Freedom vs. The Machine; geneticists and their weapons

by Jon Rappoport on Jon Rappoport

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Genetic determinism: the belief that an individual's character, thoughts, and actions are the result of his genes.

Freedom means: being free from, and outside of, ironclad cause and effect.

Which side of the argument will win? Nothing is riding on this…except the future of the human race.

For the past 150 years, genetics has been emerging and taking center stage as the pre-eminent philosophy of life on planet Earth.

For most people, philosophy is of zero concern. They refuse to believe it can influence their lives in any way.

However, we currently have the RNA COVID genetic treatments called vaccines, targeting billions of people. According to the bought-off experts, these destructive treatments are working, in machine-like fashion, to protect us from a phantom virus.

The genetics on which the vaccines are based occupy a distinct philosophic position: our thoughts and actions are the effects of our genes; scientists can interfere with that structure and replace it with another genetic framework, which in turn will impose new all-consuming actions, thoughts, and biological alterations upon us.

One new machine taking over from an older machine.

But there has never been a genetic cure for any disease. All attempts to prove that a disease stems from genes have failed. In this sense, genetics is a long con, both scientifically and philosophically.

Of course, the scientists will never admit this. They're dedicated to tinkering and experimenting, "until they get it right."

Veteran journalist Celia Farber describes one such experiment: "Jesse Gelsinger was 18 years old when he volunteered for a clinical trial at Penn State to test the effect on GT [gene therapy] on a rare metabolic disorder called OTC Deficiency. Within hours of being infused with 'corrective genes' encased in weakened adeno-virus, Jesse suffered multiple organ failure, and days later, his blood almost totally coagulated, swollen beyond recognition, and brain dead-he was taken off life support." [1]

Just another day at the office for the funders and researchers. They're working with billions of dollars and a vision of the future. Nothing must stand in their way.

Here is one of those visions, expressed by Gregory Stock [2], former director of the program in Medicine, Technology, and Society at the UCLA School of Medicine:

"Even if half the world's species were lost [during genetic experiments], enormous diversity would still remain. When those in the distant future look back on this period of history, they will likely see it not as the era when the natural environment was impoverished, but as the age when a plethora of new forms-some biological, some technological, some a combination of the two-burst onto the scene…" [2a]

You need to understand that behind all this "envisioning" and experimenting, there is the solid conviction that freedom and free will are illusions that don't exist. Therefore, all experiments are permitted, since they simply substitute one determinism for another, one machine for another. Life itself is viewed as nothing more than a pattern, a structure.

Huxley's Brave New World wasn't really a radical departure from the emerging genetic science of his time. It was a description of "better genetic programming," carried to a logical conclusion. Humans would be fully outfitted with a biology that made them content and satisfied with their designated positions in life.

There was the thunder AND the lightning. Humans genetically conditioned for specific roles; and also conditioned to accept those roles beyond the possibility of rebellion.

What about the centuries of struggle and war and blood to establish political freedom? What about the Magna Carta and the Declaration of independence and the Constitution and its Amendments?

For the genetic philosophers, all that history is waste and meaningless garbage, since freedom does not exist.

I'm not talking about a small bunch of crazy philosophers closeted in a cellar and spinning fantasies. These people are carrying banners of the new world among the most elite Globalists.

The entire fake pandemic narrative, starting with the lie that researchers discovered a new virus, was launched in order to open a door for RNA genetic technology.

Yes, there were other reasons, but gene tech was central. Coming up, we will see new genetic treatments called vaccines. And drugs based on that tech.

Behind that-programs to make deeper and deeper genetic changes in humans.

The cover story for genetic research and experimentation is: we're trying to cure disease.

The truth: machine minds are trying to convert other minds into machines.

What do contemporary philosophers have in their arsenal to combat this assault? Here is an example from Thomas Nagel [3], a professor at New York University:

"Even if determinism [the inevitable chain of cause and effect] isn't true for everything that happens - even if some things just happen without being determined by causes that were there in advance - it would still be very significant if everything we did were determined before we did it. However free you might feel when choosing between fruit and cake, or between two candidates in an election, you would really be able to make only one choice in those circumstances-though if the circumstances or your desires had been different, you would have chosen differently." [3a]

Really? That's it?

Professor Nagel somehow KNOWS there is no such thing as free will?

Well, if that's the case, he wrote those words because he had to, because of the very determinism he describes; he had no choice; and people reading those words of his think about them in a way that is also predetermined. The whole business is a puppet show and means absolutely nothing.

The "philosophy" of determinism is, when you scratch the surface, a philosophy of nihilism. Nothing means anything.

And its perpetrators aren't bothered in the least. They're quite content to stand on their absurd pretensions, while hard scientists inject populations with genes.

So much for academia as "the guardians of civilization."

Most of them are weak sisters. I wouldn't give a nickel for a gaggle of them.

Each one us makes free choices every day of his life. Taking freedom into your mind implies working on a canvas as big and grand as you want to make it.

I'll take the flaming poetry of Thomas Paine; December 23, 1776:

"THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated."

Finally, for now-in America, a country founded on the idea of freedom, a country that fought a devastating Civil War over slavery, can you find one college or university that, between the ratification of the Constitution and now…

Has taught a year-long course, year after year…


This would be a course in which the history of the struggle for freedom is covered; philosophic and scientific writings about freedom are covered; and, most importantly, the students actively participate, in order to shape their own concepts of freedom that will endure for the rest of their lives.

Can you point to one such course-INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM-regularly taught, at one college?

I can't.

What does this tell you?

Since the beginning of America, powerful forces have been at work to deny, refute, reject, and collapse the very premise on which the nation was based.

Has any student in America ever been awarded a PhD in Individual Freedom? I can't find one.

"I see you've just founded a Space Travel Group. I'd be very interested in joining. I assume you cover all aspects of space travel. Rockets, ships, navigation, elements of survival during long voyages, colonization on distant planets, the fantastic marvels of these adventures…"

"Actually, no. We study the habits and tasks of ants. Their nests, hierarchy, division of labor, the biology of communal sharing, the ant genome, the virtues of overall genetic programming in achieving day-to-day goals of the colony…"

"I see. So you're quite insane."

"No. We know exactly what we're doing and why."







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    Sonia H. Fri, 02 Jul 2021 02:46:57 +0000

    Not just those 3 vitamins, though, Haniel. Supplementation with Iodine/Iodide and Vitamin D are critical.

    About scurvy, lots of people have scurvy but they don't know it. For one example, gum disease/bleeding gums/receding gums is scurvy of the jaw, but the dental industry doesn't want you trying to alleviate the condition with Vitamin C. Look it up.

    Sonia H. Fri, 02 Jul 2021 02:39:20 +0000

    Why are they wasting their creativity inventing and manufacturing these special shots. Most of us already are a bunch of androids. They already had us in the palms of their hands, before they launched the stupid Corona business.

    elena Mon, 28 Jun 2021 18:52:27 +0000

    thanks much for this generous reply – it is greatly informative and well insightful.

    Thank you again!

    I'll check Bhutan – that's for sure, but Russia and/or Belarus have been great headache considerations for me (especially Russia) – I dream to live in Russia or, at least, die there.
    Ok, I am Donbass area (Ukrain) borned, chilhooded in central Ukraine and hated it with all my heart. That's why I finished in country of dream with best constitution in the world, huge amount of freedom and opportunities called deception. All this turned out to be an aggressive lie so now I learned a real name of the crap: Corrupted corporate states of america is the real name to start with and don't ask me about the end line…
    What place in Russia id "leavable' and you like? Please advice! I love Russians but think the Russia is involved in global cabal business though I have deep respect to President and love him even more.

    What do you think?
    thanks a lot.
    Your English is great

    Greg Sat, 26 Jun 2021 00:40:01 +0000

    We can make choices in life. But we are given the options to choose from.

    Curmudgeon Fri, 25 Jun 2021 23:43:01 +0000

    Thanks for the link

    Arby Fri, 25 Jun 2021 19:18:47 +0000

    I know that we've inherited imperfection from our first human parents. Obviously, we inherit stuff from our parents and their parents. But remember, no one – human, imperfect and limited – has all the answers. Well, Maybe the professional scam artists within the Rockefeller medical establishment have ALL the answers. (Not)

    Arby Fri, 25 Jun 2021 19:15:25 +0000

    They long ago abandoned established science and IT was wonky! That's at the root of the current civil war in the medical establishment, with the shysters, and the ruined doctors siding with them, on one side, and principled (if not completely correct) doctors on the other side.

    Give Dawn Lester's and David Parker's book, "What Really Makes You Ill – Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong." I'm plowing through it right now (and even ordered two more copies to give away). For example, They now want to produce vaccines for AIDS and cancer. One, there's no AIDS virus. Two, Cancers have nothing to do with viruses. They are a result of mutated cells that grow faster than normal cells and those mutations come about via toxins, not genes or viruses.

    See my own blog post looking at the for-profit Rockefeller health care system and it's ongoing scams. I used material from Jon for the post:

    "Thanks A Lot Covid!" /

    "Corruption Trumps Technology" /

    Arby Fri, 25 Jun 2021 19:01:30 +0000

    A historian who everyone today has forgotten, seemingly, is Howard Zinn, who wrote "A People's History Of The United States." He was slipping toward the end of the large volume, calling Bernie Sanders a socialist, but other than that, the book is awesome and has some very good lessons in it about freedom. James Corbett recently did a show titled "A Brief History Of Hopium." 'Hopium' riffs off of 'opium'. They are both drugs and they are both not good for you. Corbett is not saying that hope and change are automatically bad things, but that fake hope and change peddled by professional scam artists are bad and a people's uncritical acceptance of what shysters tell them is bad.

    People were just as hooked on hopium in Thomas Paine's day is they are now. Talk about freedom. There's the very articulate Thomas Paine promising the people freedom if they take his advice, while supporting the bank of North America that his buddy Robert Morris was responsible for creating. Zinn:

    === =
    "Paine himself came out of "the lower orders" of England… But his great concern seems to have been to speak for a middle group. "There is an extent of riches, as well as extreme poverty, which, by harrowing the circles of a man's acquaintance, lessens his opportunities of general knowledge." "Once the Revolution was under way, Paine more and more made it clear that he was not for the crowd action of lower-class people – like those militia who in 1779 attacked the house of James Wilson. Wilson was a Revolutionary leader who opposed price controls and wanted a more conservative government than was given by the Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776. Pain became an associate of one of the wealthiest men in Pennsylvania, Robert Morris, and a supporter of Morris's creation, the Bank of North America." Later, during the controversy over adopting the Constitution, Paine would once again represent urban artisans, who favored strong central government. He seemed to believe that such a government could serve some great common interest. In this sense, he lent himself perfectly to the myth of the Revolution – that it was on behalf of a united people." – from pages 62-70 of "A People's History Of The United States" by Howard Zinn
    = ===
    Corbett's point is that the people need to roll up their sleeves and work for, not politicians or political parties, all false saviors, but for themselves, building the world that they want.

    As for philosophy, I'm not into philosophies. That's like 'sciences' isn't it? Whereas, science is supposed to be ongoing and never settled, they say. I say that we don't need to know absolutely how everything works. Running the universe is God's job.

    I was very drawn to philosophy in my earlier years, but could never get through a book. The philosopher, or philosopher's biographer, would be humming along nicely, and in an agreeably stimulating fashion, and then start cranking out unbelievable crap. I'm all for thinking and exchanging ideas, where no one has to be correct or know it all. That's normal. But this or that philosophy – a finished product that purports to be the 'science' of life – just doesn't draw me.

    Maybe that's because I already have a philosophy. It's called Christianity. And yes, I have lots of problems with and questions about the Christian Bible. And I've learned things from Bible critics. But overall, I'm not searching for the answer. I'm not unwilling, however, to talk with those who have their own answers. I'm just not going to drop my philosophy and embrace their's because someone insists that I do.

    Arby Fri, 25 Jun 2021 18:42:49 +0000

    I'll pass on the hopium.

    Arby Fri, 25 Jun 2021 18:03:19 +0000

    "Veteran journalist Celia Farber describes one such experiment… Just another day at the office for the funders and researchers. They're working with billions of dollars and a vision of the future. Nothing must stand in their way."

    And then we come to this: "Bill C-6 Passed." It's on its way to becoming law. Rosemary Frei reports:

    "Thanks Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the other members of the House of Commons for passing Bill C-6! So great that Canada is one of the very few countries poised to criminalize counseling kids to take their time before becoming permanent medical patients. Happy Pride!"

    The destroyers, who play God and imagine that they will 'create' from the bits – societies, families, individuals – a new world in which those who should rule, will, while the rest of us can go eat ourselves, literally. (They are talking about meat-growing kits where we can input a part of ourselves into the machinery, which then cranks out a slab of meat.)

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