Paul McCartney and Howard Stern: two more mental midgets

by Jon Rappoport on Jon Rappoport

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ONE: Billboard (8/2/21): "Sir Paul McCartney is spreading one simple message for his fans: 'BE COOL. GET VAX'D'."

Well, that's it then. You can tell Paul dug deep to do his research on the injection. Be cool.

"The beanie- and face-mask-wearing 79-year-old rocker wrote this message on Instagram, while signing off as 'Paul,' underneath a picture of himself getting his COVID shot from a health care professional on Monday (Aug. 2)."

As opposed to getting his shot from a health care amateur, or a shoe salesman?

"'The vaccine will get us out of this. I think we'll come through it, I know we'll come through, and it's great news about the vaccine'," he [McCartney] said in the interview."

Sir Paul has obviously bought the whole enchilada. Virus spreads, infects, makes people sick and kills them, get tested, isolate if necessary, lock down a whole country if necessary, the vaccine will stop the virus in its tracks, we'll be OK.

No need to look at contrary evidence. The official doctors and the political authorities know what they're doing.

Obey. Comply. Was that always the secret message of Paul's music, hidden amidst the vinyl grooves?

Since God knows when, famous Brits have issued consoling messages to the lower classes. "We'll get through it. We'll pull together."

It turns out lots of famous ones aren't doing any of the pulling.

A reasonable person would realize a vaccine mandated for the whole population should be scrutinized down to it core. It's cool, and we'll get through it, don't cut it.

A breezy cavalier attitude is a sign of a mental midget.

I wonder whether a hypnotic medical blind spot will turn up on a brain-scan. "You see this dark area, Paul? The neurons aren't firing. When I shine this ray of light at your skull and it penetrates and hits that area, a message pops up: 'Don't think. The doctors know everything'. If I were you, I'd get that checked out. But not by a doctor."

Judging from his Billboard quote, Paul seems to realize he's being enlisted by the National Health Service and the government to assure the public the vaccine is safe; and he's willing to go along.

If he were working a steady job, and a SINGER told him it was cool to take the shot, would he go along?

Having amassed fame and fortune, he's not able to imagine that reverse-scenario anymore. That's not the fault of his career, his composing, his singing, or his earning pounds and dollars. It's his fault for surrendering to his elevated status.

He wouldn't admit it, but he's detached himself to a sufficiently remote area, from which he can shrug and support a government edict affecting millions of people without a second thought.

His stupidity is towering.

TWO: Howard Stern is a bunch of ugly sticks glued together with dried semen from one of his old wet dreams.

Once upon a time an abject failure as a broadcaster, he glimpsed a possible way out of Doom by taking on the role of psychological pornographer.

He'd assume everyone was obsessed by sex, and he'd force their inner dog to drool when he rang the bell.

Now, from a political perch, he's decreed that all unvaccinated people should be locked in their homes and die.

That's his style. Cut to the extreme chase. And also: see nothing, say something.

The mental midget status applies to Stern in spades. He knows zero about vaccines. He listens to the official doctors and the federal government like the kind of good little boy he hates.

As a young awkward schlub, he decided to rebel and burn down normal people by illustrating they were nothing more than prurient fish waiting to be shot in a barrel.

It was an easy choice. Once he found his radio style, he opened fire. His ratings soared; fame and fortune arrived.

He knows his success is nothing to be proud of. But success is all he has to hang his hat on. So he pretends it means something about his character.

It only means he's one more person who's tapped into a lowest common denominator and found dollars.

If Howard Stern tells you, you need to get vaccinated, you pretty much know it's the wrong thing to do, on that basis alone. Directing people down bad alleys turns out to be one of Stern's skills.

His notion of free speech is entirely self-serving. He wants to elevate his tired half-baked porn into a Constitutional issue.

He possesses a high degree of intelligence. He's used it to recreate himself as mental midget. The only interesting moments in his career arrive when he laughs at himself because he knows what he's done to himself.

He probably, on occasion, dreams he's Field Marshal Fauci. And Fauci occasionally dreams he's Howard Stern.

Coda: Now here is the REAL WORLD. LOOK AT THE PEOPLE. WATCH THIS BRIEF CLIP ALL THE WAY TO THE END. Canberra, Australia, Feb 7th, 2022

    last comments from Jon Rappoport
    Saeger Mon, 14 Feb 2022 07:40:27 +0000

    ' "The beanie- and face-mask-wearing 79-year-old rocker wrote this message on Instagram, while signing off as 'Paul,' underneath a picture of himself getting his COVID shot from a health care professional on Monday (Aug. 2)."

    As opposed to getting his shot from a health care amateur, or a shoe salesman? '

    – ok that was a bit funny, on a not-funny subject, and we could add – or getting it from a heroin addict.

    A heroin addict is probably more legitimate on injecting things than false supposed 'health profesionals' – because at least the heroin addict knows what the shot is going to do.

    The unquestioning 'health professionals' cannot say the same.

    Shelle Sun, 13 Feb 2022 21:54:49 +0000

    I feel John wouldn't be singing the hymn as Paul

    martyg Sat, 12 Feb 2022 03:33:27 +0000

    On the first day of Reiner Fuellmich's current Grand Jury hearings, Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Stefan Lanka appeared as witnesses and testified about the lack of evidence of the isolation of the alleged Sars 2 virus, the falsity of the Germ Theory of contagious disease, etc. They were confronted by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a virologist and panel member who is an avid believer in the Germ Theory, and there were several very acrimonious exchanges. At the end of the session, Reiner did his best at reconciling the warring factions- he expressed his belief that the Germ Theory, might in fact, be false but advocated putting this debate on the back burner until after the War being waged against the deranged psychopaths is over and they are made to answer for their crimes against humanity.

    Personally, I have researched this issue extensively and am convinced that the Terrain Theory, not the Germ Theory, is the scientifically valid one. However, since Pasteur promulgated the Germ Theory, we have been heavily programmed to believe that contagious diseases result from catching germs, e.g., viruses, and it's a challenge to overcome that programming.

    super lemon Fri, 11 Feb 2022 16:10:21 +0000

    Think you mean billy shears. Paul M died in 1966. Pretty physically evident.

    Carol Fri, 11 Feb 2022 01:38:52 +0000

    Sure Paul is a fake, better known as bill so is these jabs, not vaccines to take us out, depopulate, so hunger games we are playing out.

    Al Cambrola Thu, 10 Feb 2022 23:15:56 +0000

    There was a study in the early 2000's by 2 Italian forensic doctors to finally put to bed all the PID rumors.
    When they computer analyzed the skulls of Paul pre 1966 and post 1966, they found they were different people.
    You can have all the plastic surgery in the world, but you can't change a skull.

    Al Cambrola Thu, 10 Feb 2022 23:11:24 +0000

    There are so many dumbed down people, it's beyond belief.

    The sad thing is, the plan to get everyone in fear over something no worse than a cold, unfortunately worked. They went running for the experimental jab and are now paying the price.

    Even so, we need to unify. I know a lot of people that have jab remorse as more and more data comes out.

    spoonful Thu, 10 Feb 2022 14:29:04 +0000


    Geo Martin Thu, 10 Feb 2022 14:25:52 +0000

    The 'Grand Jury' will still maintain there is a disease called covid only it was not as serious as presented by the media and governments 'over reacted' and over played their hand, so used the 'pandemic' to introduce tyrannical measures.

    The trick is that by this position in the minds of the masses there still was a deadly disease going around, so the measures by govts and health officials and doctors might have been over the top but their intentions were good.

    The 'protests' are the same, they do not focus on the fact that the whole story is a lie, from the virus, to the vaccination theory, to the whole medical and scientific cabal being under the thumb of a beast.

    Nothing is going to happen, no one is going to indicted or end up in jail. Not even a junior doctor, nobody.

    It will be another psyop son enough, failing economy, internet blackouts, climate 'emergency', health crisis (due to the whole covid op) whatever takes your fancy. This is only the beginning of the show, soon enough nost people won't even know what's true or not to the most basic levels; and that's the goal of this plan.

    Guitardave Thu, 10 Feb 2022 01:10:35 +0000

    Sir (replacement) Paul is quite CORRECT!!!

    The slab you'll be laying on 18 months after you're vaxxed will be nicely chilled…in a refrigerated room called the MORGUE.

    As to that other thing…


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