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by Good Citizen on The Good Citizen

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The famous phrase about truth as the first casualty of war is everywhere these days if only because the people recognize the truth is often nowhere.

There are variations of this saying, and this one on populism is appropriate given the past decade of rising animosity to elites and global management.

Truth is not the first casualty of war alone: it is the first casualty of populism. - Theodore Dalrymple

You've heard the term "if it's free you are the product"? Well, that's always been a quaint yet silly advertising slogan for our collective malaise with our digital world. The implication being if it's free, you will be paying for it in may other ways that you cannot see. A more appropriate and honest slogan would be: "You are and always have been the target." Your body, your mind, your mental state, your political beliefs, your private and public habits, your DNA (the past two years) and now your bank accounts and ideological and philanthropic associations are being targeted by western governments for lists, censorship, seizure and freezing out from participation in society unless you submit and obey, forever.

What's happening in Canada will not stay in Canada. What's happening in Russia will not stay in Russia. What's happening in Czechia, The UK, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, New York Kindergartens will not stay there. Tyranny may have arrived with a bioweapon wrapped in a pandemic PR campaign and the pretense of a deadly threat, but it's quickly mutating in virulence with a manufactured war designed to massage our lizard brains and pull our heart strings.

In order for tyranny to gain a permanent foothold across the west with future Silent War fronts against humanity, it will require total control over information so that events can be framed through manufactured narratives. Right now there are far too many leaks for the truth to escape and expose and undermine those prepared narratives. For tyranny to maneuver freely under benevolent disguises of safety and security it must have the consent of the people, which can only be artificially manufactured with lies and propaganda that are unvarnished by truth.

Our present digital model is one of social and civilizational rot which is why using the term 'social media' is a fallacy that should be substituted with 'attention networks'. The organizing principals of our digital model of monopolized attentions networks is one that shadow governments and intel agencies adore and finance and partner with for new normal fascistic capitalism's mass surveillance and censorship circus. The capitalism side of that equation no longer matters in a future of great resets and great narratives created by the gatekeepers of 'shareholder capitalism', a controlled and engineered future of centralized technocratic power that must destroy the old models.

For years scholars have separated online mass surveillance from censorship, often ignoring the latter altogether. The two are linked. You cannot have censorship without first having mass surveillance in order to know what is forbidden, even if determined by artificial intelligence programmed by humans with little intelligence on the consequences of censorship. The role of official state censors has always been pervasive in the post printing press world to keep out information and ideas that were a threat to whatever centralized powers controlled the censors. We have only existed in a world without official censors for a very brief time, and were naïve to think given the structure of information creation and consumption today that it could last much longer. In fact, you could say it no longer exists at all. The official censors are back. Their resurrection happened in the algorithmic shadows, at first quietly, but now in a torrid rush playing out for all to see, or not see if they're allowed to succeed.

A brief trip through time requires we see how we arrived at this present day model of information dissemination and consumption, (how we became targets) by visiting a recent book by George Gilder, Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and Rise of the Blockchain Economy (2018), whose conclusion is going to need some updating given recent events in Russia, Czechia, Austria, Australia, Canada, ah hell I should just write 'the world'.

23 years of preparing for the destruction of liberty across the west. Censorship is good.

Information Systems

Over the course of three centuries Gilder traces the concept of 'system of the world'; a set of ideas that "...pervade a society's technology and institutions and inform its civilization. A system of the world necessarily combines science and commerce, religion and philosophy, economics and epistemology." For nearly a millennia there was no system aside from ideas rooted in religion and superstition. The first 'system' with roots in today's 'information system' can be observed in 17th century Newtonian discoveries.

Newtonian System

  1. Newtonian physics: rooted in calculus; made the physical world measurable and predictable
  2. Gold standard of money: rooted in scarcity and stability of a finite resource; made economic trade measurable and predictable

Measurable and predictable – these two attributes provided a foundation upon which scientific thought and technological progress blossomed. While the economic stability fostered trustworthy commerce for the global British empire for the next two centuries, including vast capital expansion of the industrial revolution.

Information Theory

By the late 19th and early 20th centuries the Newtonian system of 'measurable and stable' (One universe, One money, One God) was in rapid decline. Creative mathematics displaced deterministic mathematics. Godel's (1931) refutation of deterministic logic and mathematics – led to Turing's (1936) universal computing architecture which showed that computers relied on oracles to 'inform their processes' or give them instructions and judge their outputs – which led to Shannon's (1948) information theory of mathematics which altered and advanced more than two dozen scientific fields and is manifested in today's 'system of the world' represented by Google.

Google's System (Big Data)

"The idea of big data is that the previous slow, clumsy, step-by-step search for knowledge by human brains can be replaced if two conditions are met: All the data in the world can be compiled in a single "place," and algorithms sufficiently comprehensive to analyze them can be written." Big Data requires human labor – proffered for "free" (thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires) as 'the product' - the wellspring of big data. Humans are 'logic machines' that are merely in service to tune algorithms, that tune humans in return, a self-referential loop that resembles a confined technological determinism. The promise of artificial intelligence informing the algorithms will liberate humans from their own deficiencies by recognizing their future wants and desires before they do. This is sold as a liberating process, as access to a 'frictionless world' for the consumer. Gilder argues that the reality is the exact opposite of liberating as AI engineers reduce the human mind to a 'logical machine' instead of a sensory organism.

Why Gilder thinks it will Fail:

If the path to knowledge is the infinitely fast processing of all data, if the mind-that engine by which we pursue the truth of things-is simply a logic machine, then the combination of algorithm and data can produce one and only one result. Such a vision is not only deterministic but ultimately dictatorial.

While the 'everything free' philosophy that sells this system to the people is simply a ruse that masks the hidden costs they pay… "the zero price, is apparently its most benign. Yet it will prove to be not only its most pernicious principle but the fatal flaw that dooms Google itself."

Trans formative declarations contain implicit assumptions that are rendered collective truths through coercive acceptance or submission. Shoshana Zuboff argues in her book The Age of Surveillance Capitalism that declarations are "...inherently invasive because they impose new facts on the social world while their declarers devise ways to get others to agree to those facts." She argues the inauguration of Surveillance Capitalism ushered in a "new reality" through Google's alarming declarations that defined our new age as "an age of conquest".

Google's Six Declarations

  1. We claim human experience as raw material free for the taking. On the basis of this claim, we can ignore considerations of individuals' rights, interests, awareness, or comprehension.
  2. On the basis of our claim, we assert the right to take an individual's experience for translation into behavioral data.
  3. Our right to take, based on our claim of free raw material, confers the right to own the behavioral data derived from human experience.
  4. Our rights to take and to own confer the right to know what the data disclose.
  5. Our rights to take, to own, and to know confer the right to decide how we use our knowledge.
  6. Our rights to take, to own, to know, and to decide confer our rights to the conditions that preserve our rights to take, to own, to know, and to decide.

"Human experience as raw material free for the taking."

We can clearly see now the purpose of the Internet, whatever it may have been before it was hijacked by central planners, has now become one of manipulation and control of people.

You may have seen this quote in satirical Good Citizen pieces on Borgs:

"The purpose of the Internet was not to liberate information for society, but to isolate individuals into controlled information monopolies so their ideas, behaviors and beliefs could be easily weaponized for the aims of a global technocracy." - T. Goode Charley

For the record this is a pseudonym for The Good Citizen and will be the Authors name of the collection of Good Citizen essays published later this year.

What kind of asshole quotes himself through a pseudonym?


Google Search as Inverse Panopticon. See "Here Lies Google Search" for the full Good Citizen post from December.

Herding Systems

We are quickly moving to a new system and it's not what Gilder predicted in blockchain and decentralized networks. The rise of a handful of monopolies to herd the masses into controlled information systems for attention labor extraction and psychological operations is overwhelming…

At the core of this information hijacking is the ultimate technocratic weapon in Google Search, an abstract tool with intentionally obscure engineering, where billions of people are deliberately herded daily for reinforced manipulation and control. It is such a powerful tool of deception on a global scale, nothing has ever come close to the level of damage it can wield against humanity in the wrong hands, rendering entire populations walking, swiping "truth machines" and "reality affirmers" in its service. Their human experiences "raw material" for "the taking".

This is the paradigm that has given us Google and Facebook and Twitter where you and your mind are the target for control: mass censorship, mass surveillance, Corporate-State collusion to rig content online to sway elections, manipulate behavior and turn the west into the stinking, keeled over shit house it has become. If you haven't connected these digital tyrannies to the totalitarian subjugation in progress across the west you're missing the bigger picture. If think mass formation is even remotely possible without this system, you're deluded.

There are solutions. Substack is different! Substack helps fix this! Substack wants to turn that information distribution shithouse right-side up again and put in a composting toilet and air fresheners and maybe one day we'll move to indoor plumbing again. There is no censorship here, yet. Nobody is trying to manipulate you or control you. The subscription model avoids all that, but it requires some of us get on our knees and help lift that shit house out of the mud.

The deep state goons are coming for the dissenters. The clock may be ticking on Substack faster than we thought because we know it's ticking on all information. How do we know? They've told us. This is state intimidation. These are the spooks yelling "boo!" in the black suits, hiding behind ominous aviators. Management's information mafia will show up at Substack's offices one day soon and make them an offer they can't refuse. (reminder: will be the new home when that day comes)

In the future they're engineering businesses are all expendable. The smaller and more localized, the more expendable they are. Destroying any that stand in the way of that future is a necessary sacrifice toward greater tyrannical ends. Society cannot be corralled and controlled into one ship without fixing these information leaks. As long as the truth has a place to seep out, their ship will scuttle. They've quickly moved from censorship whack-a-mole on each platform to blanket censorship with the help of state actors across the west.

Cyber MOAB

They're organizing their technocratic managers to oversee this next stage in digital narrative management. The Orwellian DNS Abuse Institute (DNSAI) is currently developing a Centralized Abuse Reporting Tool (CART). "Misinformation" will no longer be tolerated at the Domain level. Snitchers will be encouraged to report "harmful content" and "misinformation" to the Klaus Schwab Ministry of Truze.

It's called "abuse reporting" and there is no legal recourse after the accusations are leveled. Any site that goes against management's current will be guilty of "abuse" or "harmful content" or "Russian misinformation" or whatever the threat du jour is when the flick the off switch. Accusations will not require evidence. The EU and Germany (true to form) are way ahead on this, banning and blocking entire websites. It started with sites like Infowars and now all Russian broadcasters are being shut down. The UK has a crazy "Online Safety Bill" in the works that will criminalize wrong-think under the same pretense states always use to smash liberty - safety.

Attention networks have already become balkanized. Political tribes migrate to their preferred echo chambers, now designed to hold and monitor for appropriate "lists". This is the plan. Censor and blacklist to divide the population to divergent platforms where they can be easily monitored and watched and eventually shut down altogether like they did with Parlor. Apple and Google will do their part with their application store monopolies.

And like Substack, Google search alternatives Duck Duck Go and Brave will be considered threat to management as with every new blockchain or decentralized project in the works. Duck Duck Go already submitted to the censorious managers in the noble fight against "misinformation" and it's deadly cousin "Russian disinformation". Everything connected to networks is a threat because it can no longer be managed through a whack-a-mole system where the truth leaks and so they will come for it all soon enough when they come for the Internet itself. They're reaching for the (MOAB) mother of all information bombs in the form of cyber attacks. And of course, they'll have Putin to blame for it.

Brandon Smith of Alt-market recently opined of our globalist social engineers:

They need something that will enrage the American population, specifically conservatives. They need a crisis of epic proportions to lure us into an emotional response and the abandonment of logic. They also need a scapegoat disaster that they can use to lay the blame for the impending economic crisis. I predict this event will come in the form of a large scale cyber-attack, and the escalation of events suggests to me that they will try to implement such an attack in the near term. Perhaps within the next couple of months and certainly before the year is over. This is not about Russia. It's not about Ukraine. The real war is between free peoples and the globalists.

Klaus Schwab has openly said there will be massive cyber attacks. By now we should know when the bath haus bond villains speaks, it's probably going to happen. Biden has confirmed that Russia will take the blame even if the attack is a false flag from the U.S. shadow government.

When the cyber attacks start they will be in pieces. A little black out here, another one over there. They will be regional, then national, then global. They have been rehearsing for years with "down detectors" tripping in regional places. They can easily shut down gTLDs - generic top level domains like .com, .net, all the way down through the top 50. They will point the finger at Putin each time. In order for any one site to be resuscitated into their new DNSAI controlled network, a site will need to pass the Ministry of Truth's propaganda test. There will be no exceptions made for information dissidents who do not eagerly embrace official narratives.

What to do?

Unfortunately this question should have been asked a decade ago and all resources not tied to government venture capital programs, the ones that funded Facebook and Google, should have been answering the call. People thought they were with blockchain and "decentralized networks" however those can all be captured and demolished by governments, if not through legal means then market destruction. There is promise in blockchain for currencies to counter central bank tyranny, but does not solve the issues of privacy and autonomy.

The entire system needs to be abandoned for something completely resistant to bad actors and central powers and built from the bottom out, with the people building it upwards.

If any Good Citizens out there have $80 million under their mattress, it's time to build a new Internet called Parallel. An entire new network powered by a different protocol that is not interchangeable with the legacy networks controlled by states and monopolies we call the Internet. It can't be a decentralized version that runs on the same fuel. States can shut those down via their DNS providers, cyber attacks and legislation. It must be created with new digital DNA, completely original and outside any realm of manipulation or control but with privacy at the core of its philosophical architecture. The people could power Parallel from home and earn money doing it. Think of it as an underground resistance printing press during the last world war, instead of being stationed in various French village basements, it is spread throughout the globe.

The only way to kill it would be to shut down electricity to every home on the planet. Millions around the world could setup computers or server stations and instead of mining tokens they'd be powering information for others, a far more tangible and valuable use of power and energy. It can be done using a new consensus mechanism called Proof of Network Value. Bitcoin uses Proof of Work, others use Proof of Stake. This Good Citizen has been tinkering with the concept of PONV for three years. It would be a new system beyond the reach of any state actors or their global managers.

The tyranny will only get worse until we actively innovate back toward liberty. It's time to liberate the people from the propaganda, lies and social manipulation of these goons which has caused untold suffering in the past two years alone. It would start slowly like a single saloon town in the old west, but build up quickly as millions and millions of more people get tired of the gaslighting and censorship and corporate-state abuse and control. When the Internet is a single square room with white walls and no escape, the asylees will get restless and scratch and claw their way out. They will get hungry for the truth and immediately go where they see it flourish, inevitably attracted to its powerful force, because the truth is a magnet.

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