THCulture - Tea Age Culture

recorded & mixed at: 2006-2009 Canal666 Studio
engineered by: Yogi
produced by: THCulture
published CD by: Canal666


Yogi - voice, guitars, bass, drums, loops, didgeridoo, samples, djembe

Gideon Leavy - voice (Ghetto Palestine)
Flavio - voice (Motłoch)


cri... cri... critical state
fi... fi... finally I die
body, body’s burning me down
there’s nothing else left
one supreme in four persons
on my deathbed I greet in every possible form
first has only a face second only a brain
third only a heart
fourth which yields power has nothing
first is only desire second devotion
third compassion
fourth which yields power feels nothing
the fourth self which yields power over the elements
has nothing
the fourth self which yields power over the elements
feels nothing


rest less
human less
freedom less
speech less
rest less
human less
freedom less
speech less


get ahead of the world before you can catch up with it 
i’m running faster and faster
till I disappear
with extreme speed
beyond beliefs and magic spells
so straight
almost not bipedal
so reproduced
that almost extinct
i’m running faster and faster
rush to your future
somebody can get ahead of you


the rabble is its own decapitator
doesn’t need supervisors anymore
it is the highest form of genius
human genius
dead forests of hands
dead forests of trees
in the best play
the ultimate extermination
we’ve won...
we’ve beaten...


as always and everywhere
the sooner the better
once I thought
now I stopped
about tomorrow yesterday
about forgotten evenings
too late for everything
year by year by year
what was
pulling myself together
on the way to nowhere
in an open wound
coronation takes place
in the current which puts out of misery


is what you see
through your own window so beautiful
that you won’t look
through any other
it seems that only my head
is not screwed on straight
‘cause everybody else knows
what I should do and what give up
i’m concerned with abolishing the penalty for freedom


do not feel… but abuse
check if you are a fashionably attractive commodity
society of money dough works wonders
what form of megalomania requires identification mania of you
product or idea
with every moment these days
bigger and bigger desire is born
is born bringing misfortune
it’s all we can do
more, want more
want more and more
much too much
unbelievable and boundless
can’t you see the void of success sterility of achievement
nothingness of human effort
new man has arms and legs drinks blood eats money
drinks blood, eats money
prostitutes of life that can’t pick up only one client
the only unknown is the price you want to sell yourself for
they can’t pick only their selves up only their selves
do not feel... but abuse...


does it make any difference
if the star is the emblem or swastika?


the desire for the system
lack of probity
if you watched carefully
you’d see everything in motion


brainless cyborg
stupefied by endless trance
of consumptive onanism
plays the role of a link
propelling in the collective effort
mighty generators
of economic booms
of expanding and perfecting itself aimlessly structure
aimlessly structure...

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