capitalism has done away with them. Which is why we are experiencing a "neo-nationalist" backlash. Trump, Brexit, the so-called "new populism" … these are the death throes of national sovereignty, like the thrashing of a suffocating fish before you whack it and drop it in the cooler. The battle is over, but the fish doesn't know that. It didn't even realize there was a battle until it suddenly got jerked up out of the water.

In any event, here we are, at the advent of the global capitalist empire. We are not going back to the 19th Century, nor even to the early 20th Century. Neither Donald Trump nor anyone else is going to "Make America Great Again." Global capitalism will continue to remake the world into one gigantic marketplace where we work ourselves to death at bullshit jobs in order to buy things we don't need, accumulating debts we can never pay back, the interest on which will further enrich the global capitalist ruling classes, who, as you may have noticed, are preparing for the future by purchasing luxury underground bunkers and post-apocalyptic compounds in New Zealand. That, and militarizing the police, who they will need to maintain "public order" … you know, like they are doing in France at the moment, by beating, blinding, and hideously maiming those [em]Gilets Jaunes[/em] (i.e., Yellow Vest) protesters that the corporate media are doing their best to demonize and/or render invisible.

Or, who knows, Americans (and other Western consumers) might take a page from those Yellow Vests, set aside their political differences (or at least ignore their hatred of each other long enough to actually try to achieve something), and focus their anger at the politicians and corporations that actually run the empire, as opposed to, you know, illegal immigrants and imaginary legions of Nazis and Russians. In the immortal words of General Buck Turgidson, "I'm not saying we wouldn't get our hair mussed", but, heck, it might be worth a try, especially since, the way things are going, we are probably going end up out there anyway.

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    binra 16 Feb 2019 | 8:02 pm

    In reply to Gezzah Potts.

    Nothing is more transformational than living our own discovery.
    Increasing motivation for learning supports fundamental change.
    This means questioning what we think we already know.
    I would not presume to know what would resonate for you at this time – but I know that the desire to learn is never left unmet.

    Helmut Taylor 16 Feb 2019 | 1:07 pm

    In reply to Jay-Q.

    This will give some factual background info.:-

    Helmut Taylor 16 Feb 2019 | 12:42 pm

    In reply to Jay-Q.

    Woss quite long, Jay-Q?

    Gezzah Potts 16 Feb 2019 | 12:31 pm

    In reply to binra.

    Binra: its 11.27 pm down here in Australia, and I'm really tired, aye. I'll reread your comments in the morning. Any suggestions on reading material? As I said, I find Ivan Illich pretty intriguing, and will investigate further. Anything else you recommend? I assume you're in the UK? Have a good day😁

    binra 16 Feb 2019 | 9:56 am

    In reply to Gezzah Potts.

    The breaking of the mind is the condemnation of a part of it to being trapped within a world of hate – as if now to escape or overcome it – but in any case to suffer and seek such power as we can in defence, alliance and lessening of pain. Sometimes it can seem we have escaped, sometimes some new promise of victory makes us glad – but the dream fails and nightmares return.

    The above is a picture of a mind IN a world that is OUTSIDE its control – and therefore compelled to seek power or hide in its seeming protections.

    But I hold that despite the nature of our experience, we are engaged in the experience of a world of our own defining, and that this experience is within consciousness. Not the other way around.

    We see through a glass darkly, means we see through not only the past, but through a past made in anger.
    The splitting of mind, enables part to be pushed out of sight while another part operates as if a blind eye – a surface unaware it what lies beneath and set up or predicated in fear and self-protection so as never to look at what lies beneath – but always to look out in its world and hate and fear there. Attack and deny there.
    For of course the capacity to deny, hurt and kill others is also within us – but is masked over – and rises only under conditions of 'justified retaliation'. But actually leaks as a distrustful and suspicious withholding of blessing while certain conditions are met. And such loves or alliances turn all too quickly to hate when they are not met.

    The confusing of love with a conditional mitigation of hate is like giving allegiance to someone for not hurting you. Like the Stockholm syndrome, the captive adapts to an alignment with power as they now perceive it and seek to appease it and cultivate a fantasy relationship in which the hate is hidden and a bearable existence given support.

    There are innumerable blessings shared in this world, that the power given hate and fear would deny or render meaningless. But given focus, might be no less unbearable to a sense of self-separateness – because such a sense is unable to abide love, and yet cannot be whole in hate, and so is condemned by its own mind to hate and yet try to make it seem loving.

    The willingness to look at what lies beneath, is only true to the willingness for healing – because the investigation of the mind of lies by a mind of lies, seeks only to find its own self-reinforcement.
    Looking at the feared or the hateful – while it is in-act is different than being driven reactively by it – as a way to no longer have to look and feel – but use the grievance as a symbol and source of righteousness – because when we feel such experience, we are sickened, powerless or helplessly set apart and against what we cannot control – except by dissociating to a displacement 'reality'.

    But an honesty of not knowing, is the releasing of the assertion of judgement, and the opening through which our perceptions and underlying thought, can be transformed.
    To light a candle is to shine a light – instead of joining in darkness of hate.
    The attempt to manufacture light is fake news or wishful thinking given emotional intensity.
    Transparency and a true or just account, is allowing truth to reintegrate to its own recognition. Not to fantasy gratifications in which we may be heavily invested.

    A world of hate is undone one willingness at a time and regardless all appearances of power in the world.

    Gezzah Potts 16 Feb 2019 | 8:53 am

    In reply to binra.

    Binra: "stillness holds and extends the embrace of a mind renewed"….. I appreciate the time you take to craft your comments. To put it as simply as possible, where I'm coming from is: there is so much rank injustice in the World, so much innocent blood being spilt, so many lies told, so much darkness binra. I am one person; me. Most of the time I feel pretty helpless and powerless. My comments come from the position that if you see great injustice in the World, countries bombed, children killed, You Do Not ignore that injustice, whether it's Yemen, Palestine, Venezuela, Guatemala, anywhere. You do not bury your head in the sand and pretend nothing is happening. Very simply, its about right and wrong. You don't ignore great injustice. I comment because I have a conscience mate. "Carry a candle in the dark, be a candle in the dark, know that you're a flame in the dark"…. Ivan Illich. And yes, I don't know much about him, but in my bit of research, he strikes me as a very intriguing person. Will check him out further.

    binra 15 Feb 2019 | 9:01 pm

    In reply to Jay-Q.

    On the 'outside' we have social political situations – depicted as war upon populations by the professional institutions supposedly set up to serve. As pointed to in my oft quoted:

    "Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health, Lawyers destroy justice, Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom, Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality". Michael Ellner

    On the inside we have a consciousness predicated upon fear and conflict – but masked and protected against exposure – in the same ways we are seeing reflected 'outside'.

    I see the awakening to our own part as the release of a pattern of dissociating entanglement that goes back millennia. What we may wish for in our world (if not merely vengeance) is to regain a way of living that truly embraces life – rather than marketising and weaponising ways of possession and control over a feared life. So embracing life is the way to grow in appreciation of it – and that means as it is – and not as propagandised to be by anyone – including our own thinking.

    The mind of control is itself generating chaos. But when painted into a corner it generates new fear symbols and diversionary conflicts to channel its dread into ways that delay healing – but seem to delay loss of face, loss of self, loss of power.

    I don't expect to be understood by the mind engaged in outer struggle (or the failure to really engage it to any outer effect). In the same way I don't expect an addict to be open to honest communication while their habit conforms their sense of self and reality.

    Fear is contagion and in conflicted or divided self we are open to being hacked.
    I have studied around the electric body enough to trust it is primarily electric, as is our Universe and that emf exposure has effects on the body at cellular and cellular signalling levels – with a range of variables involved.
    However, I am no less convinced that fear – especially persistent low level anxiety – has a similarly negative effect.
    Negative synergies operate a destructive loop.

    But there are positive synergies we could call health or simply life function – and to give attention or focus to that which invokes fear as a basis for then countering or escaping threat – is not a grounded awareness – and so is easily manipulated or coopted. Viz Chicken Licken and Foxy Loxy.
    Fear works a self-fulfilling prophecy or nocebo effect – unless brought into a grounded awareness through which Life Happens.
    The 'war' on consciousness can be seen as voodoo or magical deceit that uses the consent of the 'believer' to condemn or disempower themselves – just as do hidden agenda in contracts drawn up, or 'news' articles with payload headline and first paragraphs followed by legal deniability in terns of 'might, could, believed to be, sources say, suggests, seems,' etc.

    the Call to be truly and fully present is the UN-willingness to persist in denying the true by actions or neglect.
    I cant do this for anyone else – and if I evade what is mine by trying to change others, I become an un-healed healer – or just a vector of fear's contagion… thinking that warning everyone of everything is a way to become 'good' or worth something.

    To extend worth and confidence in ability to others, we have to first have it in ourself. Why would I not? Because social conditioning has for the most part denied it – with masking substitutions.

    I think it was Wendell bury I first read saying he has leaned never to rush – especially in an emergency.
    the extent of deceit in our world is likely outside the range of our willingness to face – but the take-home from that is the word deceit means untruth. So looking there is not where truth finds us. But with a fundamental trust in our lives, we become more able to 'read' the world in the way we now have to 'read' fake news'. Deceitful ads, contracts and 'deals', presentations and assertions and much socially coded behaviour.

    Regardless the agencies, or protagonists I see the ideas given currency – as the critical issue. The attempt to manipulate perception seeds and nurtures ideas into the minds of the unwary that then frame them to be harvested or hacked. Vigilance for peace is truly protective against deceit.

    Jay-Q 15 Feb 2019 | 6:51 pm

    In reply to binra.

    Excellent reply and thanks for taking the time to write, binra. Feedback like yours is really important and I appreciate it. As for the downvote, I was merely intrigued to learn a different perspective, perhaps I was missing something?

    I think this may be the first time I have come across an Irish perspective, provided by Gemma Doherty, about the consequences of EU membership post-2008 financial crash and other things happening in the country, which I hear very little about. I was surprised to learn that Brexit is dominating their media as much as it is here in England. The views from Danish ex-banker, Mads Palsvig, were particularly interesting, as well as learning about his political party's movement and its objectives.

    "I wonder if part of the conditioning of human minds is to tell them what is being done – but in such framing as to leave nowhere to go with it?"

    Yes, this happens all the time, unfortunately. However, Palsvig did go into some detail about certain financial changes that would have far-reaching and widespread benefits. Not too different to things I have read and heard before. Where is the praxis in all this social and political critique? If the odds are so heavily stacked against the populations of the world, as in a war is being waged against us all without most of us even realising, then what can be done?

    "Or are social critics writing the footnotes to a history that is already (believed to be) 'in the bag'?"

    Sadly, I think and feel that this may be the case but we still have to keep trying.

    For starters, I haven't heard much about the risks of 5G but Doherty and Palsvig both spoke about 5G last night and the potential health risks (the term 'kill grid' was used!) and then this morning the BBC were talking to two guys who were gushing about the 5G rollout -it is going to happen whether we like it or not, whether we consent or not. However, at the local level if enough people object to planning applications for 5G antennae it may be possible to halt them. Yet the State may overrule local councils? Who knows.

    Thanks again for your response.

    mark 15 Feb 2019 | 5:38 pm

    In reply to Jay-Q.

    Thanks J.
    Very interesting and thought provoking content on planned depopulation, open borders and much else.
    It's remarkable how in just a few years abortion, homosexuality, transgenders, have been pushed and promoted as never before.
    Paedophilia, bestiality, incest, are not just in the pipeline, they are already here.
    Even all this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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