Insight: From The World Trade Center To Maui

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  1. Why do these tragedies always come with a side order of real estate?
  2. Owners control the resources; all that's left is to kick the people off the land
  3. They profit as they 'burn it down,' extracting every last penny from the citizen
  4. Powers need an 'argument from authority' which The Science struggles to provide
  5. So the agenda always requires another element: a happening
  6. These 'cascading disasters' conjure the spectre of terror and the impulse of fear
  7. The environment and energy are genuine issues, but purposely inverted
  8. In order to turn them into a means of control
  9. Rumours of war complete the jigsaw: witness the unfinished business of WW2
  10. Conspiracy theories flourish in the absence of explanation, the media say
  11. "Who are you going to believe: the government and media or your own lying eyes?"
  12. 9/11, the Covid response, and the 'wildfires' are part of the same

The parallels of Maui and the World Trade Center on 9/11 emerge with every passing week.

Government had advance knowledge of the threat but did not issue warnings to the public.

When the events unfolded, people who were trying to leave Lahaina were directed back into town; people leaving the WTC were told to go back upstairs and to return to their desks by officials of New York's Port Authority. (1)

"I'm going to die, aren't I?" said 32 year-old Melissa Doi from the 83rd floor of the south tower, to a 911 or fire dispatcher.

"Ma'am, you're not going to die. Say your prayers."

Conflicting information, or its complete absence, is a feature of both events. Many survived because they ignored official advice. Many who complied, perished.

Each time, officials were away from their desks, taking part in an exercise that paralleled the events as they enfolded.

"As the wildfire in Lahaina spread, the Pacific's top disaster management leaders were together with many of Hawaii's emergency officials at a meeting on Oahu educating them about how to respond in crisis situations, FEMA confirms to Hawaii News Now."

FEMA's emergency coordinator Robert Fenton was already on the island before the fires, president Joe Biden confirmed, adding that he remained "laser focused" on Maui.

On 9/11 the body tasked with securing America's air space, North American Aerospace Defense Command, was involved with the Defense Department and other agencies in multiple exercises including Global Guardian.

Air traffic controllers are recorded asking as planes flew off course, "is this real or is this the exercise?"

The district of Lahaina was drained of water, and electricity systems that were poorly maintained, set fire to grass. Whoever allowed the events to happen, government was inadequate before, during and after... The CIA was blamed for withholding information from the FBI before 9/11; the FBI was subsequently blamed for covering up the atrocity.

In both cases the crime scene was strictly controlled by Feds, the evidence swept out of public view - even though, in the case of 9/11, it was evidence of a crime scene.

The state corporate media was controlled and directed away, in both cases locked down; in Lahaina behind a wall, cell phones restricted, visitors and drones banned.

In the WTC, as in Lahaina, authorities had worked in advance on plans to rebuild the sites, desiring to update the old buildings with minimal damage to the surrounding real estate.

Landscape smouldersThe fires still burn in Maui. Although extinguished in Lahaina, Kula and Olind are not fully contained.

The fire scorched 2,170 acres, 2,207 structures. It killed at least 115 people, of whom about 60 have been identified. Most of those are in the 70s or older. Only two children have been confirmed dead, aged 7 and 14. (2)

Just under 400 people remain unaccounted for the FBI said on Friday. Schools are still missing 1,200 pupils who have not re-enroled.

People involved regularly compare the scene in Lahaina to the site of the World Trade Center after September 11, 2001.

Stephen Bjune of FEMA's Urban Search and Rescue said the aftermath of the fires had "a lot of similarities."

"A lot of the folks here who responded to 9/11 said there's a lot of similarities here… the ash and the destruction," he said on Aug 20. "Most of the recovered bodies that have been found thus far are partial remains... I've been to some of the biggest hurricanes and tornadoes on the books, but I've never seen this level of total destruction before."

Dr. Robert Mann, a forensic anthropologist with the University of Hawaii, recently travelled to Maui to identify bodies. Sometimes, they have entire bodies. Sometimes only skeletal and dental remains. "There wasn't a lot of difference in this incident versus 9/11, at the Pentagon, versus other mass fatalities that I've worked is very similar."

"There are people that did the 9/11 search that are on this team," said Maui Police Chief John Pelletier. "This is something that nobody should ever have to do."

Dan Moynihan, a firefighter at ground zero in New York on Sept. 11, 2001, warned those working on the site of the fire to wear masks against toxic debris.

See, don't seeMaui changed how we view 9/11. If nothing else, it challenged the limitations we place on what we allow ourselves to consider- in particular, the brazen and callous reaction of officials and billionaires causes us to look beyond their passive aggression: a journalist was put in a headlock for pressing the mayor of Maui on the number of dead children.

It demands we use a new language rather than clinging to known phenomenon, in order to describe accurately that which we see. In short, you get the world you perceive.

Ask yourself why the state corporate media always draws a comparison with previous events, and culprits are either a few rotten apples and nothing to worry about or literal Hitler. They control the image in your mind. The order of events matters; accurate comparisons matter: it creates the syntax.

Conspiracy theories flourish in the absence of explanation, political analyst Neil Milner told the local ABC affiliate. This is the reason, he postulated, why Maui residents are suspicious of FEMA and reluctant to approach it for help. (3)

Residents have a different view: they say FEMA is absent, and that only local volunteers are supplying food. FEMA and the Coast Guard have been blocking aid, especially where food is home-cooked rather than manufactured, processed and officially regulated.

NBC acknowledged that residents were reluctant to move to official relief camps on the other side of the island and are staying as close as possible to their home town. With little sign of government supplying food and shelter in the immediate aftermath "trust in government falters." (4)

Financially, residents and local businesses have been hit hard, losing $11 million a day since the fires occurred, the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism reports.

The top results in a news search for the 9/11 anniversary are fact checks:

"No, media on 9/11 did not call buildings' collapse an 'inside job'," blares USA Today, from its HQ close to the CIA in Virginia.

"BBC News report on 9/11 was a mistake, not revelation of planned plot," says the same Langley Bugle - occupying two of the first four results on Bing.

You cannot sensibly bet on a horse without knowing its condition and its recent past performance. What fans of horse racing call form, is what in politics we call context.

You have to be over 40 to have been an adult on the day of the World Trade Center attacks, and closer to 50 to remember the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995.

Before the era of school shootings, and bombings of public buildings, there was the slew of aircraft hijackings that in the 1970s became almost commonplace. But to remember that you must be in your 70s.

How to put it delicately? If one were to go back in search of an outbreak of criminality that was certifiably organic and authentic, it would have to be the time of John Dillinger, and Bonny and Clyde.

Those bank robbers had a decade-long run because law enforcement was slow to catch up with technology. Fast cars and machine guns gave them a head start. Yet the bootleggers of the same era were in league with the power brokers, as the distribution arm of families like the Bronfmans and Meyer Lansky's mob, and enjoyed the protection of police and politicians.

See "Chronicle of Dissent: Organized Crime - Luxury beliefs, tyranny's origins and fronting for the kosher nostra" (Moneycircus, Sep 22, 2021)

It can be difficult at certain times in history to separate those in authority from criminals. They have often been one and the same.

Or as Paul Craig Roberts writes: "They immediately blamed 9/11 on 'Muslim terrorists' and began their invasions that halted only when Russia blocked the neoconservatives' overthrow of Syria."

The day science diedTo this day government and state corporate media insist that the observable evidence of force and mass was overturned when two, 3 mm-skinned aluminium planes demolished two skyscrapers that they hit (WTC 1 & 2), and one they didn't (WTC 7).

Officials and their media mouthpieces insist that passenger planes flew at 500 mph into buildings at near ground level, something the manufacturers say those planes cannot withstand structurally, in a feat of targeting and maneouvre which military pilots deemed unachievable even by the best.

September 11, 2001 was the day that science died. (5)

Some say that science died a second death two decades later, in March 2020, when the military industrial complex which made the Covid shot, declared that chloroquine had no role in saving lives, and that thousands of years of medical practice should be overturned as patients were sent home, until they could no longer breathe, before being put on a hospital ventilator with a 90 per cent death rate, while the healthy were quarantined. (6)

So 9/11, the Covid response, and the Maui fire are part of the same: an argument from authority, which The Science struggles to justify. The technocracy always need another element: a happening.

Nine Eleven was impressive, whatever else you say about it. What is so curious is that after the shock and awe of 9/11, which preceded the campaign of shock and awe in Iraq - aimed in part at the audience back home in the West - they still need Covid, CO2 and Net Zero.

To turn Climate Change into a present danger, the same authorities manipulate or misrepresent events. Since the day of the Maui fire officials have used emotional language and fear, rather than explaining what they did, or didn't do, in response.

Carbon, the building block of life, is presented as an existential threat. Bill Gates is busy burying 70 million acres of trees, the primary natural consumers of CO2, the trees that turn carbon dioxide into oxygen.

The globalist project is by turns communist and fascist, red, blue, black or green, and fronted by a kaleidoscope of apologists. They are not dissuaded by the arrest of hundreds of arsonists for starting the recent "wildfires" from California to British Columbia, from Tenerife to Greece, perhaps culminating in Maui - so long as they tell themselves they are "saving the Earth" by its immolation. Just don't call it "mother."

Michael Shellenberger calls this religious aspect millenarian, in the sense of apocalyptic religious movements. Millenarianism is the anticipation of a cataclysm preceding the arrival of a messiah or Utopia.

See "Keep Your Zombies To Yourself - Cultural programming hijacks a rare dreamstate but loses the video game" (Moneycircus, Apr 17, 2023)

This religion takes the negation of the feminine to a new level... Politicians nowadays lack the courage to acknowledge the womanhood of she who gave them birth.

The population is challenged: "Who are you going to believe: the government and the media, or your own lying eyes?"

The 2012 Smith Mundt Act allowed the U.S. government to propagandize domestic citizens but what it did above all is signal to the media that it is okay to lie.

Only the depopulation is real. Follow the Moneycircus depopulation series.

Running in parallel is the land grab. The bankers and owner-investors already control the resources, so all that is left is to kick the people off the land. Isn't it curious that 9/11 was a real estate deal, Ukraine is a real estate deal, so is Maui and the wildfires elsewhere that curiously focus on islands and waterfront real estate?

Lahaina's destruction feeds a new industry of unsustainable goals, crowding people into 15-minute cities little different in size and objective to quarantine camps, while enriching the perpetrators.

Money for nothingWhether it is the Covid vaccine or Smart Cities, the globalists intend to profit as the world burns. They extract the last penny from the taxpayer, the last per cent from the tenant. They cannot resist making you pay for our own prison walls.

They get money; you get - to virtue signal.

No totalitarian system has ever existed without Robespierre's attempt to create a civic religion in order to bring to bear the moral, policing and surveillance force of equity and virtue.

The system must be backed by the force of moral accusation, or virtue. It is the tendency of condescending compassion to punish rather than promote behaviour.

The coming social credit system cannot reward a citizen for actions he would have taken anyway. That would have no propulsive effect.

He must be forced to do something that causes him discomfort: unwanted acts or, at the very least, require him to comply in ways that are ill-defined or changeable so that he must expend effort in order to meet the standard.

If a middle of the road, family-minded individual is trying to raise their children to be stable and secure in their identity, the social credit system must disrupt that. It must gaslight the citizen into an antithetical world in which one is judged against values that are not one's own.

The justification is that it is helping the individual to become more diverse, equitable and virtuous.

See "The Great Reset Is Complete - A future retrospective" (Moneycircus, Nov 23, 2021)

Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum wags his finger like a stern uncle: "In this new world... everything is going to be transparent, and you have to get used to it, you have to behave accordingly... if you have nothing to hide you should not be afraid."

Virtue without consciousnessA scientific dictatorship claims to be superior because it rises above bourgeouis morality, religion or heredity. This is the new Soviet man - George Soros speaks of creating "homo Sorosensis" - a ideologically-pure citizen in which Soviet communism has been replaced by communitarianism.

Welded to a steely, unflinching frame of rationality he would have no need of conscience. Yuval Harari says intelligence is even decoupling from consciousness.

The media explicitly orders that you must not think for yourself. They try to enforce that by hijacking the language, twisting meanings, changing references.

The clearest example is the Greek word holocaust and its historical reference the Holocaust. We were told "never again" and then chastised for citing the event to stop it happening again. Same with another historical reference, the Nuremberg trials.

We are urged to place history on a pedestal, while ignoring the sound of marching boots. That is why a new paradigm requires new language, and not to be trapped in historical non-sequiturs.

And if this is a cult, unlike the Aztecs with their human sacrifice, this extinction is at least partly voluntary.

It is too easy to reach for the lexicon of cults - of sex, death, starvation, transhuman, interplanetary, depopulationist - there are elements of all these. Few would admit or define it when challenged. I doubt they think too deeply. Aldous Huxley wrote:

"The surest way to work up a crusade in favour of some good cause is to promise people they will have a chance of maltreating someone. To be able to destroy with good conscience, to be able to behave badly and call your bad behaviour 'righteous indignation'-this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats."

Thorstein Veblen puts it a different way:

"The patriotic spirit is a spirit of emulation, evidently, at the same time that it is emulation shot through with a sense of solidarity. It belongs under the general caption of sportsmanship, rather than of workmanship. Now, any enterprise in sportsmanship is bent on an invidious success, which must involve as its major purpose the defeat and humiliation of some competitor…

Patriotism is of a contentious complexion, and finds its full expression in no other outlet than warlike enterprise: its highest and final appeal is for the death, damage, discomfort and destruction of the party of the second part."

Expert in combining diverse corporate cultures, for example mergers, Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes talks to Sarah Westall about the psychology of groups, and the dynamics of the awake and unawake populations.

Getting into the closed mind is difficult, Dr Jan says, until you realise some people are not necessarily reasoning at all. These make knee jerk reactions, subjective, self evident: "I'm going with the herd and if anyone says anything different they are wrong."

This gave rise to cancel culture: they could not tolerate anything that contradicted their belief. It is also tribal, because they need one piece of evidence that differentiates someone, and they use that to exclude them. (7)

There is a direct parallel in history, and surprisingly Wikipedia allows the following:

"Philosopher André Gorz characterized forms of totalitarianism based on an ecological orientation of politics. These individuals and groups synthesise radical far-right politics with environmentalism, and will typically argue that overpopulation is the primary threat to the environment and that the only solution is a complete halt to immigration or, at their most extreme, genocide against minority groups and ethnicities. Many far-right political parties have added green politics to their platforms.

In 2005, environmental historian Michael E. Zimmerman defined "ecofascism" as "a totalitarian government that requires individuals to sacrifice their interests to the well-being of the 'land,' understood as the splendid web of life, or the organic whole of nature, including peoples and their states." Zimmerman argued that while no ecofascist government has existed so far, "important aspects of it can be found in German National Socialism, one of whose central slogans was 'Blood and Soil.' Other political agendas instead of environmental protection and prevention of climate change are nationalist approaches to climate such as national economic environmentalism, securitization of climate change, and ecobordering."

Here, finally, we see the virtue that justifies death and destruction: the events of 9/11 that were used to introduce the Patriot Act and trample Constitutional rights; the Covid response and the resulting, unprecedented rise in excess deaths; the conformity of wearing masks like a slave; the "wildfires" in Maui and elsewhere that are a parallel with Britain's Clearances and Enclosures of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Today there is support, especially among the billionaire class, for a genocidal extremism which shares its roots with 1930s Germany - and that is why they are so nervous about people using the language that describes what happened less than a century ago.

The post-war importation of Nazi scientists in Operation Paperclip has been reduced to a footnote in history by later events, including the re-combination of IG Farben and the capture of government by bankers and owner-investors who promoted that earlier project, and which they nurtured, cultivated and revived in Ukraine.

It has taken looming world war for the pieces to fall into place: we are seeing the unfinished business of WW2, what Jim Marrs and Mae Brussell called the Fourth Reich.

Nine Eleven was their Reichstag fire. The Covid response is their Aktion T4 eugenics programme gone nuclear. Maui is their camp for those that survive.

We must make the connection, broadcast it loud and wide, and refuse to comply.


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