PSYWAR: The Fake Fall Of Tripoli

by Jonathan Azaziah on Opinion Maker

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The Zionist Dragon's Butchery Across Palestine

Prelude: This is the first of a two-part series dealing with the Zionist media's campaign of mass deception regarding events in Libya, which have in turn been used by the criminal Israeli dragon as a cover for its escalating aggression across occupied Palestine. The first stop of this exposé is the Libyan capital of Tripoli, where the talking heads of the fiction box have informed the global public that Colonel Muammar Qaddafi has fallen. Nothing however, could be more false. It is a Zionist PSYWAR, and truth is its first casuality...

"Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful, murder respectable and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind". - George Orwell

When one is subjecting his conscious mind to the perpetual stream of debauchery, knavery and treachery that is the mainstream media, one must only apply a singular principle in his analysis; a principle that effectively digests the malevolent flow of deliberately conflicted information and warped fantasy without absorbing its mind-threatening toxicity. This principle is known as 'Absolute Rejection and Underground Travel', or, 'ARUT' for short.

Whatever is being reported (read: lied about) by the mainstream media, it is not preferable but obligatory for the viewer to absolutely reject the content and then subsequently 'travel underground' to a domain that the mainstream media emphatically refuses to enter. And that domain, which has been a foggy area of misinformation or non-reportage altogether for more than a century, is Palestine and the criminal Zionist occupation that governs it. Why such an overzealous policy of subversion and burial on this matter? Because (Jewish) Zionists thoroughly own, control and dominate the media, as well as Hollywood and Wall Street and they are flamboyantly unashamed in admitting it.

Never has the ARUT principle been more applicable and prevalent than the current geopolitical crises in occupied Libya and occupied Palestine. The Zionist mainstream media has gone to lofty lengths to present an absurd narrative revolving around the 'liberation of Tripoli' while covering up NATO's gruesome savagery in the Libyan capital and deflecting the attention of the globe far, far away from the latest round of Zionist butchery and humiliation of Palestinians in illegally besieged Gaza, occupied al-Khalil and holy al-Quds. This is psychological warfare in its purest, deadliest form and it is attached to an expansionist blueprint that involves the heinous plot which Zionists have always foreseen as an eventuality and not just a pipedream, Greater Israel, in addition to the widening of the MENA regional conflict into World War III, burning down all those who oppose Zionist hegemony in the process.

Libya I: A Zionist Plot Of Pillage And Proxy

From the beginnings of the 'Feb17 Revolution' in the oil-rich North African nation of Libya, the Zionist media has attempted to portray it as a native uprising, organized by those thirsting for the water of freedom, hungering for the nourishment of 'democracy' and striving to demolish the leech of dictatorship which took from them their 'universal human rights.' Fancy words and emotive slogans. Reactionary boosterism of mythical proportion. The foundational pillars of an exuberant narrative; and a narrative it is, nonfactual, viciously lyrical, immersed in a river of hasbara.

In the 'underground', where the truth subsists under mound after mound of propaganda and where the Zionist media never treads, one will find the realm of the real; the realm of the evidence; the realm where facts multiply like mold in a dank apartment building. There was never a 'democracy movement' in Libya and the 'Feb17 Revolution' was nothing close to a real revolution. It was a Zionist destabilization operation planned long in advance to pave the way for war, colonization, occupation and the removal of Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Qaddafi.

It began in June 2005, when the National Conference for the Libyan Opposition (NCLO), an amalgamation of six anti-Qaddafi groups led by the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL), was formed. The NCLO planned the 'Feb17 protests' in hopes of bringing down Qaddafi and replacing his government with a transitional entity that would serve its shadowy overlords. NCLO agents, those from the NFSL in particular, were scattered throughout the Zionist media to provide 'expert, indigenous' analysis on the happenings in Libya once the 'protests' commenced en masse and at least 8 organizations directly tied to Zionist-founded, Zionist-run National Endowment for Democracy (NED) provided support and hasbara from inside Libya. Additional support was provided by French intelligence from as early as November 2010, and it is vital to make note that French intelligence is not only a partner of the Israeli Mossad, it is utterly controlled by the Israeli Mossad.

The NFSL itself was created by a Mossad-CIA alliance in 1981, bankrolled with blood money from the House Arab dictatorships of Egypt, Morocco, Iraq and most prominently, Saudi Arabia, along with funds from the Mossad-CIA alliance itself. The NFSL's purpose? Wage covert armed warfare to destabilize Libya and eliminate Qaddafi once and for all. The Mossad-CIA front group has been at the heart of numerous operations to serve this agenda since its creation, launching attacks from Israeli-American-founded bases in Chad and numerous other Central and West African nations.

Why was this newest destabilization op initiated? Because Colonel Muammar Qaddafi thoroughly angered the usurping Zionist entity by exposing its leading role in the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, sending aid to the illegally besieged Gaza Strip and calling for Palestinians across the world to march to occupied Palestine and liberate their land. Most importantly, Qaddafi planned to lay waste to the international Zionist financial system's operations in Africa by introducing a gold dinar for oil trade using Libya's vast gold reserves (144 tons worth), which he has already used to construct the Great Manmade River and challenge Israel's lucrative vegetable-export hegemony in Europe. Zionist French President Nicholas Sarkozy, who spied for Mossad in the 1980s and is still known as 'Sarko the Sayan' in Israeli intelligence circles, called Qaddafi's gold dinar plan "a threat to the financial security of mankind". More like a threat to the financial security of the Zionist entity and its colonialist marionettes in Europe.

Through the armada of (Mossad-CIA-pimped) NFSL mouthpieces embedded in its coverage, the Zionist media attempted to portray the 'Feb17 Revolution' destabilization op as 'peaceful', but the record shows it was anything but. The Zionist regime sent in scores of mercenaries through an Aman-Mossad-Shin Bet proxy known as Global CST with 'chaos' orders. Their task was to murder civilians and wreak havoc on Libyan cities to lay the groundwork for a pretext of 'humanitarian intervention', which was already planned and later ordered by the Zionist Project For A New American Century, repackaged under the logo of the 'Foreign Policy Initiative.' The Qaddafi government repeatedly denied hiring mercenaries but this fell on deaf ears as the hasbara machine falsely pinned all of Global CST's criminality on Qaddafi. Meanwhile, the 'protesters', were actually rebels, armed with millions of dollars in NATO weaponry from day one. Described by the Zionist media as a 'ragtag liberation force', these rebels were/are nothing more than a proxy of the Zionist entity and its imperial puppets, as UK, US and French military advisors were on the ground providing arms and training to the rebels from the opening days of the operation.

The aforesaid rebels have been nothing short of masochistic in their military campaign, which has been more than just a 'regime change' effort, it has been an all-out barrage of terror against the Libyan people. They have laid siege to entire towns in the West and the East of Libya, looting, committing acts of arson, mercilessly beating civilians and incessantly murdering those who stand with Muammar Qaddafi against the ongoing illegal NATO war. The rebels have deliberately fired shrapnel into homes, mosques and hospitals, hoping to 'turn' Libyans through a sustained onslaught of fear and brutality. Most despicable of all is that these Zionist-backed harbingers of terror are videotaping their atrocities and broadcasting them across the web. Their most frequent target is Libya's Black population; the rebels have declared that they will "purge slaves and black skin". Tawurgha and Misurata, which was savagely cluster bombed by NATO, have been terribly devastated by the rebels' racist commitment to gruesomeness; both have had their Black populations ethnically cleansed. This isn't the first racist killing spree that the rebel leadership has carried out against the Black people of Libya; they orchestrated similar attacks over a decade ago to derail Qaddafi's 'Union of African States' project.

Eight years to the day of the criminal, genocidal, Zionist-engineered invasion of Iraq, on the Jewish revenge holiday of Purim, the plans and orders of the Zionist Foreign Policy Initiative, led by Paul Wolfowitz and his xenophobic tribalist buddies, came to fruition and the colonial powers of NATO began excessively bombing Libya to smithereens with depleted uranium (17). As of July 16th, there were at least 1,108 Libyan civilians murdered; b emphasis on 'at least', as the sheer volume of NATO airstrikes has left such a path of destruction that a true death toll would be impossible to ascertain.

As NATO'S massacres continue and at the behest of French sayan Bernard-Henri Lévy, who has played a major role in securing French collusion in the Zionist revenge op against Libya, the bloodthirsty rebels have agreed to recognize the usurping Israeli regime and allow Tel Aviv to construct a base in Eastern Libya on a 30-year lease. This is why the Zionist entity has sent Defense Ministry psych-warfare specialists to work with the rebels, disseminating hasbara-ridden SMS messages, press releases, leaflets and direct reports to the mainstream media, in conjunction with NATO writing all of the rebel leadership's communications to the outside world. It is simply a matter of protocol for the Zionist entity to perform such tasks, as its LAP psychological warfare unit is deeply rooted in the mainstream media and its Mossad has been carrying out false flag terrorism in Libya since the early 1980s. Libya is now, quite literally, a Zionist stomping ground.

The most odious role played in the criminal war against Libya has been that of the GCC sheikhdom of Qatar, which has been towing the Zionist line for decades. It is the peak of corruption, as it serves as a host for the US military base that has been instrumental in the demolition of Iraq and the homebase for devilish propaganda outlet, Al-Jazeera, which was fathered by French-Israeli billionaire Zionist brothers, David and Jean Frydman, who initially set up the network to infiltrate media in the Islamic World and to control Middle East discourse on the Zionist occupation of Palestine. Now, Al-Jazeera is an asset in Zionism's global domination of mass media. It has mass produced anti-Qaddafi, pro-NATO propaganda from the beginnings of the operation and concealed Qatar's hidden hands in the war. The Qatari despost is providing the rebels, now commanded by longtime CIA asset Khalifa Hifter, with anti-tank weapons and a massive oil-marketing partnership.

Monumental is this development. Colonel Qaddafi had threatened to nationalize Libya's oil once again after westernizing the Libyan economy by signing neoliberal contracts with American, British, Spanish and Italian energy giants in exchange for the lifting of the criminal sanctions inflicted upon his nation. These contracts had disturbed Libyan everyday life and Qaddafi was tired of being under the thumb of OPEC. In steps the US-Zionist client state of Qatar, which has already offered to sell the criminal Israeli entity natural gas for below-market price and for an unlimited amount of time, to handle oil sales for the rebels. In addition to the war against Libya being waged to confiscate Libyan gold through a rebel-controlled Central Bank, it is also being waged to secure Libyan energy for the Zionist entity as per the 1975 MOU with the United States, which is, in layman's terms, an agreement that demands that the US intervene in any nation whenever Israeli energy interests are under threat. The war against Libya is about decimating its infrastructure and rebuilding it from the ground up, reestablishing it as a Western colony. The rebels are nothing but the vessel that will usher in a new Zionist order in Libya.

Everything was in place: NATO, the rebels, Israeli, American, French and British intelligence, a new puppet government in place so billions of dollars stolen from Libya through a new round of sanctions can be transferred over and 'legitimized' and an overload of hasbara being pumped out by the Zionist dragon's media empire, from the West to the East, radio to the television to the Internet. The final phase was in play; the phase to crush the steadfast, anti-NATO Libyan Resistance and drive Qaddafi and his family out of Tripoli, delivering Libya to the rebirth of African neocolonialism, led by the Zionist entity, under the guise of 'democracy', lock, stock and barrel.

Libya II: Media Lies About Tripoli And Another NATO Genocide

On the morning of August 22nd, 5 months after the destabilization of Libya began and 4 months after NATO'S genocidal bombing started, Zionist-created, Zionist-run Al-Jazeera ran a breaking story: the Libyan capital of Tripoli had fallen to the NATO-guided rebels. Broadcasted were scenes of jubilation in Tripoli's famous Green Square, hysteria that 'freedom' had finally arrived in Libya, tears of happiness and of course, the celebratory gunfire.

There was a problem with Al-Jazeera's story however: the Green Square it was showing wasn't in Tripoli; it was a movie set in the Qatari capital of Doha, constructed with regime funds to enhance the international hasbara campaign against Qaddafi and the legitimate Libyan Resistance. Independent journalists in Tripoli's Rixos Hotel confirmed that Al-Jazeera's story was a sham and for doing so, they were issued death threats by undercover CIA and MI6 operatives. One journalist, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, was fired upon by a NATO sniper. Another, Lizzy Phelan, was blocked from using email or Facebook). Dr. Franklin Lamb, widely known for his brilliance and activism for occupied Palestine, was shot in the leg. Something was indeed taking place on the streets of Tripoli, but what?

It was a NATO onslaught, codenamed "Mermaid Dawn". To set the stage militarily for this criminal siege, NATO had been concentrating on breaking the will of the Libyan people by enforcing a cruel blockade and preventing Libyan fishermen from importing their catch, effectively triggering a policy of starvation. This was is in addition to the depleted uranium bombs and US Predator Drone strikes. 150-200 NATO snipers were deployed to the rooftops while NATO boats shipped in mercenaries and rebel units from the insurrectionists' stronghold in Benghazi. Rebels invaded mosques and terrorized Ramadan worshipers, then used the loudspeakers reserved for broadcasting the Islamic call to prayer to run recorded sounds of battle in a blatant display of psychological warfare, undoubtedly learned from their Israeli advisors. Other rebel factions tore through Tripoli's streets, assaulting women, burning down homes and looting businesses. All the while, NATO's ruthless bombing continued nonstop.

The Libyan Resistance hit the streets and clashed with the invaders. Blood spilled. More than 350 died on August 20th and over 3,000 were wounded. August 21st was only quiet because NATO and its proxies were regrouping. August 22nd was an absolute bloodbath, as NATO warplanes armed with DU bombs, apaches, its proxy rebels and Qatari special forces massacred at least 1,300 Libyan civilians. Real war had erupted as NATO attempted to pound the Libyan Resistance, which is more than a million b and armed by Qaddafi himself, into submission and pave the way for the occupation called for by the Council on Foreign Relations, the literal mother of all Zionist think tanks and chief policymaker for all of the US government's affairs abroad. Every innocent massacred by a NATO missile or a bullet from Western special forces is a bloody reminder of how much of a fraud this "humanitarian intervention" really is. Like Iraq, like Afghanistan, like Gaza, like Lebanon, like Pakistan, et al, Libya is another Zionist-designed genocide.

The hasbara continues. Rebels began circulating 'confirmed info' that they had captured Saif al-Islam Qaddafi and were in negotiation with the International Criminal Court (ICC) to transfer him to The Hague for crimes against humanity. The ICC 'corroborated' it. Saif al-Islam Qaddafi then appeared in Tripoli, perfectly healthy, fiery and defiant that Libyans will triumph over NATO, its rebels and the colonialist aggression. Rebels claimed that they captured Muammar Qaddafi's oldest son, Muhammad. They soon retracted their claim, stating that he had escaped from custody after clashes with his captors. The more likely scenario? Muhammad Qaddafi was never in custody to begin with. The traitorous Benghazi-based rebels also claimed that they had all major parts of Tripoli under their rule. This too turned out to be a fabrication. Qaddafi forces and the Resistance were well in control of the capital city and had allowed the rebels to enter so a counter-offensive could be launched.

The most dangerous rebel myth, presented as authoritative by the megaton might of the international Zionist media, is that Operation Mermaid Dawn was an indigenous, revolutionary assault against Qaddafi. What an atrocious lie; a stunning outrage and laughable premise. The 'pincer' operation was led by British, French and Qatari special forces, with CIA providing additional assistance in the communications department. Prior to the NATO assault on Tripoli, groundwork was laid with rebel brutality executed in Brega to the east of the capital, Zawiyah to the west and the strategic city of Gharyan to the south. Not coincidentally, Brega and Zawiyah are rich in oil while Gharyan provides easy access into Tripoli; as it is said, 'he who controls the gate, controls the entry.' By no means is this new however, as NATO has been openly commanding all operations against the Qaddafi since March, with a ruthless, deranged 7,505 airstrikes carried out on Libyan soil. And in a fact that truly accentuates how sadistic these Zionist-occupied governments are, they've had surveillance planes hovering over the war to videotape it all. The 2,000 elite Marines that have been on the ground since March 23rd are yet another piece of the 'who is really running the show?' puzzle.

As the Libyan Resistance strengthens and the Israeli-NATO-concocted narrative falls apart at the seams, desperation is in the air. German brigades have joined the NATO crusade against Libya while Qaddafi forces have recaptured Brega and the city of Zlitan from the treasonous rebel collaborationists. The crippling economic sanctions, designed by the Libya War's architects, the Zionist-run Foreign Policy Initiative, and enforced by the 'international community' of war criminals and war profiteers, continue taking a horrific toll on the Libyan people, depriving them of income and access to essential goods needed to sustain everyday life. In Tripoli, the fighting is fierce. Qaddafi forces have sent the NATO puppet army into retreat and have launched an intense military operation to reclaim Zuwarah, a western city on the Tunisian border, from the invaders. NATO is attempting to foment enough tension to justify an occupation and it is increasing its bombing raids and drone attacks on residential areas in Tripoli. The echoes of occupied Iraq and occupied Afghanistan are screeching with deafening loudness.

Rebel atrocities increase as well. Civilians in the hundreds, possibly the thousands, have been murdered in cold blood across Tripoli by the Israeli-NATO 'liberation' puppets. Zionist war criminal Jeffrey Feltman, America's Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, fresh off of his abyssal involvement in Israel's ongoing destabilization operation in Syria, is now leading the way in putting the final touches on the Mossad-CIA color revolution and securing the Zionist-occupied American government's place in determining the future affairs of a 'Qaddafi-free' Libya. Reportage on Libya remains infected with Orwellianism as independent, anti-NATO writers are silenced on social networks and journalists in Tripoli continue having their lives threatened by the rebels and strongmen of the Zionist media. Libya is burning. Those trying to tell the truth about the horror are burning along with it. Where is the indignation?

And which world entity is sitting back as more Arabs and Muslims are slaughtered by Western countries bankrupting themselves for another criminal, colonial war? Indeed, it is the Zionist dragon illegally occupying Palestine. The Zionist dragon is laughing as its Western puppets breathe its fire for it, setting one more of its enemies ablaze. The pathetic Libyan rebels are now open about their adherence to Zionism, as one of their spokesmen recently called on the Israeli regime to help bring forth the downfall of Qaddafi and joyously spoke of the necessary implementation of the apartheid two-state solution. A shadowy Israeli businessman of Libyan-Jewish descent named Walter Arbib, who is the founder of Skylink Aviation, an intelligence front that has smuggled Israeli assets into at least three Iraqi provinces according to Mask of Zion's sources in Basra, has links to the rebels and elements within Qaddafi's government, who are most likely Israeli moles. Arbib is a sayan, using his vast wealth and intelligence resources to influence the political outcome in Libya after rivers of Libyan blood have been spilled. No matter what the future may hold for the North African 'black gold heaven', Zionism plans to win.

The Chatham House, the UK wing of the original Zionist think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations, already has a plan in place to exploit the 'black gold heaven' and turn it into a neoliberal hell. A high-level 'Libya Working Group' meeting was held just two days before NATO'S Operation Mermaid Dawn was launched. What the Chatham House says or writes, inevitably becomes foreign policy on Downing Street and the Chatham House wants Libya's Resistance disarmed to make it easier for multinational corporations to wreck the Libyan economy via privatization, specifically the oil and aforementioned agricultural sectors, which represents an economic challenge to the vile Zionist dragon in Europe.

This could be the final phase of a broader operation involving a combination of military and economic terrorism. One month before the NATO-Qatari-Zionist mass murder in Tripoli, the Great Manmade River and the factory that produces its replacement pipes were bombed in a seemingly senseless and obviously deliberate crime against humanity. NATO's heinousness received no coverage in the media whatsoever as it was too busy covering the terror attacks in Norway, which have now been revealed to be a Mossad false flag operation. It appears now, with the revelations of the Chatham House's 'Libya Working Group', that it wasn't a senseless crime at all. It was a calculated one: bomb the world's largest irrigation project and when a new regime is ushered in as a result of the criminal war and destabilization, rebuild it through hellish neoliberal contracts that will assuredly be awarded to some Zionist firm or even better, multiple Zionist firms. It is necessary to repeat: this is "humanitarian intervention".

The world can't seem to take its eyes from the disturbingly skewed Zionist media coverage of Libya, coverage that is pumping out one uncorroborated, sensationalist scam after another, the most recent one being another Qatari-Hollywood production featuring the NATO rebels overtaking Colonel Qaddafi's Bab al-Aziziyah compound in Tripoli when in fact, the Bab al-Aziziyah compound displayed on television screens across the globe was yet another theater set; the takeover was a fraud, another cruel hoax in a long line manufactured by the Zionist dragon's international hasbara machine. Another degree of the psychological warfare that Mossad and its allies (read: puppets) in the international intelligence community on the ground in Libya are using to demoralize the Libyan Resistance.

And Colonel Muammar Qaddafi? The Libyan leader who has built his country from colonial puppetdom to independence over the last 42 years? He remains as defiant as ever and is calling on all Libyans to liberate the capital and expel foreign agents from their ranks.

All the while, as NATO bombs rained (and keep raining) on Tripoli like dragon fire in mythical folklore, the usurping Israeli regime seized the moment to up the ante in Palestine, simultaneously terrorizing multiple targets across the occupied holy land and delivering another package of butchery to the besieged coastal sliver of Gaza. And the media coverage of it? None to below zilch. Inhumanity to the extreme.

Palestine I: Israeli False Flag Sets Up Reoccupation Of The Sinai

The year is 1982. It was a tumultuous year for the Zionist dragon. It had invaded South Lebanon again, nine years after staring the Lebanese Civil War with its cruel assassination of three Palestinian Resistance leaders including beloved poet Kamal Nasir; the death squad was led by future Israeli Prime Minister and war criminal, Ehud Barak. And, in a decision coated in the deepest bitterness, it had to dismantle Yamit, an illegal extremist settlement in the occupied, resource-rich peninsula known as Sinai, effectively ending its 15-year occupation of the Egyptian territory. However, from the very moment that the Zionist dragon made this choice, it immediately set forth a plan to reclaim Sinai, for within the twisted framework of Zionist thought, this piece of Egyptian soil was part of 'Greater Israel', the Zionist plan from the get-go; a Talmudic empire that would stretch across parts of Egypt, specifically those resting upon the Nile, all of Jordan, a large piece of Saudi Arabia, all of Kuwait, all of Lebanon, all of Syria, a massive part of Turkey up to Lake Van, all of Cyprus, and large chunks of Iraq.

The name of this plan was (is) 'A Strategy For Israel In The 1980s', a nightmarish, frightening foreign policy study written by Oded Yinon, a former advisor to the Israeli foreign ministry with high-level contacts inside the Zionist military-intelligence establishment. The study appeared in a World Zionist Organization journal called Kivunim and its essential basis was that the usurping Israeli regime must systematically break down the greater majority of the Arab world into smaller, subservient-to-Zionism satellites through subversive, military and diplomatic means, so it will be much less arduous to annex these states into the Zionist empire when the time called for such action. At the zenith of the hitlist was Egypt and Yinon's text clearly displays that the Camp David Accords which secured the Sinai in exchange for 'peace' with the unrecognizable, criminal Zionist entity, were simply a mechanism to regroup and prepare for the permanent reoccupation of Sinai. In fact, Yinon stresses that the Zionist regime will be forced to retake Sinai before balkanizing Egypt because the Egyptian military posed no significant threat to Zionism and would therefore be an easy victory if conflict became reality.

And since that fateful year of 1982 when Oded Yinon's regional-domination plan was brought into being, the Zionist dragon has strenuously attempted to bring Egypt into conflict to conquer Sinai once more. It has used overt and brutal means, by gunning down more than 23 Egyptians in the era of now-toppled dictator Hosni Mubarak alone; each one of these victims were murdered by the criminal Tel Aviv regime in Sinai, illegally besieged Gaza or one of the border villages. It has also used covert means, operating at least 15 spy networks within Egypt since 1978 while using false flag terror to provoke communal war between Muslims and Christians in accordance with Yinon's vision.

But no attempt has been as brazen and beneficial to Israeli hegemony as the attack on an IOF military bus in Umm Rashrash (Eilat) on August 18th which left several Israeli soldiers and Egyptian security personnel dead. Tel Aviv blamed the assault on the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) in illegally besieged Gaza, but the PRC vehemently denied any involvement. The murderous Netanyahu government offered no proof of its claim against the Strip and it was so dubious to begin with, that even Israeli media rejected it as a "major deception". In reality, the Sinai attack had all of the bearings of a Zionist false flag attack, like hundreds of other incidents perpetrated by Mossad, Shin Bet and Aman over the course of the Zionist entity's existence, both large and small, regional and transnational. The 'masked gunmen' routine in Sinai strikingly resembles the modus operandi of Israeli military intel's Mistaravim units, specifically the Duvdevan, Zionist terrorists who dress up like Arabs in order to terrorize Palestinians. These slippery killers were responsible for the murder of Palestinian-Jewish activist and director Juliano Mer-Khamis as well as other high-profile assassinations in the occupied West Bank.

The hasbara has swirled so far out of control since the August 18th attacks that Zionist military-intelligence circles and their journalistic conduits are now engaged in an active, vociferous cover-up to flush out their initial beacons of disinformation. Using the savagery being unleashed on Libya by NATO and its proxy army of Israeli-advised 'rebels' as a further deterrent, the Zionist dragon quietly moved into position on two fronts, military and diplomatic, to reclaim its lost 'Greater Israel' gem. Former head of the Israeli National Security Council, Uzi Dayan, stated outright that, "it is time for the Israeli army to take control inside Sinai". IOF's Edom Division has been upgraded with more enhanced surveillance equipment and armored units that will be 'strung across the Egyptian border' to fight 'terrorist threats.' Zionist war criminal and IOF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz has re-labeled the Israeli-Egyptian border as 'revised' dangerous Orwellian language that surely indicates greater Zionist plans for the territory.

Since the ouster of Egyptian dictator and Zionist puppet Hosni Mubarak, multiple false flag attacks on the Sinai pipeline, which criminally delivers Egyptian natural gas to the Zionist entity, have forced Egyptian police to abandon their posts, leaving Sinai wide open for the most ominous infiltration (read: Mossad and Aman). To secure its natural gas needs and to 'protect its (undeclared, fabricated, forever-expanding) borders', the Zionist dragon has been heightening its rhetoric against Egypt and its ability to control the Sinai since the fall of Mubarak, perfectly setting the stage for the August 18th event. Just to remind the new Egyptian military junta who really controls Egypt's sovereignty, Zionist war criminal and current Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak 'approved' the deployment of thousands of Egyptian soldiers into Sinai for 'security reasons.'

Coupled with the strengthening of IOF's Edom Division, the Egyptian military escalation in Sinai represents abrasive Zionist efforts to establish 'facts on the ground.' Over time, the Camp David Accords will be 'revised' as IOF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz so deceptively described the current state of the Israeli-Egyptian border. Under this revised treaty, there will be 'integration' between IOF and Egyptian forces. This integration will become amalgamation and then amalgamation, will become occupation. Occupation will then become colonization and Sinai will once again be part of the Zionist project. All the while, the Egyptian military junta will continue to appease the usurping Israeli regime at all costs to maintain its newfound power, which is immersed in fragility and based on how far its subservience to Zionist hegemony can stretch.

The Zionist media of course, made no mention of these developments or the increasingly likely possibility of an Israeli takeover in Sinai. Instead, it continued peddling its hasbara on Libya and throwing a 'mask of Zion' on the ungodly crimes of NATO and its proxy rebel army. With Libya in chaos and its clandestine Sinai agenda buried, the Zionist entity turned its attention to its favorite target nowadays, Hamas, ludicrously blaming the Gaza-based Resistance government for the Sinai false flag. And just like that, the bombing of the starving Gaza Strip where 91.4% of the children suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder thanks to Zionist monstrousness, began anew. Ehud Barak, who as aforementioned played a major role in pushing the Sinai agenda, barbarically stated that Gaza will be 'decapitated.' Bloodlust; the sickness that has kept the cruel Zionist dragon on life support since al-Nakba.

Palestine II: Hell For The Indigenous... Again

Before the ink of the filthy hasbara had even dried on the usurping Israeli regime's propagandistic papers and before the blood of sacrificial lambs in Sinai was absorbed by the blistering desert sand, Zionist warplanes and drones screamed over illegally besieged and occupied Gaza and bombed the world's largest open air prison for something like the billionth time. Over the course of 5 days beginning on August 18th, under the cover of the fake fall of Libyan Tripoli and the fake terror attack in Umm Rashrash, the violent and criminal Zionist entity carried out 30 airstrikes against the helpless population of Gaza, murdering at least 14 Palestinians and wounding more than 41 others. Residential structures, government buildings, over 7 local NGOs, supermarkets and smaller family-owned grocery stores, a mosque, a fuel station, a school and a sewage pump station were badly damaged or destroyed. The sewage pump station, which was annihilated, serviced more than 130,000 Palestinian refugees in the Nusairat and al-Bureij camps.

As more bodies were pulled from the rubble after the unconscionable Israeli brutality, the casualty count rose to at least 15 Palestinians murdered and 60 wounded. Among the dead were two 2-year old children and a 13-year old child. Among the wounded were more than 9 children The 'bravery, morality and heroism' of Zionist occupation forces on full display: 'stopping terror' one innocent Palestinian child at a time. Gaza is normally used by the marauding Israeli occupiers as a testing ground for its newest murder weapons and this time around was no different. Every Palestinian body that hit the hospital was torn apart and charred, in an almost unbelievable display of savagery, invoking memory of the genocidal slaughter of Operation Cast Lead. Dr. Ayman as-Sahbani, al-Shifa Hospital's emergency ward chief, confirmed that bodies were burned beyond recognition and described the weapons as 'new and more brutal than ever before.' He also relayed that the Zionist entity deliberately targeted women, children and the elderly. Zionism as usual.

Atrociously, and laughably, when the Gaza Resistance fired back at the criminal entity for its ritualistic and deranged massacre of Palestinians, in defense of the Strip, the criminal entity actually accused the Resistance of firing white phosphorus at Israel. And it did so by pathetically tampering with a rocket fired at Kerem Shalom, a Zionist colony (kibbutz) built in 1966 just before al-Naksa. This represented yet another psychological warfare operation to distribute throughout the Zionist media and enlarge the smokescreen that already surrounded global consciousness due to the fraudulent descent of Tripoli. Despite the Resistance factions in the Strip laying down their arms and agreeing to a ceasefire, the Zionist dragon had no such intention and the butchery deepened with the air raid murder of 65-year old elderly Palestinian Isma'il Amom. His body was dismally disfigured from the shrapnel released by Israeli bombs. A Resistance fighter from Islamic Jihad's military wing, Al-Quds Brigades, was also assassinated when the Zionist regime targeted a civilian car in Rafah, Gaza's southernmost point.

Over the next 24 hours, the Zionist entity's carnage hit a fever pitch as at least 11 Palestinians were massacred, bringing the death toll to over 30 in less than a week. The Toffah and al-Zaytun neighborhoods of Gaza City were heavily bombarded by Israeli F-16s and drones in the early morning hours, when many Palestinians are waking up for Fajr, Islam's pre-dawn prayer. It is classic Zionist cowardice. The occupation forces are not only conducting the most heinous crimes against humanity but they are doing so when most of the population is barely awake, barely cognizant to fight back or save their families from the imminent death-from-above. A tense, apprehensive calm is present in occupied Gaza as August comes to a close, but not without another tragedy. 14-year old Beit Lahiya resident Haitham Ma'rouf succumbed to his Israeli-occupation-inflicted wounds on August 30th, after hanging on for 10 days in the Intensive Care Unit of Al-Shifa Hospital. Well over 100 Palestinians were terribly wounded in the latest Zionist onslaught against the besieged coastal enclave, and because of the malicious weaponry used by Israel, the death toll is expected to rise.

The Zionist entity is committed to employing the 'Dahiya Doctrine', the oppressive strategy utilized during the July 2006 war against Lebanon which murdered over 1,300 Lebanese, whenever it strikes Gaza for it genuinely believes that with each successive massacre, it will literally bend international law to its liking, changing the language so Zionist aggression is protected from a judicial perspective. In defiance of this supremacist barbarism, and the ridiculous Zionist media which is pouring out sensationalist stories of social ills in the Strip attributable to Hamas to direct Western eyes away from the criminal 5-year siege and Zionist crimes against humanity, the people of Gaza, remain inspiringly bright. As Israeli bombs penetrated civilian areas in Gaza, sheikhs tell those bravely attending the masjid (mosque) to donate to those suffering inexplicably in occupied Somalia. Others courageously console their younger siblings and children afflicted with lifelong injuries thanks to Zionism's Operation Cast Lead. Gaza's lifeguards attempt to provide a safe escape from the occupation by defending Palestinians on the beach from common, oceanic threats like riptide and deep water, a nice albeit brief change from white phosphorus and depleted uranium. This defiance is what keeps the gleaming spirit of Gaza alive.

Not content with its bloodbath in besieged Gaza, the Zionist regime opened up another military front in the occupied West Bank. The terror kicked off at the Al-Khalil home of Hassan Ali Darwish al-Qawasmi, where 8 armed Israeli military vehicles and around 40 IOF soldiers sealed off all entry points. IOF immediately began taking prisoners, including one man who was blindfolded and brutally beaten. Totally uncaring of the fact that women and babies were present in the home, IOF left behind an explosive device to demolish it. The blast was so massive that it damaged part of a neighbor's home. IOF then fired tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters who were demonstrating against the demolition, leaving at least 1 dead and more than 30 wounded. Mask of Zion's social networking sources have confirmed via Arabic news reports that at least 7 Palestinians were murdered in the demolition. Sadly, the Qawasmi family is no stranger to tragedy. Earlier this year, 65-year old Haj Omar al-Qawasmi was sadistically murdered by IOF in his Al-Khalil home. He was shot 13 times in the head and heart, as he slept. 'Most moral army in the world', at its most barbarous.

Following the demolition, the terror spread throughout other corners of Al-Khalil as IOF launched its largest detention campaign in the city since 2003. Israeli militiamen invaded the villages of Dura, Surif, Beit Ula, Nuba, Yatta and As-Samu and arrested anyone who the vile, collaborationist Palestinian 'Authority' dubbed a 'Hamas supporter.' Over 100 Zionist military vehicles stormed the multiple villages from three directions and by the time the operation was over, at least 120 Palestinians had been illegally detained and carted off to Israeli dungeons. In Dura Village, Palestinian youth resisted the operation and occupation soldiers responded with rubber bullets, leaving at least one child wounded. Gaza was in ruins, again, and the occupied West Bank was rattling from the terror, but still, the Zionist dragon wasn't satisfied. It opened up a third front: in occupied Al-Quds.

In the final week of Ramadan, Islam's holiest month, the Zionist entity unleashed violence on worshipers inside the sacred Al-Aqsa Masjid, taking advantage of its ongoing slaying spree in illegally besieged Gaza and the brutality across the occupied West Bank. On August 23rd, in one of the worst attacks in recent memory, Israeli occupation forces invaded the holy mosque and brutalized those inside. Tear gas, stun grenades and the infamous 'skunk' water were fired upon thousands of Palestinian worshipers as Zionist brigades mounted on horses whipped those trying to escape the violence, leaving more than 7 beaten, humiliated and wounded. Dozens were hospitalized with breathing difficulty after the tear gas assault. At least four Palestinians were arrested for simply demanding their universal human right of freedom to worship.

This is by no means an isolated incident. Every year, thousands of Palestinians are denied entry into Al-Quds and for those who do manage to enter, they are denigrated for hours on end at criminal, inhumane checkpoints. Men under the age of 45 and women under 35 are not permitted by the Israeli occupation tyranny to enter Al-Aqsa. How there are still voices who would dare speak of the Zionist entity in glowing terms, as if it was a 'democracy', is astonishing beyond words.

And where was Qatar's Al Jazeera, 'shimmering beacon of journalistic integrity', throughout the three-front butchery and abuse waged by the Zionist dragon in occupied Palestine? It was covering the events for sure, but from the Israeli perspective, giving a platform to the biased hasbaraniks of the Zionist occupation military as per the GCC agenda of furthering Israeli regional objectives while ignoring the Palestinian perspective entirely. Al Jazeera disgustingly blamed Hamas for 'breaking the ceasefire' despite days of maddening Israeli bombardments and civilian deaths in besieged Gaza. Despicable? Absolutely. Shocking? Not even close. It cannot be said enough that Al Jazeera is nothing more than the Arab wing of the Zionist media, created and run by personalities with pro-Israel leanings who have buried hundreds of stories exposing Zionist crimes since 2004 alone. What about Human Rights Watch (HRW), an organization prominent in its attacks on Libya and Syria? Al Jazeera was vocal with a Likudnik twist, but HRW was completely silent on atrocities in the Strip and the ruthless suppression in occupied Al-Khalil and Al-Quds, most likely to please its many Zionist donors.

Three cities in occupied Palestine, all of which are ghetto-prisons already experiencing daily hardship under the tyrannical occupation, terrorized by the usurping Israeli entity and their pain was drowned out in silence. Sinai, manipulated through Zionist false flags, stands on the brink of reoccupation. All of this for 'Greater Israel', all of this disguised by the fake fall of Tripoli. All of this... is just the beginning.

Conclusion: Goodbye Regional War, Hello WW3

Now for elephantine question number one: 'where are we now?' The people of besieged Gaza are not only reeling from the newest dreadful batch of Zionist crimes against humanity, but are also still psychologically recovering from the blackout forced upon them in the beginning of August by Israeli military bulldozers. For 18 hours, Palestinians in the Strip were cut off from the outside world, leaving them horrified of an impending Zionist attack. While the damage was reportedly fixed, Israeli domination of the Gaza telecom sector remains and the occupation still has the power to turn the Strip on and off like a light-switch; also, the network was ruined again in the airstrikes of the Zionist entity's week-long 'Ramadan massacre.' In a piece of relatively good news, the first ever African humanitarian aid convoy, the Africa 1, has reached occupied Gaza with desperately-needed supplies. Due to the Zionist siege however, a glum health crisis still remains, with close to 400 medicines totally out of stock or depleted and many Palestinian medical patients on the brink of death.

The Zionist entity has deployed two more warships into the Red Sea, right on the Egyptian-Israeli line, in a blatant military provocation. IOF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz has also authorized even further upgrade measures for Zionist ground forces on the entire territorial border between Israeli-governed occupied Palestine and Sinai. It is this coastal, resource-heavy peninsula that will be aeons away from the Zionist mainstream media's cameras over the coming months. Reports from Israeli intelligence sources and alternative media stalwarts will trickle in as they have a knack for doing but the bigger picture will remain swept under the rug like crumbs from dinner. This sort of ignorant atmosphere is what the Zionist dragon thrives on; for when nobody is watching, it moves across the board with swiftness and deadliness, initiating checkmate.

Libya, considered to be the 'Switzerland of Africa' with free schools, free health care and an excellent women's rights record second to none in MENA prior to the demonic NATO bombing, is now in the throes of uncompromising bloodletting and war. The Israeli-advised proxy rebels of NATO are on a racist rampage in Tripoli, leaving behind dozens of dead black Libyans, gagging them and mutilating them before dropping them on the side of the road. A Gaza-like medical crisis is unfolding with each passing millisecond as NATO bombed a government-funded oxygen production plant, leaving hospitals shattered and helpless during a time of war. Nothing compares to this deliberate act of state terrorism excluding the criminal NATO bombing of the Great Manmade River. The continuous NATO bombing has turned Tripoli topsy-turvy; the Libyan capital city is facing drastic shortages in electricity and water, medicine and gasoline.

The CIA has recruited over 1,500 fighters from occupied Afghanistan's fourth largest city, Mazar-e-Sharif, to fight alongside the NATO proxy rebels in the growing war of attrition with the Libyan Resistance. The agency is also extending its already-present policy of funding the rebels and arming them. In putrid accordance with 'western values', Britain's SAS is patrolling the streets in death squad fashion, hunting down Muammar Qaddafi in coordination with MI6. SAS agents are dressed and armed like rebels to maintain the farcical (and now massively absurd) 'no boots on the ground' narrative. Parading around as Arabs is a prominent tactic of the previously discussed Mistaravim units of IOF, a tactic that SAS must have learned from the close, brotherly cooperation that has manifested exponentially between Israeli and British intelligence since the 1970s through Zionist spymaster and international war criminal Raphael Eitan. The flagrance and lawlessness of NATO and Zionism has once again 'exceeded expectations.'

Waging war against Libya was the first operation of AFRICOM, the Zionist-occupied United States government's military command for Africa, where several operations in the Sahel-Sahara region are planned and the training of troops has already commenced. Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi refused to join AFRICOM and boldly attempted to undermine it from an intelligence angle by financing an all-Africa telecom-satellite project that would end the NATO allies' domination of the continent. Qaddafi's brave rejectionist stance regarding AFRICOM is why NATO has been just as unrelentingly brutal in its siege of Libya as it is in occupied Afghanistan. The body count in Tripoli is rising by the day and thousands upon thousands are already dead from NATO's aggression, in an eerie echo of the opening years of the massacre-laden invasion of Iraq. In Sirte, Muammar Qaddafi's hometown, an utterly devastating situation has unfolded. NATO has crushed the city to rubble and committed yet another massacre. Women and children are trapped inside by British, Qatari, French and UAE special operatives and men who attempt to fight back are shot on sight. NATO warplanes and drones remain in the air, bombing nonstop.

In what is a sign of things to come, the illegal rebel leadership has invited Raphael Luzon, the leader of the staunchly Zionist Libyan-Jewish community in Britain, back to Libya so he could run for public office. Luzon's primary goals would be to bring Israeli Libyans, who now live on ethnically cleansed and illegally occupied Palestinian land, back to Libya, restoring Jewish assets and partaking in the reconstruction of Libya after NATO is finished ripping it shreds. As it was discussed in the first part of this series, based on a policy study from the powerful Chatham House think tank, the privatization and neoliberalization of Libya were high on the list for the Zionist globe holders and it is now clear that Raphael Luzon will be the usurping Israeli regime's agent in bringing this economic storm of hellfire to the Libyan people. And despite the refreshing fact that every myth about the rancorous blitz against Libya has now been scholarly and mercilessly debunked, those portraying themselves as 'anti-imperialist' and 'anti-war' continue buying into every word spat out by the Zionist media. This is most unfortunate, because the real heroes of this conflict, the magnificently valorous Libyan soldiers who are fighting the Zionist-designed Western aggression with all of their heart, have been cast out as villains when the real malevolence lies with the treasonous, Benghazi-based rebels.

And now, for elephantine question number two: 'where do we go from here?' Former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO and Five Star US General Wesley Clark has the jaw-dropping answer. In an infamous 2007 interview, Clark tells of an incident shortly after 9/11 in which he was given a memo from the office of the Secretary of Defense, an institution that at the time was purely dominated by subversive, fanatical Zionists with deep ties to the Zionist lobby and the Likudnik Israeli government and who were hellbent on demolishing the Middle East to foment the creation of 'Greater Israel', and in this memo, 7 Muslim countries were named to be invaded and overthrown. The 7 countries listed were Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finally, the Islamic Republic of Iran. It must also be noted that without the Mossad false flag attack on September 11th, 2001, such a memo never would have been drawn up. Mossad's criminal action on that day turned the Middle East into the Zionist entity's personal playground of destruction, allowing it to wage the Orwellian and genocidal 'war on terror.'

This 7-country plan, undoubtedly a product of the Wolfowitz-Feith-Shulsky axis, has astonishingly come quite close to fruition. Libya, as documented in this series, has been brutalized and will never be the same again, even if the Libyan Resistance is victorious over the Israeli-NATO-backed rebels. The African nation of Sudan, rich in oil in its southern region, has been cracked in half, its unity split and destroyed. The Zionist dragon's military-intelligence apparatuses designed this balkanization, instigated it, funded the players and from Uganda to Ethiopia, it still maintains agents and assets to uphold the new fragmented Sudanese status quo.

Like flies flocking to feces, Israel has already entered the new, fabricated nation-state of 'South Sudan.' The deceptive and dangerous IsraAID, backed by Zionist lobby organizations like the American Jewish Committee and United Jewish Appeal, is on the ground. The newly-created Zionist puppet state has opened its doors to Israeli companies to do business in the fields of agriculture, infrastructure, security and medicine, business worth hundreds of millions of dollars. South Sudan views this gesture as gratitude for the Zionist dragon's committed military and intelligence support to its 'rebellion.' And now, to make the relationship between South Sudan and Zionism legitimate and known worldwide, full diplomatic relations have been established between the two entities so Tel Aviv can officially take control of South Sudan's oil-rich economy. Sudan as the Arab-Muslim world once knew it, is not only gone, it is dead.

Iraq? Annihilated. 2.5 million dead according to official Iraqi government figures, 5 million refugees (internal and external), 5 million children orphaned, thousands of tons of depleted uranium from bombings and Mossad false flags stuck in the holy soil, inflicting it with contamination, 80% with no access to sanitation, 43% live in abject poverty, 70% unemployed; the list could go on and on, stretching across the solar system. Iraq, once first world and the jewel of Arabia, is now just shattered glass and a shell of its former beauty.

And Somalia? Locked in a round of insanity and chaos as US-backed AU-UN occupation forces wage NATO-style warfare on the Somali Resistance, killing droves of innocent Somalis in the process. The peace that emerged in 2006 was stolen by this unlawful occupation under 'humanitarian' pretext and the famine and drought that have emerged as a result of this criminality are being used as weapons against the Somali people. The CIA has unequivocally penetrated Somali society and drone bombings are a frequent occurrence. With Zionist-dominated Western banks and oil kleptocorps chomping at the bit to get a piece of Somalia as they have been doing for decades, Somalia is on the brink of being invaded yet again under the banner of Zionist war criminal Barack Obama's 'Atrocities Prevention Board.' Neutralized is the intelligence buzz word that would apply to the horror brought upon Somalia.

Syria is also on the radar of the Atrocities Prevention Board and the Arab nation of Resistance has been on the world stage in recent months, fighting an international conspiracy to drive Bashar al-Assad to the gallows and the Syrian government into the arms of Zionist hands. The Zionist entity, its US-EU gallery of puppets and its partner in crime, the House of Saud, have pushed Syria to the very brink with a destabilization operation known as the 'Syrian Revolution', due to the fact that this criminal network's overt means of provocation have failed over the last decade. Nicolas Sarkozy, chief asset of the Zionist entity's subversion operations in Europe, has stated that France and its partners will do "everything possible" to end the reign of President Bashar al-Assad and he further added that, "the powers in Damascus would be wrong to think they are protected by the people". This is Orwellian for 'no matter what your people may think, we, the West, the overlords, will remove you when we see fit.' An Israeli-NATO plan is in place, a replica of the 'Libya Model', to trigger regime change in Syria.

Lebanon is the only nation of the Zionist 7-country plan that has relatively escaped, despite some desperate attempts from the usurping Israeli regime to inaugurate its destruction. It is only because of the unity of the people and the dignity of the righteous Islamic Resistance of Lebanon, Hezbollah, that the Lebanese nation remains standing in its own sovereignty and not another extremist colony of 'Greater Israel.' Hence, why the Zionist dragon and its allies have attempted to take down Syria first before redirecting their attention to Lebanon. The hasbara of the Zionist think tanks is in full effect as the new strategy is to generate a three-way wedge between Syria, Iran and Hezbollah. The Zionist media is also working romantically with the House of Saud's media empire to coordinate hasbara against Syria and the Islamic Republic of Iran and therefore, coordinate division.

Iran itself is fighting subversion, espionage, assassinations, economic warfare, assassinations, cyber terror, an all-out Mossad infiltration of its borders and Zionist-funded paramilitary groups like the MEK, a cruel Marxist cult that has murdered thousands of Iranian innocents. The path of the Zionist 7-country plan ends in Persia and it has long been the desire of the puppetmasters in Tel Aviv and Herzliya to conquer the Islamic Republic of Iran by any means available, even if it is more prolonged because time is taken to remove Iran's allies, Syria and Hezbollah. As grand as this bloodthirsty, imperial scheme may be, this is not where the Zionist dragon wants to stop. The Zionist dragon will not be not happy until the entire world is its grasp.

The 7-country plan is part of an even larger agenda; the ultimate agenda; the Zionist New World Order. And the core of this agenda is pitting Islam against Christianity, destroying both in an ensuing, global bloodbath, with the Zionist criminal network and its Talmudic elders picking up the ashes and rebuilding it into what Rabbi Michael Higger, a rabid, racist Zionist from Texas, calls the "Jewish Utopia". A paradisaical empire where goyim (non-Jews) are absolutely ruled by a rabbinical elite, who will be the judge, jury and executioner of the 'Universal State.' For this to be achieved, the evil geopolitical masterpiece of globalist kingpin Zbigniew Brzezinski known as 'The Grand Chessboard', a doctrine that prominently features the mission of crumbling Russia and China, must be slightly modified. The foundational basis of the doctrine is there, but the specifications of destructive reasoning are not. Russia and China must be reduced to shards because both nations represent the next generation of anti-Western, Islamic-Christian prospering.

Vladimir Putin has called Russia "the most reliable partner of the Islamic world and the most faithful defender of its interests". China has always had b, historical ties to Islam; more than 1,200 years worth. Islam is so deeply embedded in China that a Chinese-Islamic subculture has formed and Chinese Muslims, Chinese Muslim women in particular, are playing a greater leadership role in their local communities. The Chinese government supports this growth and there are many Islamic colleges that are government-run. China's Muslim population is growing by the day and by 2030, it is expected to be the 19th-largest in the world. The Zionist entity seeks to curb this growth and has been heavily engaged in diplomatic courtship with China over the last several years, expanding military, security and political ties. Surveillance, drone tech, intelligence gathering are all part of this courtship, along with Israeli armaments and homeland security systems. The Zionist entity now has China using the same biometric identification tech that it uses to repress Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. In other words, the Zionist entity has access to China's population records, i.e. Chinese Muslims and Chinese anti-Zionist activists.

It is no secret that Vladimir Putin has been engaged in a quiet war with the Russian-Jewish oligarchy that controls Russia's media and energy. This Zionist oligarchy has openly financed Putin's opposition and openly discussed his overthrow. Putin has fought back, exiling and imprisoning them. Putin stripped the oligarchy of as much wealth as he could find but it wasn't enough and exile hasn't stopped their activities against the Russian leader which are now being coordinated from the Zionist entity. Boris Berezovsky, quite possibly the most prominent Russian-Jewish oligarch, has held clandestine meetings with the Mossad, CIA and Jewish representatives of the oligarchy and discussed regime change in Russia via destabilization or the assassination of Putin. Berezovsky has even suggested murdering Putin's daughters as a warning and he worked in unison with the CIA to destabilize the Ukraine in 2005 as a preliminary attack on Russia. These plans have full blessing from Tel Aviv. As expected, the Zionist media and neoconservative think tanks have painted Putin as 'anti-Semitic' for warring with these corrupt elements.

When the oligarchy's plots failed and Putin emerged triumphant, the Zionist-globalist power nexus invoked the military option. The Brzezinski ambition came close to reality in 2008 during the South Ossetia conflict, in which the NATO-CIA puppet regime of Georgia, run by Mikhail Saakashvili, whose rise to power was financed and guided by internationalist Zionist war criminal George Soros, invaded South Ossetia and massacred thousands of innocents inside the tiny territory, including Russian peacekeepers, provoking a war with Russia that violently teetered on the brink of World War III. Georgia is an ardent ally of the Zionist entity, which has provided military training and arms to the Caucasus state and has invested more than $1.5 billion in Georgian projects, including a pipeline that would extend to occupied Palestine to provide Israel with energy.

The South Ossetia fiasco did not achieve the desired result however and when it didn't, the Zionist criminal network reverted to the shadows and a Mossad-Saudi-CIA operations team was formed to conduct false flags inside Russia, with the primary target being Moscow. Chechen Muslims were to be used as patsies, as per the Zionist regime's successful Dragon Policy in Pakistan, igniting a wave of Islamophobia in Russia, turning the Russian people against Iran and their government for being so staunchly supportive of Islamic causes and fomenting the final stage of an Islamic-Christian clash that would only strengthen the cause for a "Jewish Utopia". Is the pattern illuminated now? Is the blood that drips in innocence from the walls of sovereign nations shattered... illuminated... now?

Yesterday's victims were occupied Iraq, Sudan and occupied Afghanistan. Today's victims are occupied Libya and occupied Palestine. Tomorrow's victims will be Lebanon, Iran, Russia and China. And in the crossfire already are Syria, occupied Somalia, occupied Kashmir, Pakistan and Yemen. The Zionist dragon's 2011 stratagem was not only meant to advance its militaristic and geopolitical goals, it was not only meant for conquest. It was meant to break those who seek the truth, fight for the oppressed, demand justice and speak for the voiceless into countless fragments, dividing the ranks so badly that the real enemy can no longer be seen in the fog. The psychological warfare is so dense that the dream state now seems insurmountable. If only the dream could be recognized for the fallacious nightmare that it is. If only those fighters could awaken. It is sorrowful that by the time that their sleep is indeed broken by their sense of smell, the scent will not be of cliched coffee, but of multiple nations.

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