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Report, Russian Federation FSB and SVR, CIA 'Edward Snowden' Fraud

Below is part one of a report at the Moscow offices of Russia's SVR and FSB intelligence / security agencies, on the ongoing fraud of CIA agent Edward Snowden and his CIA-tied media such as Glenn Greenwald, UK Guardian, NY Times etc

This report at the government of the Russian Federation, references several other documents relevant for understanding and evidencing the CIA fraud of 'Snowden' - links to these documents are as follows:

(1) 'EU police report on CIA Wikipedia fraud'

olice report at EU national police agencies, extensively discussing CIA-Wikipedia-Google media control crimes, of which the CIA-Snowden fraud is part. (Also Wikipedia EU fundraising fraud, and '20 Major Techniques of Wikipedia deception.) Report has significant material re UK police file Pearson plc accused of bribery of 3 American judges - same judges involved with Snowden / Assange, and involving criminal acts by Snowden media - Guardian, NY Times - media who fully support internet censorship of a genuine US dissident, while promoting CIA "Operation Snowden"

CIA Wikipedia fraud EU police file can be found here:

or here:

(2) Google Inc CIA-tied censorship of a genuine dissident from the US (contrasted with CIA-tied media promoting CIA agent Snowden)

Live screenshot photo as Google admits it is censoring dozens of websites from search results, supporting what UK police file describes as Pearson plc bribery of 3 US judges, Google assisting to defame, censor and destroy major critic of US court corruption, Harvard classmate of US leaders:

(3) Correspondence with Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, relayed through Snowden's lawyers Anatoly Kucherena (Moscow) and Plato Cacheris (Washington DC), and the Ecuador Embassy in London

Document was a "test" of both Snowden and Assange, helping provide final proof both Snowden and Assange are active CIA agents and frauds.

On surface level, the document offers tools necessary for Snowden to become free to travel internationally, and for Assange to be free from his situation in London's Ecuadorean Embassy. Both Snowden and Assange refused the assistance, and instead escalated lying praise for their CIA media partners, despite clearly knowing their Guardian & NY Times were helping to defame, censor and murder real US dissidents

Snowden / Assange correspondence found here:

or here:

Report, Russian Federation FSB and SVR, CIA 'Edward Snowden' Fraud

Alexandre Vasilyevich Bortnikov, Director, FSB, Moscow

Mikhail Yefimovich Fradkov, Director, SVR, Moscow

via care of His Excellency Alexandre Alexandrovitch Romanov

Ambassador of the Federation of Russia to the Kingdom of Belgium Avenue De Fré 66, B-1180, Uccle, Belgium

Report Confirming Active Current CIA Status of American agent Edward Snowden:

-- Snowden-CIA criminal acts on Russian territory, to promote CIA-tied media;

-- Snowden role in CIA-Nato terror, killing Ukrainian and Russian-speaking citizens;

-- Snowden lying to Russian authorities per CIA agenda, at time of entry into Russia;

-- Snowden-CIA 'Operation Fake Dissident' threatening Russian-EU security, Russia-Europe relations, world stability, and genuine dissidents from USA-Nato countries

Your Excellency Ambassador Romanov, Director Bortnikov, and Director Fradkov,

With this report, I present to you regrettable but important full confirmation, that American claimed 'political refugee' Edward Snowden, generously given haven in Russia, remains a currently active CIA operative, who criminally lied at time of his entry into Russia, in order to use Russia as a platform for supporting CIA-tied media - media who are helping to kill Ukrainian and Russian-speaking citizens; to accomplish CIA war and terrorism activities; and support CIA's programme of dominating internet content.

By his support for lying, murdering CIA media, Edward Snowden is helping kill in Ukraine, and to damage the naturally good relations that should exist between Russia and Central and Western Europe. Against his own people, Snowden is helping to silence and kill genuine US dissidents and honest US officials, and to crush USA's internal reformist 'Liberty Movement'. Exposing the CIA media lies in 'Operation Fake Dissident Snowden', will help show Europe and the world that they, too, are victims of CIA media hoaxes.

We know now that 'Edward Snowden' is another fraud of CIA-Nato, with at least 10 CIA objectives - listed below - furthered via Snowden's lying praise for CIA media who falsely pose as 'brave Snowden journalists'. We know now that Snowden never 'stole' any documents, that his Hong Kong episode was theatre to mask how 'Snowden journalists' are fed data directly by CIA. Updating the Goebbels-Nazi 'partial truth' trick, CIA media play a seductive but deceptive 'bad NSA' farce, to globally promote lies by CIA 'Snowden journalist' media, setting the stage for the putsch and murders in Ukraine.

As we see, it was thus the CIA itself, via fake 'Snowden journalists', who directly sought to intimidate, embarrass and humiliate Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, with CIA-directed 'NSA surveillance' media, while pressuring her to support Ukraine blood-spilling, and refusing to return Germany's gold, likely sold in order to postpone US dollar collapse.

Of course Russian security suspected CIA deception from the beginning, given that Snowden's arrival in Russia was trumpeted by leading CIA media, promoting and praising Snowden, which never happens with any real US dissident; along with multiple other indications Snowden was a fraud. The CIA media promoting Snowden - Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post - are the same media aggressively promoting US-Nato lies, terrorist acts and war crimes in Syria, in Ukraine, and many other places. It is laughable that these regularly lying, murdering, blood-spilling CIA media, temporarily had a flash of honesty with their heavily-promoted 'Snowden revelations', which as Russian officials have publicly noted, are really nothing new, aside from media hype and details.

Snowden's CIA fraud attempts to achieve multiple CIA objectives (list below). 'Operation Fake Dissident Snowden' was essential support for US terrorist murders and conflict-stoking in Ukraine, distracting the global public, and seeking to legitimise older lying CIA media (Guardian, NY Times, Wash. Post), and helping create new, lying CIA media - Glenn Greenwald's 'FirstLook' company, directly funded by one of the CIA billionaire paymasters of Ukraine death and chaos.

Along with promoting the lying CIA media, and other purposes including helping to destroy and kill genuine US dissidents, 'Operation Snowden' is also a process of global intimidation and terrorisation - rather like Hitler in Mein Kampf, the devil saying what he is doing.

It showed the great strength of the Russian Federation, allowing Snowden to stay in Russia, despite seeing he is a major security threat to the Russian state. There were indeed benefits to Russia, Europe and the world, by allowing this CIA 'Operation Fake Dissident' to run its course for a while, this evil game starring the CIA agent, liar and actor Edward Snowden, this tragic betrayer of the trust of tens of millions of people.

It was amusing recently that Russia's great President Putin, spoke with Snowden to his face, before Snowden is due for a round of intense questioning about his lies and criminal activity. We saw Snowden's smirking 'duping delight', the giveaway facial signs of a liar, believing he is successfully deceiving all of his listeners.

Snowden and his CIA directors have been laughing, congratulating themselves on what they imagined has been successful penetration of the Russian government, using Russia as a stage to promote CIA media and murderers, the so-called 'brave Snowden journalists'. But with our recent test and demonstration, in which Snowden and Assange proved themselves, beyond any doubt, to be classic CIA devious liars, the time is now ripe for that CIA laughter to turn to humiliation - and to save human lives, in Ukraine and around the world, by exposing this CIA-led global media fraud.

In recent weeks, as a result of our test of them, we have seen the ice-cold, murdering nature of both Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Snowden and Assange do not care at all that their media partners have helped murder innocent people, are helping to spill innocent blood now, are helping to silence and destroy real US dissidents who are not CIA agents like them. Instead, Snowden and Assange intensified their praise for their CIA partners involved in truly disgusting crimes, as if more lying from fake 'famous heroes' like themselves will make the truth evaporate.

The Snowden web of lies is rapidly unravelling, and we see the US regime already planting media about a 'deal' to 'bring Snowden home' to his fellow CIA agents, and the US may desperately accelerate these efforts as this report is published. The gentle 'deal' talk, itself confirms Snowden's CIA status, by contrast to the way the USA murders and destroys lives of real dissidents. Hopefully, when the criminal Snowden is released back to his US masters, it will be in trade for something of appropriate value from the US, and after thorough questioning by Russian security services, with Snowden pondering the long Russian prison sentence he deserves for helping spill Slavic blood.

Perhaps this CIA agent, actor and liar Snowden, will himself consider admitting the whole lying nature of his criminal scheme with his CIA media team, in preference to many years in a Russian prison. Before Snowden is released back to the US and CIA, the world will be a much better place if 'Operation Fake Dissident Snowden', is thoroughly exposed and publicised, so that these CIA media tricks fuelling the US war and murder machine, will never again have the same blood-spilling power as they have in this recent period.

As Russia has seen from the beginning, there have been certain good effects from letting the CIA liar Snowden and his crew play out this game for a time. Among those good effects are increased world respect for Russia, for giving shelter to this person claiming to be a US dissident - something especially meaningful to me, given that I am a genuine political refugee from the US, and not a CIA-media-promoted faker like Mr Snowden.

It is understood that the handling and possible Russian criminal prosecution of Snowden, needs to be handled methodically and in light of many international considerations. Although Snowden is an evil man helping spill Slavic blood and kill people here in Europe, as well as inside his home country, it will certainly not do, to treat Snowden with the same coarse brutality as Snowden's friends - his lying CIA-tied 'journalists' and their government - have been treating me.

The truth needs its best time and place for presentation, so that those hearing the truth and in need of it, can realise what indeed is true, and how badly the evil ones have lied to them.

But it is perhaps at least now time to promptly warn Mr Snowden, that he must immediately stop spreading his smirking lies for his CIA media partners, who have helped to spill Slavic blood in the Ukraine these past few weeks. And that he will not be able to return to his CIA friends until he provides a full account of his lies and actions.

As Russia knows, I am a Harvard classmate of many of the top leaders of the United States of America, knowing quite well top advisors of US Presidents Obama and Bush, and I became one of the most highly educated citizens of the US Empire. Working briefly in the US Justice ministry, I walked away from many chances to become a top US figure, and instead sought to help common people, becoming an expert author on US systems of corruption. I became nationally known in US media, until friends of the Bushes and Clintons moved to destroy me. And as Russia knows, I barely escaped out of America alive, with many files on US crimes, to my EU refuge in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Russia knows how in Europe I became a leading global journalist on the topics most feared and forbidden by the US government - the CIA's efforts to dominate and crush truth on the internet; but above all, US judicial corruption and bribery, how the US no longer has any independent courts. US courts are not at all like in Hollywood movies, but instead a terrorist machine for raping, defrauding and mass-jailing the US citizenry, and for threatening and defrauding individuals and companies from all other nations.

The US regime began to obsessively fear my journalism, as I warned Europeans of the dangers of America, as I corresponded and gave comfort to many thousands of US legal system victims, and as I helped Americans see how their own government was a murderous threat to them.

When the myth of 'US courts' collapses, so does the support of US citizens for their cruel regime. The realisation that US courts are fake, is even more unsettling to US citizens, than learning that 11 Sep 2001 was a mass murder of US citizens by the US government - another topic that the Edward Snowden CIA 'team' seeks to crush and silence.

As Russia knows, my journalism became such a threat to the US regime, that the US government, the CIA media and organisations including CIA-Google, and the US bribe-taking judges, joined in the criminal campaign to erase all my websites from web searches, while tens of thousands of words of lies about me have been spread on the internet by CIA-tied media, and while CIA-Google blocks me from replying - this illegal blockage, in violation of EU laws, a major subject matter in upcoming EU court cases.

With my credentials and documentation, and files from thousands of US victims who shared their stories and documents with me, I am proof that President Obama, his Justice minister Eric Holder, and US Senator John McCain, are all lying to the world about US 'protections of law' and 'US courts'. Their criminality is only hidden because of CIA media controls and CIA-Google censorship, targeting me with full CIA obsession.

By God-given coincidence, the terrorist acts against me, involve the same group of US high federal judges who would be the ones who would put CIA poseurs and fakers Edward Snowden and Julian Assange on trial - if they were legitimate and not CIA agents!

Moreover, leading the CIA media companies who took bribes to print false and libellous information about me, companies who support censoring all my journalism and banning me, companies working to have me dead, are the very same 'award-winning brave Snowden journalists', the CIA's New York Times and the CIA's Guardian, praised to high heaven by fellow CIA liar, their partner Glenn Greenwald.

Another CIA-Snowden connection made clear via the attacks on me, is the CIA-tied fake American 'civil liberties organisation', the CIA-tied ACLU or 'American Civil Liberties Union', posing as a group helping Americans while actually working to jail them, silence them and kill them. The ACLU gives key support to America's system of court and judge bribery, while helping defraud the world and conduct CIA extortion-murder operations.

One feels awe at how God plans things, that with all the CIA-backed efforts to destroy and censor and 'erase' me, this now gives me the very special position, of being able to now uniquely serve Russia and Europe, and help save many lives, by assisting the complete, devastating exposure of the CIA 'Operation Fake Dissident Snowden' fraud.

The public cracking of the CIA-Snowden deception, will do much good for the world, helping all Europe to see how they are continual targets of CIA lying via CIA media, in Ukraine, in the Middle East, as much as in 'Operation Fake Dissident Snowden'.

Exposure of the CIA fraud with Snowden, his CIA media, and the child-violating American gangsters they support, will also be a great help for suffering Americans under deadly threat in their 'Liberty movement', as genuinely brave Americans try to revive their human rights and freedoms, and dis-assemble the US war machine. As much as with the ongoing exposure of frauds concerning 11 Sep. 2001, the exposure of 'CIA Operation Fake Dissident Snowden' will help ensure that Americans never again trust their CIA media smothering the truth, or CIA-presented fake 'heroes' like Snowden / Greenwald.

It is noteworthy that this lying, murdering gang of award-receiving 'Snowden journalists', as Edward Snowden himself well knows, are quite proven to be CIA assets involved in silencing, banning and murdering real journalists and activists, while supporting 'press freedom' for their fellow CIA hoaxer and fraudster, Edward Snowden.

It is tragic that this CIA journalist gang, pimped and promoted by liars Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald and Julian Assange, are involved in the sickest and most psychopathic crimes. They are helping to spill blood in Ukraine, killing Ukrainians and Russian-speakers. They are helping to murder US dissidents, and assassinate honest public officials inside America. They support truly sick and psychopathic pleasures for their backers, including the jailing of innocent people for amusement, and violation of the bodies of children.

Ironically, as I told Edward Snowden himself, there is risk to him when he is allowed back to join his CIA colleagues, precisely because he is a CIA fraud - the US will be greatly tempted to arrange some 'accident' with him, precisely because he knows far too much about the CIA's 'Operation Fake Dissident Snowden'. Snowden should contemplate the many quickly-dead US soldiers who had allegedly 'killed bin Laden' - those eager to serve the US can be killed for knowing too much, quite as much as a US critic or dissident.

As Russia knows, I am a fellow Slav, a citizen of Poland via my Polish-born mother, my ancestors including Polish intellectuals, unitarian Protestants of the 1500s. Under Vatican suppression of Protestants, some of my Polish ancestors chose to become Jewish rather than Roman Catholic, and that partly-Jewish heritage is a factor in neo-Nazi-fetish attacks on me by US criminals, eager to locate 'Jews' who appear vulnerable (e.g., Christian Jews) - just like the neo-Nazis receiving US funding today in Ukraine.

My mother survived the 1940s because of her family's return to Christianity, but was greatly traumatised by the war, as many Russians would understand. Seeing my mother's suffering gave me a strong anti-fascist character, leading me to be a US dissident helping common people, instead of joining my Harvard classmates who spread lies, make wars, torture and kill innocent people, and deceive and defraud the world.

Like many Slavs and Russians I am a person of spirituality. With world history now at a turning point, as the US empire loses its imperial dominance, it is a profound moment for Russia, whose principled actions on the international scene are giving so much hope to people around the world, and even inside the USA. Many of us in the West, of course, see through the American campaign of lies against Russia. The CIA-Snowden fraud is a major part of that game of lies, a game which in the end must fail, and it is my privilege now to help defeat the US machine of murdering propaganda.

Russia's actions make me proud to be a Slav. As a Polish citizen, I am sorry that Poland has a government so foolishly supporting the US machine of war and de-stabilisation in Europe. May God grant Poland fresh leaders, who will see the wisdom of Poland having good relations with Russia, and who will respect Russia's brave and admirable actions for a better world.

Because this report will be read by a great many people outside of Russia, I will recount below many aspects of the Snowden-Greenwald CIA fraud scheme, and America's CIA operations, which are already well-known to the Russian security services.

In any case this report will serve as a useful summary, of the core enabler of US-Nato terrorist and war-making activity, funded by many tens of billions of CIA-backed dollars: The CIA's propaganda, media, and internet content control programmes, whom CIA agent, liar and hoax Edward Snowden has been so desperately seeking to support, with his long CIA operation of lying from inside Russia.

At the heart of these CIA media efforts pushed by the CIA agent and liar Snowden, heavily afflicting most citizens inside Nato countries, is the fact that CIA-Google is smothering dissident news, facts and websites under 5 levels of CIA propaganda and hoaxes. The CIA's Google, along with outright censoring truth and aggressively publishing and promoting lies, is halfway achieving a kind of 'media hypnosis' of the Western public, which is very difficult to combat unless it is exposed and understood.

Material below is organised under the following headings:

A. Psychology supporting CIA-Snowden fraud

1. Snowden-CIA fraud so 'red flag' obvious even Western schoolchildren laugh over it; US joy in false words and deception; the US judge-lawyer bribery mafia and the US elite

2. World and US citizens desperately desire heroes who oppose US regime crimes, creating blindness to what are obvious CIA-Snowden lies

3. NSA 'revelations' of liar-poseur Snowden, were chosen because (a) not really new (b) superficially fascinating, adding lustre to CIA media (c) mass-media exposure does not inhibit surveillance, and adds terror to those aware of it, adding to CIA-NSA success

4. Lying propaganda games are desperately needed to cover criminal US actions, a sign of failing US power

5. US 'Deep State' - Murder of honest US public officials; bribery, intimidation and killing of US judges; murder and silencing of US journalists and dissidents

B. CIA media control, US quest for global propaganda dominance

6. Private sector US media more tightly controlled than state media - censorship and menace via Deep State 'shadow government' extortion

7. CIA-Google system of internet content control with CIA-Wikipedia, crushing truth and dissident websites by 5 levels of CIA management, CIA lies, and CIA censorship above them, creating a CIA rubbish internet controlled by the USA:

The CIA-Google media control tree, suffocating truth if not censoring altogether:

Level 1 - CIA-Google - censoring and managing search results on a CIA programme

Level 2 - CIA-Wikipedia ("Every dumbf-ck in the world believes Wikipedia") - artificially pumped by CIA Google to top of search results, a 'Trojan horse' for inserting CIA lies and rubbish - see the EU police report on Wikipedia fundraising fraud:

Level 3 - CIA-Wikipedia multiple clone sites (e.g.,, Google filling up search results with duplicates of CIA-Wiki-rubbish, while deleting and downgrading truth

Level 4 - CIA-tied 'private sector' media (e.g., New York Times, Guardian, Washington Post), lying media given temporary new lustre by CIA 'Operation Snowden'

Level 5 - CIA-media fake 'dissident' news sites in continual creation, such as 'First Look - The Intercept' by Snowden liar - pumper Glenn Greenwald, sites of 'controlled opposition' helping to bury the truth, and to trap, destroy, kill and de-legitimise real dissidents

Level 6 - Finally some truth, but some dissident sites altogether erased and censored from Google search, others effectively crushed and smothered by 5 levels of CIA-tied websites spreading lies above them

C. Evidencing the Snowden CIA fraud

8. Bribery of 3 US judges and terrorist acts by UK's Pearson plc company, in UK police files as well as US Justice files - with leading criminal involvement by the CIA gang of 'Snowden journalists' and Snowden lawyers

9. Edward Snowden and the mass murder of US citizens (11 Sep. 2001)

10. Ten Objectives of CIA 'Operation Fake Dissident' Snowden and Assange - What the CIA sought to accomplish, planting Edward Snowden in Russia, and Julian Assange in Ecuador's Embassy -

The 10 goals of CIA 'Operation Fake Dissident' (Edward Snowden - Julian Assange):

-- (1) Refresh credibility for morally bankrupt, lying, CIA-tied Anglo media, supporting terrorist acts and murder and working for US billionaires - CIA 'Operation Mockingbird' New York Times and Washington Post, bribe-taking Rothschild-supervised UK Guardian, and Guardian-CIA spinoff Glenn Greenwald.

-- (2) Create false global impression that USA / UK / Nato still benefits from 'free media', the Snowden - Assange stories helping promote lying 'fake news' to further international terrorist acts and war crimes, by the CIA-tied Snowden-Assange media (e.g., lying Guardian stories supporting US-backed crimes in Syria)

-- (3) Helping identify and destroy genuine US / UK / Nato leakers, duping them into trusting fake 'brave reporters' for Snowden (CIA-backed Greenwald, Guardian, NYT), then these media help CIA to silence, destroy, extort, kill any real whistleblowers - leakers - dissidents.

-- (4) Increase global fear, terror and yet also acceptance, of the US - Nato surveillance and 'Big Brother' apparatus, intimidating even US allies such as Germany - the CIA calculated that publishing 'NSA revelations' will not stop their continuing, given (1) Submissive US allies (2) Continuing surveillance more secretly while denying it (3) US broken judicial / political system - parallel to how decades of 'revelation' of US torture practices never stop US torturing.

-- (5) Encourage all other governments of the world - embarrassed by CIA-filtered and CIA-sponsored 'Wikileaks', selected to embarrass other countries more than the US - to quietly support internet censorship and control, in order to avoid similar embarrassment to government officials in the future.

-- (6) Sideline, marginalise and effectively dis-credit any real US or Nato dissident or leaker, and their revelations, because they do not achieve Snowden-style media prominence or coverage by famous 'Snowden journalists' - similar to how the corrupt US ACLU, fake 'civil liberties' group, sidelines genuine critics and tens of thousands of victims of US court corruption, because 'famous' ACLU does not support them.

-- (7) Advance CIA side of old CIA-NSA territory dispute in US government, in favour of CIA more traditionally allied with US wealthy ruling families; achieving goal of limiting NSA powers, which had become felt as a general threat (blackmail) and even financial threat (insider trading) to US leading families.

-- (8) Prepare ground for new international Western regime by US oligarchs, after upcoming inevitable collapse of US 'petro-dollar' and economy, by which US families will seek to maintain Western power even after US government bankruptcy - channelling scorn of USA into new media-hyped 'international bodies', who will 'supervise' a 'fix' for 'NSA abuses' and other CIA-promoted 'problems', and of course promoted by the famous 'Snowden journalists'

-- (9) Distract honest, caring people throughout the Western world, with their fake CIA-supplied 'heroes', from seeing the CIA-dominated Western reality, including the fact that the CIA is imposing media content control in the Western world via CIA-Google censorship of search results, and CIA-Wikipedia spreading lies at top of search results

EU police file, fundraising fraud of CIA-Wikipedia:

-- (10) Penetrate security and intelligence agencies in Russia, Ecuador and other countries, and manipulate countries who are independent of the US, into supplying a platform by which CIA liars like Snowden and Assange, can promote CIA media and further US acts of terrorism, war-mongering and murder.

(Continuing now with numbers 11-20 of the list of report headings - )

11. Recent test of Snowden and Assange, both proving themselves as CIA assets, foolishly escalating lies for their CIA media and organisation partners

D. Edward Snowden (and Julian Assange) CIA lying team - CIA fake 'brave journalists' and CIA-tied 'lawyers' and 'civil liberties group' hoaxers

12. Fake Snowden CV and 'document theft' story

13. Snowden Hong Kong farce, fake 'handover' to Glenn Greenwald and CIA journalist team, actually fed documents directly by US government

14. US long history of fake 'brave journalists', intel agent Bob Woodward and 'Watergate' scam, CIA-US military 'Silent Coup' of Nixon

15. CIA-tied fake 'brave journalist' Bart Gellman, mentored by previous generation CIA fake 'brave journalist' Woodward at Washington Post

16. CIA-tied lying, murdering, bribe-taking New York Times, supporting banning of speech, censoring, defaming and murdering real dissidents

17. CIA-tied lying, murdering, bribe-taking UK Guardian, known to UK police as most corrupt media in Britain, guilty of obstruction of justice crimes; Guardian supporting banning of speech, censoring, defaming and murdering real dissidents

18. CIA-tied Glenn Greenwald, working in a row for families of three billionaires, quickly receiving tens of millions of CIA-backed funds, tied to Omidyar who helped back US operations spilling innocent blood in Ukraine, supporting his murdering CIA friends

19. UK government partners of CIA, foolish tricks to support CIA-Guardian and CIA-Greenwald, laughably fake 'attacks' physically smashing Guardian computers (haha!), staged harassment of Greenwald's homosexual 'husband'

20. US CIA-tied fake 'civil liberties' organisation, ACLU, supporting lies of Snowden and CIA media, while taking part in silencing and helping murder real dissidents, crushing truth about key US regime crimes, US judicial bribery and corruption, 11 Sep. 2001; CIA-tied Snowden lawyer Plato Cacheris, involved in CIA projects for decades including 2 CIA attacks on US Presidents, now 'negotiating' for Snowden to return to his CIA friends

Now, detail on the above 20 headings

A. Psychology supporting CIA-Snowden fraud

1. Snowden-CIA fraud so 'red flag' obvious even Western schoolchildren laugh over it; US joy in false words and deception; the US judge-lawyer bribery mafia and the US elite

CIA agent Snowden was a fraud from the beginning, as many observers were quick to suspect, not only in Russia's security services, but in the West as well, among the community of genuine dissidents, and for example among savvy observers on financial websites frequented by Western investors, where numerous commenters quickly called 'bullsh-t' on the package of lies from Edward Snowden and his 'journalists' receiving millions of CIA-backed dollars.

Numerous 'red flags' immediately flew up from the Snowden drama trumpeted by CIA media, such as Snowden's connection to the family of the US government's most senior CIA advisor, leading architect of schemes against Russia Zbigniew Brzezinski. Zbigniew's son Ian was co-worker of Snowden at his CIA-NSA company, Booz Allen, and Zbigniew's daughter Mika, US regime CIA-tied 'journalist', was an early promoter of his 'story'.

Red flags multiplied with the CIA and US regime instantly approving fast-track book etc deals for CIA liar Glenn Greenwald, his biggest prize being US $50 million (!) from US billionaire Pierre Omidyar, who helped fund CIA's Ukraine programme spilling so much innocent blood. Greenwald and Omidyar laugh with their Judas-blood-money, posing as 'owners' of 'US stolen espionage documents', romping freely with their wealth on US territory, un-molested by US 'Justice'. Everyone familiar with US government, knows they would be under massive legal attack, confiscations and 'sanctions' if they were not CIA.

Perhaps the most laughably blatant of the CIA-tied lies in the Snowden story, were supplied by the CIA's partners in UK government, with their video and story of physically smashing computer hardware of the CIA-tied UK Guardian newspaper, an absurd farce which the CIA's Snowden gang pretended was 'attack on Snowden journalism'.

Even schoolchildren laughed about the blatant fraud of this - today's young schoolboys and schoolgirls often well understand the idea of 'back-up' data, safely held offshore and accessible via the internet. UK police know the Guardian is actually the most corrupt British newspaper (Pearson plc bribing Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger) - so the Guardian and CIA partners in the UK were desperate to create this farce.

Why would the CIA and US regime risk such blatantly obvious lying fraud? Part of the answer is that there is a deep American love for media deception, as a method of power over other human beings. The power of deceiving and manipulating minds, is something American leaders enjoy as much as regime change, economic fraud, and military domination. By observing victims who appear to believe their lies, Americans feel a euphoric 'power high', and they enjoy this as much as spilling human blood.

This is connected with a particular flaw of US culture - the US cult of corrupt judges and lawyers who make all crimes 'legal' with words. To the American elite, all murders, torture, molesting of children, war-mongering, any kind of sick psychopathic crime, all become 'legal' via (often secret) approval by a US judge, regardless of whether that judges is bribed, threatened with death, fed perjured testimony, etc. To many Americans, the right 'words', when accepted by a judge or your other audience, make all your criminal acts and spilling of blood 'legal'.

The American cult of judicial corruption - central tool of America's 'Deep State' government mafia - is not well known, because experts on it - like myself - are 'erased' from internet searches, with US judges directly 'ordering' Google to censor evidence and journalism about their crimes. The world is instead deceived and fooled by the image of US courts in Hollywood movies and on Google search results - hiding the grim reality.

The central role of the US judge-lawyer mafia, is the reason over 1 million Americans have become lawyers in what is the developed world's most abusive, corrupt legal system. Though many American lawyers are now unemployed or low-income, they often became lawyers in the first place, because they hoped for at least a junior role in the US courtroom mafia, with a licence to steal the wealth of others.

To the American mind, 'words' are what you use to destroy, rape, rob and kill, and also to hide what you are doing - as happens every day in American courts, all 'legal'. Americans often think all CIA actions, all murders, lies, molesting of children, any thing else, are all 'legal' because some gangster judge in the USA signed a paper saying 'OK'. This is the view of Edward Snowden and his CIA media pumpers, as they lie to Russia and the world about who they are.

This is further coupled with a US narcissistic faith that everyone in the world is deceived by clever American lying, that no one is so clever as American gangster criminals. The US regime, who are close students of Adolf Hitler's Nazis and their techniques, have taken to heart the Hitler-Goebbels theme that big lies can be easier to sell than small ones, given the average person's tendency to doubt such a big lie would even be attempted, and that lies repeated endlessly, on Google and Wikipedia for example, hypnotise everyone.

As one observer accurately wrote, "In American society, dissidents are systematically slandered, libelled, harassed, and villainised. If they become successful, they are murdered" (Stephen DeVoy, 'Break Your Chains'). That is the real nature of the situation for any genuine US dissident - even the previous NSA whistleblowers, NONE of whom got the star treatment from CIA media, as did the CIA agent, liar and faker Snowden.

And now, Edward Snowden himself, his CIA partner Julian Assange, and their CIA partner Glenn Greenwald, are all heaping oily praise on CIA-tied media companies who are murdering Europeans, and helping to slander, censor and kill the real dissidents from their own country. They are praising people whom they all know are involved in the most disgusting crimes, spilling human blood and violating bodies of children. It is crystal clear - Snowden was CIA fraud right from the start.

2. World and US citizens desperately desire heroes who oppose US regime crimes, creating blindness to what are obvious CIA-Snowden lies

As for the millions deceived by Snowden's CIA fraud, we can see among humanity, a great optimism and faith and hope for goodness in people, and a wish to oppose the terrible crimes of USA hegemony. The vulnerability of the world and US public to the CIA-Snowden fraud, is precisely the emotional desire of people to have a popular saviour / hero / leader against the crimes of the US regime, and this desire has been greatly exploited by the CIA in this Edward Snowden fraud.

People so eagerly, emotionally, desperately, want to have a 'hero' who seems to oppose the USA. And, since modern people are creatures heavily influenced by media 'stars' set before them, people want their hero to be an 'international star celebrity', whom they can praise in community with millions of others.

As the CIA correctly calculated, these emotions are so strong, that (a) People could be duped by the CIA's own media tools, as to who was such a 'hero'; and (b) People seduced by a few pretty words from this media-pumped fake 'hero', would then blind themselves to all the data pointing to how the 'hero' was a fake, supporting liars and murderers, quite as Snowden is doing.

People do not notice that Snowden is leading people like sheep, to support CIA media and organisations who are actively helping murder innocent people in Europe and inside the USA. They do not notice that Snowden is fuelling the CIA war machine, that Snowden is helping to silence, censor, slander and murder the real dissidents from America.

Dissident 'Liberty Movement' Americans, are not digesting that CIA-Snowden is leading salesman for a criminal gang trying to crush '9-11 truth', the issue that often wakes up American dissidents in the first place, as Americans feel the shock of learning it was US government mass murder of their own people. With CIA-media-promoted Snowden, people are star-struck by this fake 'hero', so people ignore Snowden's self-incriminating words, as he admits his 'Snowden revelations' are directly managed and approved by the US government itself.

In fact, CIA agent Snowden, speaking in the CIA-media-spotlight, says a few nice words about 'privacy' and the 'US Constitution', but he then quickly shifts to oily, absurd praise for murdering, child-violating, blood-spilling, human-rights-denying criminals, the CIA 'media' given fresh credibility because of the illusions of 'Snowden'.

The core 'mistake' that much of the world has made in the CIA-Snowden fraud, is that of emotionally 'trusting' the CIA-tied media sources, to tell them who is a hero or not. The CIA knows that they can use their mass-media power as a kind of hypnosis, satisfying the emotions, even though the facts do not fit the 'Snowden' illusion.

The clear, tragic, dispassionate truth is, that Edward Snowden is one more fake, lying American fraud , another American CIA deceiver and murderer supporting the sickest and most sociopathic of US regime crimes. But Snowden will perhaps be one of the last American deceptions to deceive the world so broadly.

3. NSA 'revelations' of liar-poseur Snowden, were chosen because (a) not really new (b) superficially fascinating, adding lustre to CIA media (c) mass-media exposure does not inhibit surveillance, and adds terror to those aware of it, adding to CIA-NSA success

As Russia's high officials and many others have commented, there was really little 'new' in Snowden revelations, aside from some details and colour and giving some specific names to known NSA activities. The NSA activities spoken of as 'revealed' by the CIA's criminal gang of fake-brave 'Snowden journalists' like the oily liar Glenn Greenwald, were in fact well-known not only to major national intelligence agencies, but also to most of the readers of the various 'dissident', 'alternative' and 'conspiracy' websites carrying significant material about the crimes of the US empire.

As Russia has well recorded, there were half a dozen and more previous whistleblowers from America's NSA agency, discussing the same material as Snowden, and in fact often exposing this material with a much sharper edge - for example, talking about how every US public official, every national judge, every US Senator or Congress representative, even President Obama himself, is under constant threat of blackmail due to the NSA files on their activities.

But all those previous NSA whistleblowers, were not part of the CIA scheme being currently enacted in 'Operation Fake Dissident' with Edward Snowden. Those previous whistleblowers, without the intense promotion of the CIA media companies, have long languished little-known, with their statements mostly obscured in the archives of 'conspiracy' websites, hidden under Google's 5 levels of internet suppression (cf. below).

To a general public viewing and reading only 'mainstream', i.e., CIA-supported media, the 'Snowden revelations' did appear new, it was the first time they had heard of these activities. To the general public, the revelations were of course, fascinating, interesting and seductive.

The CIA-Snowden fraud was, to a degree, a semi-brilliant scam, even though it is now falling apart. On the surface, it seems anyone talking about these awful NSA activities 'must be genuine' - Few people considered what else Snowden was saying. When he moves out of an extremely narrow channel of CIA-scripted 'NSA revelations', Snowden's agenda is to be a slimy, sleazy salesman for CIA media involved in terrorist acts, murder of innocents, violation of children's bodies, silencing and banning of real dissidents, bribery of US judges, and crushing '9-11 truth' about 11 Sep. 2001.

Even among many people who had previously been aware of the NSA surveillance crimes and activities, it was also seductive, to have major media trumpeting the 'Snowden' story all over the world. Most human beings today, do not easily face or admit to themselves, how they are emotionally seduced or affected by the power of media, even media which they intellectually know to be corrupt and tied to the CIA.

Even for many critics of the US regime and dissidents, the 'Snowden' drama led them to temporarily forget their usual criticism of the media, and to suddenly accept the whole lying story of 'brave Snowden journalists', as if the lying, murdering CIA media had somehow 'found religion' and faith in God and was becoming honest at last. In this way, the 'Snowden revelations' of this CIA 'Operation Fake Dissident', were somewhat brilliantly calculated by the CIA's political psychologists (of whom they have very many).

Although revealing little new that was not already 'public' already (though in much less media-hyped format), these 'Snowden revelations' were thus indeed successfully seductive, not only of a less-educated public, but even of educated US critics who really should know better.

At the same time, another brilliant aspect of choosing 'NSA revelations' for 'Operation Fake Dissident Snowden', is that the media-hyping of these NSA activities, did not and will not result in any significant change in the activities themselves.

The CIA psychologists trying to deceive Russia and the world with 'Snowden', calculated correctly that with America's broken and dysfunctional government system, with its two fake 'political parties' that are really one party; and with America's broken non-independent judiciary, of US national judges who accept bribes and threats or else are shot dead; there will be no material change to NSA activities.

The CIA calculated that 'Snowden revelations' will become another endless, no-change distraction for America's dissident elements, who will also be sidetracked and deceived into increasing trust of the CIA media and groups who are 'supporting Snowden'.

Certain minor, cosmetic adjustments would be made to NSA activities, to placate international partners and to give a fake 'victory' to Operation Snowden, while the same NSA activities can continue, perhaps a little more 'underground' and hidden than before, via secret authorisation by America's executive, and by intimidated / bribed US judges.

The NSA as well, was likely a target for some trimming of its status, given it is a 'newer' agency able to blackmail US political families, and also able to inside-trade and economically affect billions of financial transactions, and thus had become a disturbing element to America's top political families, versus the more traditional CIA which has long been their main vehicle of US 'Deep State' - 'Shadow Government' power. (See below the 10 CIA goals of 'Operation Fake Dissident Snowden').

4. Lying propaganda games are desperately needed to cover criminal US actions, a sign of failing US power

As Russia well knows, and as even many inside the US understand, the US has great vulnerability as a fading empire, at this moment in history when its long-standing control techniques are beginning to fade and collapse.

Part of this vulnerability is that the long-running US financial frauds based on the 'US dollar reserve currency', are coming to an inevitable end in this decade. In the near future the US will be unable to finance its enormous trade deficit with printed-up 'dollars' and US government debt bonds, leading to increased impoverishment for the American people, already broken by the financial demands of the US military.

There is but a short time left where US dollars and US Treasury bonds, are viewed as 'safe haven', as under current illusion. US leaders know the clock is ticking, and there will shortly be a new global trade order, in which the US will need to pay for its imports with something of real, concrete value - not more US debt paper.

In this period of fading US power, the US ruling elites are trying to leverage all their assets - military reach, control of global resource flows, and alliances such as Nato - to maximise their position before the US dollar and Treasury bond crisis occurs.

Partly because of the nature of modern media technology - and partly because of the intensive long-running propaganda operations of the US itself, selling to the world the misleading 'Hollywood movie' image of America, and the CIA-rubbish of Google - the US regime must attempt to cover for its dishonest, aggressive, international-law-violating actions, with a strong dose of media propaganda.

We are now in a situation where, for example, the average European citizen and European business person, is not inclined to accept the official Nato hostility toward Russia. European governments can feel the alienation of their voters to the degree they follow the US positioning. The US framework needs quite heavy propaganda and deception, to maintain some thin reeds of quasi-credibility for itself and its partners.

As US propaganda is exposed as a deceptive fraud, leaders of other countries, even in Nato, become too embarrassed to go along with extremist US positioning. In the last year we have seen a number of US-led lies and frauds exposed, in the situation in Syria, in Ukraine, and in other matters. This exposure has been led by media which are not tied to the CIA and US government - media from non-Nato countries, and media by independent journalists, bloggers and dissidents, who fight to expose the lies, despite US attempts to blanket the internet with false information.

This is where the desperately lying - and now failing - CIA 'Operation Fake Dissident' Snowden comes in, where we see this hoaxer Snowden, and his partners such as Glenn Greenwald, trying to restore some of the lustre to the CIA media programme, even attempting to create a new CIA-backed 'alternative media' to help crush the genuine alternative media who are telling the truth about America.

For 100 years now, the Anglo-US elites have realised the primacy of propaganda, and have eagerly sponsored and funded the best propaganda-management minds they could find. Nazi media master Joseph Goebbels, himself built on what he learned from Anglo countries, and today's America in turn follows Goebbels' inspiration.

The basic principles of Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels, remain the core principles of CIA media control efforts. - Repeat lies over and over again. - Big lies can sell even better than small ones. - Mix in a few truths, and you can sell many, many lies. - Speak a few truths that arouse interest and fascination, and then use your prestige to sell enormous lies that murder and spill human blood.

This, the spilling of human blood via the selling of lies, is the role of the CIA agent and fake dissident Edward Snowden.

5. US 'Deep State' - Murder of honest US public officials; bribery, intimidation and killing of US judges; murder and silencing of US journalists and dissidents

To understand the Edward Snowden fraud and its workings, it is important to understand the suppressed history of US political extortion and murder, out of which the Snowden scheme, the Snowden journalists, and even the Snowden lawyers, have directly arisen. The endless US political murders, extortions, and brutality, also help make clear, why Snowden is a fraud, with the CIA now creating a 'deal' for Snowden to 'come home'.

What Russia knows well, but most Americans as yet do not know, is that the US government apparatus, was long ago captured by a 'Deep State - shadow government' apparatus of America's top wealthy political families, who 'own' (control) all 3 branches of the US government plus all US major media, and who use the CIA as their instrument.

In the post-1945 period, the CIA and its associated agencies and contractors, developed into the prime tool to serve the US ruling families, with actions quite above any law and any individual in US government. With unlimited licence to kill, blackmail, and extort; controlling and intimidating media as a major tool:, and with secret additional funding sources such as drug trafficking; the CIA complex is only theoretically 'under' the US President. Their 'real boss' is the billionaire and multi-millionaire US political families, for whom they act without ethics and without scruple, assisting in the most disgusting and psychopathic crimes, such as taking pleasure in the bodies of dead children.

The sham of USA 'republican democracy' is that all national US Senators and Congress Representatives, all US high court judges, and even the US President, if not members of the ruling families themselves, are just servants of those ruling families, under constant threat of blackmail, extortion and even death if they do not submit to the 'Deep State - shadow government', whom they are to serve instead of the American people.

As is visible from President Obama's body language and face and voice, he is not a truly powerful USA 'President', but rather a messenger and salesman working under orders, and under severe threat if he strays too far from doing what he is told. Groomed for power because of his salesmanship abilities, scandals are allowed to nip at his heels to remind Obama that his life is not his own, that he can be 'taken down' at any moment.

As Russia knows, the CIA is directly implicated in vicious and violent attacks to remove 4 of the last 10 US Presidents, with two Presidents shot, and two others undergoing CIA-backed 'impeachment scandals' pumped by CIA media. These 'US President removals' tie in directly to the Edward Snowden CIA fraud, with both a key Snowden journalist's mentor, and Snowden's US lawyer Cacheris, directly involved in these CIA attacks on US Presidents!

The world of working for America's ruling political families, is a cold, depressing world with the stench of death about it. For those of us with a spiritual heart and soul, there is no temptation to join that world - even though my Harvard classmates became Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, a Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, a Secretary of US Homeland Security, media czar for the US President, etc. They have millions of dollars, but their 'power' and 'wealth' came at the price of visibly poisoning of their souls, and they seem to be not much more than leading prisoners in the jail they helped to build. Whereas I myself, poor and under threat, at least will die a free man with my soul intact.

Many people speculate about America's ruling clique of political families - a few thousand people, with a few hundred key members or 'deciders' - and about how they operate and do their decisions, given various vehicles they deploy, such as the CIA-tied CFR or 'Council on Foreign Relations'. But what is very clear, is that while on one level, these families enjoy great 'freedom of action', to destroy, extort, ruin, jail and kill innocent people, to violate bodies of children etc. - on another level, these families are yet highly restricted in what they can do, and cannot break ranks on matters key to the other families.

Even America's billionaires, cannot break ranks with their fellow ruling families, for fear of suffering terrifying consequences from the CIA and allies using the levers of US courts and government against them. As long as they live or have any assets inside the USA, they must stay within the consensus of US ruling families, or else be destroyed.

The two richest men in America, my Harvard classmate Bill Gates whom I met as a boy, and Warren Buffett, were both quite threatened when they were acting too independently of America's ruling consensus. Legal action - by America's bribed, extorted judges and regulators - menaced them both. As each backed down and became more submissive to US policies, the threatened legal and regulatory actions against them evaporated.

Curiously, both Buffett and Gates have roots in America's political-legal 'mafia'. Buffett is  the son of a Congressman. Microsoft's Gates is the son of a politically-connected 'high-powered' lawyer, and Gates became rich after US judges (under pressure/bribe/threat?) 'surprisingly' ruled against the huge IBM company, creating opportunity for Gates to 'assist' IBM per the judges' orders. But even after amassing billions, both Buffett and Gates learned 'the hard way', that they are subject to having their US billions lost and confiscated, and perhaps worse, if not submissive to other political US families.

Less wealthy but still among the top 125 billionaires in the world, is Pierre Omidyar, whose CIA-tied funding helped set the stage to spill blood in Ukraine, and who has rewarded the fake 'Snowden journalist' Glenn Greenwald, with US $50 million CIA-backed dollars, to create a company of so-called 'brave journalism', 'FirstLook', a hollow and empty fraud.

The laughable CIA story we are asked to swallow, is that the US regime is doing zero against Omidyar, despite his being the 'owner' of 'tens of thousands' of 'Snowden stolen espionage documents'. When of course if 'Snowden' was not a CIA operation, all American hell would be loose against Omidyar, Greenwald and the rest, targeting their assets and persons on US territory.

Russia laughs at the obviousness of these lies in 'Operation Fake Dissident Snowden', but given the CIA-controlled media and CIA assets like the CIA-tied ACLU fake 'civil liberties' group, many people are still fooled.

Sometimes, the attacks by America's Deep State, are via the legal system. But in many cases, it is an actual murder, or in recent times a staged and fake 'suicide'. The murders of US Presidents, Senators, US national judges and prosecutors, serve as a warning to others who hold these offices, and makes the CIA-backed threats to kill people more credible.

The long string of US political murders and suspicious deaths and office-removal schemes, are worth briefly reviewing, as they form essential background for understanding the motives and the spilling of human blood with the CIA's 'Operation Fake Dissident Snowden'.

As said above, of the last 10 US Presidents, 4 have been violently and viciously either shot or subjected to CIA-backed office-removal 'impeachment' humiliations, demonstrating how often the USA suffers from coup d'état situations involving its Deep State - shadow government.

The CIA involvement in the 1963 shooting murder of US President John Kennedy, partly motivated by Kennedy's decision to make reasonable arrangements with Russia, is well-known. Little-discussed today, is that the CIA is also implicated in the murder of Kennedy's son, John F. Jr, a brave journalist and magazine publisher, his plane mysteriously exploding in 1999, with the US military quickly aiding a cover up.

In 1981, US President Ronald Reagan survived being shot by a man with close George Bush family connections, G H W Bush being at the time Vice-President, in place to become President 8 years earlier if Reagan had died. Millions of bribes to the CIA - George Bush family, are part of the background of the attacks on myself (see below).

s Russia well knows from its archive files, but few Americans know despite published books on the subject, the 1974 forced resignation of President Richard Nixon, was also a CIA-backed 'silent' coup d'état, with the Watergate 'impeachment scandal' a deception sponsored by the US CIA and military, who were once again angry that a US President had realised it was better to leave in peace with the world's Communist nations.

The 'Watergate' fraud is a direct model and inspiration for the CIA Edward Snowden fraud. Just like with the CIA-tied liar Glenn Greenwald today, in Watergate there was also a media-pumped fake 'brave reporter', Bob Woodward, who had worked as a CIA partner intelligence agent under Admiral Maurer, who went on to head the whole US military while Woodward was planted as his CIA-backed 'reporter' at the CIA's 'Operation Mockingbird' Washington Post newspaper.

Praised and pumped by the American media, just like the CIA's lying 'Snowden reporters', Bob Woodward's role as a CIA tool and intelligence agent, is still little known. The connections to Snowden run even deeper - at the Washington Post, in more recent years, Woodward was a senior advisor, mentor and coach to a young colleague, Bart (Barton) Gellman ... one of the principal CIA liars posing as a 'brave Snowden journalist'!

As they say, 'you cannot make these things up', the Americans are so ridiculously obvious as they conduct criminal deceptions. The CIA's 'Watergate' scheme to destroy Richard Nixon 40 years ago, was so successfully with the fake 'brave reporter' Woodward, that the CIA even decided to use Woodward's junior partner as a fake 'brave reporter' along with Greenwald in 'Operation Fake Dissident Snowden'.

Although CIA lawyer Snowden lathers Gellman with oily lying praise, the choice of Bart Gellman for 'Snowden revelations' is more clear evidence that Snowden is a CIA fraud. No real dissident would ever pick a US regime 'insider' like Gellman to entrust with secret documents. For example, Gellman, wrote extensively on the New York towers collapse of 11 Sep 2001, and is precisely a US-CIA regime slave in his avoidance of the architects, engineers, and military and intelligence veterans who expose US government lying about that day, when the US government mass-murdered thousands of its own citizens.

Another CIA project to remove a US President, Watergate-style, was the 1990s farce involving US President Bill Clinton, the CIA media claiming a silly incident with a girl in the White House was 'grounds for impeachment'. The actual motive, however, was to force Bill Clinton begin bombing and murdering in the Balkan countries of Europe, which he began to do shortly after his 'acquittal' in a ludicrous US Senate 'trial'. Barack Obama of course has this in mind as he authorises US murder and terrorism in Ukraine, supported by the CIA-tied media of 'Operation Fake Dissident Snowden'.

Even more hilariously laughable in underscoring the fraud of Edward Snowden, his Washington DC lawyer, Plato Cacheris, is not only associated with multiple CIA projects, is not only a 'good pal' trading favours with the bribe-taking, murdering judges of Virginia - Cacheris was a central figure in both the CIA-impeachment game with President Nixon, and the even more ridiculous CIA-impeachment farce with Bill Clinton! In that latter case, Cacheris was a CIA legal handler for Clinton's occasional girlfriend Ms Lewinsky. Cacheris is at the very centre of America's political-legal mafia, as is the lawyer for Snowden's father, Bruce Fein, and Cacheris is the point man for creating a CIA-backed 'deal' for Snowden to 'come home' and rejoin his fellow CIA agents, and have a giant party about their grand deception of the entire world.

Aside from shooting US Presidents and fabricating scandals about them, one can also look at a string of murders or suspiciously dead US officials across all three branches of the US government, with credibly alleged CIA involvement.

Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone was 'mysteriously' killed in 2002 after opposing the illegal US Iraq invasion. In 2004, Minnesota Senator Mark Dayton fled Washington and retired, under death threat after he publicly denounced US regime lies about the New York towers collapsing on 11 Sep 2001.

Also killed in 'suspicious' plane crashes: US Congressmen Nick Begich, and Hale Boggs (1972 - Boggs investigating Kennedy assassination); US Congressman Larry McDonald (1983 - investigating CIA groups like the CFR); US Senator John Tower (1991 - criticised Reagan-Bush scandals); and US Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan (2000 - opposed US regime insider John Ashcroft, won election even though dead).

After making public revelations critical of US policies, former CIA director William Colby was himself found dead in 1996 from a laughably improbable 'canoe accident'. US Congressman Wayne Owens was found dead in Israel in 2002 while investigating US corruption connections.

Some of the most significant attacks and murders, have to do with killing and threatening to kill US n

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