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The End of Germ Theory
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The End of Germ Theory


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Dr Rosenau / US Public Health Service failed Spanish Flu contagion experiments. Goat Island / US Public Health Service failed Spanish Flu contagion experiments. Johns Hopkins / Dr Sellard failed Measles contagion experiments. Dr. Alfred F Hess failed Chicken Pox varicella contagion experiments. NY State Health Department / US Public health Service failed Polio contagion experiments. Dr. Eleanor McBean vaccination caused Spanish Flu pandemic research. Dr Frederick Lamont Gates / US Army Antimenigitis vaccination fiasco. Black Death, Spanish Flu outbreak follows 14-25 vaccinations per person. Unvaccinated doctors and families did not catch the Spanish Flu from patients. Masha & Dasha, conjoined twins who never caught flu, colds, measles from eachother. What is Polio really? Lead Arsenate and DDT trends vs outbreaks. False vaccine disease eradication claims and trends. 7 common causes of Polio. What is a "virus particle"? What is Cytopathic Effect "Theory"? What is Viral Replication "Theory"? What is a virology cell or tissue "Culture"? Cytopathic Effect Theory debunked. Autolysis and Apoptosis. Virus particle Isolation and Purification. PCR test fraud and misuse. CDC Covid PCR diagnostic test fraud. "Insilico" imaginary genomes. John Enders' debunked Measles experiments. Studies admitting virus particles are indestingquishable from cellular debris. Fraudelent Australian failed Covid isolation experiments. Fetal Bovine Calf Serum RNA. Dr Stefan Lanka control experiments debunk virus theory once and for all. 1947 fraudulent Polio isolation experiments debunked. Virology fails Koch's postulates. Antibodies, Antigen test fraud, HIV. Antibody vaccine theory debunked. Big Pharma re-name disease game. Monkeypox fraud. Real causes of Pox diseases. 1957 Monkeypox failed contagion experiments and controls debunk virology. Why do some but not all people sometimes but not always seem sick together?

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