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Waco: The Rules of Engagement
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Waco: The Rules of Engagement

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director: William Gazecki, USA 1997, 2h 16m

This controversial documentary about the stand-off between an unorthodox Christian group - the Branch Davidians, under the leadership of the young, charismatic David Koresh - and the FBI and ATF in Waco, Texas, from February to April 1993 presents a different spin on the events from that of the United States government, which held that the Branch Davidians set the fire that destroyed their compound, and killed the vast majority of them, on April 19, 1993. Using footage from the 51 day siege, from the congressional hearings afterwards, from people involved in all aspects of the siege, and from experts technical, psychological, and religious, the movie suggests that the Branch Davidians were not a cult, but a valid religious group practicing under First Amendment freedoms who fell victim to first the ineptitude of an ATF raid designed to garner the agency positive attention and later the cruel, methodical work of the FBI, who over-saw the murder of the Davidians and then quickly covered it up.

VirtusInvictus 2023-05-27 04:38:27  0  0
45:30 "If I thought any ATF Agent would drive up and start shooting, I'd throw my badge in the garbage". 1.) The drove up and shot the dogs FIRST 2.) They shot through the MISSING door (when none of this stuff goes missing) 3.) They sadistically and inhumanly taunted the Dividiands for 52 days with cruel mad music all night, threw flash bangs at them when they went for walks and exposed themselves to them 4.) It demonstrated the insane possessive control for power he has over his position because he has a 'badge' As for Sharon Wheeler, the bitch sat back and cheered on the murder...consistent of most all women too priviledged to get her hands dirty, letting the male ATF die instead. Then she probably cries to HR thye abuse her.
FATIMA 2023-05-25 20:55:58  1  0
WACO FAKE-O! RICH royal inbred military intel agents like all the hippie rock stars. "Flesh was dripping off my burned hands." Pristine. SUPER DUPERS! All those "patriot" false flags are fake to paint white supremacist gun-toting Christians as child-raping monsters. Miles W. Mathis tracked the genealogy of the genocidal royal inbred Semites--AMORITE + DAN & EPHRAIM traitors--who kill Jews, Zionists and money-lover bankers. All USA presidents are close royal cousins ditto A-List actors. JFK GAY? = "Great Deception" of the Bible, HIDDEN KINGS show how they fake their deaths. Read up on the fake prisoners like CHARLES MANSON in TATE who showed up at parole hearings wearing jewelry and sunglasses. Phone it in, Charlie. Another royal inbred Crisis Actor NEVER in prison. Take first link at JFK GAY? for HIDDEN KINGS on "Great Deception." THE ELECT WILL NOT BE FOOLED! [show less]
Mitch1952 2023-04-08 05:14:37  2  0
Bitchute is compromised. There's certain videos you can play no matter how much you try.
CrankenStein 2023-04-08 11:35:39  0  0
This keeps happening more and more to my videos, almost like they have an expiry date.
CrankenStein 2023-05-27 22:49:31  0  0
It’s playing now
Melly051 2022-12-27 23:10:32  1  0
The level of Evil and psychosis coming from the mouths of these government officials is mind numbing. I actually thought Americans were the most highly educated and smart people across the planet but clearly o was kidding myself. For them to be hoodwinked by these wicked Sons of bitches just shows the level of success they achieved by dumbing down the public and making them weak swine..
FATIMA 2023-05-25 20:57:57  0  0
Thank Communist Bella Dodd who created the teachers unions before noticing all the fat cat Jewish bankers in CPUSA headquarters in New York. Converted to Catholicism under BIshop Sheen, wrote SCHOOL OF DARKNESS available online and she claims to have infiltrated 1,000 perverts into Catholic and other churches.
BikerRob 2022-10-30 05:02:11  2  0
These people were murdered in a very cold blooded manner.
Jill Kews ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ 2022-08-02 23:50:58  1  0
This was a Talmudic assault and murder of Christians. The speech Clinton gave at the holocaust memorial museum was an insight into this, it was not a coincidence. The Clinton presidency was the most heavily Talmudically influenced administration up to that point in history. I do not believe Koresh was any kind of innocent man but without proof of any wrong doing there is no legal standing to attack him and certainly not an entire group of people in any way, let alone the way they did it, in the USA. But this is not the USA and it was not the USA back then, either. This is the TSA, the Talmudic States of America. But we are in way too deep now and any chance at reversing this won't be even remotely possible for at least 100 years, but that is only possible IF we work hard at weakening this Talmudic forced that we allowed to take-over. Only then do we have a chance in the future. Otherwise we are toast forever, and I believe this is the road Americans will take because they are not interested in learning who the real enemy is, let alone combat it.
pawelzabrza 2021-10-16 11:56:57  0  0
swiecace czarnuchy z fbi (specjalnie zmlaych) zaplacicie za to kiedys
CrankenStein 2023-09-11 06:48:47  3  0

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