New Report Destroys Fabricated Myth of Syria's "White Helmets"

by Murad Gazdiev and Vanessa Beeley on 21st Century Wire

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The following video report destroys the popular fabricated western-run narrative about the White Helmets, who erroneously stole the name of "Syria's Civil Defense."

Reporter Murad Gazdiev and 21WIRE associate editor Vanessa Beeley also demonstrate how money is laundered through various western NGOs in order to prop-up the public image of this maleficent organization in Syria. In addition to their commentary, this report also features numerous eye witnesses testimonies about the pseudo NGO offering money to East Aleppo residents in order to play extras in their filming of fake rescue scenes, as well as on the ground footage of one "White Helmets Center" which was also used as a bomb and factory and a Hell Cannon position to target civilians living in government controlled West Aleppo prior to the liberation of terrorist-occupied East Aleppo in December 2016.

"It seems that White Helmets organization is hailed as heroes in the West, and the latter one provides millions of dollars to so-called saviors. However, Aleppo residents claim that White Helmets care only about money and saving rebels, but not the civilians. In fact, they are not autonomous, and cannot make their own decisions – these are made by other powerful people."

Watch this stunning report which exposes the multifaceted fraud of the west's propaganda darlings - whose real role was al Qaeda's "Civil Defense" who operate exclusively in terrorist-held areas of Syria:

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    Maria Angelica Brunell Solar 2017-09-29T20:27:50  1

    For me it was enough to listen to Vanessa Bealey, who interviewed Syrian civilians and they told her they have never heard about them or see them!

    Jenny Wilson 2017-09-26T12:24:42  0

    I always considered it in the abstract. Which is just another trade/craft trick. To pretend itself isn't real.

    whatwaysup 2017-09-24T04:38:04  0

    The psychology of the 'big lie'. Seeing its practical application 'in the real' is deeply disturbing. I always considered it in the abstract. Which is just another trade/craft trick. To pretend itself isn't real.

    "Josh Barney" J. Stern 2017-09-23T22:36:43  1

    I follow a lot of different Indy news sources on Twitter, and I notice a repeat of this series of events: 1) picture in the twitter profile changes, usually to one that is less appealing, 2) the previously astute, critical, sharp reporting style disappears and is replaced by a kind of mostly vague lameness. Why does this happen over and over again. Is it because Deep State has murdered the original participants that were critical of Deep State and replaced them with deliberately less competent and less dedicated substitutes, providing "ice" in place of the missing people??

    Glen Etzkorn 2017-09-23T22:12:21  0

    youtube indicates video not available on server,

    Malice In Wonderland 2017-09-23T20:40:42  3

    Great work, as always. Just a bit of constructive criticism regarding the grammar. No matter how good the information is, it always loses some credibility and professionalism when there are basic errors - like the misuse of "there" for "their".

    Also " [...] “White Helmets Center” which was also use(sic) as a bomb and factory and a Hell Cannon position [,,,]" sounds like the centre was used as a bomb and a factory rather than a bomb factory, which I'm assuming was what the writer meant.

    Sorry for being pedantic. It's just that such errors not only detract from the seriousness of the information, it also leaves you open to ridicule from those who are always looking for any excuse to denigrate the site.

    Annika Grahn Charmolu 2017-09-23T16:47:48  0

    Cant share?

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