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Freedom: Are you a Freedom Seeker?
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Freedom: Are you a Freedom Seeker?

Pieter-Jan Ardies

BE20121h 12m

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The structure and the content of the film are entirely based on astrology. An example:

This film has 12 chapters, each of them is inspired by one of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Every chapter counts exactly 6 minutes or 360 seconds. the film is 72 minutes in total (12*6). In the Jewish tradition God has 72 names, it takes 72 years for the earth to move one degree on its presessional path* and 72 divides the circle into 5 equal parts, forming a pentagram, which is the symbol for Venus, the planet of harmony. Plot outline

Freedom is a film about a fictive person in the real world who is set on a quest for freedom. In 12 steps he searches for the feeling of total freedom. The path starts with the question "what is freedom?". It brings him to the point where he decides to go to Egypt on a 14-day tour guided by bestselling author Robert Bauval and co-hosted by bestselling author Graham Hancock. On that tour he meets people from all over the world. Back home he reconsiders his whole life...

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