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Zombie UK Prime Minister May Tries Buckpassing, Blames Parliament for Failure of Brexit; Enraged Calls for Her Ouster Multiply; One Tory MP Complains She’s “Acting Like President Trump!”

United Front Against Austerity|Tax Wall Street Party American System Network|Wednesday, March 20, 2019 Thursday’s EU Summit Will Decide Postponement; May Still Wants Third Vote on Her Twice-Defeated Plan; Brexit Madmen Eye Catastrophic Secession by Default Next Friday, March 29; Busy Week for Mueller Team Roils Don; New Zealand Fascist Killer a Fan of Sir Oswald [...]
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Elizabeth Warren’s CNN Town Hall in Jackson, Mississippi Strengthens Her Policy Pre-Eminence Among Dem Hopefuls; She Calls for Building 3 Million New Homes to Lower Rents by 10%, Facilitate Ownership, and Generate 1 Million Jobs!

United Front Against Austerity|Tax Wall Street Party American System Network|Tuesday, March 19, 2019 Warren Rejects Jake Tapper’s Hyping of Increasing Gas Tax, Showing How Regressive Burden Would Fall Most on Working Families; She Wants 2%-3% Tax on Assets of Ultra-Millionaire Plutocrats Worth over $50 Million, Plus Constitutional Amendments to Stop Voter Suppression and Abolish Electoral [...]
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In Surprise Move, Speaker John Bercow of British House of Commons Uses 1604 Precedent to Tell Premier May She Cannot Re-Submit Her Twice-Defeated Plan for Brexit Lunacy; Likely Result Is Long Delay in UK Secession — Hopefully Enough Time for Psychotic Episode to Pass!

United Front Against Austerity|Tax Wall Street Party American System Network|Monday, March 18, 2019 Biggest Loser Is Tenant of Oval, Since Trump Regime and Brexit Are Two Sides of Same Pseudo-Populist Coin; Gangs and Countergangs Contend for Domination of Democratic Party: Bernie-Ocasio Faction of Shachtmanite “Socialists” for Dystopian “Green New Deal” vs. Eager Dupes of Charismatic-Aspirational [...]
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Impeachment Urgent to Block Dictatorship: Demanding Total Budget Control to Build Fascist Wall, Trump Threatens Opposition with Violence by Police, Military, and Bikers!

Trump and May Join to Oppose Free Elections in Form of Second Brexit Referendum; Parliament Will Vote for Third Time on May’s Hated Secession Plan; GOP Hill Lockstep Eroding; New Zealand Killer Is a Professed “Eco-Fascist” and Follower of Sir Oswald Moseley, Leader of British Union of Fascists in 1930s UK; Elizabeth Warren Is Currently [...]
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UK Parliament Votes 413-202 to Delay Brexit Insanity by at Least Three Months as Tories Splinter; Trump Raves That Second Referendum Would Be Unfair; Senate Votes 59-41 to Declare No Confidence in Trump’s Emergency Decree to Fund Fascist Wall; 12 Republicans Defect!

United Front Against Austerity|Tax Wall Street Party American System Network|Thursday, March 14, 2019 A Tale of Two Cities: Events in London and Washington Indicate That 2016 Tide of Neofascist Populism Has Turned on Both Sides of Atlantic; President Tusk of European Union Wants to Grant UK Longer Pause for Reflection; Tax Wall Street Party MVP [...]
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British Parliament Votes to Ban No-Deal Brexit, but Zombie Premier May Keeps Scheming to Impose Her Widely Hated Plan; Second Referendum Still a Viable Option, but Revoking and Repealing Article 50 Secession Procedure Is More Reliable!

United Front Against Austerity|Tax Wall Street Party American System Network|Wednesday, March 13, 2019 Equally Incorrigible: Anti-Europe Labour Party Boss Corbyn Still Peddling His Own Illusory Brexit Scheme; Stage Set for Boeing 737 Max 8 Crashes by Trump’s Deconstruction of Administrative and Regulatory State Plus Delay in Fixes Caused by Government Shutdown; Facing 90 Months in [...]
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