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Clinton Cash
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Clinton Cash

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director: M.A. Taylor, France 2016, 1h

Nagging questions persist regarding the trustworthiness of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. At the center of this debate are her finances, and the inner workings of the popular Clinton Foundation she co-founded with her husband, former President Bill Clinton. Has the enormous success of the world-renowned philanthropic organization fattened the wallets of this political power couple? Have foreign governments been given special privileges that are commensurate with the magnitude of their donations?

Coinciding with the release of the hotly anticipated expose of the same name by author Peter Schweizer, the new documentary Clinton Cash couldn't be timelier in the heat of this tumultuous election season, and its revelations are certain to rile voters from both sides of the aisle.

Wherever the Clintons go, controversy ensues. The film contends that their improprieties begin with the questionable associations they keep. Such is the case in the Republic of Congo, a devastated region riddled with widespread human rights catastrophes. According to the information contained in the film, the foundation received $100 million dollars from that country's dictator - Mobutu Sese Seko. Following this generous donation, then Secretary of State Clinton ended her public pleas for freedom and democracy in the region. The filmmakers detail similarly shady incidents in the foundation's dealings with Nigeria, Africa, Haiti and other ravaged regions of the world.

Also included in the discussion are Bill Clinton's astronomical speaking fees, possible political favors that have transpired in the wake of sizeable donations, charitable outreach efforts that may have doubled for "pay and play" deals, and the couple's mounting personal fortunes in the years since they first left the Oval Office. In each instance, the film charges that these curious dealings and a significant lack of transparency speak to a larger cover-up of global proportions.

Is Clinton Cash an honest examination of corruption at the highest level? Or is it merely one component of a baseless, unsubstantiated smear campaign meant to derail her current race to the White House? Avid supporters of Clinton are unlikely to be swayed by the barrage of accusations presented in the film, but it may provide a convincing argument for those who remain on the fence this election cycle.

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