From the Ukrainian Charybdis to the Middle Eastern Scylla or the absurdity of the Anglo-Saxon wars

by Amar Djerrad on Reseau International

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A greedy West that does not learn the lessons of History, guided by a so-called "Anglo-Saxon" entity led by the Americans. They decide wars, often by proxy, "regime changes" through "revolutions", "coups d'état" or civil wars, even if they lead to absurd situations where they try to escape a danger, like in Ukraine, only to find ourselves faced with another surely more difficult one, like in the Middle East.

The challenge of the Middle East: from wandering to Palestine!

The martyrdom of the Jews has always been the work of the Anglo-Saxons and not of the Muslims among whom they have continually lived in good harmony whether in the Middle East or in North Africa. They found among the Muslims help and protection, even risking their lives. The rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris, Kaddour Benghabrit, for example, helped hundreds of Jews by disguising them as Muslims to escape deportation during World War II. Another example, in Algeria, during French colonization, the Algerians, unlike the colonists, categorically refused to seize Jewish property confiscated by the Vichy regime. Algerian imams rejected this offer of spoliation contrary to Islam! We are talking here about real Semitic Jews, and not about Zionists or converts to Judaism or "converts", non-Semitic, who became Zionists.

This Jewish denial actually comes from the Zionist who adopted the same methods of the colonial system encouraged, it must be clarified, by colonialist and Nazi circles, not out of kindness and "humanity", but to get rid of them by keeping them away. (Read "The Transfer Agreement" by Black Edwin which discusses the Havaara Agreement concluded in 1933 between the Nazis and the Jewish Agency allowing German Jews to emigrate to Palestine). Zionism is indeed a Western concept (Eichmann was a central figure of Nazism in the Zionist alliance), tempting, allowing impure Jews to become like their executioners. Indeed, Jews have never been accepted where they settle in the West. They are rejected everywhere because of their temperament, their communitarian and sectarian way of thinking forged in reaction to their torments.

Their "parking" in Palestine, far from Europe, did not prevent them from using the same repulsive practices that their "martyrizers" have on the Palestinians and even more ! Having had the wind in their sails, they allowed themselves to dictate policy to the Westerners knowing perfectly well that they are there to defend the interests of those who installed them in this region thanks to the secret Sykes-Picot agreements between France and the United Kingdom, in the "context of colonial domination". In Palestine, these new settlers want it in its entirety, plus some territories from neighboring countries to make "Greater Israel"!

The Jews have always been cheated, the turkeys of the joke, the alibi of Big Capital that the pseudo-Jews possess! The Anglo-Saxons use Israel as an outpost for their own imperialist goals in West Asia in particular.

There are many Jews, lucid, intellectuals, historians and Jewish organizations such as Neturei Karta who continue to explain the injustice on these Palestinian lands and the manipulations to which Jews with their religion as well as other peoples are subject. . But who do we talk to when the dominant Zionist media have such indoctrination power that even if the manipulator admits to having manipulated them, they don't believe it! This conflict in Gaza which has exposed their imposture and their inhumanity, in the eyes of the world they defy, will hide their fate! Incapable of establishing a "Jewish State" despite the means at their disposal, the Anglo-Saxons will be forced to recover them, even 75 years after getting rid of them. Only true indigenous Jews will remain. The "two-state" solution is rendered unachievable! This land will return entirely to the Palestinians just as Algeria returned to the Algerians after 132 years of colonization. A high-intensity war will accelerate the defeat of Israel and its "death" will come from its depopulation!

Jews dying for land-stealing settlers

After the soldiers and their lies relayed by the media, the channel I24recently brought to the forefront a woman having lost his military son. A typical example of misguided thinking in Zionist circles. His performance proved his alienation with his "we are a country with the atomic bomb, ... no one should live in this land okay. Nobody, except the Jewish people"..."he went to fight for the land and people of Israel" ! This woman is not the only one to throw out nonsense like this. Ministers and generals did it - to defend their interests linked to those of the colonists - but to send to death the children of others who have no interest. Theirs are well sheltered, leading the good life elsewhere. It's downright "lend me your son to sacrifice in place of mine"! We can understand her, because she lost a son, Franco-Israeli, killed in Gaza. A son who had to give in to the siren songs by stupidly being enlisted unlike the children of the Zionist oligarchs! A 23 year old son, who had to kill Palestinian children and babies. However, she is responsible for his fate by having educated him in hatred and racism. As his racism, his greed and his imbecility dominated her, she perhaps expected him to kill without risking anything, but who was killed for a land that is neither his nor hers? settlers who abandoned it from the first days of the conflict!

Unlike the brave Palestinian women, this woman is not courageous, does not assume responsibility and does not have principles. His son was one of the more than 4000 Franco-Israelis involved as cannon fodder.

They will never be safe due to their horrible acts and gestures going beyond Nazism of which they are the refined incarnation by specializing in the mass elimination of civilians (including children and babies) failing to confront the "ghost" units. " from the Al-Qassam Brigades! Yet, powerfully armed by the US master, the expert in turpitude, the "gear cutter". "There, there, there would be a fault"irremediable!

Israel: a sunk investment!

Israel has become the spoiled child where it allows itself to dictate policy to its masters by infiltrating their institutions!

They invest wastefully in a bunch of scoundrels who think they are strong through their protection. This region is, for the Anglo-Saxons, the space for the perpetuation of their comfort and the preservation of their wealth due to the considerable quantities of oil that its subsoil contains, especially after the discovery of offshore gas deposits near Gaza who made salivate the Americans. This gas is expected to make Israel an energy powerhouse, expected to replace energy from Russia, Iran and other Gulf states.

Were BRICS+ members able to "coordinate" all this with Yemen? It is logical in their propaganda in order to hide the failure in the face of something smaller than oneself which imposes another paradigm in a strategic place in the world between Europe, Asia and Africa, a crossroads of world trade, a place of surveillance of neocolonial interests! Certainly, the BRICS+ benefits indirectly from this situation by seeing its geopolitical strategy carried out without investments unlike the West which loses a lot without significant return for a fake state despite considerable aid. This must be seen as the Middle Eastern Scylla after the Ukrainian Charybdis; Atlanticist nonsense! It took a small country of Houthis "goat herders" and in "sandals", far from the scene of fighting, to get involved - by endorsing their taste for sadism through its simple, legitimate, legal and humane action - to put the USA and its Zionists in geostrategic and political failure! Will they understand that their "deterrence unit" in this region is no longer useful to the extent that it creates more difficulties than it solves?

Ultimately, what did they gain with their "extravagance" in killing civilians, including tens of thousands of women, children and babies? They did not eliminate "Hamas", but they lost at least 3000 soldiers (according to sources), 7% of the population fled without hope of returning under their alternative nationality, the hostages are not recovered, the ground operation suffered failures, no one in the world believed them (even the Israelis), the north of the country was abandoned by the settlers, their economy dependent on tourism was collapsing, in addition to internal instability and prosecutions. to the ICC. An expanded war will be fatal to them!

We are observing the inevitable end of a colonial adventure and the Anglo-Saxon Zionist scarecrow!

Israel was therefore only a dystopian project!

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