SMAR SW - Samobójstwo (suicide)


recorded & mixed at: VI 1996 SPAART Studio
engineered by: Boguslaw Nowak and SMAR SW
produced by: SMAR SW
published MC by: QQRYQ
published CD by: Canal666


Yogurth - guitars, voices
Cactus - bass
Słoniu - drums
Sezon - voices

Ewa Cleo Gunia - violin
Dominik Muszyński - conga



the fear that has taken hold of you
has been in you since you were born
only sometimes you feel it more strongly
and then you protect yourself where
you can wait it out
until the next attack
as long as you can run
from what is in you
with you and by you
either you will overcome it yourself
or with you others
will start to be afraid and run away
isolation suppression of personality
deformation of our thoughts and actions
degeneration destruction of the psyche
self-repression self-control
resist the laws of tradition
not enough determination
break free from ignorance
not enough determination
reject a sick existence
not enough determination
get out of the cage
not enough determination
paralysis of speech - paralysis of existence
death by installment - a routine of enslavement
your disease - is fear
I want to tear it out -. tear it out of your head
trapped - within your walls
find strength - the strength to arise
let the mask - be only a mask
revolution of the mind - a second birth
chimneys of the brain - fuming with thoughts
churning - a sick mechanism
hole in my soul - signifies the ruins
my mind - indeed suffers
my re - birth
demand death - parts of my thoughts
I plunge - into a cleansing sleep
to awaken the dormant - by reality dreams
I am immune to your system


it's already too far to turn back
and from the starting point go another way
lost victims of faulty evolution
lepers nursing their disease
mass consumption of big industry
widespread illusions of collective psychosis
ubiquitous advertising of trash
prepared reality
social primitive connected to the network
brutal violence masked by progress
subtlety of form does not hide barbarism
social revolution has not occurred
mirage of success uniform forms of behavior
common decision to lose consciousness
monopoly of meaning emotional poverty
medieval conviction
of one's own rightness
technical development is not evolution
better and better tools for primitive purposes
overgrown by one's own ability to construct
reason trapped in slavish structures
crowd respect masks and false personalities
all reactions devoid of spontaneity
a deceived mass of human cyborgs
in a cocoon of seemingly safe illusion
reason trapped in slavish structures
in a cocoon of seemingly safe illusion
I am watching the spectacle of a joyous march to slaughter
to slaughter


you live cut off from nature
the culture of the atomic age
you thrive against nature
millions go to milling
to build pyramids of absurdity
pathetic attempts to establish permanence
in the face of only permanent variability
work forced by a fictitious order
the rattle of the system shakes the grains
consumption conformity
passivity and subjugation
you thrive against nature
pushed by dead energy
from dead culture
you are just a prop
in this death dump
you thrive against nature
rotten hands clap your rhythm
the eternal lie of religious imagination
collectively dug tunnel of darkness
the scabby cancer of this population
people bored with everything around them
but most of all with themselves
empty vision and gray faces
for the age of concrete and ash
you thrive against nature


the alleys of consciousness
in pain and emptiness scream for freedom
the flowers of death have overgrown your mind
again only mental masturbation
the slave hoop tightens
the social mechanisms of control
locked in the black box of vanity
open wide the gates of your head
we are not bound by your morality
we are blind to your ethics
we are not intimidated by either the shadow of god
or the tradition of your atrocities
the conscious path of negation of god
alienation of thoughts provokes a crisis of consciousness
you can kill the sick thoughts within you
mental crimes of your brain
cries for rescue will not drown out death
eyes open will illuminate your vision
paranoid laughter will open the chapel of fear
there are never peaceful deaths here
this is how our possessed dance will begin
fire in the crematorium of your head
relax and go mad
god will come to the conclusion that he does not exist


there are no human relationships
based on truth
they will not survive based on 
the foundations of lies
in the lack of harmony between the extremes
lies the lie and to it belongs the power
in the path of societies
in the march towards the future
individuals with crosses document
their fidelity to the truth
lack of truth kills the chance of survival
yes it is the lack of truth that kills the chance of survival
this is how the consciousness of the individual dies
the only antidote to the social disease
this is how you die....
unnatural behavior
unnatural reactions
unnatural ecosystem
self-isolation in the goals of states
dead nations without a community of the future
alienation of attitudes of thought and feeling
labyrinth of directed tunnels of duty
dead ends of technology
hypocritical priests of a dying community
sacrifices on the altars of compromised faith
no truth that gives a chance of survival
technology will not replace
breakthrough of consciousness


in dark concrete holes
blind people cry for space
children of skyscrapers deprived of sight
noise crowding plastic paranoia
mass media
screams of despair tear the mind
one freedom and one bondage
blind crowd waiting for the sun
craving its warmth
on dead faces


moloch - moloch
moloch - specter of moloch
moloch - without feelings
moloch - mind
moloch - cruel judge of man
moloch - incomprehensible prison
moloch - with crossed tibias
moloch - heartless arrest and congress of grief
moloch - the mighty boulder of war
moloch - the governments behind which the mob rages
moloch - whose mind is pure machinery
moloch - whose blood is streams of coins
moloch - whose fingers are dozens of armies
moloch - the którego pierś to ludożerne dynamo
moloch - którego ucho to dymiący grób
moloch - którego oczy są tysiącami ślepych okien
moloch - którego fabryki śnią i rechocą we mgle
moloch - którego kominy i anteny są koronami miast
moloch - whose love is the immensity of kerosene and stone
moloch - whose soul is electricity and banks
what a sphinx of cement and aluminum
shattered their skulls
devoured their brains and imagination


someone violently entered your head
someone violently occupied your thoughts
now you look through their eyes
now you think with their thoughts
now you breathe with their mouths
now you think with their thoughts
unnatural behavior
unnatural reactions
unnatural ecosystem
artificial moral principles
artificial religion and sin
bondage-shaped mechanisms of power
have taken control of the human population
powerful apparatus creates appearances
it's still the same tyranny
insidious fucking mystification
millions of the deceived
produce their deception
voluntary guards of their prison
pass the highest sentences on themselves
conjugate apparatus effectively eliminates
natural expansion of human personalities
belonging to the race of the nation
and other artificial communities
here is the system of creating human reproduction
in the fetters of duty incapable of choosing
in favor of the ideals
professed by society
here is crucified humanity
crucified heading for the cross
suicide... NO!


a stranger in your home a stranger to mother earth
blind in meeting your needs
mother earth sold and plundered
raped by your insatiability
is not your brother but your enemy
the appearance of cities inflicts pain on your eyes
in cold cities there is no silence
you cannot hear the call of the lonely bird
do not understand....
we want to listen to the paki bloom in the spring
we love the murmur of the wind over the valley
its fragrance cleansed by the midday rain
its fragrance purified
all creatures share the same breath
you can't see the air you breathe
its spirit is the life it contains
giving you the first breath
and taking the last breath
understand animals are our brothers
all things are interconnected
what befalls the earth befalls its sons
the earth is not our property
it is we who belong to it 
devastation means the end of life
and the beginning of vegetation
one night we will suffocate in our own waste

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