How soon will the Left eat their own?

by Jon Rappoport on Jon Rappoport

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Hey. I'm always here to offer advice to the Left, to make their road smoother, to point them in the direction of fellow travelers they should cancel for deficiencies of "wokeness."

Let's start with the issue of GMOs, poisonous Roundup, and Monsanto (now swallowed up by Bayer).

Joe Biden is going to appoint Mr. Monsanto, Tom Vilsack, as his Secretary of Agriculture. Tommy boy held that post under Obama.

The Organic Consumers Association writes [1] (see also [2], [3], [4]): "If, like us, you dream of an organic, regenerative food system led by independent family farmers, then news that Joe Biden has asked Tom Vilsack to return to his Obama Era post as Secretary of Agriculture should be a real cause for concern."

"…when you look behind the curtains to see what Vilsack was really doing at USDA from 2009 through 2017, it's not pretty."

"He pushed through a corporate agribusiness agenda that began with his approval of more new genetically modified crops than any other Secretary, culminated in his shepherding of a bill to kill GMO labels through Congress, and included his racist firing of African American land trust hero Shirley Sherrod and his distortion of data to conceal decades of discrimination against black farmers. Between 2006 and 2016, the USDA [US Dept. of Agriculture] was six times more likely to foreclose on a black farmer than a white farmer."

"But, Biden doesn't care about any of this. Vilsack is Biden's buddy and that's all that matters to him. As the American Prospect reports, Vilsack has had 'a decades-long relationship with Joe Biden, going back to when he endorsed him for president while mayor of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, in 1988'."

"Vilsack has remained very loyal to Biden. In the last year, he gave Biden more than $8,000 in campaign contributions (excluding money from his wife or to Democratic Party committees)."

"This support didn't just get him a job in the cabinet, he wrote Biden's campaign platform on agriculture issues, stuffing it full of false solutions like corn ethanol and methane digesters run on factory farm dairy waste."

"We need a USDA Secretary of Agriculture who will be a hero, steering our food and farming system toward a brighter, regenerative future-not a Secretary who will continue to be a pawn for the same corporate interests that are causing, and profiting from, the mess we are in."

Good luck with that dream under Biden.

Let's go further. Here's a piece I wrote during the Obama years-you know, when we were all living in paradise-about the president's GMO program.

Keep in mind that Biden's new secretary of agriculture, Tom Vilsack, was on board every step of the way, with Obama. Vilsack was enabler, expert, political operative, cheerleader-


Obama? A warrior against corporations on behalf of the people? It's long past the time for ripping that false mask away.

During his 2008 campaign for president, Barack Obama transmitted signals that he understood the GMO/Roundup issue. Several key anti-GMO activists were impressed. They thought Obama, once in the White House, would listen to their concerns and act on them.

These activists weren't just reading tea leaves. On the campaign trail, Obama said: "Let folks know when their food is genetically modified, because Americans have a right to know what they're buying."

Making the distinction between GMO and non-GMO was certainly an indication that Obama, unlike the FDA and USDA, saw there was an important line to draw in the sand.

Beyond that, Obama was promising a new era of transparency in government. He was adamant in assuring that, if elected, his administration wouldn't do business "the old way." He would be "responsive to people's needs."

Then came the reality.

After the election, people who had been working to label GMO food and warn the public of its huge dangers were shocked to the core. They saw Obama had been pulling a bait and switch.

After the 2008 election, Obama filled key posts with Monsanto people, in federal agencies that wield tremendous force in food issues, the USDA and the FDA:

At the USDA, as the director of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Roger Beachy, former director of the Monsanto Danforth Center.

As deputy commissioner of the FDA, the new food-safety-issues czar, the infamous Michael Taylor, former vice-president for public policy for Monsanto. Taylor had been instrumental in getting approval for Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.

As commissioner of the USDA, Iowa governor, Tom Vilsack. Vilsack had set up a national group, the Governors' Biotechnology Partnership, and had been given a Governor of the Year Award by the Biotechnology Industry Organization, whose members include Monsanto.

As the new Agriculture Trade Representative, who would push GMOs for export, Islam Siddiqui, a former Monsanto lobbyist.

As the new counsel for the USDA, Ramona Romero, who had been corporate counsel for another biotech giant, DuPont.

As the new head of the USAID, Rajiv Shah, who had previously worked in key positions for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a major funder of GMO agriculture research.

We should also remember that Obama's secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, once worked for the Rose law firm. That firm was counsel to Monsanto.

Obama nominated Elena Kagan to the US Supreme Court. Kagan, as federal solicitor general, had previously argued for Monsanto in the Monsanto v. Geertson seed case before the Supreme Court.

The deck was stacked. Obama hadn't simply made honest mistakes. Obama hadn't just failed to exercise proper oversight in selecting appointees. He wasn't just experiencing a failure of short-term memory. He was staking out territory on behalf of Monsanto and other GMO corporate giants.

And now let us look at what key Obama appointees have wrought for their true bosses. Let's see what GMO crops have walked through the open door of the Obama presidency.

Monsanto GMO alfalfa.

Monsanto GMO sugar beets.

Monsanto GMO Bt soybean.

Coming soon: Monsanto's GMO sweet corn.

Syngenta GMO corn for ethanol.

Syngenta GMO stacked corn.

Pioneer GMO soybean.

Syngenta GMO Bt cotton.

Bayer GMO cotton.

ATryn, an anti-clotting agent from the milk of transgenic goats.

A GMO papaya strain.

And perhaps, soon, genetically engineered salmon and apples.

This is an extraordinary parade. It, in fact, makes Barack Obama the most GMO-dedicated politician in America.

You don't attain that position through errors or oversights. Obama was, all along, a stealth operative on behalf of Monsanto, biotech, GMOs, and corporate control of the future of agriculture.

From this perspective, Michelle Obama's campaign for gardens and clean, organic, nutritious food is nothing more than a diversion, a cover story floated to obscure what her husband has actually been doing.

Nor is it coincidental that two of the Obama's biggest supporters, Bill Gates and George Soros, purchased 900,000 and 500,000 shares of Monsanto, respectively, in 2010.

We are talking about a president who presented himself, and was believed by many to be, an extraordinary departure from politics as usual.

Not only was that a wrong assessment, Obama was lying all along. He was, and he still is, Monsanto's man in Washington.

To those people who fight for GMO labeling and the outlawing of GMO crops, and against the decimation of the food supply and the destruction of human health, but still believe Obama is a beacon in bleak times:

Wake up.

-end of 2014 article-

Well, well. Tom Vilsack is back. Biden is about to betray the Left on a key issue.

Dear Lefties: Are you going to sit still for this?

Start tweeting and FBing.

I wonder whether you'll get censored by your comrades in Big Tech…






    last comments from Jon Rappoport
    No More Lies Mon, 25 Jan 2021 02:15:12 +0000

    AKinVT: Great advice. The satanic "cults"( government, media, Bill and Melinda Gates, Big Corporations, Big Pharma, Public Health systems, all run on money. No money. No "Cults". How has God allowed this to continue to a point of murdering his own creations? I know WE are in control of our lives but, this type of control and interference and fear and intimidation is near impossible for those of truth. Which is NOT government, State, Local or any politicians. They are ALL about money. Period!

    Jello Sat, 23 Jan 2021 02:49:41 +0000

    Agreed. Does ANYONE remember President Eisenhower's 1961 farewell address, in which he references the "military-industrial complex"?
    Oh, I forgot – the gov't schools don't teach relevant history.

    Jello Sat, 23 Jan 2021 02:45:19 +0000

    ABSOLUTELY!! The Republicans & the Democrats are 2 wings of the same bird. They are aligned with the agenda. They are bought and paid for, by the politically connected corporations and banks. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deceived.

    Jello Sat, 23 Jan 2021 02:39:39 +0000

    BRAVO! Good for you! I used to say that the only group to which I belong is "human", but since this covid19 crap, I no longer feel aligned with that either… Sorry state of affairs. So sad to see so many humans that have no critical thinking skills. I guess the gov't schools are working, along with the 24/7 msm media propaganda. Makes me sick.

    ak in vt Thu, 21 Jan 2021 21:04:58 +0000

    SOLUTONS (immediate and future):

    1. Buy open pollinated seeds and plants for this year's growing; DO IT NOW, before availability disappears

    2. Save seeds from your open pollinated plant growth

    3. Share these seeds with friends and family.

    4. Pull all money from the bank you don't need in the bank for bills paid by checks. Find an unusual place to put it or spend a few bucks for a small safety deposit box (don't tell anyone what is in there, except a spouse if you have one).

    5. DON'T be concerned about your debt. Walk out of it if necessary. Whatever payback agreements you signed had an "out" for you — you give up your property/possession.

    6. Save money or liquid assets and purchase only useful things. Remember that if you can hold a lot of $$$ in a safety deposit box, you cab always buy cars, land, whatever with cash and don't need credit.

    7. STOP USING social media that supports globalism. Just stop using it and supporting them. You can reinvent your business in other ways.

    8. STOP USING CREDIT CARDS and DEBT CARDS. HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS. Plan ahead and make mail-order/internet purchases by check. Sometimes you may be out and about and don't have any cash or checks with you: use your debit card and try and remember to bring cash next time.

    C. CASH is KING and it slows down the digital only monetary system trying to be rolled out
    D. DO AS MUCH AS YOU CAN YOURSELF so you don't need to earn as much and will pay fewer taxes; and, so, you don't need an RFID chip to supply yourself with necessities
    E. STUDY the Amish and other "poor sociities" and learn a lot from them.

    DRAINING THE SWAMP MEANS TAKE AWAY THEIR FOOD (TAXES). Eventually, the swamp will raise taxes on the poor and the poor will revolt. Sit back and watch.

    Learn to speak Spanish in case you need to go over the border (there's a lot of land between the border and Tierra del Fuego if you need to find peace).

    Above all: Find the peace that surpasses all understanding. You will be okay, not just in this life, but for eternity.

    Regards in Christ the Saviour

    AK in VT

    Frank G L Thu, 21 Jan 2021 08:56:21 +0000

    Update relating to the vilsack article from organicconsumers

    Because Vilsack gave his rubber-stamp approval to Monsanto's new GMO seeds before the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reviewed the herbicides they were engineered to work with, farmers ended up using old versions of pesticides illegally, resulting in the loss of tens of thousands of acres of crops and more than $400 million, not to mention the environmental and public health disaster that has yet to be fully assessed.

    This was all according to Monsanto's plan. If Vilsack didn't know that, he's a fool. If he did, he's a criminal.

    Internal company documents examined by the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting ("'Buy it or else': Inside Monsanto and BASF's moves to force dicamba on farmers," December 4, 2020) revealed that Monsanto and BASF knew that introduction of the new GMO seeds and the accompanying weed killer use would cause extensive crop damage. They let the disaster happen, knowing that many farmers would buy the new GMOs just to protect themselves from their neighbors.

    "Get poisoned or get on board," is how journalist Johnathan Hettinger sums up what he learned about the companies' strategy.

    Whether it was incompetence or complicity, Vilsack's decision to push Monsanto's dicamba-resistant GMOs onto the market―with no plan for how to deal with the pesticide problems he knew they'd cause―created a nightmare scenario that the courts, state regulators and individual farmers are still struggling to undo.

    In June 2020, a federal court banned dicamba in response to a lawsuit filed by the Center for Food Safety, along with the Center for Biological Diversity, the National Family Farm Coalition and the Pesticide Action Network.

    In October 2020, the EPA trumped the court's decision (pun intended) by granting dicamba five more years of use. This prompted plaintiffs to file a new lawsuit in December, since the EPA's own data showed that the damage from the weed killer was even worse than previously known:

    Between 2017-2019, there were as many as 140,000 separate instances of crop damage caused by dicamba. (There were 5,600 dicamba damage reports logged by Bayer, which now owns Monsanto, and BASF, but the EPA estimated that there were probably 25 times as many incidents, given most went unreported.) …"

    Jay Thu, 21 Jan 2021 02:24:48 +0000

    You'll see the connection when you get to the hospital after eating some GMO foods and your doctor explains to you why you are doing the right thing by supporting the global population reduction plan.

    MadMagyar Thu, 21 Jan 2021 02:04:30 +0000

    The first thing I looked up was their "fact check" on the virus' recovery rate. What BS. The CDC's own data shows that they don't know how to "fact check" anything that involves simple math:

    No More Lies Wed, 20 Jan 2021 16:07:28 +0000

    Hey, BRUCE: I agree on Bitchute. I never have done Facebook, Twitter, etc., and am very cautious of Youtube. They're all controlled and censor geared against real truth. HOWEVER, aside of that, did anyone notice at about 5:03 in that video, I assume his demented wife, walks out to him and he whispers in her ear but HE DID NOT HAVE A MASK ON?!! OMG!!
    Now, he's got COVID-19!!! ????

    No More Lies Wed, 20 Jan 2021 15:36:41 +0000

    BRUCE CAUN: Very good! Write up AND info you posted is in direct line of my beliefs. As a child, my parents would always watch the "news"( which, really meant "pound the lies and propaganda into people's brains, repeatedly ") and, s as a child, I asked my mother one night while they were watching Walter Cronkite " mom, why is he lying?". She didn't know what to say. I just saw this in their eyes as they told something untrue every night! Then, it was Vietnam War. It didn't start there tho. And, it hasn't ended. Revolution started at the White House. It seems THATS all they listened to. Now, if no surprise, they want to prosecute, label people's and make loud statements that "Were the government and you can't this to us. Only WE can conduct criminal activity". What's changed about all this today? Not much. Just weakening the mainstream media/news watchers by repeated airing of lies, extreme drama, false numbers/results and, of course…, FEAR! My neighbors are 94 and they haven't gone out much in nearly a year. S their child has said "they'll be so much better when they can get the vaccine".
    Just saddens me that people buy that BS.
    Time for a wise generation to match in force for our freedom. And overturn the" innocent until proven guilty, bullshit lie". It ALWAYS been" guilty until the crooked system has proven you innocent"! IF they do.

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