America Has Defeated Europe

by Indi on

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Couldn't happen to worse people

Nobody deserves it more, but you have to feel bad for Europeans. They're colonized by America and they don't even know it. Europeans are told to blame Russia, China, immigrants and to love the Americans actually fleecing them. America is literally occupying, bombing, and deindustrializing Europe, and taxing the suckers 2% for the privilege. America bombs pipelines in Germany to sell the fools more expensive American gas. America sends Europe's weapons to Ukraine, then forces the Europeans to buy even more expensive replacements. America doesn't protect Europe, it's a protection racket. Europeans are bad people, but you have to feel bad for them. After sucking the world dry for hundreds of years, they're now just the world's biggest suckers.

Before you say, "not all Europeans". Yes, fuck anyone that identifies as "European". Europe is just a bad, inherently racist concept. I don't care if anyone identifies as Spanish or Sicilian or whatever, but being a "proud European" should be as welcome as yelling out "white power!" in public. Europe is literally defined by racism. What do the violent and warring tribes of Europe have in common, besides being more violent and warlike to other people?

Europe is not a real continent. It's just Asia with a racist line drawn across it. Europe is not historically coherent. They just drew another racist line across the deeply connected Mediterranean. The only thing uniting Europe is racism, which is why I have no patience for "Europeans". I actually have more patience for Nazis. Hitler was at least an honest European. Perhaps the last one.

Hitler openly said he was going to kill and steal from colored people and Slavs. Europeans do the same thing and are just more sanctimonious about it. We the Nazis we knew what we were getting, but Europeans don't even know what or where they are. Proudly delusional Europeans (especially Brits) think they won World War II, but they didn't. They were just spoils, split between the USA and USSR. The USSR side was the better side, they at least left. Western Europe is still occupied by American troops. That's who rules the colonial White Empire now, and Europeans are just pawns to sacrifice.

The operational "country" in Europe, of course, is the EU, which isn't even close to a democracy. The EU is literally a steel and coal cartel, an oligarchy masquerading as a democracy. The EU is a bunch of unelected bureaucrats lecturing more advanced civilizations about elections. Like any vassal, the EU has regional control over culture and some commerce, but big military and economic decisions are made at the imperial level. Like the decision to start a land war in Asia and sacrifice European arms and economy to it. America has a brainfart and Europe is where the shit comes out.

Fighting Russia—which they share an actual continent with—is not in Europe's interests at all, but who cares about the interests of a pawn? America tried to hit Russia over the head with Europe, broke Europe, and has just moved onto the next war. "Europeans", however, can't keep the heat on without Russian gas and their deindustrialized economy can't even make gunpowder without Xinjiang cotton. Like good vassals, they followed America into every battle, and end up left on the battlefield like dumb vassals. Europeans are not "defending democracy", they're just willing participants in their own oppression, with the periodic brutalization of colored people as a consolation prize. The EU is a fucking joke and, for once, the joke's on them. Nobody deserves it more. These dumbasses got colonized, and by the ugly Americans no less. How embarrassing.

The Nattering Nabobs Of NATO

NATO protects Europe the way a mafia protects a neighborhood. NATO is a protection racket. NATO "contributions" are just an imperial tax, while the Empire goes out and starts wars that make Europe poorer and less safe. What does America care? Their business model has long been losing wars and profiting from the carnage. Europeans are just the suckers shelling out 2% of their GDP on weapons, much of it going to the Americans. Europeans are proudly paying for their own occupation.

For years nobody noticed because NATO was at least fun. It was an international gun club that organized hunting trips to kill poor people. Now, however, NATO has picked on someone their own size (Russia) and is losing, badly. European armories have been emptied out and sanctions have just exploded in their face. America has sacrificed the people of Ukraine and the economy of Europe to somehow improve the Russian military and economy. The actual point of this war, from the American perspective, is the same point of all Americans wars. Profit. As I said, the great imperial innovation from America has been making money by losing wars, and now Europe is paying for it.

The idea that NATO protects Europe is, at this point, laughable. NATO had no reason to expand or even exist after the USSR fell, and they have no reason to pick fights with Russia or China. Those are literally their suppliers of energy and manufactured goods. If anything, Europeans need protection from America, which has bombed German pipelines and cut them all off from trading partners. NATO doesn't protect anything besides arms dealers' pockets. Like I said, it's just a protection racket.

Europe has just been colonized most foul, but it's a farce because the Europeans are proud of it. Europe is truly an irredeemable concept. They don't seem to care where they are in the hierarchy of white supremacy as long as they can still kick down. Colonization couldn't happen to worse people, but you still have to feel bad for them. Europeans think they're so much better than the Americans, when they are, in fact, just America's clowns.

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