Turkey Coup Arrests Bury the Soros-Clinton Migrant Crisis

by Yoichi Shimatsu on The 4th Media

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Arrested hours before an obvious suicide mission, the Turkish military "coup" leaders were silenced by diplomatic arrangement between Washington and Ankara.

With astounding ease, the top naval commanders for the Aegean region were rounded up in their pajamas, thereby eliminating any official record or testimony about the Clinton-Soros clandestine operation behind the European migrant crisis, which so recently gripped the world with those sympathetic media images of inflatable rafts and drowning children.

That slick news coverage has since been disrupted by scenes of bombings, shootings, stabbings and rapes across Europe committed by many of those same poor huddled refugees aided by NGOs linked with the Soros-Clinton nexus, an inconvenient fact that has just been suppressed with a heavy hand in Turkey.

The main evidence for a coup produced so far is a 27-page notebook, allegedly found on the person of Maj. Gen. Memduh Hakbilen, former commander of the Aegean Army, in Izmir. According to that alleged master plan, the military takeover was scheduled for 3 a.m. Saturday, July 16. The "coup" was crushed with mass arrests hours earlier.

Given the gravity of the military overthrow of a popularly elected government in a NATO member-state, one can assume that the top brass would be dressed for the occasion in uniform with full regalia. Yet the admirals and generals were hustled out of their beds late Friday night and hauled in T-shirts and jeans to detention centers in a state of shock and confusion.

The staged panic in Ankara, as the parliament came under gunfire a handful of assailants and three special forces troopers attempted to enter the presidential residence, along with the disorganization in the early hours Saturday, indicated that "somebody" had mustered the semblance of a coup.

The power outage at Incirlik Air Base, a strategic U.S. Air Force base, was presumably ordered to prevent American air support for a hostile takeover and disable command-and-control over ground forces. The American military made no move during the street theater, but remained in barracks while their Turkish allies were hauled off to stockades.

These follies were happening in a society where the military has in the past launched massive coups d'etat without air cover from foreign powers or stumbling in the dark. The only scenario that makes any sense is that the US-prompted scare was arranged to trigger a crisis that would lead to the silencing of a section of the Turkish military.

Amid the media finger-pointing and speculation about a false-flag operation, it is more helpful to consider why Izmir, on the Aegean Sea far from the centers of political power in Ankara and Istanbul, was so important to the government's counter-coup.

Heading up the arrest list are the army and navy commanders of the Aegean region, which controls the sea-crossing to the Greek islands, from where Arab and Afghan migrants were dispatched into Central Europe by CIA paymasters, including George Soros, Hillary Clinton and her husband's Clinton Foundation.

Exporting Terrorism to Europe

The bogus refugee project, aimed at mustering Syrian refugees into a secret paramilitary force at NATO bases in Europe (similar to the Iraqi exile paramilitary force created in Oklahoma), has had to be constrained due to the ceasefire accords between Washington and Moscow.

When ISIS, the creation of the CIA, NATO and their Mideast allies, began to crumble under Russian airstrikes and the Assad regime rebounded, the entire strategic situation changed, rendering the refugee project obsolete.

Suddenly, the Arab "refugees" in Europe became a political liability, as a sense of political betrayal crept over radicalized Muslims, prompting violence in France, Belgium and more recently Germany, those NATO members that had covertly supported ISIS with European Muslim recruits. The violent deaths of American citizens in Paris spurred the Obama administration to cover up its leading role in the European migrant crisis.

NATO's dilemma over refugee-caused violence put the Turkish military command into the catbird's seat, with their top brass in possession of all the orders, payments and communications involved in transporting the migrants into Greece. The uneasy situation posed dangers to the Erdogan government.

Investigation into Ankara's complicity with the CIA for the export of terrorists and criminals into Europe could well lead to the expulsion of Turkey from NATO and terminate any residual chances of its joining the EU.

Every new case of bombing, shooting and rape by Muslim migrants in Europe adds to Turkish ineligibility in the regional community on legal, political, ethical and moral grounds. Turkey was by now a pariah, and therefore those in the know had to silenced.

Since the CIA could not simply order its Kurdish mercenaries or ISIS puppets to assassinate Turkish navy officers on the western edge of Anatolia, far from the Syrian border, the only way out was to link the officer corps to Fetthulah Gulen, the figurehead chief of a Sufi social movement, who has recently fallen out with Turkey's President Recep Erdogan.

It didn't matter if in fact any of the officers are actual Fetthaluhists, since an accusation suffices for their banishment from public life and cleansing of the historical record.

That scenario leaves only one question: whether Erdogan and President Barack Obama colluded to eliminate the Aegean admirals. Erdogan was obviously tipped off to the imminent "coup", quietly departing Ankara to the vicinity of a NATO naval base.

The power cut at strategic (nuclear weapons armed) Incirlik went practically unnoticed at the Pentagon or NATO headquarters in Brussels, which meant both commands were forewarned.

The supposed mastermind behind the coup, Fetthaluh Gulen, appeared to taken by complete surprise at the news of his leadership of an insurrection, and his sponsor CIA veteran Graham Fuller pleaded his innocence. The only two players in the tempest who remained much too calm were Obama and Erdogan.

Gulen as Ghoul

The accusations against Fethullah Gulen, who for the past two decades has resided in a compound in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, in the Pocono Mountains, are nearly as improbable as those against Afghanistan-exiled Osama bin Laden after the 911 attacks. In both cases, no overt followers were at the scenes of the crimes.

The alleged 911 "hijackers" were Saudis and Egyptian members of the CIA-allied Muslim Brotherhood and not affiliated with Afghan Taliban or Al Qaeda. Likewise, absent from the streets of Ankara and Istanbul were Gulen's much-touted millions of Hizmet supporters, supposedly a vast conspiratorial network of revolutionists.

If the Hizmet movement aimed to overthrow the Erdogan government, why then would the military coup be scheduled at 3 a.m on Saturday, many hours after sundown on Friday, the Muslim holy day, following the 8:42 p.m. prayer time. At 10 p.m. on that Friday, streets across Turkey were crowded as worshipers left mosque to partake in a late-night meal. That was the precise hour for popular uprising backed by soldiers.

Despite all the prior examples of the Iranian revolution and from the Arab Spring, the coordination of mosque and the street did not happen. Therefore the Hizmet movement was not involved and the so-called coup is a transparent plot concocted by non-Muslims in Washington D.C. or Langley, Virginia. The only crowds gathered by sunrise Saturday were from Erdogan's ruling Freedom and Justice Party (AKP).

An odd phenomenon preceded the failed coup, as people around the world experienced inexplicable dreams of whirling dervishes. The only scientific explanation for this bizarre conjuration is electronic-based psychological warfare, a mind-control operation based on beaming signals on the brainwave frequency to simulate spinning patterns in sleeping subjects.

The artificial attempt to rouse flash mobs was obviously much too crude to hijack Sufi practitioners of meditation and swirling trance. With their trust in antennae arrays, the DARPA technologists show a disturbing lack of faith, to quote Darth Vader.

To summarize, if the Gulen movement had intended to launch a coup, Erdogan would be history by now. So let's not kid ourselves about what really happened.

Why Izmir

The epicenter of the supposed coup was Izmir, the main staging ground and jump-off point for what's called the "European migrant crisis". In addition to the regional Army chief, the arrested included Rear Admiral Nejat Atilla Demirhan, the commander of the Coast Guard, whose frigates often confronted the patrol ships of FRONTEX (frontieres exteriore, external borders), the pan-EU border security force.

It is well-known to European immigration officials that the Turkish Coast Guard have since 2000 provided armed escort for convoys of boats and rafts transporting supposed refugees to the Greek islands off the Anatolian coast.

Another key military figure under arrest is Rear Admiral Yassar Camur, head of the tri-service Western Task Force, which coordinated the migrant-transport operations and standoffs with FRONTEX, along with planning boatlifts with the Soros-funded activist groups.

A Job for Soros and the Clintons

There was nothing "spontaneous" about the European migrant crisis. It was a logistical operation funded by Hillary Clinton's State Department along with CIA front men George Soros and Bill Clinton. The summer of 2015 human tsunami was a text-book case of what intelligence expert Kelly Greenhill calls "coercive engineered migration" in her study Weapons of Mass Migration.

The strategy to overwhelm the European Union was hatched as early as 2000, when the U.S. National Intelligence Council (NIC) issued Global Trends 2015: "Increasing migration will create influential diasporas, affecting policies, politics and even national identity in many countries.

Globalization also will create increasing demands for international cooperation on transnational issues, but the response of both states and international organizations will fall short in 2015."

Implementation was left to the State Department's undersecretary for civilian security, democracy and human rights, specifically its Office of International Migration. Due to delays caused by 911 and George W. Bush's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the clandestine refugee operation to trigger a brain drain in Syria and a flood of Muslim migrants into the EU (the euro being a rival of the almighty US dollar) was postponed until Hillary Clinton was appointed Secretary of State.

Illegal immigration also requires the services of people smugglers and other criminals, and this is why the Soros network of clandestine operatives under NGO cover are mobilized. A key player with a veneer of academic respectability is the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control (EG-SDSC).

The association of Soros-funded criminologists are in favor of drug legalization and opposed to imprisonment, for example, calling for release of pedophiles into society. Many of these "reformers", many of whom have confidential access to hard-core felons, do double-duty for police and NATO undercover operations. The group includes prison psychiatrists and clinical psychologists in the EU version of MK-ULTRA.

The Deviance study group cooperates with the Open Society Institute (OSI) to provide unreported funding and logistical support for NoBorders, an activist-based people-trafficking network; Levsos2009antir (antiracism), which rebranded itself as Welcome to Europe (W2eu); BorderMonitoring led by Berndt Kasparek, whose bank account is at the Social Bank, a Jewish savings institution founded by Sigmund Freud's first "female hysteria" patient.

These anarchist groups created the "Jungle", a sprawling migrant camp in Calais, defended with arson-fired smokescreens and Black Bloc attacks against French police, all with the political support of the CIA-controlled "left" in the European Parliament. These violent antics in Calais were a major factor behind British public support for Brexit.

Other dodgy nonprofit "charities" in this refugee scam include: IMI, a German anti-militarism group suspected of involvement in the Black Bloc violent anarchist movement; and Seawatch, funded by the Clinton Foundation's anti-slavery program. Seawatch, which warned captains of overloaded boats of refugees about approaching FRONTEX patrols, gained notoriety due to the pro-refugee publicity stunts of Sahra Wegenknecht, illicit lover and now wife of the doddering German Socialist leader Oscar Lafontaine.

The related Clinton-funded Human Rights at Sea is co-sponsored by maritime security companies that work for the US and British navies.

Cops and criminals, soldiers and terrorists, are the angels and demons in the bipolar universe of Soros and the Clintons. The hedge-fund king is not hiding his unlawful opinions, putting them in print, as in his interview "The EU is on the verge of collapse" (New York Review of Books, 11 February 2016). A madman and criminal who belongs behind prison bars were it not for his money.

Green Light at the Obama-Ergodan Moment

Just months after his inauguration, President Barack Obama made his first state visit to an unlikely choice, Turkey. There, in April 2009, he unveiled his pro-Islam policy.Within five months, the initial moves in the European migrant crisis were launched when Turkish naval vessels locked radar onto FRONTEX helicopters, while coast guard vessels escorted "refugees" to the Greek islands of Kos and Lesbos.

The migrants landing on EU shores were greeted by Levsos2009 activists funded by Open Society. These privileged Westerners, with their umbrella of lawyers and the European Parliament, grappled with Greek immigration police to enable infiltrators to evade the law.

Many of those Soros-sponsored infiltrators would join jihadist cells in European capitals, under the CIA strategy to maintain a state of siege so that American military mantle might continue to dominate the Continent under the rubric of anti-terrorism.

The CIA-State plan was to pit Muslims against Christian-predominant Europe, thereby justifying American and Israeli surveillance-and-control over key communication hubs, airports and military bases, as well as installing their stooges inside NATO and European security institutions. Simply put, the method is called divide and rule.

Factoring in the Israel-to-Cyprus Pipeline for Ukraine

The Obama-Erdogan refugee strategy also advanced the Israeli plan to establish an oil-and-gas pipeline from Qatar and Saudi Arabia through ISIS and Kurdish enclaves in Syria to the Mediterranean. The pipeline network was to be connected with Israel's offshore Leviathan oilfield and then proceed underwater to southern Cyprus, a virtual British military colony.

Conveniently, the Rothschild Group, which has invested in several anti-Russian pipeline projects, is entrenched in Turkey's privatization program and its Istanbul director is a graduate of RAND.

Bill Clinton personally turned-around and recruited "radical populist" Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to support the Israeli-centered plan in spite of the vagaries of transit routes to wealthier markets in Northern Europe. Transit fees across the Balkans checkerboard of nations, along with rough terrain and political tensions, makes a Greece-to-Germany route rather impractical.

Cyprus, divided between ethnic Turkish and Greek sectors, is a strange choice for a pipeline hub. In a world of normal geopolitics, it makes zero sense for Turkey and the its Aegean military command to support any oil project through south Cyprus.

The sole exception of course would be a secret plan to run an underwater pipeline through the Turkish-controlled Bosphorus Strait into the Black Sea and onto Ukraine. The Eastern Mediterranean pipeline would enable NATO-backed Kiev to cut all energy flows from Russia, and thereby deny euro revenues for Moscow. Ankara is no friend of Moscow, and so the Med-to-Black oil route was sold to Ankara as an "enemy of my enemy" arrangement.

Key to the Bosphorus pipeline plan was the protective role of the Turkish navy base at Golchuk, where coincidentally during the recent crackdown against the nonexistent coup a frigate of supposedly rebellious naval officers was seized. Younger officers more compliant to the whims of Ankara and Washington will replace them.

In exchange for participation in the covert pipeline plan, the Syriza government sabotaged the Schengen regulations on EU border regulations by allowing passage through Greece for hundreds of thousands of illegals. A migrant-destabilized EU would thereby lack the internal unity to prevent the Qatar-Israel-Turkey-Ukraine pipeline project, despite the risk of war with Russia.

Marmaris-Aksas NATO Base

Where was President Erdogan during the supposed coup? Relaxing on a family vacation at the coastal luxury resort of Marmaris, on the southwest corner of Turkey.

Coincidentally located 13 kilometers east of Marmaris is the NATO Aksaz Naval Base, a frequent port of call for the US Navy's 6th Fleet, which patrols the Mediterranean and Africa.

The Turkish coup that never happened, except in the censored news headlines, will be kept a state secret by the Obama administration, much like the fake Tonkin Gulf incident was suppressed by Lyndon Johnson and the false-flag sinking of the USS Maine by Theodore Roosevelt, decisive events blamed on dastardly enemies, those phantoms that prowl the mists of Foggy Bottom.

What about the Turkish military officers and soldiers now held in stockade? Failed intelligence operations usually end in treachery against loyal soldiers, as happened at the end of the undeclared conflict in Laos.

In the closing days of the Vietnam War, thousands of U.S. servicemen and allied Hmong militiamen were exterminated on orders of Henry Kissinger and Colin Powell so as to deny the existence of the Secret War in Laos.

As stated to me by a former Air America pilot: "Everyone I knew from that operation was hunted down and murdered by "our side"." Faded yellow ribbons are all that's left of a forgotten episode of high treason. After acts of betrayal, secrecy is always the challenge.

Would it not be interesting if the alleged mastermind of FETO (the Fetthulah Terrorist Organization) were to disclose all on C-Span and tell his account of the supposed coup along with the other CIA and Pentagon intrigues in Turkey, Central Asia and the Middle East?

Let the defense speak.

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