COVID-19 is the murder of old people

by Jon Rappoport on Jon Rappoport

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In the 1973 film, Soylent Green, a NY police detective discovers that the vastly overcrowded, poverty–stricken population of the city-who are being sustained on processed government food, called Soylent-are now unknowingly eating humans who have died. That's what Soylent Green is made of. That's the terrible secret. What's the secret now? It's all there in the open-source literature…

Let's start here:

The SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn't exist.

The supposed diagnostic tests are meaningless.

The case numbers are meaningless.

The people who have died have died for multiple reasons, none of which has anything to do with SARS-CoV-2.

I have spent the past year writing over 300 articles, providing compelling evidence for the above assertions.

There are "people who have died who are LABELED COVID deaths." AKA "official reality." AKA "official lies."

Who are these people? By and large, who are they?

Here are two statements. The people DID die, but not because of SARS-CoV-2:

The Kaiser Family Foundation, July 24, 2020: "Adults 65 and older account for 16% of the US population but 80% of COVID-19 deaths in the US…"

AARP, April 1, 2021: "95 percent of COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. have occurred among people who were 50 or older."

A member of Biden's coronavirus task force, Dr. Zeke Emanuel, once stated there is no reason people should want to live beyond the age of 75. Just go gently into that good night.

Well, what is called COVID is old people.

My first clue about the elderly came from a report published by Italy's National Institute of Health during the early days of the "pandemic." It stated that the average age of people dying from COVID in the country was 79.5. That clue was the size of an aircraft carrier parked outside your house.

Soon after the Italian report, the Institute of Health went dark. No more research was released. No updates. They'd spoken out of school, and someone slapped them in the head.

Open-source press reports revealed the "excess mortality" of 2020 was largely the result of elderly people dying in nursing homes.

This has nothing to do with a virus.

It has to do with patients who are ALREADY on a long downward health slide. They ALREADY have multiple health conditions. For years, even decades, they've been pounded with toxic medical drugs, weakening their bodies and shredding their immune systems-

And THEN they're hit with the TERROR of an arbitrary and fake COVID-19 diagnosis-

And THEN they're isolated and shut off from family and friends-in facilities where gross neglect and indifference are all too often the "standard of care."

Death is the direct result.

Forced premature death.

These patients just fold up and die.

The managers of pandemic information tell the big lie. They spin tales about "the virus" having a greater impact on the elderly.

No, the STORY about a virus has the impact. The terror has the deadly impact. The isolation has the deadly impact. The terror and the isolation deliver the final blow.

To an astounding extent, COVID-19 is a NURSING HOME DISASTER.

Mass murder by cruelty.

Memo to financial investigators: Calculate how much money government and private insurers are saving, because they don't have to keep paying for the long-term care of all the old people who are dying premature deaths in nursing homes. The money number will be staggering.

Tony Fauci knows the con. He knows COVID-19 is old people. People are dying from the fear he promotes. Fauci has no shred of shame. He's a mouthpiece turned out by Bill Gates and David Rockefeller.

Evil permeates the COVID operation. The elderly in nursing homes are the primary target. Getting them to die earlier is the tactic, in order to pump up the fake COVID mortality numbers.

Without those phony numbers, the whole "pandemic" would be exposed in an hour.

I've said there were two key events in the foisting of the whole vicious COVID fiction-the Chinese regime locking down 50 million citizens overnight for no good medical reason, giving the green light to the World Health Organization and the CDC to "follow the new model"; and the Bill Gates-financed computer projection of deaths, put together by Neil Ferguson, who lied through his teeth when he claimed half a million people could die in the UK and two million in the US by the summer of 2020-thus supplying the final "rationale" for the lockdowns.

The third key event was and is the sustained attack on the elderly.

Kill these people with terror and isolation, and make the death numbers escalate.

As of May 22, 2020, Forbes reported that, "…in the 43 states that currently report such figures, an astounding 42% of all COVID-19 deaths have taken place in nursing homes and assisted living facilities."

Washington Post, May 18, 2020: "The World Health Organization said half of Europe's covid-19 deaths occurred in such facilities."

Headline of same Post article: "Canada's nursing home crisis: 81 percent of coronavirus deaths [in the country] are in long-term care facilities."

The Guardian, May 16, 2020: "About 90% of the 3,700 people who have died from coronavirus in Sweden were over 70, and half were living in care homes, according to a study from Sweden's National Board of Health and Welfare at the end of April."

"The country [Spain] was shocked at the end of March when the defence minister revealed that soldiers drafted in to disinfect residential homes had found some elderly people abandoned and dead in their beds."

"…the regional governments of Madrid and Catalonia have been publishing their own figures on people who have died in care homes…"

"In Madrid, the total for Covid, or suspected Covid, deaths since 8 March stood at 5,886 on Thursday. In Catalonia, it was 3,375. Between them, care home deaths in the two regions account for more than a third of all the coronavirus deaths in the country."

And there was a great deal of early warning on the subject, if anyone from public health agencies wanted to pay attention-The Guardian, 13 April, 2020: "About half of all Covid-19 deaths appear to be happening in care homes in some European countries…Snapshot data from varying official sources shows that in Italy, Spain, France, Ireland and Belgium between 42% and 57% of deaths from the virus have been happening in homes, according to the report by academics based at the London School of Economics (LSE)."

These nursing home figures only give a partial picture. Consider the HUGE NUMBER of elderly, already-ill people who are basically in the same situation AT HOME-terrified by COVID propaganda, locked down, isolated; and then die-and also those who manage to make it to a hospital, where they are put on breathing ventilators, heavily sedated, and killed.

The Hill, undated (late April 2020), reported on "data…gathered at Northwell Health, New York state's largest hospital system. The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) examines 5,700 patients hospitalized with coronavirus infections in the New York City region, with final outcomes recorded for 2,634 patients. The average patient age was 63 years old… For the next oldest age group, ages 66 years and older, patients receiving mechanical ventilation recorded a 97.2 percent mortality rate."

And yet the ventilator death-treatment continues. As does treatment with remdesivir, a highly toxic drug.

The New York Times (June 27, 2020) reported that 43 percent of all US COVID deaths were occurring in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities for the elderly. In at least 24 states, more than 50 percent of all COVID deaths were occurring in these facilities. The Times failed to mention deaths of the elderly at hospitals or, at home, cut off from family and friends. The situation is far worse than the Times made it out to be.

COVID is old people. Pushed into death.

It's mass murder.

Behind politicians' and public health officials' oh so caring directives and demands and declarations and pronouncements, it's mass murder.

Imagine YOU were 80 years old. For years you've been suffering from multiple serious health conditions. For years, doctors have been giving you many toxic drugs, carving up your immune system, weakening your body, affecting your judgement. Along comes a false story about a deadly virus. Every time you turn on the television set, there it is, that fearful story. You're terrified. Maybe the virus will visit you. And then one day, your doctor gives you a test, or simply eyeballs your clinical symptoms, and says yes, you have it. The virus. You're infected. Your terror escalates. Your worst nightmare has come true. And suddenly, you're isolated in your home, alone, or you're locked up in your room in a nursing home, cut off from family and friends. Day after day, week after week. What would you do?

Chances are, you would see no point in living. You would give up and die.

The operation called COVID is old people. Killing old people.

    last comments from Jon Rappoport
    Allen Sat, 03 Sep 2022 16:48:56 +0000

    The average age of a death by or with "Covid-19" is higher than life expectancy in all Western countries. No other figure even need be known to understand the "pandemic" (business model) is a fraud and a giant Ponzi scheme.

    In the US the "Covid death" number is cooked/manipulated due to how the CDC does their accounting as well as many other factors- an audit of the CDC mortality numbers themselves is required.

    1) The first thing that must be addressed is "who were these people?" The average age of a "Covid death" is 78 in the US and 82 globally w/4 comorbidities on average. The largest bloc of these people were from nursing homes, assisted living, hospice etc. Where did the vast majority of initial "Covid deaths" occur? Here in the US (and everywhere in the West- Milan, Madrid, London, Brussels, Montreal, Toronto, etc.) most, if not all, who died from "Covid" already had one foot in the grave and their death was put on fast forward through medical protocols not an anomalous viral event.

    What we had here in the US was a radical and mandatory shift in policies relating to hospitals, care homes and the overall social order. These new "policies" were mandated through various new and aberrant state "guidelines" which resulted in a concentrated death rate for a six week period in March/April. Take that out of the equation and there is no death rate to talk about. Put (or keep) these policies in place and we will have this happen every year.

    There was also gross negligence (beyond the usual) in numerous nursing homes that led to abandonment and medication alterations that turned these slow motion abattoirs into death houses. One of the remarkable things of note is that here in the US the "pandemic" was not widespread (which is supposed to be one of the defining features of a pandemic) but was in fact limited to very specific locations;

    2) The faulty diagnosis of what is a "Covid death" did they die "with" or "from" Covid which is problematic for several reasons. In many cases an actual test was never done only a "presumed to be Covid" assessment was put forth. Add to this that when the tests were done PCR tests done with faulty specs (gene sequencing, cycle thresholds, annealing problems, faulty primers and so forth) were used. PCR can't diagnose anything in the first place and compounded with these problems they are useless and misleading.

    99% of people falsely certified as having 'died from covid' actually died from their preexisting conditions being exacerbated by mass medical malpractice and 'public health' despotism, the other 1% simply died of old age.

    From the CDC itself 7/16/21: "Of the 540,667 hospitalized coronavirus patients included in the study, 80,174 died during the observation period (March 2020 to March 2021).

    A whopping 99.1% of the patients who died had at least one pre-existing condition, with just 740 having no prior condition on record. Most patients who died from COVID had multiple pre-existing conditions, with just 2.6% suffering from only one condition, compared to 32.3% who had two to five preexisting conditions, 39.1% who had six to ten, and 25.1% who have more than ten pre-existing conditions."

    Translation: No one has 'died from covid' as "covid" is nothing more than a fraudulent PCR result plus a nebulous clinical re-branding of cold, "flu" and many other disease conditions.

    3) No autopsies. Why were no autopsies done in the US? Why did they pass new mandates that halted all autopsies for "Covid deaths?" This went against decades long protocol. They also changed decades old protocol on how death certificates should be filed;

    4) Home deaths is yet another way that figures were cooked. This was admitted point blank by Stephanie Buehle (NY Dept. of Health spokesperson) among others who stated that home deaths with no testing at all would be presumed "Covid deaths." This "guideline" was mandated through the NY Health Dept;

    5) Covid death counts were forged- CDC instructed officials and altered guidelines, on March 24,2020 in violation of Federal Law, to certify any death as "caused by" COVID if the decedent tested positive prior to passing or was suspected of having "C19", even if it wasn't the actual cause of death. Thus we have major misattribution. E.g., we have over 14,000 injury deaths listed in the "C19 death" total.

    We also have unexplained declines in other common death categories because so many have been attributed to "C19." The unprecedented broad definition of "C19" death created huge fraud in "Covid death" counts;

    6) Another way they inflated death counts was through hospital admissions and faulty PCR testing. This caused a huge spike in iatrogenic deaths caused by misattribution of "Covid" to incoming patients and the ensuing improper treatments applied e.g. ventilators, remdesivir and associated fentanyl dosages which killed thousands.

    So for example if one came in with a coronary condition you would be given a "Covid test" no matter what- all admissions required this- and then if you died while in the hospital you could have been listed as a "Covid death." This happened frequently through the year.

    The practice of PCR-testing hospital admissions who are asymptomatic for Covid using high Ct values undoubtedly caused deaths and unnecessary suffering.

    This matters for several reasons. A pneumonia patient e.g. has a very good chance of surviving with correct support. However, if the patient tests '+' for the non-existent pathogen an entirely different medical protocol goes into action and with this and there is little chance of survival.

    The 'diagnosis' of "Covid" effectively permits dangerous protocols to be enacted that then increase the chance of mortality.

    With regard to adoption of a new RT-PCR protocol for hospital admissions this also falsely manufactured death statistics for "Covid." Add to this how it was incentivized-$$$$$ while hospitals are under extreme financial duress. The US hospital system had it's worst financial quarter on record in the middle of a "pandemic." Administrators were under pressure to alleviate that financial pain and exploit all openings in the CARES Act.

    None of this was accidental.

    7) Lockdown impacts- too numerous to cite here.

    In short whatever "excess deaths" which may have occurred anywhere can be attributed to people who didn't have to die but were KILLED due to the unnecessary use of ventilators, harsh toxic drugs, people dying prematurely due to lack of medical treatment, ill effects from the lockdowns and so on.

    Dean Blehert Wed, 20 Jul 2022 04:59:13 +0000

    Killing the old (by the way, I'm 80) is probably not the main purpose. It's a way of pushing NUMBERS up without making it clear that mainly old people have died. Those NUMBERS persuade others that they too (even if young) are in danger. Here's a simple process of research I did 2 years ago: I googled "What percentage of people respond to the placebo effect?" meaning how many people get well because they expect to get well because they're receiving some supposed treatment. The first two answers that came up: A CDC study said 42%! And a study by "Psychology Today" said 15% to 72%. The percent who respond depends on how persuasive the fake "treatment" is. For example, given a sugar pill–maybe 15%. Given a pill that creates some effect, like a dry mouth or a niacin flush or the like, and the % goes way up (that's called an active placebo), because they think it must be real medicine. Have them examined weekly by a doctor, and the % who improve goes up more. In other words, the more props and indicators that they are really being treated, the better they get. Having read these, I asked "What is a negative placebo called?" and the answer was a "nocebo." The nocebo effect is when someone gets sick because he/she EXPECTS to get sick. I asked what percentage of people respond to that. The answers I got said, basically, a LOT, but no studies have yet been done to determine the percentage. A drug company exec, a few years ago, petitioned the FDA to allow drug companies NOT to print the bad side effects, because people taking the drug would read those side effects and then GET them! (We used to call this hypochondria.) And some references said or implied that the percentage would probably be the same as for the placebo effect. Placebo: You expect to get well, and you do. Nocebo: You expect to get sick, and you do. So it is likely that around 70% of the public, hearing in the news and on all media that there is a terrific danger of getting Covid 19 and that they are likely to get it, with photos of it, etc.–a significant number of people get it. Large number of people dying adds to the danger (so building the numbers by killing the elderly may be an end in itself, but is also a tool for creating the nocebo effect. Since the vaccines damage people, and that damage is attributed to Covid, that, too, is a tool. (Those of us who try to get the word out about the lies perhaps have weakened the efforts to create terror.) The "tests" with false positives–another tool. All of these add up to something broader than killing off the elderly: Creating fear in the world's population. Enough fear brings unusual "solutions"–a willingness to accept some sort of tyranny. It is also probably true that those most likely to get ill enough to die from all these encouragements to expect to get sick would be those who are sickly or weak or foolish, so this may be thought of by those running this operation as "culling the herd." But the more it is hammered into us that we are going to get a serious illness (it's a "pandemic" after all), the more of us, expecting to get sick, will get sick. Unless more people start to see through it.

    Bob Mazza Tue, 21 Sep 2021 00:44:08 +0000

    I'm so glad to hear someone who thinks like you do.

    grr Thu, 12 Aug 2021 02:16:08 +0000

    Hospital staff in Australia are instructed to ignore poison stab injured people when they say the poison caused their stroke/clot/brain fog/etc. They will not engage the patient in that subject.

    I know this from witness accounts in two hospitals and from a NSW doctor.

    Fanny Adams Thu, 12 Aug 2021 02:13:17 +0000

    We have been held to ransom by germ theory for over 100yrs, lied to and brainwashed into believing the fallacy of viruses and bacteria as our enemies.

    When We learn how to feed the body according to the chemistry of the body we will avoid the use of doctors who rely on germ theory for every malady under the sun and begin to heal ourselves.

    Covid is a set of symptoms for a body that is trying daily to balance according to nature, yet is bombarded with poisons in the name of food…bad nutrition as well as countless other poisons and toxins all around us.

    One very helpful practitioner happens to be Dr Robert Morse ND who advocates a chemical understanding of health and wellness.

    Read his book: The Detox Miracle Sourcebook.

    srg Thu, 05 Aug 2021 19:32:37 +0000

    In case you missed it, the Germans started invading their neighbors to get treasure and land, resulting in the deaths of millions.

    Bri 3D Thu, 05 Aug 2021 01:44:37 +0000

    She was at Orlando Health in Longwood. Not native american. Born in texas with some mexican ancestry 64 years old.

    With her O2 in the 70's, was her life not in serious danger. Mine was also low but I went home and recovered. I will always wonder if She had come home could she have recovered.

    Jim S Smith Wed, 04 Aug 2021 16:28:14 +0000

    Have you also visited: ???

    These folks really spell out what Graphene can be used for!

    Jim S Smith Wed, 04 Aug 2021 16:23:48 +0000

    That's because the PCR was not designed to detect viruses. Using these PCR's as diagnostics tests is misuse!

    At best,

    PCR can only match what protein base-pair sequences it was calibrate to. Usually, these are mere protein fragments – which may or may NOT be unique to the organism that is being sought.

    The so-called "Spike protein" is but a "micro-protein" that is really more common in Nature and NOT specific to any "virus". This was an absolute misrepresentation of a "scientific process" that is a mad-sham of a process.

    Jim S Smith Wed, 04 Aug 2021 16:15:45 +0000

    There have been instances of people living to around or more than one-hundred-twenty years.

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