TOWOT - destroy - świadomość

Song świadomość (awareness) from the upcoming TOWOT destroy album.

Odysee | YouTube


you look at the world through the eyes of institutions
which have been kneading your mind since childhood
you perceive reality in one dimension
dimension that was imposed on you

but all is not lost yet
until there's a chance you'll realize
what they're doing to you
what they've already done to you

you blindly follow the path of cognition
perception of phenomena according to fixed rules
you think that only you think
they think for you they think in your head

somewhere on the side of the road of knowledge
there is a place for your harmless rebellion
don't go this way break the sheep rush
open your eyes understand that this is not the way

I look from a different point of reference
stand with me and look through my eyes
you will experience a powerful sense of freedom
which is based on the awareness of enslavement


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