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Brainwash - The Gender Equality Paradox
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Brainwash - The Gender Equality Paradox

Harald Eia and Ole Martin Ihle


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 mp4 - Brainwash 2:7 - The Parental Effect

 mp4 - Brainwash 3:7 - Gay/straight

 mp4 - Brainwash 4:7 - Violence

 mp4 - Brainwash 5:7 - Sex

 mp4 - Brainwash 7:7 - Nature or nurture?

Hjernevask (Brainwash) is a Norwegian popular science documentary series that aired on Norwegian television in 2010. The series was produced by Harald Eia and Ole Martin Ihle, and was completed in seven episodes consisting of interviews with Norwegian and foreign researchers who have different views on the nature versus nurture debate.

The Nordic Gender Institute was closed down by a decision of the Nordic Council of Ministers, though it is controversial whether Hjernevask had any impact on that decision.

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