Pitz - Straszydle

recorded & mixed at: Pitz Studio - 2014
mixed, mastered by: Pitz & Jacek Młodochowski
produced by: Pitz
published by: Pitz


Jacek Nizioł - bass, programming, sounds

Straszydle, well, it's hard to say how long it has taken to create this material. Those are sounds recorded on Sunday's mornings in September and also whole afternoons spent in the woods in search for sounds corresponding to title of each of the tracks. So Drewniany kamień (Wooden Stone) really exists, there are also places Podlas (Near the Forest) and Zimny dział (Cold Divide), and Strumień w lesie (Stream in the Woods) really flows there. But was it just this one month? Or rather it has been those six years spent working on this perfect place near the forest, where one can find some peace and quiet? After all it's hard to say…

This is Pitz's the most intimate album so far. It's hard to conclude otherwise, as in this case it is just one person, the same around which all the previous albums coalesced as well as all the people that had contributed to them.

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