Bin Laden and The 911 Illusion

by Dean Henderson on Left Hook

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Bin Laden and The 911 Illusion: Part I: Patsies and Beneficiaries

The alleged killing of Osama bin Laden next to a Pakistani military training academy could signal the winding down of the biggest psychological warfare operation ever prosecuted by the global oligarchy. In the wake of the 911 terror attacks, Americans everywhere recited the collective mantra, "Things will never be the same". Actually things had changed very little.

The Patsies

Fifteen of the nineteen alleged hijackers were born in Saudi Arabia, where the House of Saud dictatorship has financed Muslim Brotherhood modern-day Assassins and CIA covert operations since its inception for the benefit of the Eight Families banking cartel and their Four Horsemen – whose ARAMCO oilfields are protected via US military occupation of the Kingdom.

The Assassins this time were members of al Qaeda, the cadre of former Afghan mujahadeen fighters that the CIA trained, then used to carry out proxy wars in Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Chechnya, Dagestan, Indian Kashmir, East Turkistan Province in China, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Somalia, Algeria and Uzbekistan. The CIA brought al Qaeda spiritual leader and Anwar Sadat assassin Sheik Abdul Rahman to the US to recruit Islamic fundamentalists willing to fight in these CIA wars.

Al Qaeda was headed by Osama bin Laden, who built the CIA's mujahadeen training camps in Afghanistan. Bin Laden was House of Saud point man in recruiting Arab fighters for CIA shenanigans in Central Asia and the Balkans. Bin Laden's brother Salem was a business partner and good friend of James Bath. His father Mohammed provided seed money for Bath's good buddy George W. Bush's Arbusto Energy. The bin Laden family fortune was managed by the Carlyle Group where George Bush Sr. advised them.

According to a PBS spokeswomen, within three days of 911 both Vice-President Dick Cheney and Queen Elizabeth II called PBS to request copies of two video documentaries the station had done – one on bin Laden and the other on Islam. Since US intelligence knew all it needed to know of their foot soldier bin Laden, Cheney and Her Majesty were more concerned with what the US public had already been told of the Saudi paymaster so they could factor this into their forthcoming public relations blitz.

Bin Laden's second in command Ayman al-Zawahiri heads Egyptian Islamic Jihad – a Muslim Brotherhood front whose assassins had help from the CIA in escaping justice in Egypt so they could go to Albania to fight with the Kosovo Liberation Army. Al-Zawahiri's sidekick Ali Mohammed came to the US in 1984. He trained terrorists in Brooklyn and Jersey City on weekends and instructed US Special Forces at Fort Bragg. He was later involved in the US Embassy bombings in Africa.

According to the FBI, five of the nineteen alleged 911 hijackers were trained by the US military – three at Pensacola Naval Air Station and two at other facilities.

Alleged 911 ring leader Mohammed Atta received the $100,000 he needed to plan and carry out the terror attacks from Standard Chartered accounts in gold bullion-haven Dubai – where US Naval vessels often berth. Standard Chartered was founded by the Illuminated Cecil Rhodes. The bank is one of five London "gold-fixers" and prints Hong Kong's currency. These accounts were controlled by 911 paymaster and UAE citizen Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi.

According to British MP Michael Meacher in an article for The Guardian, M16 recruited up to 200 British Muslims to fight in Afghanistan and Yugoslavia. Meacher says a Dehli-based foundation describes Omar Saeed Sheikh – the man who beheaded US journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002 – as a British agent.

Meacher says it was Sheikh who – at the behest of Pakistani ISI General Mahmood Ahmed – had al-Hawsawi wire $100,000 to Mohammed Atta before 911, a fact confirmed by Dennis Lomel, director of the FBI's financial crimes unit. An October 11, 2001 article in The Times of India also corroborates this.

At a June 25, 2002 conference in Calgary, University of Ottawa Economics Professor Michel Chossudovsky and former Los Angeles police officer Michael Ruppert further corroborated this information based on ABC News reports. They added that ISI Chief Ahmad- who ordered the money wired to Atta- was in Washington on September 4, 2001 meeting with CIA Director George Tenet, Assistant Secretary of State Richard Armitage, Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) and the heads of two Congressional intelligence committees.

The New York Times reported on February 17, 2002 that the two congressmen Ahmed met with were Joint Senate Intelligence Committee Co-Chairs- Florida Senators Bob Graham and Porter Goss. Goss is a former CIA operative and was appointed Bush Jr. CIA Director in 2004.

When President Clinton and Defense Secretary Cohen had earlier pressed UAE officials to crack down on the al Qaeda money shuffle, a senior UAE sheik told them it was difficult to discern between criminal money and that going to fight CIA proxy wars in Bosnia and Chechnya.

Ruppert cited a BBC report by Gregg Palast that details how the Bush Administration ordered curtailment of an FBI investigation of the bin Laden family. Minneapolis FBI whistle-blower Colleen Rowley and Robert Wright – who worked for the bureau in Chicago – described the same unnamed superior who "obstructed", "deliberately thwarted" and "intimidated" their attempts to track down US-based al Qaeda operatives.

Wright was investigating an al Qaeda money laundering ring based in Chicago that may have been plugged into the Nugan Hand/Bank of Cicero/CIA/P-2 black network based in Chicago – often disguising its dirty transactions via the freewheeling Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Chossudovsky stated his belief that 911 served the US in its quest to control both Central Asian oil supplies and the Afghan opium trade. He told the Calgary crowd, "Osama bin Laden is and remains to this day a CIA asset. Even now his al Qaeda operatives are working with the Kosovo Liberation Army who are US allies and with the US-backed forces in Macedonia. Members of al Qaeda have been protected as they moved into Kashmir where they are now fomenting conflict between India and Pakistan."

Many of the alleged hijackers were in the country on legitimate US visas. Most were issued at the US consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. According to Mike Springmann- Chief of the Visa Section at Jeddah during the late 1980's- CIA officials ran roughshod over the visa operation, often overruling Springmann's decisions not to issue visas to people he considered dangerous. Often CIA officials would stamp the questionable applicants' visas themselves in clear violation of US law.

Bush blocked Secret Service investigations into US-based al-Qaeda sleeper cells while he continued to negotiate secretly with Taliban officials. The last meeting, headed by Bush NSA and former Unocal official Zalmay Khalilzad, was in August 2001, just five weeks before the terror attacks. The Unocal-led consortium offered the Taliban, through current Afghan President Hamid Kharzai, $100 million to run its natural gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to the Indian Ocean. The Bush team offered additional aid to the Taliban, whom they'd already given over $132 million in 2001, and told them, "You either accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs."

Considering the history of CIA/Four Horsemen/Eight Families treachery in the Middle East and the toll these schemes have taken on the Arab world, one could easily interpret 911 as an Arab response to US imperialism. The trouble is that explanation defies the facts.

Mohammed Atta's father, a prominent Cairo physician, said his son was afraid of flying and insists that he was not a trained pilot. Atta believes his son was kidnapped and made a patsy by the Israeli Mossad. He believes Israelis used his son and the other 18 Arabs' identities as cover to carry out the 911 plot because this would turn Americans against the Arab world, enhance the Israeli bargaining position vis-à-vis the Palestinians and draw the US further into the Middle Eastern cauldron. Atta's father stated, "This was done by Mossad using American pilots."

Lending credence to the doctor's charges is the assertion that the official passenger flight logs for all four American and United flights that became fuel-air bombs on 911 listed no Arab passengers. The Dallas Morning News reported that in July 2001 a federal task force pulled the plug on over 500 Arab websites in the US when they raided InfoCom Corporation in Texas. Did the Feds want to silence cyber-chat concerning the actual whereabouts of the "hijackers"? Reports emerged from the Arab world that many of them had been sighted after 911.

According to Daniel Hopsicker who wrote, Welcome to Terrorland…, Mohamed Atta began working for the US government in Hamburg in 1992. He was later enrolled in an elite officer training course at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, AL. Hopsicker says Atta had pilot licenses from six countries and wonders why, except to establish a paper trail, he would even have needed to attend flight school.

Atta spoke Hebrew, snorted coke and lived with a stripper. He met with various German and Swiss nationals just prior to 911 and was part of an email discussion on the Middle East that included numerous employees of US defense contractors. Atta and up to seven other 911 hijackers had received flight training at US military facilities.

Most interestingly, Atta was part of an elite international exchange program run by the American/German Congress-Bundestag Program – an organization with close ties to both David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger. The group funded Atta trips to Istanbul, Cairo and Damascus; where he played the role of Islamic fundamentalist.

Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) wrote in his 2005 book that two weeks after 911 he presented a chart to the Bush Administration showing that Atta and other hijackers were being monitored as part of the Pentagon's Able Danger program. In September 2006 the Pentagon Inspector General put out a statement denying Atta's existence on this chart. An infuriated Weldon stated, "I am appalled that the DOD IG would expect the American people to actually consider this a full and thorough investigation".

The Florida flight school where the 911 hijackers trained was Huffman Aviation – co-owned by Bill Clinton chum Wally Hilliard and Rudy Dekkers, who met with Atta less than one month prior to 911. One Huffman employee told Hopsicker, "Early on I gleaned that these guys had government protection…They were let into the country for a specific purpose. It was a business deal."

Huffman's hangar at Venice Airport is used to maintain the planes of Caribe Air, a known CIA-front airline which had twenty of its planes seized by federal authorities at Mena, AR after they were found to have curried billions of dollars worth of contra cocaine. Hopsicker says Caribe could also be tied to Enron, since many of that now-defunct company's Caribbean tax shelters had the word "Caribe" in their name.

The Beneficiaries

While much of the Arab world's mainstream media echoed Atta's father's viewpoint, all US media – corporate and progressive alike – dismissed these claims as "outrageous conspiracy theories". Yet no one could deny that Israel gained a great deal from the 911 attacks. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon – wanted in Belgium for war crimes – began targeting Palestinian leaders for assassination as soon as Bush took office, causing US public support for Israel to wane.

Sharon used 911 to turn the tide, labeling all Palestinians, "bin Laden terrorists", and occupying yet more Palestinian territory. Bush sent General Anthony Zinni to Tel Aviv as Middle East envoy to lend legitimacy to Sharon's aggression, while refusing to deal with Palestinian President Yasser Arafat. The Samuel Huntington CFR Clash of Civilizations crowd had their pretext for a global war against Arabs and Muslims.

US defense giants reaped the 911 harvest. In October 2001 Lockheed Martin led a consortium of corporations awarded the largest single defense contract ever – a $200 billion deal to build an F-35 joint strike fighter. The Lockheed-led group included Northrup Grumman and several British companies including British Aerospace and Rolls Royce. [16] Amidst the post-911 flag-waving frenzy, the all-American bidder McDonnell Douglas would have seemed a more discretionary choice.

Defense stocks surged. Raytheon stock was up 36% in the month following 911 while the rest of the stock market crashed. The hawks and their generals pushed for huge Pentagon budget increases, some advocating a $500 billion defense budget by 2005. In January 2002, President Bush approved a defense budget of $317 billion. Three weeks later he increased it to $379 billion, while setting a marker for a $471 billion defense budget by 2007.

The money will line the pockets of the Eight Families banking cartel which owns the defense companies, pockets already deepened by Bush tax cut and the subsequent increase in US debt – which the international bankers make a healthy living financing. Their point man Bush – cousin to the House of Windsor – saw his dismal approval ratings skyrocket to over 80% as a fear-driven US public rallied around the Four Horsemen President.

The Rockefeller-controlled airlines, near bankruptcy before 911, glad-handed their way to a $15 billion taxpayer bailout. The insurance industry, railroads and travel industry soon got in line at the government trough; their phony far-right anti-government venom temporarily muted.

The CIA was a major 911 beneficiary, marching out an array of "old hands" like Richard Armitage, General Barry McCafferty and United Brands grant recipient Major Andy Messing to extol the virtues of dealing with unsavory underworld characters when gathering intelligence. The Clinton Administration had clamped down on this common CIA practice after revelations of CIA involvement in the Guatemalan death squad murders of American citizens. CIA torture chambers were once again open for business.

Global civil liberties were a major casualty of 911. Within a week of the attacks Bush Attorney General John Ashcroft announced plans to unleash the CIA and FBI, expanding and combining their already sweeping powers. With no public debate and near unanimous Congressional approval – despite the fact that not one Congress member read it – Bush gleefully signed the ironically-titled USA Patriot Act into law, suspending big chunks of the US Constitution and bringing the nation a step closer to outright martial law. Similar legislation was passed in numerous other countries.

Section 802 of the Patriot Act designated a federal crime broadly defined as "domestic terrorism", which cast a broad net over political dissidents and seemed especially targeted at the growing ranks of WTO/IMF protestors who have taken a frontal assault on the Eight Families. Section 411 posed an ideological litmus test for foreigners wishing to come to the US in a direct affront to the First Amendment. Section 215 obliterated the Fourth Amendment, allowing the FBI to obtain a court order to seize a person's "tangible things", including books, documents and computer disks; without suspecting that person of wrongdoing and without informing that person of the seizure until well after the fact. Section 218 gave the FBI a green light to spy on domestic "enemies" and threatened to return the US to the dark days of J. Edgar Hoover.

Later Ashcroft marched out his new TIPS program, which encouraged mailmen, utility workers and neighbors to spy on their fellow citizens. In November 2002 the Bush Administration pushed through the new Homeland Security Act, whose name conjures memories of Hitler's Office of Fatherland Security, which he established within one month of the staged Reichstag fire and later became the SS.

One provision of the act created an Information Awareness Office, which would compile a computer database on every American. The office emerged from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – a JASON Society affiliate – that earlier spawned both the Internet and stealth technology. Heading the office was Admiral John Poindexter, the five-count convicted felon of Iran/Contra fame.

The Center for Public Integrity revealed an even more draconian version of the Patriot Act being drafted at Georgetown University. Dubbed the Domestic Security Enhancement Act, the draft called for secret arrests – never before allowed in US history – and carte blanche deportation of legal immigrants. Another provision allowed chemical companies to quit disclosing toxic emissions to the communities in which they operated.

As of February 2003 there had been over 300 rollbacks of the Freedom of Information Act. In 2004 Patriot Act II passed. Provisions included a National ID. In 2003 the General Accounting Office dropped its lawsuit against Vice President Cheney, which would have forced him to reveal which energy executives he met with secretly to craft the Bush Energy policy. The right of US citizens to acquire information by which they could hold their government accountable was seriously eroded by the events of 911 and the culture of secrecy that emerged in its aftermath.

But it was the Eight Families banking cartel that had the most to gain from dialing 911. The day of the terror attacks there was an unusually heavy volume of financial transactions being handled at the WTC. The bulk of investment bankers killed in the WTC worked for competitors of the Big Six old money investment banks. Cantor Fitzgerald was particularly hard hit.

Merrill Lynch had its own building nearby, as did Deutsche Bank. Lehman Brothers moved from the WTC to a newly built headquarters just prior 911. Only seven weeks before 911 a group of wealthy oligarch investors terminated their lease on the WTC. Investor Larry Silverstein bought a 99-year lease on the property in July 2001, while the old money slid out from under it. Silverstein filed a $7.2 billion insurance claim after the tragedy. The Eight Families insurance companies involved offered only $3.6 billion.

The President's brother, Marvin Bush, was on the board of directors at Securacom – now Stratesec – from 1993-2000. The company provided security for the WTC, Dulles International Airport and United Airlines. It had the security contract at Los Alamos Laboratories, when there had been a number of security breaches at that facility. The firm is backed by a Kuwaiti-American investment firm known as KuwAm. Current clients include the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force and Department of Justice. They carry a Blanket Purchase Agreement with the GSA – meaning that no other company can compete for these security contracts.

According to David Icke's bombshell book Children of the Matrix, Securacom is a subsidiary of Crown Agency- a British Crown entity which Icke says also owns the Agha Khan Foundation. Khan is based in Pakistan and is spiritual torch-bearer for Islamism, from which groups like al Qaeda and the Taliban take their cues. This important fact points to Buckingham Palace involvement in the prosecution of 911.

Marvin Bush also sat on the board at HCC Insurance Holdings until November 2002. That company carried some of the insurance on the WTC. Brother Jeb – Governor of Florida – declared a state of emergency in his state one week prior to 911. He personally escorted the alleged hijackers' flight school documents to Washington, DC shortly after the attacks.

New York Mayor Rudolf Guliani was portrayed as the hero of 911. Yet on November 2, 2001 Guliani ordered New York firefighters to thin their ranks at ground zero. The day before, 200 tons of gold buried in vaults beneath the WTC belonging to Silver Triangle gold kingpin/drug money laundry Bank of Nova Scotia was recovered. Gold prices soon began their meteoric rise. The Bank of Nova Scotia has extensive ties to both Israel and the House of Windsor.

No one in the fawning corporate media bothered to ask Guliani where that gold went. Nor did they ask him why. According to Internet reports, he had ordered 6,000 gallons of fuel stored beneath WTC #7 to supply his personal bomb shelter.

The explosion of this fuel may have caused WTC #7 – which was clearly not hit by an airplane – to collapse, destroying sensitive Enron-related CIA and FBI documents stored there. The CIA ran an undercover station on the 47th floor of #7. The 23rd and 24th floors of the WTC North Tower housed FBI covert operations and boatloads of agency documents.

Louie Cacchioli, a firefighter with Engine 47 in Harlem said he was in an elevator to the spook-occupied 24th floor of the North Tower, when he heard explosions. His crew – the first in that building – believes bombs were set off inside the towers.

In a statement to the Albuquerque Journal shortly after the disaster, Van Romero, Vice-President for Research at the world-renowned New Mexico Institute for Mining and Technology, agreed. Romero, one of the world's foremost demolitions experts, stated, "My opinion is, based on the videotapes, that after the airplanes hit the World Trade Center there were some explosive devices inside the buildings that caused the towers to collapse."

Numerous experts agreed that jet fuel alone burns too fast to have melted the massive steel structure of the WTC on its own. The orderly nature of the collapse of both towers also begged inquiry. The contractor awarded the $7 billion job of cleaning up the WTC rubble was eerily named Controlled Demolition – the same outfit that quickly disposed of the evidence of the Alfred T. Murrah Federal Building after the Oklahoma City bombing.

WTC scrap metal was expeditiously shipped to China. Brigham Young physics Professor Steven Jones, who studied the WTC rubble, says he found traces of thermite explosives all over the stuff. In September 2006, Brigham Young placed Jones on paid leave for his efforts at seeking the truth.

Was Time's 2001 Man of the Year Rudy Guliani part of a covert operation to consolidate Crown/Eight Families control over Persian Gulf and Central Asian oil? In February 2002 Guliani was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

Bin Laden and The 911 Illusion: Part II: Deutsche Bank and Blackstone

Around the same time a Navy Seal team was descending upon the Abbottabad complex allegedly housing Osama bin Laden, the US Justice Department was suing Deutsche Bank. Bin Laden was a disciple of Muslim Brotherhood leader Abdullah Azzam. Abbottabad is named after British military officer Sir James Abbott.

In a civil lawsuit filed last Tuesday in federal court in Manhattan, USAttorney Preet Bharara seeks damages and losses on Deutsche Bank-issued mortgages backed by US taxpayers via HUD. The world's third largest bank – majority-owned by the Warburg dynasty that funded Hitler – also needs to answer for its role in 911.

Deutsche Bank Goes Short

Days after 911 Bush SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt, who was later forced to resign over his pathetic response to a series of corporate scandals, appeared on CNN to reveal a pattern of unusually heavy volumes of short selling of both airline and insurance stocks in the week prior to 911. Pitt vowed to track these trades down, speculating that al Qaeda may have been involved. It was the last time anyone in the Bush Administration mentioned it.

According to the Herzliyah International Policy Institute- an Israeli anti-terrorism organization- the ringleader in shorting these stocks was Deutsche Bank Alex Brown. An article in Barons corroborates this fact. American and United Airlines and the reinsurance giants who covered the WTC – Munich RE, Swiss RE and the French Axa – were specifically targeted. On September 10th- a day before the attacks- the put/call ratios on these stocks was unprecedented. A put is a futures option that bets on a stock's decline, while a call is a futures option that bets that the stock will go up.

On September 10, 2001 at the Chicago Board Options Exchange there were 4,516 puts on American Airlines to only 748 calls. United Airlines was targeted for 4,744 puts as opposed to 396 calls. The numbers on the reinsurance companies were similarly lopsided. By far the biggest trader of the put options was Deutsche Bank Alex Brown- the US trading arm of Deutsche Bank- which bought traditional Eight Families' wealth repository and largest Four Horsemen shareholder Banker's Trust in 1999 to become the world's largest bank with $882 billion in assets.

In 2001 Sen. Carl Levin's (D-MI) Banking Committee fingered Banker's Trust as a major player in drug money laundering. On August 28th, just two weeks before 911, Deutsche Bank executive Kevin Ingram pled guilty to laundering heroin proceeds and arranging US weapons sales to parties in Pakistan and Afghanistan. A June 15, 2001 New York Post article said Osama bin Laden was the likely buyer.

Ingram is a close friend of Clinton Treasury Secretary and Goldman Sachs insider Robert Rubin- most recently a board member at Citigroup. Ingram earlier worked at both Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers.

Banker's Trust purchased the fast-growing Alex Brown investment bank in 1997 before the two were merged into Deutsche Bank. Alex Brown took its name from founder A. B. "Buzzy" Krongard, who served as chairman until the 1997 Banker's Trust buyout. Krongard then became the #3 man at CIA. On September 15th- four days after 911 - the New York Times reported that Deutsche Bank Global Private Banking Chairman Mayo Shattuck III had suddenly resigned. Mohammed Atta and two other alleged hijackers had accounts at the Deutsche Bank Hamburg headquarters.

There were reports that bin Laden's family had just taken a large stake in Deutsche Bank, with help from Carlyle Group financial adviser George Bush Sr. The bin Laden's had $2 million invested in Carlyle Group. They also held big stakes in Microsoft and Boeing; and had extensive business dealings with Citigroup, GE, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and Fremont Group- recently spun-off by Bechtel.

Within twenty days of 911, Deutsche Bank had hired away- and thus effectively silenced- SEC lead investigator Richard Walker, whose main task had been to delve into the mysterious shorting of airline and insurance stocks prior to 911. Deutsche had ties to Enron's LJM and Chewco partnerships. Enron also hired away SEC officials, while recruiting heavily from CIA to staff its global security operations. Some speculate that the vast pool of money that disappeared into the Enron abyss may have been a slush fund for 911 short-trade profiteering, or even for the operation itself.

The Four Horsemen - now majority-owned by Deutsche Bank via the Banker's Trust buyout- got their desired US military presence in Central Asia courtesy of 911. With the US occupation of Afghanistan and new US bases popping up all across Central Asia, Big Oil's Caspian Sea bonanza would now sport US taxpayer-funded armed guards. BP Amoco director Zbigniew Brzezinski's 1997 book The Grand Chessboard… called Central Asia the key to global power and singled out Uzbekistan as the key nation in Central Asia.

Once the US began bombing Afghanistan under the pretext of going after bin Laden, no country received more visits from US officials than did Uzbekistan, which was ruled by former Communists whose government had been "softened up" by years of CIA/al Qaeda destabilization. All that came to a sudden halt on 911. The US established a forward military base in Uzbekistan as well as bases in Pakistan, Kyrgistan and Tajikistan.

In January 2002 after the government of former Unocal negotiator Hamid Kharzai had been installed in Kabul, Unocal executive Zalmay Khalilzad was appointed Bush envoy to Afghanistan. The first item on the Karzai/Khalilzad agenda was to revive the Unocal-led Centgas effort to build a Four Horsemen gas pipeline from Dauletabad, Turkmenistan across Afghanistan to the Indian Ocean Port of Karachi, where a US Naval Base was planned on the land earlier given to the Sultan of Oman. In 2005 Chevron bought Unocal.

The $400 billion a year global drug trade – long a major economic engine of Eight Families' wealth – surged after 911. The Taliban cracked down on opium production in 1999 - a move that helped seal their fate. A November 21, 2001 article in the London Independent was titled "Opium Farmers Rejoice at the Defeat of the Taliban". On November 25th the Independent ran another piece titled "Victorious Warlords Set to Open the Opium Floodgates". The article describes how US-allied Afghan warlords- following their rout of the Taliban - set about encouraging Afghan peasants to plant "as much opium as possible". Asia Times Online reported that the US sprang convicted drug lord Ayub Afridi from jail to help organize a CIA cadre of $200,000/year hired Afghan thugs, who were ordering opium production revved up.

Their plan seems to have worked. On January 4, 2002 the Christian Science Monitor reported an explosion in south Florida heroin and cocaine traffic not seen since the contra/mujahadeen heyday of the 1980's. Was it a coincidence that Columbian military forces and their oligarchy chiefs who run that country's drug trade launched a major offensive against FARC in February 2002? Were they too now using the cover of war to move cocaine into south Florida? By 2005 Afghan opium production was off the charts.

As Egyptian-born scholar and head of the Senegal-based Forum Tiers Monde Samir Amin stated, "…we cannot help noticing that the events of 911 occurred at precisely the right moment to permit the US to install itself in petroleum-rich Central Asia, a region well-situated to allow yet another turn of the geo-strategic vice which the West has clamped around Russia, China and India. This has been the openly proclaimed strategic objective of the US for over ten years. Saddam Hussein has served well as justification for permanent US military installations in the Gulf. Osama bin Laden could well do the same for US policy in Central Asia. One cannot exclude the hypothesis that the CIA and its faithful ally Mossad may have been involved in some way."

Amin's suspicions are confirmed by Internet reports that 20,000 body bags were suddenly delivered by the Department of Defense to Floyd Benet Field in Queens three weeks before 911. A US Navy serviceman stationed on an aircraft carrier phoned his family prior to 911 to alert them of "something big" about to happen in a major US city. He also told his family that his ship was being diverted from its previous mission and was headed to the US East Coast to prepare for this incident.

Follow the Carlyle Group Money

Osama bin Laden received financial support from now-deceased Saudi billionaire Sheik Khalid bin Mahfouz. Bin Mahfouz was represented in the US by Washington, DC law firm Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld – the same firm that represented the Muslim Brotherhood House of Saud and their world's largest Islamic charity - the Holy Land Foundation for Development & Relief.

Akin, Gump had defended bin Mahfouz – a Chevron Texaco Central Asia partner – when the BCCI scandal broke. Three Akin, Gump partners are close friends of President George W. Bush. [4] A 1999 Saudi government audit found that bin Mahfouz' National Commercial Bank had transferred over $3 million to Osama bin Laden charities that year. Bin Mahfouz could not be accused of disloyalty to family, since he was now Osama's brother-in-law.

Bin Laden's brother Salem was a close business associate of CIA agent James Bath, whose Skycraft Airways leased planes to bin Mahfouz when the sheik was washing Medellin Cartel cocaine money through the BCCI Caymans branch, alongside Saudi intelligence chief Kamal Adham. Salem was also an investor in Harken Energy, which George W. Bush and Dick Cheney launched as Arbusto Energy with $50,000 in seed money from Osama's billionaire father Mohammed bin Laden. Both Salem and Mohammed died in mysterious plane crashes.

As the two jumbo jets crashed into the World Trade Center on 911, another of Osama's brothers- Shafiq bin Laden- was attending the annual investor conference of Carlyle Group in Washington DC.

One of the speakers at that DC conference may have been George Bush Sr., who now worked as financial adviser for the Mellon family-controlled Carlyle Group - chaired by Frank Carlucci, who was Reagan and Bush Defense Secretary and chaired Reagan's National Security Council.

Carlucci worked with mobsters in the 1961 CIA assassination of Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba. He was a Yale roommate of Bush Jr. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. They were joined at Yale by James Baker and George Bush Sr., who was a member of Skull & Bones- alternately known as the Brotherhood of Death and The Order- a name shared by ancient Afghan Roshaniya terrorists.

Carlyle Group was founded by Carter aid David Rubenstein in 1987. It is a private equity fund that specializes in recycling petrodollars from Persian Gulf sheiks back into Eight Families' banks and corporations. Until November 2001 Carlyle served as financial consultant to the wealthiest construction magnate in Saudi Arabia- Sheik Mohammed bin Laden. Through Carlyle Sheik bin Laden made big investments in Citigroup, the Dutch banking giant ABN Amro, Nortel, Motorola and GE.

More significantly, there were reports that the bin Laden family worked through Carlyle Group to acquire a large stake of Deutsche Bank- whose former chairman J. H. Binford Peay sat on the board of Carlyle with George Bush Sr. and James Baker.

Baker's family law firm- Baker Botts- has offices in Riyadh. Former partner Robert Jordan, who defended George W. in the Harken Energy scandal, became Bush Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Baker Botts represented BP Amoco in Central Asia and was legal counsel to Carlyle Group. The Bakers have for generations served as Rockefeller straw men.

President Bush Sr. once intervened on behalf of the Saudi monarchs – whom he later advised at Carlyle – in a lawsuit by US citizens charging King Fahd and the Saudi police with torture, Shortly after 911 Bush Sr. met with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah in Riyadh, while James Baker huddled with a group of international bankers at London's swank Lanesborough Hotel. Baker Botts later represented the Saudi royal family in a lawsuit brought against them by 911 victims' families.

Bush, Baker and Deutsche Bank's Peay were joined on Carlyle's board by former British Prime Minister John Major, former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt, Reagan Budget Director Richard Darman and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General John Shalikashvili. Former Philippine President Fidel Ramos – head of intelligence for the Marcos regime – joined a former Thai Prime Minister, former South Korean Prime Minister Park Tae Joon and the director of the BCCI-tainted Abu Dhabi Investment Authority on Carlyle's Asia Advisory Board.

Carlyle bought real estate firm Coldwell Banker from Sears in 1989 and sold it to Bechtel's Fremont Group. Carlyle also bought Caterair – the world's #1 airline food service – from Marriott. Caterair enjoys unprecedented access to the world's fleet of commercial airliners. President George Bush Jr. headed Caterair until 1994.

Soon after he became Governor of Texas the company went belly-up. Carlyle swooped in to buy up its remains at a bargain price. Bush oversaw a $10 million University of Texas investment in Carlyle while he was governor.

Carlyle owns a big chunk of Ford's aerospace division and Harasco- a manufacturer of military vehicles. Carlyle is the 11th largest defense contractor in the US. It is 20%-owned by Mellon Bank and is controlled by the powerful Blackstone Group – which dined cheaply on the carcasses of looted S&L's at auctions held by Bush Sr.'s Resolution Trust Corporation.

Blackstone, whose chairman Peter Fischer served as Council on Foreign Relations Chairman, also owned Bioport- the sole US manufacturer of anthrax vaccine. In October 2001 Florida-based tabloids, major media outlets and Congressional members began receiving packets of lethal anthrax, later identified as the "Ames" strain.

The tabloids- including Sun, National Enquirer and Weekly World News- have historically served as disinformation and diversion fronts for the CIA. On October 12th scientists at Iowa State University's USDA veterinary laboratory in Ames- with the blessing of the FBI- incinerated a 100-vial collection of anthrax culture dating back to 1928, deliberately destroying material evidence in the anthrax investigations.

Bioport's future was looking brighter all the time. Its biggest shareholder was Fuad El-Hibri – a wealthy Saudi businessman close to the bin Laden family. El-Hibri was mergers and acquisitions manager at Citigroup. The Pakistan News Service reported on December 1, 2001 that numerous Bioport documents had been found in al Qaeda safe houses in Kabul. Admiral William Crowe- board member at Chevron Texaco and former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff- acquired a 22% stake in Bioport for the very special price of $0. Crowe's part of the bargain was to promote Bioport's anthrax vaccine to the US military. Many Bioport stockholders were part of the Porton Down British oligarchy.

Henry Kissinger's good friend Lord Jacob Rothschild sat on Bioport owner Blackstone's International Advisory Board.

Bayer- the German drug giant that emerged from the Nazi IG Farben combine financed by Deutsche Bank- saw sales of its antibiotic Cipromyacin skyrocket by 1000% as a result of the anthrax scare, as US citizens rushed to buy a 60-day supply of the anthrax deterrent for $700 a pop. Bayer had been teetering on the brink of bankruptcy prior to 911.

According to Michael Davidson of From the Wilderness Publications, no less than twelve world-class microbiologists died under mysterious circumstances following 911. Dr. Don Wiley of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Harvard was found drowned in the Mississippi River days after his abandoned car was found on the I-40 bridge in Memphis, not far from the Pyramid arena. Memphis takes its name from an ancient Egyptian capital of great significance to the Brotherhood.

Several leading Russian and Israeli microbiologists were on Air Sibir Flight 1812, which was shot down by a Ukrainian missile gone over 100 miles astray on October 4, 2001. Several other prominent microbiologists were on a Swiss Air flight that crashed as it attempted to land in Zurich on November 24, 2001. Aside from the billions to be made by Bioport, Bayer and the Rockefeller-controlled pharmaceutical industry from the anthrax-induced public panic; Davidson saw in this mysterious slew of scientist deaths a darker plot to unleash a massive new global depopulation program.

According to Dr. Len Horowitz, weapons-grade anthrax is available almost exclusively from the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) of Rockville, MD, which is led by Dr. Joshua Lederberg. Lederberg is President of Rockefeller University. In 1994 the Congressional Don Riegle Report exposed that ATCC had sent nineteen shipments of bacillus anthraces to Iraq from 1978-1988.

The Crusader and the Spooks

Shortly after 911 President Bush began tossing about the word "crusade" in a thinly-veiled attempt to conjure up images of the ancient Crusades, where Christian secret societies led by the Knights Templar worked with Muslim Brotherhood Assassins to attack nationalist Muslim Saracens.

On September 26th- two weeks after 911- Carlyle Group's United Defense Industries (UDI) signed a $665 million contract with the Pentagon to complete its Crusader Advanced Field Artillery System. UDI stock skyrocketed. On December 14th Carlyle sold its shares netting a cool $237 million in one day. A day earlier Congress had approved the Bush defense budget, which funded the UDI contract with the US Army. In May 2002- with Carlyle's Blackstone owners cashed out- Carlucci's Yale roommate Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced the cancellation of the Crusader program.

Carlyle owned BDM Federal of McLean, VA- just down the road from Langley. BDM's Saudi offices are unmarked. Its role in the Kingdom includes training Saudi personnel in the operation of US-made weapons systems and modernization of the Saudi National Guard. BDM was awarded a $50 million contract to oversee the Saudi Air Force from 1995-1997. It got a $44.4 million contract to construct housing at the Khamis Mushayt military base. Some of the six Americans killed in the 1996 car bomb at a US military base in Saudi Arabia were BDM employees. In 2000 BDM got a $65 million contract to maintain the Saudi Air Force F-15 fleet.

In 1998 Carlyle sold BDM to TRW, leading producer of spy satellites for NSA, whose headquarters are located on aptly named Savage Road in Ft. Meade, MD and whose European operations are run out of the I. G. Farben building in Frankfurt. NSA teamed up with IBM during the 1970's on Project Lucifer- which produced a thumbnail-sized microchip cipher machine.

From its symbolic pyramid-shaped headquarters in San Francisco, TRW is one of three US credit reporting agencies that constantly collect information on all Americans. One of its more sophisticated NSA satellites is named Pyramider. In July 2002 Northrup Grumman bought TRW for $7.8 billion in stock- becoming the second largest US defense contractor after Lockheed Martin. Northrup boasts annual revenues of $26 billion and has 123,000 employees.

TRW is the parent of Vinnell Corporation- now in its 26th year of "modernizing" the Saudi National Guard in cooperation with the US Army. The Saudi Guard is split into two units. One protects the kingdom from external threats. The other guards Four Horsemen-controlled ARAMCO oil installations from the Saudi people. In 1998 Vinnell's bagged an $831 million contract from the House of Saud.

A prior three year $163 million contract included Crown Prince Abdullah's brother-in-law as junior partner. Before coming to Saudi Arabia, Vinnell made hundreds of millions of dollars constructing US bases during the Vietnam War, then made still more money blowing up those bases when US forces to pull out. A Pentagon official once described Vinnell to the Village Voice as "our own little mercenary army".

Three other spook outfits operating in Saudi Arabia are O'Gara Protective Services, Booz Allen Hamilton and Science Applications International Group (SAIC). O'Gara provides security for the House of Saud and other Gulf Cooperation Council monarchs. The House of Saud security detail also includes many American mercenaries. Booz Allen- based in McLean, VA- received a 5-year $21.8 million contract to upgrade the Saudi Navy in 1995. Booz also advises Saudi Marines and runs the Saudi Armed Forces Staff College. From 1990-1995 the Saudis spent $62 billion on US weapons. In late 2010 the Pentagon announced a $60 billion arms deal with the Saudis- one of the largest ever.

According to the Center for Public Integrity, Booz Allen began receiving contracts for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) Total Information Awareness program before 911. Booz received 13 DARPA contracts worth $23 million. That was bested only by the 23 DARPA contracts worth $27 million granted to Lockheed Martin. Former CIA Director and Dyncorp CEO James Woolsey now works for Booz Allen. In 2008 Carlyle Group bought a majority stake in Booz Allen for $2.54 billion.

SAIC received two House of Saud contracts in the late 1990's worth $166 million, bringing the Royal Saudi Naval Forces communications and command systems up to speed. SAIC often brings Saudi personnel to its San Diego headquarters for training. The CIA contracted with SAIC to reassess Gulf War illness among US troops who served in the 1991 conflict. In 1995 SAIC took over Network Solutions- the company that assigns domain names and "oversees" the Internet.

SAIC's board has included former CIA Deputy Director and Naval Task Force 157 alumnus Bobby Inman, Nixon Defense Secretary Melvin Laird, retired Army General Maxwell Thurman, Obama Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Clinton CIA Director and Citigroup board member John Deutch and Clinton Defense Secretary William Perry. SAIC operated the FBI Interstate Identification Index- a database of 30 million criminal histories. It also held investigative contracts worth $200 million with the IRS.

Bin Laden and The 911 Illusion: Part III: Secret Societies and Masterminds

The Secret Handshake

The Eight Families banking cartel and their Four Horsemen progeny find Islamic fundamentalism quite compatible with the global monopoly capitalism from which they derive their immense wealth. Both ideologies advocate centralized control, intolerance of opposition, rule by decree and a return to feudalistic rule by monarchy. They share common enemies in nationalism and socialism, which seek to redistribute ill-gotten wealth and power.

Throughout history the Illuminati bankers have created Islamist provocateurs to terrorize popular nationalist movements that aimed to wrest control over their nations from the bankers' IMF/World Bank program of global domination. The most recent examples of this are playing out in both Libya and Syria. But this is an ancient alliance.

The Knights Templar worked with the Muslim Brotherhood Assassins to carry out Crusade-era plots against Saracen Muslim nationalists. The founder of the Assassins was Hasan bin Sabah, who shares names with the Kuwaiti ruling Hashemite clan. The latter had been employed by the British to repel the Turks from the oil-rich Persian Gulf region by the end of the 18th Century.

After WWII CIA Director Allen Dulles- cousin of the Rockefellers- cut a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood-Benoist-Mechin- whose power center lies within the Wahhabist House of Saud. The deal was cut in Lausanne, Switzerland- home to Otto Skorzeny's Nazi International- and furthered CIA MK-ULTRA mind control efforts via Muslim Brotherhood knowledge of the mind-controlled Assassins.

The Eight Families and their surrogate intelligence agencies backed Islamic fundamentalists during the CIA overthrow of the leftist Sukarno government in Indonesia in 1964. When the Shah of Iran was deposed, the CIA and British intelligence provided fundamentalist Ayatollah Khomeini with a list of leftist Tudeh Party leaders whom they wished exterminated. In Afghanistan the CIA launched its biggest covert operation since Vietnam, a $3.8 billion campaign which backed Gulbuddin Hekmatyar's Hezbi-i Isbmi acid-throwing extremists in their proxy war against a succession of socialist governments in Kabul. These Frankensteins were then deployed throughout Central Asia and the Balkans to terrorize governments unfriendly to Four Horsemen and Eight Families hegemony.

Israeli Mossad used the fundamentalist Hamas as a fifth column against the nationalistic Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and has funded Egyptian Islamic Jihad along with fundamentalists in Jordan. Former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat- a staunch banker ally- encouraged Islamists in his country as a counterbalance to pro-Nasser leftist groups. CIA-backed Islamists in Somalia tore that country apart for Big Oil. The House of Saud finances most of these efforts.

In 1996, according to the London Observer, British MI6 used al Qaeda operatives in Libya in an attempt to assassinate nationalist President Mohamar Qaddafi.

Osama bin Laden supervised the building of CIA terrorist training camps at Khost and held accounts at BCCI. He did so as an emissary of the Muslim Brotherhood House of Saud, once stating, "To counter these atheist Russians, the Saudis chose me as their representative in Afghanistan. I set up my first camp where these volunteers were trained by Pakistani and American officers. The weapons were supplied by the Americans, the money by the Saudis."

Is it any wonder that 15 of the 19 hijackers on 911 were Saudi? Or that 24 members of the bin Laden family were allowed to fly on private jets to a "secret assembly point in Texas" shortly after 911, when all other air traffic in the US was grounded, so that the family could evacuate to Saudi Arabia. Raytheon even provided a jet which carried Saudi royals from Tampa to Lexington, KY. No Saudis were held for questioning by the FBI. On the evening of 911, Saudi Prince Bandar- House of Saud point man in funding CIA covert operations for decades- stood smoking a cigar on the White House balcony alongside President Bush.

Agha Khan is the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose modern-day tentacles include the House of Saud, Hamas, Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the Shi'ite Ismaili sect, Louis Farrakhan's Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda. The House of Saud serves as financier to all of these neo-Crusaders. According to David Icke, the Agha Khan Foundation is owned by Crown Agency- a British House of Windsor subsidiary.

In his book The Robot's Rebellion, Icke says the Illuminati banking families and Islamists share roots that precede even Crusade-era secret societies. The GCC monarchs are descendents of the Hashemites who employed secret societies such as the Karmathites, the Druses, the Brotherhood of the Nine and the Assassins to carry out their political skullduggery. These Muslim secret societies' power center was the Grand Lodge of Cairo- which was run by the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood - like the Illuminati bankers- descends from the Brotherhood of the Snake, which oversaw the slave-labor construction of the Egyptian pyramids- possibly overseen by Annunaki Serpent Kings. Illuminati spiritual father King Solomon frequented the same Grand Lodge of Cairo as the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Eight Families emerged from a tangle of secret societies- Freemasons, Knights Templar, Teutonic Knights, Rosicrucians, Cabalist Order of Melchizidek, Knights of Malta and Knights of St. John's Jerusalem. These groups also descend from the Sumerian and Egyptian Brotherhood of the Snake, later carrying out the political machinations of the Genoese banking families who funded the expansion of the Roman Empire and who now control the City of London.

The fortunes of the Muslim Brotherhood House of Saud became intertwined with those of the Illuminati when ARAMCO discovered oil in the Kingdom in 1938. From this moment forward the old Crusader pals reunited, working together to control the world using oil as their centerpiece. While the House of Saud represents the Muslim Brotherhood, the Saudi branch of Freemasonry is concentrated among ARAMCO executives and the SAMA "White Father" bankers. Other Gulf State Hashemite rulers were cut into the Illuminati/Muslim Brotherhood global petro-hegemony scheme in 1981 with the formation of the GCC.

In late November 2002 Newsweek reporter Michael Isakoff broke a story revealing that Princess Haifa- wife of Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar- had written checks to two Saudi intermediaries, who delivered the proceeds to two of the alleged 911 hijackers. Within days of the revelations, the two Saudis were allowed to leave the US before a credible investigation of the money trail had even gotten under way. Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) accused the Bush Administration of protecting the House of Saud by blocking a meaningful investigation into Saudi involvement in 911. Leaders of a Joint Congressional Task Force investigating 911 accused both the FBI and CIA of withholding classified documents from their probe.

It was Bandar who twenty years earlier had personally donated $20 million to the Nicaraguan contras. Were his wife and the other wealthy Saudis with whom the al Qaeda money trail was intertwined, simply playing the same paymaster role the Saudis have played for the CIA for decades?

The Masterminds

Ex-Naval Intelligence officer William Cooper- author of Behold a Pale Horse- did a radio talk show in Phoenix in October 2001. Cooper lost both his legs when he was run off the road after exposing various elements of Illuminati plans for a New World Order. Now he suggested CIA and Israeli Mossad involvement in 911, naming Mossad operative Josie Hadas as the handler of the Arab patsies involved in the hijackings. Internet and cable feeds from the broadcast were immediately cut. A few days later Cooper was gunned down at 1:00 AM in his home by Maricopa County deputies.

While Bush propagandists hammered home the "Arab terrorist" thesis, serving up photos of 911 "hijackers" within hours and conveniently "finding" Mohamed Atta's passport in the WTC rubble, several US agencies were quietly tracking down leads concerning Mossad spy rings active in the US on and since 911.

Israelis were detained in Detroit, Albuquerque and an unnamed West Coast city. A Ryder truck full of Israelis was caught casing Whidbey Island Naval Station in Washington. According to a May 13, 2002 Fox News report, the truck tested positive for TNT and RDX military-grade explosives. US intelligence also investigated a mysterious ring of "Israeli art students" who had infiltrated US law enforcement facilities and military bases over the past two years.

In early 2002 a group of Israelis was stopped in a Philadelphia suburb in a truck containing surveillance footage of the Sears Tower in Chicago. On 911 a group of five Israelis were detained in Hoboken, NJ for suspicious behavior. The Jewish weekly Forward fingered them as Mossad agents. ABC News reported in June 2002 that a woman with an apartment near ground zero witnessed several Israelis in a white van videotaping the planes as they hit the WTC and celebrating the event.

Der Spiegel reported that a group of Mossad agents had rented an apartment near the one used by alleged 911 hijackers Mohammed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi in Hollywood, FL just prior to 911. The Israelis conducted round-the-clock surveillance on the flight schools where Atta and al-Shehhi trained and neglected to inform US intelligence of their presence or of their activities.

Was Osama bin Laden working for Mossad or the CIA- as University of Ottawa Economics Professor Michel Chossudovsky has stated? According to John Trochmann of the Militia of Montana, bin Laden carried a "CIA-issue RC 58 Harris satellite phone" and his family was a primary backer of the CIA's Iridium satellite tracking consortium. Did elements of the CIA and Mossad deploy 19 modern-day mind-controlled Assassins, of which 15 just happened to be from the Muslim Brotherhood Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- whose point man in funding the Afghan mujahadeen, which constitute the core of al Qaeda, was CIA agent Osama bin Laden?

What did 911 fall guy Zaccarias Mousaui mean when he told the judge at his July 25, 2002 arraignment that he was not involved in 911, but that the US government had another person in custody who was involved and that "the government knew all about 911 plans" before the tragedy took place? Why did the CIA refuse to hand over a key al Qaeda operative to the Mousaui prosecution? What don't they want him to tell the court?

When Osama bin Laden died is irrelevant. What matters is that he died. Dead men don't talk.

Did the CIA - using its Carlyle Group channel headed by ex-CIA Director George Bush- hatch this brutal attack to further insert US forces into Central Asia to protect the Four Horsemen Caspian Sea black goldmine, giving Israeli butchers another pretext in their occupation of Palestinian lands and promoting a new Clash of Civilizations WWIII Crusade against pesky nationalist Muslims- beginning with an invasion of oil-rich Iraq? What of the timing of the bin Laden family investments via Carlyle? Was Osama really the black sheep of the bin Laden family?

According to the French newspaper Le Figaro, the CIA met with Osama bin Laden on numerous occasions in the months before 911. In July 2001 bin Laden underwent kidney treatment at the American Hospital in Dubai, where he was visited frequently by a CIA agent. He was also visited regularly by his Saudi extended family, who apparently had not disowned Osama as Western media had us believe.

According to the Washington Post, Qazi Hussein Ahmed- leader of the Pakistan-based Jamiaat-i-Islami, which helped create the Taliban- visited CIA at Langley in July 2001. Why, the Village Voice queried, was Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar's emissary to Washington Rahmattulah Hashami rebuffed by the Bush State Department when he promised in summer 2001 to hold onto bin Laden until the CIA could apprehend him? Why, Vanity Fair asked, had the CIA turned down an earlier offer from Sudan?

Newsweek wondered why top-ranking Pentagon officials suddenly canceled flight plans for September 10th? The Wall Street Journal questioned the timing of Saudi Defense Minister Prince Sultan's canceling of a mid-September trip to Japan and wondered why Saudi Intelligence Prince Turki al-Faisal – who was especially cozy with the Taliban and who met with Osama bin Laden regularly- suddenly resigned his post of 25 years on August 31, 2001?

While Unocal adviser and Afghan President Hamid Karzai huddled with Unocal official and Bush Afghan envoy Zalmay Khalilzad, US Ambassador to Pakistan Wendy Chamberlain busied herself meeting with Pakistan's Oil Minister Usman Aminuddin and her Saudi counterparts to plan the new Turkmenistan-Indian Ocean trans-Afghan pipeline. In 2005 Unocal was bought by Chevron Texaco, assuring Four Horsemen control over the recently completed pipeline.

On November 28, 2001 the Bush White House quietly celebrated the official opening of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium pipeline- the Four Horsemen-owned, Bechtel-built, Mossad-guarded pipeline through Turkey to the Black Sea. Bush stated, "The CPC project also advances my Administration's energy policy by developing a network of pipelines that includes Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan, Baku-Supsa and Baku-Novorossiysk."

Bush's closest confidant at the White House was said to be Condaleeza Rice, who sat on Chevron's board before becoming a Stanford University expert on Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Did Bush bring Rice on board knowing US troops would soon headed to Central Asia? Was it mere coincidence that Uzbekistan- which Trilateral Commission founder and BP Amoco board member Brzezinski identified as the key country in his global chess game- was suddenly receiving US bases? Why did US military exercises begin in the region months before 911?

The Guardian of London reported that US Army Rangers were training in Afghan neighbor Kyrgyzstan in the summer of 2001. There were Montana media reports of Uzbek and Tajik troops training in Alaska and Montana prior to 911. In early September 2001 the British deployed thousands of troops to Oman under the guise of Operation Swift Sword, while the US sent 17,000 troops to Egypt, ostensibly to take part in Operation Bright Star. Were these forward troops deployed in anticipation of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?

A July 2001 meeting in Berlin attended by former US Ambassador to Pakistan Tom Simmons, former Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs Karl Inderfurth and former State Department South Asian expert Lee Coldren included Russian and Pakistani intelligence officials. The US delegation informed their Pakistani and Russian counterparts of US plans to bomb Afghanistan come October 2001.

Canadian Vision Television discussed the US Central Asian agenda on its January 28, 2002 program Insight Media File, which suggested CIA involvement in the 911 attacks. US Naval Intelligence Officer Lt. Delmart Vreeland had alerted Canadian authorities to the possibility of terror attacks on the US and Canada. Vreeland was en route to Russia and China to retrieve documents relating to Russian and Chinese responses to the US missile defense program.

Vreeland was detained by Canadian authorities and jailed. His 8-11-01 prison letter specifically mentions the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, the White House, the Sears Tower, the Royal Bank of Canada and the Ottawa Parliament as possible terrorist targets in the "days ahead". His letter said the plan was to, "Let one happen. Stop the rest." The letter was admitted as evidence for the defense by a Canadian court. The US Defense Department has confirmed Vreeland's rank.

Despite Vreeland's warning and those of numerous governments around the world, on 911 the Air Force National Guard was ordered to stand down from standard procedure of intercepting any plane that strays from its designed flight path, much less jumbo jets flying towards the World Trade Center and Pentagon. While much political hay was made by Bush cronies about last-ditch failed attempts to scramble fighters to shoot down the planes, the fact is that fighters should have automatically intercepted those planes.

Someone in the Executive Branch had to have ordered those planes to stand down. Even when token jets were scrambled, they flew from Otis Air National Guard Base in Falmouth, MA and Langley Air Base in Hampton, VA. Meanwhile two combat-ready squadrons- the 121st Fighter Squadron of the 113th Fighter Wing and the 321st Marine Fighter Attack Squadron- sat grounded at Andrews Air Force Base, a mere fifteen miles from the Pentagon.

According to an August 22, 2002 AP story a "top US intelligence agency was planning an exercise last September 11th in which an errant aircraft would crash into one of its buildings". The Washington Post reported on September 16, 2001 that American Flight 77, which allegedly crashed into the Pentagon, was piloted by Charles Burlingame, whose previous job was as F-4 fighter pilot for the US Navy. In this capacity Burlingame drafted an emergency response plan to the crashing of a plane into the Pentagon. The morning Burlingame's plane apparently did just that, Pentagon medic Matt Rosenberg was studying Burlingame's draft in Corridor 8 of the building.

Dick Cheney would have been in charge of the planned 911 "exercise", since on May 8, 2001 he was named to head the Office of Domestic Preparedness (ODP), which would identify US vulnerabilities to domestic terrorism. Cheney's ODP was running four different exercises on 911: Operation Northern Guardian, Operation Vigilant Guardian, Operation Vigilant Warrior and Operation Northern Vigilance.

The latter removed most fighter jets from the East Coast and sent them to Canada and Alaska. The first two simulated hijackings of commercial airliners in the Northeast. The third may have been the strike component. NORAD was briefed to expect these exercises. That morning their radars showed twenty-two hijacked planes. They didn't know which ones were hijacked and which ones were part of the "exercise".

On September 10, 2001 members of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees leaked a memo alleged lead hijacker Mohammed Atta sent to the man US intelligence deems the mastermind of 911- Khalid Sheikh Mohammad. The memo used language which one would associate with a military exercise, stating that "the match is about to begin. Tomorrow is 'zero hour'." Cheney was outraged that the memo was leaked and ordered the FBI to investigate members of the Congressional committees. All information regarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammad remains classified.

The End of the American Empire

There has been a well-founded notion since America's inception that the European Rothschild-led Illuminati bankers have sought to bring America to its knees, overturn the American Revolution and return it to the fold of the Crown of England- whose power is derived from oligarchical remnants of the Roman Empire

This medieval rollback could be easily accomplished through the mere withdrawal of Eight Families funding of America's $14 trillion debt, which has mostly accrued owing to the US military's role as mercenary praetorian guard of the Illuminati global empire. Coupled with a devastating US military defeat, America could be brought to its knees.

On August 15, 1871 Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry General Albert Pike wrote a letter to Italian P-1 33rd Degree Grand Commander and Mafia founder Guiseppe Mazzini. In the letter Pike talked of a Brotherhood plan for three World War

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