TOWOT - destroy


recorded at: 2022 Estrada Studio & Canal666 Studio
recorded by: TOWOT & Jacek Młodochowski
mixed & mastered by: Yogurth
cover image by: Masiha Fattahi
published by: Canal666


Yogurth - guitar, voice, words
Wawrzyniec - drums
Sebastian Kucharski - bass
Dombi - guitar, voice
Wojtek - voice

Bożenka - voice (culture)
Sezon - words
Ninja - words (let's fight)
Allen Ginsberg - words (scowl)



sidewalk lay in the belvedere
old sidewalk patched
lay on the cold floor
was trampled by those in power

you will find such a sidewalk everywhere
where their governments are
in angla kreml belvedere
there is an old trampled sidewalk

you won't think about it either
you lose the ability to think
because this sidewalk trampled
this is your sacred freedom

this is your fucking freedom
this is your sacred freedom


blood everywhere
only blood
I see blood
the blood itself
in my eyes blood
in my thoughts blood
red blood
the blood itself

flag blood
nation blood
power blood
state blood
hands in blood
don't want blood
don't want it


you spoke to the people - they trusted you
they believed you - they elected you
they thought you really - cared about them
because after all you said - a lot of things like that

you're another fucking politician

but you as soon as - you stuck your snout in the trough
you forgot about them - you took the mask off your face
you only care about yourself - and your pocket
power and money - satisfy your vanity

speak to him - fuck off

you are another fucking politician


illusions of progress to hide misery
logic of power is lies and repression
give them your future
give them your life

they set the laws and restrictions
give them yourself you must obey

I don't want controlled freedom
I reject the future they set
I don't want to die just because the bastards in power want me to 

I see people who are submissive and obedient
they are victims of the power you created
you create so you can also destroy

destroy power to live

do not approve of power
do not allow your death
do not vote
for thieves and murderers

you have reason decide for yourself


you think that if a few retards
fuck me up you'll break me
it's certainly not enough
for you to prove to me
that you're a better motherfucker

before you hit me
think well
maybe I'm stronger than you

we are here
we are not going anywhere
it is time for you
fascist motherfuckers

counter force with force
and aggression with even more aggression

fuck the fascists either you or me
fuck the fascists fuck their violence
fuck the fascists today I'll get even
fuck the fascists let's not be cunts
fuck the fascists let's have some fucking courage
fuck the fascists sing with us

oppose force with force
and aggression with even more aggression


if we created something truly our own
the whole state system or most of it 
would suddenly cease to exist
helpless against our conduct
then we would see that everything that for so many years
aroused fear and apprehension in us
and sometimes forced us into various wickedness
was only a deftly woven lie
based on a system of monetary dependence
none of us is capable of threatening the state on our own
but together we are a force that the ruling bandits
would have to start reckoning with
which is why they go to so much trouble to divide us
they want to destroy us
we have nowhere to go
they want to force us to be submissive
so we will fight back

when you think that you will buy everyone
that you will get everything with lies, money and a club
something is stabbing you in the ass someone is spoiling the job
someone's angry hands are raised in the air

you were not fooled because you promised
the same as the scoundrels who ruled before you
their thoughts not corrupted by money not poisoned
they will crush your goals under their boot

let us fight for our rights

we will unite together we will destroy you
for in this life alone there is hope for us
we will not give in there is no price on us
the battle we have begun we will go through to the end

we will take our own affairs into our own hands
you will not stop the wind with tanks and truncheons
you interfere in our lives so you will pay for it 
unity our strength for you gallows

let us fight for our rights


so that you do not escape
chain your thoughts
with links
of honor and morality

I find freedom
in frantically breaking
the cage that
is called reality


no one has the right
to eat up my life
with duties to the state
and similar nonsense

my life represents for me
the highest value
to lose it or to exchange it for anything
I have the right
only myself

no human being has the right
to decide for me
even if he thinks
that it will be better for me


you look at the world through the eyes of institutions
that have been kneading your mind since childhood
you perceive reality in one dimension
the dimension that has been imposed on you

but all is not yet lost
as long as there is a chance that you will realize
what they are doing to you
from what they have already done to you

you blindly follow the path of cognition
perception of phenomena according to set rules
you think you think only you think
they think for you they think in your head

somewhere on the side of the road of cognition
there is room for your harmless rebellion
don't go that way stop the sheepish rush
open your eyes understand that this is not the way

I am looking from a different point of reference
stand with me and look through my eyes
you will experience a powerful sense of freedom
whose foundation is the consciousness of enslavement



moloch - moloch
moloch - the specter of moloch
moloch - without feelings
moloch - of the mind
moloch - the cruel judge of man
moloch - an incomprehensible prison
moloch - with crossed tibias
moloch - heartless arrest and congress of grief
moloch - a mighty boulder of war
moloch - of governments for which the crowd is raging

moloch - whose mind is pure machinery
moloch - whose blood is streams of coins
moloch - whose fingers are dozens of armies
moloch - whose breast is a cannibal dynamo
moloch - whose ear is a smoking grave
moloch - whose eyes are a thousand blind windows
moloch - whose factories dream and retch in the fog
moloch - whose chimneys and antennas are the crowns of cities
moloch - whose love is an immensity of kerosene and stone
moloch - whose soul is electricity and banks

what a sphinx of cement and aluminum
shattered their skulls
devoured their brains and imagination



you live cut off from nature
atomic age culture

you develop against nature

millions go for milling
to build pyramids of absurdity
pathetic attempts to establish permanence
in the face of only permanent variability

labor forced by a fictitious order
the rattle of the system shakes the grains
consumption conformity
passivity and submission

you thrive against nature

pushed by dead energy
from a dead culture
you are just a prop
in this dump of death

you thrive against nature

rotten hands clap you rhythm
eternal lie of religious imagination
collectively dug tunnel of darkness
scabby cancer of this population

people bored with everything around them
but most of all with themselves
blank stares and gray faces
for the age of concrete and ash

you develop against nature

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