White America, Black America, the set-up, and the con

by Jon Rappoport on Jon Rappoport

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Whether you believe in God the Creator or evolution or something else as the explanation for the human race, progress was meant to involve the individual coming out of the group and staking his claim to a life of his own making, according to his best vision of his greatest thoughts and values.

THIS was a struggle of blood and courage and intelligence for many centuries. THIS was the journey out of the caves and the clans and the brutal leaders and the mind control imposed from the top. THIS was where each one of us "came from", that struggle.

And now, through every foul means available, elite controllers want to turn back the clock and take each one of us into the past.


Yes, and there is widespread poison by pesticide and GMO, there is widespread and devastating autism by vaccine, there is lung damage by corporate pollution, there is widespread death caused by the medical system and there is insurance fraud and welfare fraud and voter fraud and money-creation fraud, and there are corrupt judges and there are corrupt cops and insane governors running lockdowns….there is a great deal of major ongoing crime in America. All of it affects the black and the white.

The current riots are an operation designed to produce more top-down control in America.

The operation is also designed, through riots, to wreak more havoc on the US economy—piling on the COVID lockdowns, which are themselves part of the overall op: destroy America.

What starts out as fair and just and right for black people has nothing to do with it, THE HIGHER YOU GO on the ladder of power.

Many people fail to understand that, when elite Globalist forces stage an op, THEY'RE NOT GOING TO CHOOSE TWO SIDES TO PIT AGAINST EACH OTHER THAT HAVE NO EMOTIONAL OR FACTUAL REALITY. They're not going to choose daisies vs. tulips. They're not going to choose canned pork vs. canned spam. They're not going to choose single payer health insurance vs. Obamacare.

They're going to choose black vs. white, because that has electric force inside people.

They're going to choose black vs. white, because there is history, and because both sides have positions and arguments and accusations and claims of prejudice and reverse-prejudice.

But the INTENT is to get white people and black people looking through different and unalterable lenses at each other.

And to ignore all situations in which black and white people get along. I repeat, TO IGNORE ALL SITUATIONS IN WHICH BLACK AND WHITE PEOPLE GET ALONG.

The rise of the union movement in America produced a vast amount of black and white cooperation and friendship and mutual loyalty—until unions themselves became big business and mafia money laundries and would-be monopolies.

"But there is racism in America."

As I said, the planners of an op are going to choose a situation that has reality.

There is also this reality: "You're white, and so you can't possibly understand what is going on, because you have inherent privilege, it's built into you, and you can't escape it. Therefore, everything you say is tainted."

That's a very strong and very divisive and very insane argument. Individuals, no matter who they are, see clearly or see dully, and the ability to know something isn't determined by skin color or cultural background. Privilege is a con. It's a con as an argument. It was injected into academia to brainwash the young, to produce class and race hatred, on both sides. And it's worked.

"I hate you."

"I hate you, too."


"You have to take a knee to me."

"Like hell I do."


"Black people have to rise through the ranks based on merit alone."

"Like hell we do. We can't, because there is institutional prejudice and racism."


Stoke the fire of opposition. Kill off cooperation. Kill off friendship. Silence the millions of people who are beyond any kind of racism. Drown out their voices. Drown out their warmth for each other, turn it to ice, turn it into ideology that substitutes for human connections. Rip those human connections out of America.

People with black skin and people with white skin have found ways to get along. That is a much larger reality than "race war." MUCH LARGER.

THE UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL is a much larger reality than race war. The ideas embedded in the Constitution turn out to have a lot to do with the unique individual developing his own vision and power and creative force—if he will realize that fact.

I haven't spent the last 40 years writing for white people or black people or yellow or tan or red people. If that had been my goal, I would have burned out long ago.

Coming out of World War 2, propagandists and government planners and marketers and intelligence agencies and think tanks and corporate advisors and mass communications experts began to realize they could strengthen their position by: convincing individuals to think of themselves as GROUPS.

Groups are easier to control.

Make a group, define it, urge the members to conceive of themselves in limited terms, profile the group, sell products to the group, show the group they have political aspirations that can be satisfied by big government…and the whole society changes.

Face it, these marketers and propagandists are, in many ways, the scum of the earth. They see a glint of promise in group-think, and their goal becomes: create groups. By name, by agenda, by class, by race, by religion, by age, by preferences, by economic background, by every possible marker.

Believe it or not, the marketers caught on to what was happening in the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 60s; they looked at Martin Luther King, and they said, "WE HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY HERE." Yes. And it was an opportunity that went far beyond the justice of voting rights and integrated education.

The marketers said, "We can create a new group. Not just black Americans. Black Americans with government benefits. We can dead-end the whole Civil Rights movement into a Welfare State of vast proportions. We can create total dependence on government—and at the same time, we'll be expanding the size and power of government over the people. It's a double winner."

From the point of view of the marketers, the fairness and justice and right of black Americans to receive welfare was entirely beside the point. That wasn't the issue at all. The issue was the pacification of black Americans. A way to use money and benefits to keep black Americans under control. The cynicism was breathtaking.

The marketers realized, of course, that they would need black leaders to say, over and over again, that welfare was a right, and it was fair and just and reasonable, based on the history of slavery. Based on racism. And some black leaders who emerged were co-opted into that cause and that OPERATION.

"But black people DO deserve welfare."

Again—the marketers are going to choose an issue that can be argued, that can be justified. But the real motive is hidden.

It all starts with forming a group. "Black people must be taught to think of themselves as black and nothing else. As black victims. Certainly not as unique individuals."

Certain members of the Black Panthers, and Malcolm X, recognized the basic con. They saw certain white liberals who were "on their side" as the enemy. They saw that these fawning liberals were actually hoping and working for a way to PACIFY and sideline black independence.

And of course, on the other side, the marketers would need to create a group of white liberals, a very large group, who would support "black rights", naively believing this was all about fairness and justice and NOTHING ELSE.


Again, the much greater reality of black and white Americans who get along is cowed into silence and drowned out. By louder voices. By violence.

The whole thing is synthetic because THE UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL is submerged. Without the individual, you have mass mind control. You have ideology taking center stage. You have endless solutions, each more absurd than the last. And what for? For the elevation of the GROUP.

Yes, there are groups composed of unique individuals who come together for a common cause, but "black vs. white" is not built that way.

And yes, these current riots in America have trained infiltrators from both the political Right and Left, who are there to pump up the violence and the demands. But the structure of the operation is deeper than this infiltration. It is, as I say, politically neutral, because Globalists who want to level and destroy every last shred of independence and freedom and prosperity in America are neutral. They hide behind, and use, ideology as an ever-shifting weapon to achieve CONTROL.

Create groups to stand in for individuals.

The great unwritten history of America, and other countries, is the hidden record of INVENTING SYNTHETIC GROUPS. A group may start out as real and true, but when it is taken over and distorted and reshaped and given a programmatic agenda and injected with a grossly limited self-image…then you have a construct, and mind control takes precedence.

Then on the screens of the news, you see vicious cartoons playing out…except real people are defamed, injured, dispensed with, disposed of.

"But mass movements against racism have achieved victories."

Yes they have. Among them, voting rights, and the curbing of racist brutality, particularly in the South. But then what happened?

What happened was a planned dead-ending.

Marketers: "We have to do whatever it takes to stop any talk of the UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL among black-group causes and objectives. It has to be all about the group. Forever. Benefits. Welfare. THAT has to drown out EVERYTHING else. The promise of individuals emerging from groups has to be squelched. Verboten. And the same principles have to be applied to white groups who are supporting black rights. The white groups as well have to be masses, not individuals. And those white groups who oppose black rights have to be infiltrated and cultivated. They, too, must be masses. In each group, hook up minds and brains into collectives. That's what we're selling. Collectivism. Take the true and real and twist it."

The marketers found out this was not hard to do—particularly when major media were brought on board and controlled. The news would be all about GROUPS. Government helping groups. Government denying help to groups. Stimulating people to think of themselves as the American group when the occasion demanded it. "We're all in this together." "Stay locked down and realize you're not alone." "We'll all get through this together." "It's time to wage a war against Iraq. We're in this together." As a group. A synthetic group.

Think it through. If media wanted to, right now, they could highlight, wall to wall, Americans, black and white, who get along with each other. THAT could be elevated by a news network, to great prominence. It's certainly factual. But it'll never happen. That's not the agenda. That's not what is being sold.

The awkward and stark and fantastic truth is, beyond skin color and cultural background, there are no black or white people. There are unique individuals. That's where the SYNTHETIC stops and the deeper reality begins. That's where actual liberation takes place. If it doesn't take place there, it doesn't happen in the way it was meant to.

Whether you believe in God the Creator or evolution or something else as the explanation for the human race, progress was meant to involve the individual coming out of the group and staking his claim to a life of his own making, according to his best vision of his greatest thoughts and values.

THIS was a struggle of blood and courage and intelligence for many centuries. THIS was the journey out of the caves and the clans and the brutal leaders and the mind control imposed from the top down. THIS was where each one of us came from, that struggle.

And now, through every foul means available, elite controllers want to turn back the clock and take each one of us into the past.

Each one of us must not let that happen.

If that statement causes you to whirl around and ask, HOW, HOW CAN WE STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING, you're still thinking from the inside of some group. You're still wrapped up in some kind of group-think.

Be a leader. Form a TRUE group, if that is your answer. Step out and make yourself known. Counter the foul rhetoric of these current times.

Abandon SMALL.

"But I'm only a…" No, you're not. "I'm only a…" is a synthetic proposition, a lie, a fabulous lie.

When all is said and done, do you want to be known as a person they brought in the room to blow on the ink and dry it, after the men signed the Declaration of Independence?

Is that the greatest distance you can travel, the most important feat you can accomplish?

Yes, I realize when I say "unique individual", I'm taking a snapshot, as it were, from a more complex reality. The individual flows into and out of family, informal and formal groups, and so on. But at the core, there he is. By choice, freedom radiates out from him, or it doesn't. By choice, authentic power radiates out from him, or it doesn't. Love and compassion radiate outward, or they don't. He invents his best vision of a future and acts on that vision or he doesn't. He throws away synthetic meaning or he doesn't. He salutes propaganda or he doesn't. He takes center stage in his own way, or he doesn't. He reinvents freedom and power for his time and place, or he doesn't. He falls for the con of synthetic conflict or he doesn't. He imagines himself to be a victim or he doesn't. He accepts a role handed to him or he doesn't. He buys physical descriptions of himself or he doesn't. He succumbs to programmed hatreds, or he doesn't. He chooses to remain naïve and helpless or he doesn't. He says nothing can change or he doesn't. He parrots what he's been taught or he doesn't. He blames the powers-that-be in a way that cripples him or he doesn't. He holds out his hand to help others or he doesn't. He rises above the popular mind control of the moment, or he doesn't. He remains synthetically and maddeningly polite in the face of war against the human race or he doesn't. When he falls, he stumbles to his feet and moves forward or he doesn't. He pretends to be clueless, or he doesn't. He keeps his mouth shut, or he doesn't. He looks at a war and chooses the easier side to join, or he doesn't. He senses the struggle of centuries to establish individual freedom, or he doesn't. He somehow manages to stand at the gate to slavery and he blocks it, or he doesn't. He tests his breaking point and tries to extend it, or he doesn't. He may go gently into that good night, but only after he has waged his highest battle for freedom, freedom from all the synthetic constructs of the individual, freedom FROM oppression and control, and FOR the eternal individual over and above the artifice of the hypnotized group. Or not.

Once you have unique individuals, then groups can begin to make LASTING sense. Without those individuals, they don't. They can't. Even if their objective and their rhetoric is designed to achieve some piece of heroic righteous justice, that group will eventually be swallowed up in ill intent. It will disappear into the maw of a constructed conflict against another group. It will fall under the spell of a ruthless leader. It will go backward into the past.

I am not alone. You are not alone. We are connected by something deeper than cliché: the recognition of the fact that we are individuals who can reach across to each other. Who do reach across. The differences between us are to be expected. Otherwise, we would not be unique. But those differences can't be turned into wars, if we are steadfast and awake.

CODA: I could easily go on for another ten thousand words. But I'll close with this. Our enemies have their own problems. They aren't simple, no matter what they try. Aside from the unquenchable thirst for freedom, among us, which is their main problem, they are suffering from too many hands and too small a pie. Their mega-corporations, which have been the leading prow of Globalism around the world, are beginning to see that their days of glory are shrinking. The operation to level and wreck economies, in order to bring on a more severe police state, is drying up the consumer base of people who can afford to buy corporate products. Corporate bosses and big shots are seeing a betrayal. They are the targets of a big con from their own criminal colleagues. How could that have happened? It happened because they were blinded by their own greed. If only half as many people, worldwide, can buy a renowned poison pesticide, then what? Even with a spectacular currency reset, even with the accelerated invention of a new money system, even with more money being produced out of thin air, many products are going to go away. That's part and parcel of the elite plan. Oh well. I'm not losing any sleep over it…Maybe Bill Gates dreams of raising an army of micro-chipped mind controlled slaves to make Microsoft and his Foundation the new official government of the United States. Good luck with that one, Bill…

Maybe a mega-corporate CEO is telling himself this: "When the great currency reset happens, the bosses of bosses, the bankers, will automatically place five hundred trillion new digital dollars into each bank account of the biggest two thousand corporations in the world, and I'll be one of the fortunate ones." Keeping believing that, pal. Good luck…

I'm betting you or your children will be busy sweeping dust and sand in Death Valley. On a welfare check.

And if that day never comes, you know what? It'll be because individuals who believe in freedom down to the last non-material atoms of their non-material souls stood at the gate to slavery and blocked it and canceled the whole operation.

Because we individuals do not happen to be dogs who drool at the sound of the bell and the prospect of being fed.

Because we individuals do not feed in the back wards of collectivism.

Because we individuals don't buy the illusion of anarchy led by pathological prop men.

Because we individuals don't buy fake inclusion in a fake universe.

    last comments from Jon Rappoport
    Flynn Sun, 14 Mar 2021 23:44:01 +0000


    "There are two kinds of racists: truth-tellers and truth-deniers. EVERYONE is racist, except lying hypocrites hiding what SIGHTEDNESS reveals"

    I have to tell you something you may not know. Everyone is not a racist. That is an academic ideology born from individuals who likely realized that THEY are racist and then tried to redeem themselves by claiming "everyone is a racist" and "your a liar if you deny it". Plus that whole wanting us all to hate each other thing.

    JungianINTP, you (YOU) might just be a racist (you also might be brainwashed). Deal with your own issues and stop projecting.

    Signed: Also not a racist 🙂

    Flynn Sun, 14 Mar 2021 23:00:29 +0000

    @Moshe Sopher,
    You clearly believe in evolution. Have you ever tried to find out if you believe evolution because it is logical, or if you believe evolution because you have been spoon fed the ideology since before you watched your first episode of Sesame Street?
    Modern science has been (re)defined to cover only the natural world; nothing spiritual can be included in modern science as that is not sci-ency.
    Therefore, if you have a science of origins, you MUST assume, from the start, that there is a GOD-LESS origin; it is not optional (Ask yourself, how can you be objective if you begin an investigation by excluding a particular facet directly connected with your analysis). In "science", they say, you cannot allow for God, at all, regardless of any evidence you may see to the contrary.
    So, for our origin to be considered "scientific", from the very outset of origin investigation, it MUST be origin by evolution. Why? Because there is no way to get a natural scientific (aka: god-less) origin except by evolution. This is why we get the circular reasoning of 'evolution happened because we are here, so evolution HAD to have happened, because…' You need to remember, "God" isn't sci-ency, so no god-origins are allowed, no matter what. So, the claim 'all of the evidence points to evolution' is a pointless statement because, when there is NO OTHER possible explanation, all of the evidence HAS TO, SOMEHOW fit your idea; and sooner or later, it is assumed, you will find out how. This is the science you hold when you believe in evolution.
    This is pretty basic reasoning. Watch closely; Evolution is our origin and happened NOT because of data, but because: #1 there is NO GOD and there never was a god who created the universe. #2 we are here, and there is no God, therefore evolution is the only way we can be here WITHOUT GOD #3 No matter what, origin must have happened without a Creator-God or it isn't science and science is the only way to find truth (another circular reasoning game).
    Evolution is actually very weak on "evidence" and it is completely deceitful about what evidence it claims to have. That is aside from the fact that science refuses to allow for the possibility that the Scriptures are what they claim to be, the eye witness account of history from our Creator.
    The evidence is so weak, that modern secular atheists have repeatedly acknowledged they have NO IDEA how ANYTHING from the "Big Bang" to the first self-replicating cells came together in the first place.
    The theory of evolution is, in fact, a poor hypothesis masquerading as "science".
    You said; "I fail to understand apartheid".
    Well, if Dawkins if right and we are evolved things with no point or purpose of future, WHY NOT apartheid? Why not anything? The morals of God have no business being applied to life, if all the time one has is the here and now and we have no higher authority than ourselves (man having no right to a claim on another man's life without consent). Each evolved being would then have a RIGHT, by nature, to fight for its own survival and desires and for the survival and desires of its offspring.
    What I cannot understand is an atheist who pretends to disagree with the idea that we should all take whatever we want out of life by whatever means necessary…And before you do, it is irrational to argue for extending human existence if it is all accidental and we will die out (2nd law of thermodynamics says we cannot escape it) in a blip anyway! This is all very inconsistent.
    May I just redirect you back to the Tanakh?
    Richard Dawkins does not deserve to be your god.

    Flynn Sun, 14 Mar 2021 21:00:44 +0000

    @ JungianINTP
    Let me start by saying that, lately, white people ARE judged solely on their skin color. Followed at an ever widening distance by their political, social, and religious beliefs.
    Anyway, Pit bulls and poodles were not made in the image of God. Dogs are not human.
    Temperament is something that can be molded, for example, with humility and submission to our Creator.
    Unfortunately, temperament can also be manipulated to encourage violent or extreme behaviors, such as is caused by music, movies, and other media. (see article)
    Intelligence is subjective. Being able to read well (comprehension, grammar, etc) or calculate mathematical equations would be useless in many shear survival situations. In most survival situations, the academic would be the idiot.
    Likewise, having intimate knowledge of animal anatomy and the ability to gut and safely cook an animal (after starting and keeping a fire going) is pretty useless in academia.
    ALL humans have intelligence suited to their calling. ALL humans came from 2 humans (and then 3 man/woman couples after global inundation); short of assuming that there have been genetic mutations amid dispersed families, causing diminished capability for particular knowledge, we are all, short of actual brain damaged individuals, exactly suited for our lives with equal intelligence for varying subject matter.

    Zak H Sun, 28 Jun 2020 23:52:03 +0000

    Great comment INTP! It is always extremely refreshing to see that not EVERYONE is a brainless, brainwashed mind controlled "woke" PC NPC. So heartwarming to see that there is SOMEONE who knows some genuine easy-to-find factual history, rather than the usual Orwellian racist White-hating lies that are continuously pumped into the heads of the pathetic dumb Goyim PC and dumb racist Blacks. Brainwashing from the Zionist-Communist tightly owned and controlled MSM. Correct Blacks in Africa enslaved Blacks and sold them to anyone. Please be aware that it was Jews who were the primary owners of the west African slave trading stations. Jews owned 90% of the slave ships. Jews owned all of the slave markets in the major slave ports in the Americas. Every US Census 1790-1860 shows that Jews owned 63% of the slaves; Blacks, Indians and Hispanics owned 2%. White Christian people owned 35%. Jewish bankers financed all of this. In other nations in the Americas, Jews owned a much higher percentage of the slaves, like Brazil.Jewish money and Jewish slave buyers drove the trans-Atlantic slave trade. So it was Black Africans and Jews who inflicted this race problem on almost ALL the nations in the Americas.
    White people in America and England shut down the slave ships in 1807. Everyone Black & White person should have a picture of William Wilberforce on their wall. Both White nations spent $millions sending their navies on anti slavery patrols. White abolitionist groups fought to end slavery in the Americas, and after decades of sustained struggles freed all the slaves.
    England abolished slavery in the 1200s. Pope Paul I decreed in 1527 that no Christian could own a Christian slave. ONLY White Christian people abolished slavery. NO OTHER race or people EVER had an abolishionist movement. Absolutely NEVER in the Muslim world, in Black Africa or anywhere else in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!
    White Christian people are morally superior to all other races. Our ancestors PROVED it. Only White Christian people abolished slavery wherever they could. Like Africa, rescuing the primitive, bloodthirsty, mass enslaving, mass slaughtering, mass raping tribalist Blacks from themselves, AND from the cruel, merciless Arab Muslims. Then rescuing Africans from malaria,
    sleeping sickness,
    river blindness, etc. Etc etc. Please see in Wikipedia "the Congo Arab Wars" to learn the history of how noble, courageous White MEN ended slavery in Africa. Something Blacks and Arabs did not want to end. 90% of what White man did in Africa was beneficial to the Blacks, and is still true to this day. Then see in Wikipedia "slavery in the Turkish Empire " to get an idea of the terror, mass murder,slavery and suffering inflicted on White people during the 1,300 year long Muslim Race War inflicted on White Christian Europe, with millions upon millions of White people enslaved by exceptionally cruel Arabs, Turks and Taters. Not to mention the 20 million enslaved Blacks trafficked out of Africa by Arabs. Which still continues this day.

    Dan Sat, 27 Jun 2020 22:02:24 +0000

    This is just such an amazingly well written article that tells the truth so well. I have been sharing it a lot. So tired of the lies, but it is refreshing to fight back with truth.

    Nancy S Wed, 24 Jun 2020 18:27:11 +0000

    Well said. Why I stay away from groups. If you see yourself as a soul, part of God, LIGHT, then you are ALL. God is love is compassion is oneness. There are individual souls yes, but all part of the ALL. Mature souls know this. No groups, no skin reliance needed. I am not a body. I am not boxed in. People see themselves as a PhD, a leader of some group, but usually as more than or less than another. In the Light we do not do this. All are, just are, but some souls are more advanced in their spiritual evolution and they only got there because another helped them, so we are in this together. Even if it's a high leadership position, they are still boxing themselves in and away from the ALL by declaring, "I am this or that." So don't. I am the Light, therefore, infinite and all powerful. I am Certainly not a skin color, race or sex, nor title. This is called spiritual maturity. The dark relies on us being spiritually immature and forgetting this tenet/fact. Why it created religions to take us away from the ALL. It goes for the ego, always the ego. If it gets you focused on your ego, it controls you. Therefore, the true way out of the darkness is to overcome one's own ego and that means SELF RESPONSIBILITY!

    Dan Sat, 20 Jun 2020 18:30:53 +0000

    This makes sense and thanks for your posting. Where can I find more of this? By searching "Verify, then to Trust", I get that it was political buzz in Reagan era and it's from an old Russian proverb

    Dan Sat, 20 Jun 2020 18:26:21 +0000

    I don't mind your analogy too much. Without our better angels, we are very much like dogs. Who would argue? I am wondering if there is any evidence that would carry the analogy so far as to "interbreeding". I am pretty sure the science in this comedic video is correct. Check out this Video
    Check out this video: https://share.vidyard.com/watch/2SCpADUdf6AGTLh1Jh8xMN?

    Sherry Thu, 18 Jun 2020 14:21:26 +0000


    Anabel Thu, 18 Jun 2020 05:39:31 +0000

    How about that false flag eh? With no weight on the cops knee that is on his co workers neck.Crisis actors always give budget performances.

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