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The Plannedemic
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The Plannedemic

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"The Plannedemic" - covers the worldwide pandemic coronavirus hoax that the media and government created, in order to start their "New World Order".

Level Headed Podcast 2021-10-01 06:25:58  0  0
Thanks for the share. to download every film and show support. Or subscribe to me on Rokfin :👍 much love to whoever shared this. Thanks for all the love and support for my hard work. More to come.
GillyRoots 2020-12-23 17:58:17  0  0
This is our future, or at least the future of the US, it's already scripted and our treacherous governments will roll it out same way.
LoveTrumpsHate57 2020-09-06 13:34:10  1  0
I have seen and posted much of everything in your video. From being a PlanDEMic funded by Obama and Gates with a $3.7 million grant, foretold by both Gates and Fauci, the undercover video showing three empty ER's in NY when they claimed that they were packed, fake lines for testing and reporters in full PPE while their cameramen are in plain clothes, no masks. Rockefeller and Gates Lockstep 10 years in the making, Gates depopulation through vaccines, Gates Patent 060606, tracking vaccines, jet injector vaccines, Soros funding 200+ groups to incite violence, and groups to push the mail in voting scheme... Agenda 21/Agenda 2030/ Saul Alinsky/The Communist Manifesto/ Lockstep. These people are evil... and all of this is being used to usher in their globalist agenda... Ironically I post this to many brainwashed DemonRats and they call it conspiracy and choose to call it lies, fake news, propaganda. I tell them that the MSM is all that and more but they still choose the DemonRat evildoers over prosperity under Trump's leadership! I believe they think they will get rich with distribution of wealth... not realizing they will most likely be dead under Gates one billion strong globalist world!! God help us all!! 🙏✌

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