THCulture - Trance Human Culture

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THCulture - Trance Human Culture-Trance Human Culture


recorded & mixed at: X 97 - VI 99 SPAART Studio

engineered by: Piotr Sitek & THCulture

produced by: THCulture

published MC by: Boofish Records; CD by: Canal666


Yogi - voice, guitars

Joseh - bass

Dominik Muszyński - drums, conga, still drum, percussions


Tina - voice

Agnieszka Deska - voice

Ewa Gunia - voice, violin

Kalif 'Cegła' Sitar - voice, acoustic guitar

Mark Hoogslag - irish low whistle

Tomek Kubica - french horn

Falko - accordion



I look at the future like a butterfly before winter

The time passes in incessant transiency

Tied to here and now like a child I feel time

Every moment of which is very alive

Ecstatic amazement ecstatic intuition

Ecstatic motion piece of energy dance

Matrix of memory mind and feelings

Gains full independence from form

I can clearly see I can hear

Smell tastes in the sensation of real touch

Wings beat the air already beyond control

I am a whole and a sequence

Do you expect that you’ll start to fly

When you safely sit in the nest of your beliefs

It’s not flying it’s just wing fluttering

The vision is dispersed before you can decipher it

It’s a vision of independence of existence, thought and self-determination

Connecting yourself to the voice of intuition flowing from mind and body

Tuning yourself to its message related to the world

And falling apart from the tyranny of structures

Imposed models of behaviour

It’s the awareness of full freedom

Vision disrupts power, power wants to control the vision

Creates social ministry

Ministry of defence against the vision

The cycle is repeated, structure against process

Severe punishment for people who want to change their awareness

If a few people accept a law

According to which life is great as they think

Let them live this way I won’t interfere

So let them not interfere with me

Not according to their idiotic law but the way I want

Psychedelic food is the vitamins for cerebral cortex

No fucking statute will not forbid me to change my awareness


You live according to others’ laws and rules

unaware most of what

you’re most strongly convinced of

you live in an enchanted circle

Of production and consumption

other people’s ideas what you should do

are for you like brain transplants

the religion of the product recommends

the commandments of fashion directives

in life-proof houses

TV sells dreams

Hypnotic TV implants participation

in the world of money promise and powerlessness

TV – dealers of dreams, TV – consortium of idols

Their aim is to incite a shiver of emotion, excitement and void

Radio, the press, TV you sit comfortably in your armchair

Specific perspective armchair screen the world

Product identity of clothing subcultures

Passive absorption of ready-made dreams

Members of the servant class directed from outside

tyranny of the clock and the assembly line

Maniac liturgy of the commodity

Functional elements of social machinery


Intravenous shots

sublingual visions to be licked

head in the clouds and hallucinogens

and the body is stuck

in the system’s wheelchair

drugs for people

but not people for drugs


For most of the day for dozens of years

For most of life compulsory work addictive production

Your society invented it

Your culture invented it to make you

More productive to control you

A cog in the system living organism

Controlled and steered element

Fit in the way paved by the species

In the norm expected and required from him

In the stereotype of thought in pseudo philosophy

Mechanic existence unawareness of death

People call it living

Take you place in the row the place of a robot

Just like your parents servile and efficient

Well-adapted member of social game

A spare part in the machine people call it living

Why the fuck are you staring at the TV?


Drink clean water drink water drink

Walk on the ground

Take a deep breath take a huge breath

Walk on the ground

Stare at the fire

Till tears and blurry look

Till tears and fire cleansing

Oxygen water fire oxygen water fire

You’re born alone you die alone

you should choose what you need on your own

Oxygen water fire oxygen water fire

You’re born alone you die alone

After all you have to know what you need on your own


War is sheer lunacy in a beautiful morning thousands of people

Stand in dug up holes in the ground – what for?

Imagination materialises the moment

One hundred thousand killed imagine that

Imagine that they stand here opposite each other in rows

One hundred thousand candles blown with one breath

One hundred thousand minds

Memories... loves... sensations... worlds... universes...

It doesn’t make me sick or terrified

And the belief

that there’s no justification for this hell

bombs do not kill people it’s people who kill people

when the war comes with its horror and cemeteries

then you’ll realise that you could’ve done something

then you’ll realise...

famine, plague, slaughter their blood waves inside me

I don’t speak to anyone nobody speaks to me


still there are no people people are sleeping

the whisper of the wind

listen more carefully to the green grass

mowed it withers fast

and only until evening the tree has its shadow

man withers like the grass

man so briefly can look at his shadow

don’t wait any longer, get up, get up and go

freedom is coming, freedom is coming

it comes by every day every day

don’t wait any more, get up, get up and go

man withers like the grass

man so briefly can look at his shadow,

new day, shadow, sunrise, new day

shadow, shadow, night, starry night

through its artery runs the pulse of the whisper

unknown to anybody

you’ll leave your shells

and listen out

but the voice will remain foreign for you


so you’ll listen and go away

maybe others will succeed it takes all sorts

they’re sleeping... sleeping...


Thanks to the power of harmony

And the power of joy

We permeate the life of universe

And peace is manifested is manifested

People of nature free and easy ordinary people

Unity of mankind unity of everything that lives

Unity of life unity ‘cause everything has equal importance

Unity of mankind with differences preserved

Unity of mankind unity of everything that lives

People of nature free and easy ordinary people

Smear yourself with the mud lie naked in the sun

Dance in the fiery circle to the rhythm of drums till dawn

Contact yourself your own sensations and feelings

Discover the lost imagination of cosmos

Find a plane for consonance with the world

Your liberation must be the creation of your mind


Nobody pays attention

To this dance

Not only bodies now

First of all thoughts

Dance of body

Dance of thoughts



philosophy of old age

Is not fashionable


Of expansive civilisation

prefer dynamics

Dynamics of young climbing plants

The youth of societies creates

civilisation of boxers

Three rounds for amateurs

Fifteen for professionals

Faster harder more efficient

I have no time to hurry

And you are just like every machine

If you are one

Faster harder more efficient


Body turns into ashes

Body for Earth I carry

Mind I’ve given to the sun

Soul is being purified in the moonlight

Body mind soul are being purified


In pursuit of happiness

There’s no time for happiness

In pursuit of happiness

You can barely take a quick breath

The same breath and turn on your heel

For fear of being late

This game this game you and I play

wrecked by the ravages of time every day every day

tell me how you cope with it

maybe it will be better together

‘cause look

This game this game you and I play

In this game man like a moth flies into the fire and burns

Time time is blood which matures inside us

oh blood dries up in our veins

And what we do is only an attempt to rescue

An attempt to survive

Such a plan for now a plan of survival

This game this game such a fast game

In this game man like a moth flies into the fire and burns

In pursuit of happiness burns

Happiness happiness who ever has it

Having it knows that he’s never gonna lose it

Happiness so where is this true happiness

And it’ll be better together ‘cause look

This game this game such a fast game

In this game man like a moth flies into the fire and burns

burns time burns burns time

Time is blood which matures inside us

There’s little time there’s timmmeee...


In a disposable rubber net

Phallus is sweating, doesn’t want to have kids

The worn out rubber is thrown into garbage

Or into the river... or into the river...

Now is the time of such disposable packages

Food in foil bags

Safety of disposable syringes

Look... bread... bread and money

Throw in also human desires

A little of our over-blown ego

And you’ve got an explosive mixture

Think about what you want to do think...

It doesn’t hurt

Why later kick yourself

If you can easily choose your way

Don’t walk this way, the wide-open way don’t walk this way

Everybody else walks, don’t walk this way, the wide-open way

Look how they all ended up

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