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The Royals, the British Aristocracy and the Nazis
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The Royals, the British Aristocracy and the Nazis

Andrea Oster


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The British royal family has always been a symbol of Nazi resistance. However, time and again, information from different sources has surfaced about the Windsors’ secret sympathy for the Nazi regime. The newest finds have even fuelled the suspicion that, in the summer of 1940, the abdicated King Edward VIII may have leaked sensitive war-related information to Hitler’s regime with the hopes of securing their support for his plans to reassume the throne.

The Royals, the British Aristocracy and the Nazis presents video footage and recently surfaced photos to evidence the contemporary royal family’s and leading British aristocrats’ sympathy for National Socialism. It focuses particularly on the decisive roles of Edward and his American wife, Wallis Simpson, who was unsatisfied with her status of a shunned duchess - and introduced Edward to the NS scene.

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